Jerusalem: Nothing holy about the holy city


It is at the core of Jerusalem’s history do we find the darkest secrets of Zionism: deception”

Aerial view of modern day
Aerial view of modern day “Jerusalem”

By Dr. Ashraf Ezzat

On Sunday July 26th, the city of Jerusalem witnessed yet another deadly clash between Palestinians and Israeli Jews. This time around, the riot took place inside Al Aqsa mosque.

Israeli forces block Palestinians at the entrance of Al Aqsa/Temple Mount compound
Israeli forces block Palestinians from enering the Al Aqsa/Temple Mount compound

The whole thing started because the Palestinians were angered by the Jews’ access to the compound on an annual day of Jewish mourning. Palestinians threw stones and fireworks while police fired stun grenades. This happened after security forces had forced its way into the Al-Aqsa compound before briefly entering into the mosque itself.

Protests broke out in the lanes and alleyways of the Old City around the mosque, with demonstrators confronting police and chanting “Allahu Akbar (God is greatest)”. Some Jewish fundamentalists pushed into the compound while police responded by firing more stun grenades and blocking entrance to the site.

Al Aqsa compound in Jerusalem’s Old City, one of the biggest flashpoints in the Middle East, is (said to be) the most sacred site in Judaism and Islam’s third holiest, after Mecca and Medina. Muslims refer to the site as Al Haram Al-Sharif (Noble Sanctuary) and to the mosque as “the Farthest Mosque”, also known as Al-Aqsa and “Bayt al-Muqaddas” in Arabic, whereas the Jews refer to the site as the Temple Mount or Har HaMoriya/ Mountain Moriah.

There are two main reasons why Al Aqasa compound considered holy to Muslims; firstly because Muslims are told the mosque was the first Qibla (Direction Muslims face during prayer) in the history of Islam and secondly it is believed to be the place from which Prophet Mohamed made his miraculous night journey (Isra and Miraj) to heaven. Narrations say that Mohamed traveled on a winged steed to the “Farthest Mosque” where he led other prophets like (Moses, Abraham and Jesus) in Moslem-styled prayer (a clear [Islamic] indication of Mohamed‘s prominence over all Abrahamic prophets). Then Mohamed ascended to heaven where he had a rare and brief encounter with God almighty who gave him instructions to carry back to the faithful Muslims.

As for the Jews, narrations and also the Hebrew Bible say that Al Aqsa compound is identified with three Biblical mountains of uncertain locations but of utmost importance:

Mount Moriah where the story of the binding of Isaac is supposed to have happened, and Mount Zion where the original Jebusite fortress and the village/town of David once stood, and the temple Mount where the third Temple is to be reestablished in the same location Solomon built the first. However, all three interpretations are controversial and disputed, if not downright fake.

First and foremost and before we start wading into a muddy dispute about the sanctity and the historicity of the three Biblical mountains, let’s not commit the perpetual sin of taking the Hebrew narration at face value. In other words let’s employ some critical thinking here, and for a while stop taking both Muslim and Jewish narration for granted. We should investigate everything that made this city holy for Jews and Muslims, even the most accepted details; like why Jerusalem is called Yerushaláyim in Hebrew and “Qods/Qadas” in Arabic.


The whole Zionist ideology is based on a simple Hebrew word that carries old historical connotation; Aliyah. The word means going (or better yet moving/migrating) upwards where the new land of Israel is supposedly situated.  Aliyah, was and still is one of the essential tenets of Zionism that call upon the diaspora Jews to migrate (return) to the land of Israel (Eretz Yisrael).

The question here is not whether the Diaspora Jews should or should not migrate to Israel (of course they should not). But instead we should ask why the Hebrew word, Aliyah, unequivocally specified that the direction of the migration should be upwards.

After some reflection we could easily come to the conclusion that the original Jews before migrating to modern day Jerusalem must have come from a land located to the south of Palestine.

And since the Hebrew book and language is very ancient, then Aliyah (as an ancient word from the ancient world) meant the Jewish migrants must have dwelled (before they migrated) not in Europe or America but to the south of the Levant where ancient Arabia and Yemen is. In that sense they had to go upwards or (Aliyah) towards Palestine (starting from the 4th century BC according to our research)

Egypt knew no Pharaohs nor Israelites new cover art-8As I stated before in my book, Egypt knew no Pharaohs nor Israelites, the whole Israelite book (with its patriarchal stories) is a case of lost geography. A forged Hebrew Bible has been feeding the world with tampered with history and fake geography for over twenty three hundred years now. Unfortunately, this mass deception is still in effect till this very moment.

