Israel’s Rage and Impotence, the Final Days



By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Photo:  Iranian missile tests

Israel is technically defenseless and humiliated. This is not conjecture nor is it a positive thing for prospects of peace. It is entirely the result of Netanyahu’s scheming and game playing and has led to serious escalations across the region. Today, Damascus is being shelled relentlessly. Our bureau personnel are in their homes and hotels, hearing sirens and shells falling.

Yesterday, an Israeli drone was shot down by a Syrian air defense missile of a type Israel was unaware had been deployed. The drone was directing fire from the Yarmouk Camp in South Damascus, Grad rockets and heavy mortars, that are hitting civilian areas across the city. Today an ISIS jihadist captured there described the Israeli fire control officers who are helping target key infrastructure systems, water and electricity. They have been successful.

This is on the heels of two days of Israeli air assaults that included no manned Israeli aircraft. The attacks are drones and artillery only on Syrian army positions across the UNTSO (United Nations Treaty Supervision Organization) lines. The UN has issued no reports of these violations as required by treaty.

Another Curious Explosion in Japan

Israel has two agendas:

  1. They are pushing Syria to use new weapon systems from Russia. If Syria has the weapons Israel believes, including Iskander missiles, Israeli positions on the occupied Golan Heights are now useless.
  2. With the S300 contract ready to be signed, Israel is attacking Syria while planting press stories about Iran attacks they never executed. This is pure impotence and utter idiocy for Netanyahu, showing his hand.

The lack of credible analysis of the situation in the Middle East and the war on ISIS isn’t an accident. Israel has something to hide, a series of major blunders by Netanyahu that have left Israel defenseless despite her massive air force and nuclear arsenal. We may well be in another “August 1914,” a run up to world war. That reference is made time and time again, abused nearly as often as the word “holocaust,” but this time may really be different.

We had said Israel is defenseless, we now make our case:

  • In February 2015, the US took both Iran and Hezbollah off the Terror Watch List. They told Israel it was an administrative error. Iran and Hezbollah are still off the terror watch list some months later.
  • In 2014, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Martin Dempsey, a man with little good will for Israel, re-positioned two AEGIS ships to the Black Sea, in violation of treaties. On April 10, 2014, Russia responded by using advanced jamming equipment, disabling one of these ships, the USS Donald Cook. These ships were the backbone of Israel’s Iron Dome air defense system. Note that the US uses AEGIS ships for its anti-missile defense as well. You see, phased array radar is useless unless used at sea.
  • President Obama ordered the disabling of the Iron Dome in response to Netanyahu’s interference in American domestic politics, not just related to Iran but health care, social security, workers rights and other areas.  Netanyahu has been working closely with members of organized crime to crash the American economy to punish President Obama. Those efforts have increased 10 fold since the Iran agreement including moves against China as well including what we are now told was the use of an Israeli tactical nuclear weapon at Tianjin. Ten days after the explosion, IAEA inspectors leaked their initial findings which are being released here for the first time. They list the weapon at 20 kilotons.
  • The Iranian agreement with Russia over the delivery of an S300 air defense system will include, as has been reported by Moscow, sufficient upgrades to guarantee effectiveness against Israel’s nuclear tipped ballistic missiles, any possible tactic developed by the Israeli Air Force and to protect key regions of Iran from Israel’s German-designed and -built Dolphin nuclear cruise missile submarines.
  • On May 2, 2013 at 2:30 AM, Syria sank an Israeli Dolphin submarine using advanced Russian systems. In the past months those systems have been upgraded. Russian ASW (anti-submarine-warfare) systems are designed to work in the Baltic against diesel electric submarines. Iran will now be getting these systems as well, making both the Persian Gulf and Indian Ocean a “hands off” zone for hostile submarines.
  • Iran’s diplomatic inroads with India and Saudi Arabia (to a lesser extent) and their “dance” with Turkey, has outmaneuvered Israel as has the recent opening of the British embassy in Tehran.

Netanyahu’s Disaster Scenario

Israel feels it is pushed to take out Iran using nuclear weapons. However, it has no platform to reliably deliver them, as its medium range and ICBM missiles are easily shot down by the S300. Israel then is forced to go after “soft targets” — India, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, China, or perhaps as also seen in recent days, France.

This kind of thinking that worked so well on 9/11 no longer plays.

Were Iran to have need to respond to an Israeli provocation, even if the Iron Dome were a reality, which it is not, Israel would be destroyed in hours. Iran is simply too powerful and has, quite intelligently, manufactured thousands of medium range missiles that carry conventional payloads of some size. Worse still, through bombing Gaza, Syria and other precedents such as the Saudi air war on Yemen, after such a missile attack — even if Tel Aviv and Haifa were flattened to the ground, which they would be in hours — the international reaction would be muted.

Nobody cares anymore.

The US, no matter who or what is elected in 2016, will only stand and watch. America saw what interference brought in 1973, oil embargo and economic collapse. With Russia and China where they are today, there is no potential for American response, not even if Trump is in the oval office.

The media will simply underplay and ignore, as they have done for Israel so many times. The shoe will be on the other foot.


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