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Saudi, Israeli regimes desecrate holy places

The deaths of 2000 people in Mecca, and Zionist provocations in Jerusalem, show that earth's holy places are being desecrated by "lords of misrule"

Putin nails West for using terrorism as regime change tool

Jim W. Dean - If the West can declare war on IS and put a coalition together to bomb who and when they like then certainly Syria has the right to do the same thing inside its own country.

Jerusalem: Nothing holy about the holy city

Find out why Jerusalem is not the holy city for the Jews nor the Muslims, and visit the real city of David in Yemen.

Arab League – 11,000 Israeli settler attacks on Palestinians in 2015

Jim W. Dean: We are only seeing this pretend-a-grief over the latest Israeli settler terror victims because it was a firebombing and a baby was roasted.

Judaism Is Pushing Us Towards a War With Iran

The Jewish state of Israel is not happy about the nuclear agreement between six major world powers and Iran.

NEO – Israel and Jim Crow: Creeping Segregation

- Heroine Rosa Parks refused to sit in the “blacks only” section... Will Israeli women tire of breathing the exhaust fumes at the back of their buses?

Uri Avnery – The UnHoly City

- "This manufactured violence is Bibi's & the hardliners’ collective punishment response to the Palestine recognition votes that are going on now in Europe"

Murder in Jerusalem

When it comes to the killing and murder of innocent people there is no room for hypocrisy. Hypocrisy was plenty by main stream media, by politicians all over the US and Europe even in the Middle East in the aftermath of the cold blooded murder of 5 Jewish worshipers in Kehilat Bnei Torah synagogue in the West Jerusalem neighborhood of Har Nof.

Zionist apocalypse coming?

Will "blood moons" bring a Zionist apocalypse?

Convicted of genocide, Israel prepares new holocaust

It is time for the world to come together and put an end to the madness of Zionism, before the madness of Zionism puts an end to the world.

Goodbye America: Under Jewish Rule

- Is it time to write America's obituary? Is it time to say, 'Goodbye, America'?

Jerusalem the Red Line

The other day Hamas's political chief, Khaled Meshaal, criticised the Palestinian Authority for "criminalizing armed resistance”.

Dome of the Rock Virtually Destroyed

Few holidays are more confused than the fast day of Tisha B'Av ("the ninth of Av") in Israel.

And Now They Want The Temple Rebuilt

one third of Israeli Jews want the Temple rebuilt in Jerusalem.

Gzerot Ramadan

Few languages are better equipped than Hebrew to deal with pain and institutional abuse.

Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem sells the City

In the early spring of 2070, Mr. Israel Israeli could barely remember the now defunct Israeli Administration. Two thousand years after the destruction of the Second Temple, it was clear that the Zionists had failed to construct the Third one to the extent that young people needed to be explained what a "Zionist" had been. One of the publicists* had ruined them.

Israel Expands Western Wall

"Diskotel" was coined by Yeshayahu Leibowitz by merging "kotel" with "discotheque." In Hebrew, "kotel" means "wall," and is the short referral form to the Western Wall in Jerusalem. "HaKotel HaMaaravi"—the Western Wall—is the full name. Using this phrase, Professor Leibowitz, an Orthodox Jew, made fun of the Jewish veneration of old stones in that site.

Jerusalem Day: Key Annexation Step Completed

Two years ago, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu said during Jerusalem Day: "next year in a more built up Jerusalem," improving on an old Jewish prayer.

America’s Bloodied Hands

As President Barack Obama steps off Air Force One and into the tarmac at Lod Airport, he should remember the bloodied hands of the United States, responsible directly and indirectly for the death and murder of tens of thousands of Israeli Jews and hundreds of thousands of Palestinians, Lebanese, and Egyptians.

Sharon Feared Exposure of Israeli Genocide

The Israeli State Archives has just released the protocol of a cabinet meeting from 1983 in which bloated Israeli war pig Ariel Sharon shows his fear of the exposure of Israel's coordination with a Christian Lebanese militia to commit genocide against the Palestinian people in the Sabra and Shatila refugee camps.

VT mole slips Netanyahu truth serum

The VT-led psy-op campaign against Israeli PM Netanyahu is starting to draw blood.

