by Gordon Duff with New Eastern Outlook,  Moscow

First published September 30, 2014

Another anniversary of 9/11 has just passed. The media inside the US has been inundated with a flurry of Islamophobic missives with contrived conspiracy theories custom designed to resell a narrative no rational person accepts.

The US backing for Al Qaeda in Syria exposed that organization for what it really is and always has been, a CIA front.

The US opposition to ISIS is no longer allowed to use the term “Al Qaeda”, as that term is now used only for US-backed groups. If only this were more confusing, in fact, the public seems to have fallen in line with this “new think” quite seamlessly.

Pentagon September 2001
Pentagon September 2001

Censorship and controlled news is nothing new. What is new is application of “chaos theory,” a subset of “game theory warfare,” waged by nations through intelligence agencies but, more curiously and far more dangerously, by “guns for hire,” in the employ of what American President John F. Kennedy called “secret societies” — groups intent on promoting an agenda that clearly involves orchestrating history itself.

By this, we don’t just mean events — false flag terrorism, global tensions raised and lowered on command to manipulate financial markets — but creating a bizarre mythology of conspiracy theory and improbable fiction that challenges the nature of reality itself.
We are involved in a planetary war only a select few are aware of — virtual armies involved in “psychological warfare”; false flag terrorism staged using “after next-generation” weapons; cover ups and deflected blame served by billion-dollar computer game software; “crisis actors” and an endless stream of manufactured boogeymen, “Al Qaeda,” or “ISIL” and “Boko Harum,” primitive and untrained, performing magic on command while drowning in cash, satellite telephones and social media exposure.

It is more than simply lying about the news or editing history books. Documents released over the past few months reveal that scientific discoveries over the past century have been misconstrued, suppressed or pushed into a parallel world, where emerging technologies that threaten the “old guard” are restricted to “the elites.”

Our direction today is not so much in challenging “conventionalized” science and technology, but rather that “pure science” has left us the clearest trail, helped identify not only the culprits involved in some false flag terror, but has provided us the only remaining “hard facts,” real math, real science, where — though perhaps only clearly understood by small numbers — evidence of a planet-altering conspiracy has now proven unchallengeable.

The best source of this evidence is part of a movement begun by men like Richard Dolan and Pete Lavender, whose lectures on suppressed technology have developed a cult following. Decades of suppressing technologies, from undetectable nuclear weapons to mind control, has emboldened “actors” into a feeling of ultimate power and confidence.

Thus, disappearing airliners, earthquakes, tsunamis, nuclear “accidents,” mysterious mass-killings and atypical behavior of diseases perhaps should be examined as a commonality, rather than an endless series of coincidences.

With no Declared War, there can be no Surrender
With no Declared War, there can be no Surrender


In 2011, at the G20 Summit at Cannes, the following conversation was overheard by more than a dozen members of the press and later published by CNN:

“I can’t stand him. He’s a liar,” Sarkozy said of Netanyahu, according to the website. Obama replied, “You’re tired of him; what about me? I have to deal with him every day,” the site reported.

Arret Sur Images (“Freeze Frame”) said journalists had listened in on the conversation but had agreed not to report it. The Reuters and Associated Press news services confirmed that report Tuesday.

The issue isn’t just about Netanyahu, to this day a “running joke” after his performance in front of the United Nations General Assembly with his Iranian bomb cartoons, less funny after the recent Gaza genocide.

New red lines... Netanyahu on Iran and jeans bans for women
New red lines… Netanyahu on Iran and jeans bans for women

Today, we’re going to look at the “5th column” also called “the fourth estate.”This year it was the 13th anniversary of 9/11. Over the last 13 years much has been learned.

Most of those involved in the 2005 9/11 Commission long ago admitted their work was a farce. However, the real revelations, including the report Snowden leaked while in Russia, have been buried beneath “semi-official” conspiracy theories or outright censored.

When Snowden leaked the real report, the use of stolen nuclear weapons, an investigation classified at the highest levels when it led right back to the White House, it wasn’t just the mainstream media that refused to print it and ignored it when it was leaked on the internet.

Even when confirmed by top nuclear scientists and UN investigators involved, who submitted their investigation notes, personal photographs and detailed the threats used to silence them — this was not only censored from the mainstream media, but something even stranger happened.

Activist groups, strangely over-financed “fear porn” websites, radio and TV hosts, and what we now know to be a stream of phony whistleblowers were clearly activated by “handlers.” What was exposed was a mechanism for deception few knew existed.

The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.”  Vladimir Ilich Lenin’

Corporate news is one steady diet
Corporate news is one steady diet


Perhaps the best evidence of Lenin’s insightful observation is seen in today’s “opposition.” Our first and perhaps most blatant group are the “anti-imperialists.”

In a world with centuries of colonial exploitation, class warfare and the growth of political, social and philosophical movements, primary among these the teachings of Karl Marx, the attraction to standing against “monolithic capitalism” attracts many. Little do they know they are also “easy targets” for infiltration.

9-11 Truth
9-11 Truth

Long a “wild card,” considered uncontrollable, the anarchists and syndicalists groups Orwell wrote about in Homage to Catalonia, were quickly extinguished during the Spanish Civil War, not by Franco’s legions but by their own allies, the “pure Marxists” who considered them a greater threat than the Fascists.

“Anti-imperialism” — as it was then — is now controlled, orchestrated, hierarchical and a cynical farce. The “pure heart” of anti-imperialism is Zionism, steeped in millennia old “hokum” of Talmudic “master race” theology.

