The Plot Against Europe

“Crisis in Europe basically means tikkun olam, the repair of the world.”

…by Jonas E. Alexis


One of the interesting things about Jewish subversive movements is that they never rest on a particular name or theme, though the fundamental ideology may remain constant. For example, when Bolshevism failed miserably and pathetically in the Soviet Union, its intellectual grandchildren and revolutionaries moved the movement to America under a different name: Neoconservatism (what I call Neo-Bolshevism).[1]

In addition, Jewish subversive movements have always been couched in “scientific” (psychoanalysis), “democratic” (feminism), “intellectual,” (Neoconservatism), and now “economic”[2] terms (arguably Socialism and Capitalism). But the simple fact is that they always turned out to be crazy and stupid, creating horror and esthetic terrorism virtually anywhere on the planet.[3]

Psychoanalysis would be a classic example. When serious thinkers and scholars began to realize that psychoanalysis is free of scientific inquiry and started to ask Freud evidence for his theories, the only serious response he could come up with is: “They can all go to hell.”[4] Freud himself declared in a letter to his friend Wilhelm Fliess,

“I no longer understand the state of mind in which I hatched the psychology; I cannot conceive how I could have inflicted it on you…it appears to have been a kind of madness.”[5]

Too bad that scholars like Alan M. Stone of Harvard were fooled by that “madness” for at least twenty years, only to discover later that its creator and inventor was intellectually delusional. No serious scholar would now put his credibility on the line by appealing to psychoanalysis as a serious intellectual exercise. Peter Watson has written that virtually every serious scholar is now seeing Freudian psychology as “fanciful…and at times fraudulent notions.”[6]

Another interesting phenomenon about subversive movements is that whenever their ideological foundations were debunked, their progenitors moved on to the next crazy ideas. Once again Bolshevism and then Neoconservatism are classic examples. When socialism collapsed in eastern and central Europe around 1989, feminism, another subversive ideology, quickly moved in to fill the vacuum.[7]

Put simply, the intended goal or destination of subversive movements is not the truth and its relation to the real world; the intention is to wage a frontal war against metaphysical Logos in all its manifestations.

Since Western culture was largely based on the docility to the truth and Logos, then subversive movements aim at destroying Western culture in a covert way. Plato said that “having a grasp at the truth is having a belief that matches the way things are.”[8] But subversive moments say something completely different.

If Logos (or reason) says yes, then those subversive movements and their forbearers say no; if Logos says no, then they say yes. If Logos ends up establishing cultural harmony and docility, then the movements will seek to, in the words of Eli Roth, “fu$k an entire generation.”[9]

Jewish revolutionary Willi Munzenberg, who was a German communist and “a companion of Lenin during their pre-revolutionary days in Switzerland” and “an important personality in the original Bolshevik circle,”[10] put it best:

We must organize the intellectuals and use them to make Western Civilization stink! Only then, after they have corrupted all its values and made life impossible, can we impose the dictatorship of the proletariat.”

So, the goal is to corrupt all values, wherever values are found. In that sense, Munzenberg had a lot in common with Friedrich Nietzsche, who called upon the transvaluation of all values. In order to do that, Nietzsche, then twenty-one years old, had to deliberately infect himself with syphilis in the form of a demonic pact. “In an entry in the medical records dated January 10, 1889, the attending physician wrote that Nietzsche ‘admits that he specifically infected himself twice.’”[11]

Ever since his deliberate pact, Nietzsche suddenly took much of the world and indeed Germany under his essentially demonic wings. By 1888, Nietzsche’s

“public acclaim he had long sought finally began to materialize…Suddenly, Nietzsche’s name was on the lips of all Copenhagen…Inquiries about his philosophy began pouring in from all corners of the globe….

“Berated and scorned throughout his productive life, Nietzsche felt his genius had been belatedly recognized. In his mind, minor details of his daily life in Turin began to take on world-historical meaning.

“Turinese from all walks of life responded to him, he claimed, with the utmost reverence and solitude. When Nietzsche dined out, waiters ensured that he received only the finest cuts and the largest portions—at a discount!”[12]

Nietzsche, during that time, hubristically wrote to his sister and claimed that “the future of mankind [is] in the palm of my hand.”[13] “To the musicologist Carl Fuchs he declared that since the old God had abdicated, ‘I shall be ruling the world from now on.”[14] To others, he would write things like he had crossed “the famous Rubicon.”[15]

Intellectual historian Richard Wolin, ignoring the fact that Nietzsche had previously committed himself to the transvaluation of all values through a demonic pact and through Richard Wagner’s music, most specifically Tristan und Isolde, asserted: “There may well have been compelling physiological reasons for Nietzsche’s ‘crossing the Rubicon,’ as he insightfully put it.”[16]