My three-year investigation of the history of ancient Egypt and the Israelites combined with the research of a serious community of high profile scholars (including the pioneer research of Prof. Kamal Salibi’s Bible came from Arabia)  have yielded the same evidence-based conclusion; the Hebrew Bible and its stories took place in the south of ancient Arabia and Northern Yemen. The geography of ancient Arabia and Yemen as meticulously described by renowned classical Arabic Historians coherently offers the actual theater of the Israelite stories; its mountains, valleys and tribes (as written and described in the Bible)

The current location of both the Temple Mount and the whole of the state of Israel are based on an Ideology; downright fake and deceptive. The whole issue of the so called Holy Land is so unholy and false that even the Muslims’ view of Al Aqsa and Qods/Qadas is based on distorted and fake narrations as well.

Qades, as mentioned in the Hebrew Bible, is a Yemenite mountain 80 KM south of modern day Taa’iz city and it has nothing to do with Jerusalem.  According to Islamic Hadith (traditions) the first Qibla (Direction during prayers) was towards  Bayt al-Muqaddas (supposedly Solomon’s Temple), only that had actually been built in Northern Yemen and not in Jerusalem’s Palestine as everybody believes (more details on that in the book)

In the third century BC, the Hebrew Bible was translated to Greek at the legendary Library of Alexandria. Seventy Jewish scribes were assigned this task by King Ptolemy II (Greek monarch of Egypt at the time). In the Greek translation the Jewish scribes had fraudulently relocated the theatre of the Biblical stories from North Yemen and South Arabia to Egypt and Palestine.

In the distorted Greek version that came to be known as the Septuagint Bible, Egypt had been falsely made the land of the Israelites’ bondage and its king the Pharaoh of Moses. Nothing in the Hebrew Bible had actually worked in the way you think it did; nothing at all. The beliefs of the gullible masses over twenty three long centuries till this present point in our modern time are entirely based on Jewish deception and forgery.

So, the original (and utterly humble and tribal) stories of the Israelites had actually taken place in ancient Arabia and Yemen. The whole Hebrew tales had absolutely nothing to do with western culture nor were they meant to. The whole book is very local and reflective of an extremely intolerant and violent tribal (Arabian) culture. The problem was not only in the distorted translation of the Hebrew Bible to Greek, but in the golden opportunity this translation offered for the Israelites’ dogma and tribal tales to disseminate into western culture.

Back to the Holy Land and Al Aqsa compound in Palestine which throughout the ancient and medieval times was considered part of the Levant for the Romans and the Byzantines. As for the Arabs they always regarded Palestine as part of Bilad El-Sham (the land of Sham)

Only Jerusalem was called (Aelia) by the Arabs. This was verified by the terms of the city’s surrender to the Muslim Caliph, Umar Bin AL-Khattab, back in 637 AD in which Claiph Umar referred to the people of Jerusalem as the people of Aelia (no mention of Jerusalem or Qades/Qods.

Narrations mention that Caliph Umar on his meeting with the Orthodox Patriarch Sophronius (Patriarch of Jerusalem at the time) accepted the surrender of his people and addressed them as the people of (Aelia). Contrary to the Jewish-manipulated history, Jerusalem as well the rest of the Levant was predominantly Christian at the time of the Islamic conquest. So the talk of a Jewish revolt and a brief Jewish autonomy in Palestine in 614 following a short lived Persian invasion in the earlier year is historically invalidated.

I don’t mean that Christianity was more tolerant than Judaism at the time; on the contrary the new faith was deeply soaked in extremism and divided over (utterly insignificant) Christological arguments. Maybe that made it easier for Islam to spread, albeit by sword, in the once Byzantine-controlled Levant and North Africa.

To capitalize on his sweeping victory all over the Levant, Caliph Umar decided to build the first Islamic Mosque in Aelia (so called Jerusalem in history books). Umar, being a complete foreigner to the newly conquered city and its landscape, asked his top advisor to help him pick the right spot for the new mosque. Guess who came to the Caliph’s rescue; … right, another Jewish (scribe) Rabbi. As expected this Umar’s Rabbi followed the footsteps of the seventy Rabbis in their earlier deceptive undertaking known as the Septuagint Bible.

