Russians Milk Dead Babies for All they are Worth



By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Milk made from dead babies is sickening, so is stupid propaganda.  At least vomiting can rid one of dead baby milk, not so effective on the other thing, the stench ridden hoaxes and pedantic op-ed material that worms its way into the Russian press at the hands of “anything for a buck” hack writers.

Back during the Cold War, the Soviet Union’s anti-American propaganda was a chuckle-fest beyond belief.  America did it too, TV shows like I Led Three Lives, communists taking over the PTA and forcing kids to wear red arm bands, we are lucky we survived any of it.

Truth is, we didn’t survive.  This week’s French train fiasco, now a dozen people tackling the same Moroccan who now seems to have dragged a howitzer onto the train, perhaps to shell Paris like the Germans did during the Franco Prussian War.  Hell, there are people who believe Donald “Tell The Idiots Anything” Trump.

Today’s fiasco is an article, really the transcription of a computer recording, from Sputnik News.  For those who don’t know, Sputnik News is a Russian government publication that has an occasional good story but mostly ads for Russian weapons and some really lame op-ed stories.  This one which I am including below is pretty amazing.

It is done by a “Jay Johnson,” who we suspect was paid generously for hoaxing the Russians, pretty much like the op-ed group at Russia Today does.  Russians don’t know when someone is pulling their legs, not most of the time anyway.

The key is getting Russians to publish right wing American propaganda from anti-Russian sources and pay for it.  They do it all the time.  When Russia publishes hoax/garbage against Obama and Clinton, for instance, the email scam, birther crap, utter and absolute trash, they are becoming another MSM press organ of the Wall Street (yes, Zionist) propaganda machine that runs American media.

Here, they do it again.  The article below is a classic, sold to the Russians who buy anything that says bad things about America, no matter how stupid they are. This one is a classic.

The monstrous state of Florida is not allowing a chiseling farmer to sell skim milk because it fails to meet their Department of Agriculture formulary.  Jay Johnson says they are forced to label it “imitation milk.”  I checked the story and it is carried in dozens of right wing and “back woods” blogs.  Problem is, there has never been a label printed with the words “imitation milk” in the US.

You can sell almond milk or soy milk or coconut milk.  You see, “milk” is a generic term.  There is no imitation milk.  The story is totally made up and our Russians, like so many Americans that took this seriously, have it seems never been in a store.  Russians have an excuse.

My first question would be to ask where the cream went and why someone is trying to sell skim milk which, without added vitamins, has almost NO food value.  Then one might ask why someone would make up a hoax about an “imitation milk” label when you can sell “rice milk” as “genuine milk,” of “rice” of course.

Lying gets so tiresome.

Then it gets worse.  The rest of the story is an attack on Planned Parenthood, the organization that does more than half the cancer screening, prenatal care and birth control in the US.  They are now a target of politicians such as Jeb Bush and others.  Jeb, no friend to Russia, is working to defund Planned Parenthood, the organization cited in the Sputnik article as selling dead baby parts.

What Jeb doesn’t want you to know is that Planned Parenthood was founded in 1947 by Margaret Sanger and Senator Prescott Bush, Jeb’s grandfather.

Jay Johnson, if such a person exists, Google can’t find him, insists that Planned Parenthood performs ghoulish experiments on full term live babies who are “aborted” so they can be experimented on in ways Mengele would never have imagined.

All this is fed to the unsuspecting with a phony “imitation milk” lead in.

The result, of course, makes Sputnik News look like a pack of idiots.

Johnson, if such a person exists, then goes on to peddle standard right wing extremist crap about Hillary.  My guess is that Johnson is an AIPAC paid blogger who gets a bonus for every lie he can sneak into a publication.

He fished the idiots at Sputnik with his “What’s wrong with America today” ploy.  He then went just a bit too far with his “eating dead babies” routine.

This is a standard Mossad ploy, paying bloggers for each hoaxed talking point they can get published.  Thus we have this rambling piece of crap, imitation milk, dead babies and Hillary.