Father Malachi Martin
Father Malachi Martin

Anti-imperialists are controlled opposition. Steeped in conspiracy and “compartmentalization,” the most well-meaning anti-imperialists are unknowingly marshalled in order to quell progressive social movements that challenge oligarchical policies.
Author William Peter Blatty, in his book, The Exorcist,” or perhaps it was Fr. Malachi Martin, former Vatican Secretary of State, pointed out that when you reach out into the world of the supernatural, there is only one voice that answers, that voice is invariably demonic.

For the anti-imperialist, the “unseen hand” is always the same, call it “Wall Street” or the “Illuminati,” a dozen names, the same face, the same manicured nails, the same Italian shoes, the world of the country club and the circles of material power, life and death, history created and erased by a ruling class of the least able, least deserving and the endless armies of underlings that give us the world we have today.

The anti-imperialists’ origins are historically complex — mercantilism, the Church of Rome, Freemasonry, “bloodline” nobility or, more recently, that perfect blend of crime cartels and intelligence agencies. Their purpose is clear — enslavement, control, tyranny and debasement of mankind, unaccountable, free from the fetters of philosophy or intellect, all consuming … “emptiness” personified.

We call them “the Right”

Fruit of the Loons
Fruit of the Loons

No other group has learned to “be the opposition” like them. When ISIS cuts off a head, “the right” bought the knife. When a planeload of jihadists leave the Manila airport for Ankara, “the right” shepherd them onto the plane with no visa, no ticket, sometimes a bomb in their underwear just for holidays.

Money is never a problem when manipulating financial markets, orchestrating endless conflicts, peddling narcotics, trafficking in human slavery or human organs, gambling and even religion — all of these and more are their domain.

Everything and everyone that can be bought, that is deemed worth owning, is bought, everything “for sale” that is.
The ongoing coalition between the Right and their supposed enemies is a marriage of convenience, the great “always-delayed” class war, provides a rationale for anything.

“The right” is the other side of the Janus coin, the 2nd face of the anti-imperialists. Anti-imperialists derail human progress from within, while “the right” is less subtle. They bludgeon history, race hatred, class envy, ethnic rivalries, in the name of “family values.”

What has changed is that, of recent years, the game theory warriors have instilled a “new age” persona, phony cancer cures, magic sex “supplements” and “libertarianism,” formerly a legitimate political movement, hijacked and repackaged.

America is inundated with organizations of this kind, some well-known, hundreds of “one man” operations, all “fronts” for security services and police agencies, aiding in surveillance operations or infiltrating activist groups. All are mysteriously funded, all peddle conspiracy theories but, at key times, spout “party line” when called upon.

Viktor Bout
Viktor Bout

A classic example of the position these groups and/or individuals play was seen on the 13th anniversary of 9/11. We had years of evidence presenting the public with frightening revelations of 9/11 as false flag nuclear terrorism perpetrated by factions decades old, by many credited with the assassination of President John Kennedy, “would be” conspiracy theorists upon “orders from above”.

This year we got the same tired lies — Arabs and box cutters, airliners passing through buildings as though they were clouds, or an imaginary form of “magic dust” that dissolves buildings but is harder to find than a flawless 50kt diamond at the city dump.
There is always a common denominator, a leader with ties to powerful crime families, generally the old “Yiddish Mafia,” made up from the marriage between Meyer Lansky’s gambling operation, Lucky Luciano’s “Murder Incorporated” and the Bush crime family.

Add international arms dealer Victor Bout into the mix and this is the organization responsible for the theft and modification of the nuclear demolitions used on 9/11, according to the 2003 Department of Energy Report and sources at the International Atomic Energy Agency.

Stripping America

Working man - Pet Goat
Working man – Pet Goat

A repackaging of the restructuring of American under “Reaganomics,” economic voodoo based on endless public debt, a free ride for the rich, unbridled fraud in every economic sector, destruction of the middle class, exported manufacturing and high tech jobs, came out of a group led by purported economist David Stockman and a group at the Treasury Department.
The result of Reaganomics was a crash in America’s standard of living, an irreversible plunge into debt and an end to advances in social justice, class mobility and individual attainment.

While some extremist elements credit those around Reagan as a 5th Column tasked with making America a Zionist vassal state, there is little doubt, as history has inexorably shown, that the Reagan military buildup that bankrupted America was only intended to serve Israeli interests.

On December 10, 2010, Congressman Ron Paul of Texas, citing information provided by Wikileaks, informed congress that President Bush (41) had in fact authorized Iraqi President Saddam Hussein to move troops into Kuwait, a cynical and treasonous act that has led to nearly continual warfare, the deaths of millions and the virtual collapse of the world economy.

What Reagan did and Clinton tried to reverse, the coup of 2000, orchestrated by a combination of crime syndicates and radical Zionists, would exceed even the nightmarish hell Reagan had wrought. At the end of the Reagan presidency, twelve of his top officials were pardoned, including a Secretary of Defense, for crimes as minor as perjury but typically plea bargains to avoid the original charges… invariably “treason.”

What was then openly perceived as class warfare, stressing the exploitation of traditional hostilities, North against South, was something far more powerful than can ever be explained — white against black, rural against urban, the ignorant against the educated; and, even more frightening, a move sweeping America, a religious fanaticism based on cheap theatre, race hatred and a bizarre mythology out of a combination of comic books and science fiction/horror.

We call this “Christian Evangelism” or “Christian Zionism,” a 35-million member apocalypse death cult, rooted in Satanic worship, that has dominated Washington politics through child-sex blackmail rings and America’s military through a brainwashing or mind-control campaign at the military service academies.

The result has been a congress willing to vote away constitutional rights, authorize insane wars and with a military willing to use illegal destructive devices, including up to 50 advanced tactical nuclear weapons, in what they openly admit to be a religious crusade.



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