Umar’s top advisor was Ka’ab al-Aḥbaar, a Jewish Rabbi from guess where? … Right again, Yemen. Ka’ab is accredited with being the prime source of infiltrating the Islamic literature with endless Israelite distorted stories and narrations (according to which the place began to be designated “Al Aqsa” and “Bayt Al- Muqaddas” from then on)

Umar’s Rabbi came from the homeland of the early Israelites; Yemen where all the Israelite stories and wars took place. Yes, the stories of Joseph, David, Solomon and Moses; they all had taken place in Yemen. The dramatic tales of slavery and bondage that started with Joseph all the way down to the exodus of Moses and his followers happened not in Egypt but in an obscure and tribal (Yemenite) town/village by the name of “Mizraim” (falsely translated and long peddled – even on the internet- by Jewish scribes as Egypt)

Abraham’s story and the binding of Isaac/Ismael (in the Muslim version) is the exception as this particular story (according to heaps of ancient Arabian records not to mention Islamic narrations) took place in Hijaz, around modern day Mecca in Saudi Arabia. Though they need more archeological work, the Muslim narrations tell us that the Israelites’ father had set off from Hijaz (near Mecca) and crossed the Asir’s line of Mountains over to North Yemen.

In ancient Arabian tradition and language the one who undertakes the act of crossing over a natural barrier is called (Aber/ عابر) and this is linguistically how “Abraham” and the Jews came to be called Aberos/Hebrews (The story of Mesopotamian UR as the homeland of Abraham and Palestine’s Hebron as his resting place is a mere myth and a blatant orientalists’ deception)

Actually the unusual story of sacrificing Abraham’s child (a pagan ritual of ancient Arabia by the way) is supposed (according to Islamic and Arabian oral narrations) to have happened on mountain Moriah, rings a bell?? Actually the mountain still stands in Mecca, where millions of Muslim pilgrims visit Moriah/Marwah every year as part of their Hajj (Pilgrimage) ritual. So if we’re to stick by the Hebrew Bible’s definition of Mount Moriah, then we have to consider the (probable) veracity of the Islamic narrative of Abraham’s story.

Again, we are brought back to Al Aqsa and the so called temple Mount, or Moriah Mountain (in Hebrew). In my book, I make it clear that Hebrew and Arabic languages are two close dialects of the same ancient Arabian tongue. Many of the words/names sound phonetically quite similar in both Hebrew and Arabic, as in the case of the Patriarchs’ names; Abraham/Ibrahim, Joseph/Yousef, Moses/Mossa, etc.

Now that we know that Moriah Mountain is where the binding of Isaac/Ismael occurred, but when we try and search for such a mountain in the Holy city of Jerusalem we don’t find any, no matter how hard we search. There is no Moriah mountain not just in Jerusalem but all over Palestine.

The Temple Mount is actually a Roman fort

Embarrassed by such discrepancy, the Zionists in their narrative tried to find a way around it by claiming that both the Temple Mount and Moriah are one and the same thing (Though ironically the site had never been called that before the Israeli occupation). Not even before the Muslim conquest was the place of Al Aqsa called the temple Mount, nor Al Aqsa for that matter.

As a matter of fact, the very place everyone thinks the Temple had once been is the least likely location. It is at the core of Jerusalem’s history do we find the darkest secrets of Zionism: deception.

In New Testament times, this place (now occupied by Al Aqsa and Temple Mount) was a Roman fort and a military camp called Fort Antonia (Herod’s Temple was located few kilometers to the south). Following the siege of Jerusalem in 70 AD, Emperor Titus had totally demolished the city and its walls, most of all Herod’s temple and its walls. So the faithful Jews who wail at the western wall of the so called Temple Mount are actually offering prayers to a pagan Roman Emperor’s wall.

The elevated central rock is said to have been used as a platform for public functions by the governors and the Roman prefects like, Pontius Pilate, who used it during his trial of Jesus. That was why the Christians built a Church over it in Constantine’s time.

The fact that the walls of this fort have still some 10,000 stones on its walls prove this was not the wall around the Temple.  As attested by the 1st century Jewish Roman historian Titus Flavius Josephus; The Romans broke down every wall, and removed every stone, not only of the Temple, but also of its walls. This is not a hypothesis, this is a robust historical fact verified by archeological excavations and finds (three inscriptions, honoring the Roman leaders; Vespasian and Titus have been found Under the Fort wall). Many Biblical scholars and archeologists are quite aware of this fact like the British archeologist, Kathleen Kenyon and the Israeli historian, Benjamin Mazar.

Fort antonia-2

Back to our Yemenite Jewish Rabbi, Ka’ab; answering the question of Caliph Umar about the best spot in Palestine (Aelia) for building a new mosque, the shrewd Rabbi pointed his finger at a big rock (now enshrined in the golden dome of the rock shrine inside Al Aqsa compound)

“Our honorable Caliph; this rock, amidst our temple ruins, is the right place for the new mosque for this is where Mohamed set off on his miraculous journey to heaven” answered the Rabbi, Ka’ab.