The problem with Nietzsche, as with other revolutionaries, was that he had abandoned the light of reason (Logos) and embraced Dionysian madness, which he unleashed upon an entire culture and indeed much of the West. In his Gay Science, Nietzsche put it quite blunt when he said that “God is dead. God remains dead. And we have killed him.”[17]

But if God is dead, someone has to take his place, and Nietzsche had the intellectual insight to realize that once God is out of the equation, then objective truth basically becomes a relic of the past. In The Will to Power, Nietzsche “famously mocked the idea of objective truth with the assertion that ‘Truth is a kind of error without which a certain species of life could not live.’”[18] One can say that Nietzsche established the postmodern philosophy with the following statement:

“To be truthful means using the customary metaphors—in moral terms: the obligation to lie according to a fixed convention, to lie herd-like in a style obligatory for all.”[19]

Nietzsche’s philosophy, like other philosophies which reject the light of reason, is fraught with contradictions. If “Truth is a kind of error,” is this a truthful statement or not? If it is, then truth indeed exists and therefore cannot be a kind of error. If the statement is false, then why should we waste time listening to Nietzsche here?

There is no doubt that Nietzsche was cognizant of this internal contradiction, but since practical reason is impossible without metaphysical Logos or without a point of reference, Nietzsche was lost in the sea of irrationalism, which eventually brought him down to complete madness.

"Madness is the only thing that is left for me, therefore I will use it to bring about the transvaluation of all values."
“Madness is the only thing that is left for me, therefore I will use it to bring about the transvaluation of all values.”

In any event, Nietzsche’s problem was not really physiological, as Wolin erroneously argues, but moral. Wolin himself agrees that Nietzsche would sign some of his letters with words such as “Dionysus” at the end.[20] Wolin again writes,

“Nietzsche thought of himself as a new prophet or savior in an entirely literal sense. He perceived his writings not as ‘literary works’ but as ‘declarations of war’ directed against Europe’s reigning spiritual crisis. He viewed himself as a ‘battlefield’ on which the next two hundred years of European history would play themselves out. To him the figures of Zarathustra and Dionysus were not mere metaphors. He was Zarathustra and Dionysus, the prophets of the ‘Superman’ and ‘eternal recurrence.’”[21]

In short, revolutionary movements, by their very nature, have to abandon the light of reason and replace it with something chaotic, which always creates violent reactions. Both Karl Marx and Freud had to abandon the light of reason in order to howl “gigantic curses” upon mankind.[22] Munzenberg was no exception. He

“had been promiscuously supplying all kinds of revolutionary groups with freelance clandestine networks: undercover systems for transmitting information, laundering money, forging passports, and beaming people across heavily guarded borders as if by magic. It seemed the boy could spin a network out of nothing.

“When Lenin met him, Willi’s information was already speeding around Europe totally undetected: Conspiracies travelled in jam jars and cigar boxes; forged papers arrived in food parcels; plans for covert action stayed concealed, but moved. Munzenberg even had managed, quite on his own, to place an operative inside the Vatican. Trotsky understood that here was a young radical Lenin could use.”[23]

One revolutionary movement that has been creating chaos in Europe at this present time is the so-called Syrian refugee crisis, which NWO agents have forced upon nearly all the major European countries through the Syrian war. The simple and inescapable fact is that this was carefully constructed decades before the Syrian debacle. For example, the late Jewish writer Charles E. Silberman wrote back in 1986:

“American Jews are committed to cultural tolerance because of their belief, one firmly rooted in history, that Jews are safe only in a society acceptant of a wide range of attitudes and behaviors, as well as a diversity of religious and ethnic groups.

“It is this belief, for example, not approval of homosexuality, that leads an overwhelming majority of American Jews to endorse ‘gay rights’ and to take a liberal stance on most other so-called ‘social issues.’”[24]

Do things start to make sense now? If not, then let us bring in Rabbi Baruch Efrati, who declared back in 2012 that Jews like himself should

“should rejoice at the fact that Christian Europe is losing its identity as a punishment for what it did to us for the hundreds of years were in exile there.

“We will never forgive Europe’s Christians for slaughtering millions of our children, women and elderly… Not just in the recent Holocaust, but throughout the generations, in a consistent manner which characterizes all factions of hypocritical Christianity…

“Europe is losing its identity in favor of another people and another religion, and there will be no remnants and survivors from the impurity of Christianity, which shed a lot of blood it won’t be able to atone for.”[25]

Germany is planning to receive at least 1.5 million asylum seekers, allegedly Syrian refugees.[26] We are told that “Germany has seen almost 600,000 migrants arrive since the start of the year, including many refugees from conflicts in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan.”

Angela Merkel does not care whether many of those people are either members of ISIS or even rapists themselves. She does not even care to look at previous records to see what happened in places like Norway and even Rochdale, Greater Manchester, where young British girls were kidnapped and raped by the hundreds.[27]

Merkel has even told Mark Zuckerberg, one of the co-founders of Facebook, to confront what she saw as “racist” comments on immigrants. “Are you working on this?”, she said to Zuckerberg. Zuckerberg responded, “Yeah.” He also told Merkel, “We need to do some work.” Merkel declared:

“When people stir up sedition on social networks using their real name, it’s not only the state that has to act, but also Facebook as a company should do something against these paroles.”