Turkish PM Says Gaza War Netanyahu Election Ploy

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has accused Israel of deliberately striking Gaza ahead of the elections in both 2008 and today, but urged that “the conditions of 2012 are different than they were in 2008.” He also called for an immediate cease-fire to be observed.

Bulldozing Islam: Israelis and Saudis target holy sites, while Burma’s Buddhists...

It isn't just Israeli Zionists and Burmese Buddhists who are bulldozing Islam - the Saudis are doing their part.

How al-Aqsa Mosque Became a Refugee from Jerusalem

Once upon a time, some people wanted to destroy al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem. So the mosque asked its friends, “Will you help save al-Aqsa?” We’re over a thousand years old and need your help.

Should the US Destroy Israel’s Submarines?

It's a well known fact that Israel currently has a growing stockpile of nuclear, biological and chemical weapons and that it has several submarines capable of launching thermonuclear weapons from virtually anywhere on the globe.

Israel’s Netanyahu Pushes For War With Iran

Yesterday, September 27, 2012, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave an impassioned speech that was full of half-truths and lies to the United Nations.

Israel relationship with US damaged beyond repair over Iran attack

- The real loss to Israel will be the “special relationship” with the United States which may have been damaged beyond repair

Israel’s Persecution Of Christians In the Holy Land

The exodus from the Holy Land of Palestinian Christians could eventually leave holy cities like Jerusalem and Bethlehem without a local Christian population.

Global March to Jerusalem Began in Tahrir Square

"Ready to be martyrs, by the millions, to Jerusalem we are going." -

Jerusalem, A Biography by Simon Montefiore

This exhaustive history of the most religious, Godless city on earth would best be titled: “History of oxymoronism.”

Jerusalem: A Biography

Book Review on Simon Sebag Montefiore's new book on the universal city of Jerusalem.

To Renee Fleming from a Flaming Fleming

Renee Fleming is scheduled to perform Jerusalem on 28 July to sing a concert of ‘duets and arias’ accompanied by ‘Israel’s flagship’ the Israel Philharmonic, which is to be broadcast to 480 cinemas across America under the title ‘Live from Jerusalem’.

Glenn Beck and Zionists to Rally in Jerusalem

Religious zealot and religious/political con-man Glenn Beck will hold a rally to support Israel's illegal occupation of the entire city of Jerusalem on August 24, 2011.

Rowan Williams Archbishop of Canterbury Reprimanded

Archbishop Williams’s comments about Bethlehem were “particularly faulty and offensive”, according to Rifat Kassis, especially his claim that Muslims coming into the Bethlehem area, where space is limited, was forcing Christians to leave.

Everybody Loves a Parade

Mobs of Israel's finest youth didn't disappoint: they congregated outside the mosque in Sheikh Jarrah chanting "Muhammad is dead", "Slaughter the Arabs" and "May your village burn down".

In Obama –Netanyahu Meeting, Who Is Who?

“At this point and as the ticking seconds seemed like ages for Obama, it was clear that Mr. Netanyahu was slapping Obama in the face in public and for the whole world to see.”

When in doubt, give a Middle East speech

So let the speeches begin. Who knows? Maybe in some turn of phrase or dangling participle lurks the key to Middle East peace....

Justin Bieber thinks he’s seen Jerusalem

[Jerusalem, Israel] After his performance in Tel Aviv last week, Justin Bieber enlisted hordes of security guards to keep fans and photographers away so he could visit religious landmarks in Jerusalem and "walk where Jesus did".

Serving Up Palestine One Slice at a Time

110 countries in the United Nations have extended diplomatic recognition to the State of Palestine. All recognize Palestine as including...

Israel Tries to Expel WRONG Type of person—Palestinian organizer—from Jerusalem

Israel: We need lebensraum. And Americans, you can pay. Imagine being expelled from your city--the city where you were born, the city where you grew...


Church leaders from Palestine tell the Irish… "We need only one thing, to be protected by the world against the crimes of  Israel" Stuart Littlewood /...


What, really, is the Obama-Clinton game plan for Israel/Palestine? By Alan Hart STAFF WRITER On the face of it the package of “incentives” Secretary...