Back during the last days of Gaddafi, he was paying 5000 dollars an article for the same crap and up to 50,000 for Americans who would “hotel it up” in Tripoli.  For those unaware, Gaddafi’s first call when “it” hit the fan was to his friends in Israel.  When a BBC camera crew got into his intel headquarters, everything was in English and Hebrew.

Have too many forgotten this?  Have others forgotten his deal with Bush or how Israel ran his chemical and nuclear weapons program through Israeli/South African Johann Meyer?

Anyway, back to our point.  This is a classic “talking points” game played on Sputnik as it is so often on Russia Today (check their op-ed stable closet zionists).


What is Wrong With America Today?

 Jay Johnson

A small dairy farm in Florida is told by the government they produce “imitation milk”, while anti-abortionist videos have revealed that babies are aborted for their hearts and even brains and then the body parts are sold, while Hillary Clinton continues to dig herself deeper with emailgate.

One of the major stories that has been brewing over the past few weeks is that of the anti-abortionists that went undercover and recorded meetings they had with various executives at Planned Parenthood. According to the videos that have been released so far, the topics have covered buying specific baby parts, the subsequent inter-state tracking of said body parts, and even purposely altering the operation procedure to acquire the body parts that were to be sold on for “research” purposes, to keeping “an aborted baby alive so that its heart could be harvested at a California Planned Parenthood facility” to the even more shocking revelation that – “a medical technician used scissors to cut through the face of a newly aborted but nearly fully developed baby boy at a Planned Parenthood facility so that his intact brain could be extracted.” And while California law prohibits any kind of experimentation of a fetus with a discernible heartbeat, the federal Born-Alive Infants Protection Act of 2002 says that when a child is born alive, including having a beating heart, he or she is a legal person and has a right to lifesaving medical care. Apparently, those are just laws though, you know, something to follow when people are watching, but something to laugh at behind closed doors.

And speaking of laughing behind closed doors, so Hillary Clinton, Bradley Manning, and General David Petraeus walk into a bar, and Hillary ducks. Ha ha ha ha. Well, at least she has been able to so far. But many pundits are starting to ask what really the difference between the three is. Recently Donald Trump — “…pointed to the legal saga of Gen. David Petraeus as a cautionary tale for Clinton, saying the former CIA director, who was prosecuted for sharing classified information with his biographer-mistress, was a choirboy by comparison.” Trump continued by saying — “General Petraeus, for doing 5 percent of what she did, has had his life destroyed.”

As the Clinton email scandal continues to emerge, numerous pundits have come forward noting that this story has so many legs, it is hard to understand which direction to go in first. The fact that she used as private email server hosted by a small mom and pop company that was apparently party affiliated and that was apparently located in a bathroom closet in Colorado? The fact that she set up the server prior to her taking the job as America’s top diplomat, suggesting that this was a preplanned move to limit her exposure and definitely to control her future disclosure of events? The fact that she put classified emails onto thumb drives and carried them out of non-secure areas? Which by the way, is pretty much was Bradley Manning did. The fact that she apparently just wanted to change the rules, to make her life easier. Or the fact that she apparently attempted to delete the emails by “wiping” the server, and no, not as she cleverly retorted, “with a cloth”. In fact, this entire scandal continues to grow on a daily basis, simply because of the lying about the lie to hide the lie. Trump noted-“This looks like Watergate on steroids, frankly. Watergate was about the cover-up more than the act.”

Of course, Hillary would know all about Watergate, since as it has been said — “As a 27 year old staff attorney for the House Judiciary Committee during the Watergate investigation, Hillary Rodham was fired by her supervisor, lifelong Democrat Jerry Zeifman. When asked why Hillary Rodham was fired, Zeifman said in an interview, “Because she was a liar. She was an unethical, dishonest lawyer; she conspired to violate the Constitution, the rules of the House, the rules of the Committee, and the rules of confidentiality.”

So, what do you think dear listeners, ‘What is wrong with America today?’

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