Now this is how all the Muslims in the world since 637 AD came to know and honor this rock as an Islamic relic; through the sole and unverified testimonial of a Yemenite Jewish Rabbi (converted Muslim later on). Many Muslim theologians dispute Ka’ab’s testimonial and the whole Shia sect denounce it altogether.

The clever Rabbi’s testimony had actually achieved two things; keeping the Septuagint deception alive by solidifying the concept of Palestine as the Jewish Promised and sacred land. The second thing is to get the Muslims to honor the place as such (Muslims were on the rise at the time)

Visit the real Jerusalem

If we really want to find the real location of Jerusalem then let’s reexamine what the Hebrew Bible said about David’s conquest of the city.

“The king and his men marched to Jerusalem to attack the Jebusites, who lived there. The Jebusites said to David, “You will not get in here; even the blind and the lame can ward you off.” They thought, “David cannot get in here.”  Nevertheless, David captured the fortress of Zion—which is the City of David” 2 Samuel 5:6-7

Though I fail to see any mountain, Israeli authorities insist this is the view of Mount Zion.
Though I fail to see/spot any mountain, Israeli authorities insist this is the view of Mount Zion.

In the verse, the Jewish scribe made it clear that to capture “Jerusalem” David had to first take hold of a mountainous fortress called “Zion” that had been inhabited by “Jebusites”. In other words, the real (Israelite) Jerusalem lied very close to a mountain called “Zion/Sion” where local pagan community by the name of “Jebusites” dwelled there in a mountainous fortress for centuries.

But again the whole landscape of Palestine never knew of any Jebusites (despite what is written in the distorted history books) nor any Zion Mountain, which the Zionist archeologists have so far identified in three different locations (typical of a concocted narrative) As a matter of fact, the whole topographic landscape of nowadays Jerusalem doesn’t have any mountains at all.

That’s right; the city of Jerusalem, where the TEMPLE is supposed to be erected for the third time doesn’t have a MOUNTAIN to be built upon. It is known that Jerusalem is established over two hills but not any mountains. What has been called by the indigenous (Palestinian) people mountains, like the Zaitoun, is merely a figure of speech (scroll up to the featured image of Jerusalem from a bird’s eye view and see for yourself )

Back to Yemen, and specifically seven Kilometers to the south of its capital, Sanaa, we are to easily find the historical city of “David” where the ancient Jebusites/Jebus/Yabosites/Yebus (in Arabic) dwelled for centuries in their safe mountainous fortress, known today as the fortress of Beit-Bos (Home of Yabus).  Also not very far we are faced with Zion/Sion mountain (part of the Sarawat line of mountains that stretches along the western coast of the Arabian Peninsula)

Bayt Bos ruins, south of Sanaa, Yemen
Bayt Bos ruins, south of Sanaa, Yemen

Jerusalem (Deir Salem in Arabic) means a city of peace, or peaceful city. Since the Jebusites/Yabosites were well guarded against Arabian tribal raids (by virtue of their high and secluded mountainous fortress) they enjoyed living in a peaceful city or Dar Salem/Jerusalem. Another narrative owes its designation to Salem/Shalom one of the Jewish Patriarchs. Either way, I hope that Beit Bos (Yemenite Jerusalem) will manage to survive the current bombardment of Yemen. Hitting ancient archeological sites seem to be one of the (secret) targets in the ongoing wars in the Middle East.

There is a very common Yemenite saying that goes “Every Yabosi/Yabosite is a Jew, and every Jew is a Yabosi”. Beit Bos has always been the focal point for the Jews in Yemen for hundreds of years (if not thousands). The ruins of the Yabosi/Yabosite fortress, now an archeological Yemenite site, used to be rich with ancient Yemeni inscriptions that documented the Davidic conquest (mostly destroyed or stolen by whoever in his interest to conceal the real origin of the Israelites and their Biblical stories.)

The Yabosite/Beit Bos fortress has been thriving with an active Jewish community, as well as many other cities in Yemen, till 1949 when more than 49000 Jews were (secretly) transferred to Israel by a fleet of American and British planes in one of the biggest of its kind known as “Magic Carpet” operation.

More than 250000 Jews from around the world were transferred to Israel in the same year. All those massive transfer operations were part of the International Zionist plan to invent a new Jewish Land with alternative and phony history (The one we are taught in our schools). Needless to say that for the new Zionist plan to work, also a new and phony Jerusalem (the one we follow its news on TV) had to be in order.

The most frightening of all deceptions is the one that has been seeping, undetected, into our culture and beliefs for more than two thousand years. To grasp the sheer scale of the Jewish deception that had been embedded into humanity’s ancient history read Dr. Ashraf Ezzat’s book (Egypt knew no Pharaohs nor Israelites)

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