Facebook spokesman Debbie Frost said,

“We are committed to working closely with the German government on this important issue. We think the best solutions to dealing with people who make racist and xenophobic comments can be found when service providers, government and civil society all work together to address this common challenge.”[28]

“Are you in? Will you help me destroy Germany? I’m hoping to receive a Nobel Prize for this.”

As we have pointed out earlier, whenever there is a subversive revolutionary movement, there is a reaction—sometimes good and sometimes bad. A German scientist by the name of Gangolf Jobb has responded to the invasion by saying,

“Immigration to my country harms me, it harms my family, it harms my people. Whoever invites or welcomes immigrants to Europe and Germany is my enemy.”[29]

In response to the crisis, Merkel has recently said, “We will manage this, of that I am firmly convinced.” Then she moved on to say,

“We cannot close the borders. If you build a fence, people will find other ways. There is no such thing as putting a stop to it.”

This is really crazy. If Germany cannot close the borders, does Merkel mean to tell us that the country can afford to accept much of the population in Syria, in Afghanistan, in Iraq, and elsewhere? Doesn’t she know that the issue has already reached “border chaos”? Doesn’t she realize that Israel and the U.S., as Gordon Duff has also pointed out, are backing ISIS?[30]  Doesn’t she know that ISIL leader, “Simon Elliot, aka Al-Baghdadi,” was Jewish and a Mossad agent.

Furthermore, if Israel closes its borders, if Netanyahu will not accept Syrian refugees, can’t Merkel see that there is an obvious inconsistency in the system? If Israel is constantly telling Germany what to do, then can Merkel use her intellectual and political powers to lock Netanyahu and his lackeys in their own Talmudic matrix? Is Merkel part of the West or not? Is she indirectly siding with what St. Paul would have called the “enemies of the whole human race”?

If so, then Merkel, whether she likes it or not, is an accomplice. She is being used by the Dreadful Few to destroy Germany as a nation precisely because you cannot bring in at least 1.5 million immigrants and expect to have a bright future.

If Merkel wants to remain part of the Western patrimony, then she needs to join forces with Putin, who has been perpetually demonized in the New York Times by NWO agents and Satan worshipers like Simon Sebag Montefiore.[31]

Moreover, Merkel, like Putin, needs to repudiate feminism and other subversive movements which have indirectly changed the demographic body in Europe and which have been used by the Dreadful Few to create havoc in the entire nation since the dawn of the twentieth century.

Some writers have indirectly pointed this out. In her recent study Sex and the Weimar Republic, historian Laurie Marhoefer of Syracuse University admits that the sexual freedom which brought Germany down to its knees during the early 1920s and 30s

“came about because of the long decline of religious morality and the rise of science and secular notions of individual rights, democracy, and citizenship. It reached a short-lived high point in Germany between 1918 and 1933.

“Its establishment was the crowning achievement of a progressive coalition for reform that included the world’s first homosexual emancipation movement. That achievement came at a price. Its history demonstrates the promises and pitfalls of movements for sexual liberation.”[32]

Marhoefer cannot refute the fact that this sexual freedom came about because revolutionaries like Magnus Hirschfeld brought this pernicious activity to Germany.[33] Civilta Cattolica, which was written in 1890, predicted exactly that. Through “freedom,” Civilta Cattolica said, the Dreadful Few

“have acquired complete power to subjugate the nations and to ordain that the few might tyrannize the many, and this under the guise of legality…

“Out of such a spasm of liberty, equality and fraternity has arisen the despotism of the tyrannical oligarchies to which the modern states reduce themselves, and whoever glances into them will observe that they are oligarchies of Jews or of Freemasons, the Jews’ base serfs…This is the freedom of masonic Judaism.

“Permission of blaspheming and committing sacrileges is converted into a public right; this is its equality.”[34]

While you are reflecting on how Angela Merkel has betrayed Germany by prostrating before its enemy, consider this:

“There would be no Jewish Question if the educated elites among the Christian peoples hadn’t betrayed their own principles. At a time when Jews stand by even their own criminal element, we see Christian politicians and legislators betraying their own Christian faith on a daily basis and vying with each other to see who has the privilege of harnessing himself to the triumphal car of the Jews. In Parliament no Jew need defend another Jew, when their Christian lackeys do that for them.”[35]

If Germany is to survive, then it needs to get back to Logos and its application to the political, social, and moral realm. Perhaps it is time for Merkel to ally with Putin and resist the subversive and spiritual forces that seek to destroy much of the West. It is now her call, not Putin’s, since he has already demonstrated that he means business.

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