Rare Window of Opportunity for Americans


by  Preston James

Russian fighter_rockers

For the first time ever, the American People are presented with an opportunity to apply great pressure to their politicians and the Administration to stop consorting with the Israelis and the *RKM, their secret World Zionist masters.

And we now know for certain that it is the *RKM who also just happens to control America’s private monetary production and distribution system through their private Federal Reserve System, which is a total fraud, completely illegal, and completely unConstitutional.

Until this massive Federal Reserve System (FRS) fraud is rectified, America is doomed to an asset-stripping process, by which it will be destroyed.

Hopefully now most Americans will learn that every Member of Congress, but one (Rep. Walter Jones), has taken an AIPAC Loyalty Oath to place Israel first, even before America, which is Treason by anyone’s definition. This is now recognized to be especially true, that signing this AIPAC Loyalty Oath to Israel is Treason according to the actual official legal definition, since we know for certain Israel attacked America on 9-11-01, and Israel is the avowed enemy of what their leaders secretly refer to as “American Goyim” (aka their “American Cattle”).

Every day, more Americans learn that the RKM’s Federal Reserve System (FRS) is neither Federal nor a Reserve, but is an illegal, unConstitutional privately-owned, foreign-based bank from the City of London that makes vast profits by defrauding Americans of their hard-earned income, and uses it to buy and bribe American elected officials.

American paper dollars are actually not American at all, but are printed Federal Reserve System NOTES, which are actually loans that must be repaid at interest. Thus, the longer Americans keep their money in circulation, the more interest is accrued. This makes the so-called American National Debt fraudulent, phony, and the biggest RICO financial crime ever committed in America.

In fact, the financial fraud is so extreme by the FRS’s use of pernicious usury charged for Americans using what should have been their own money in the first place, we now know that as soon as We The People can get the FRS canceled, most prices in the retail stores would immediately decrease by 38-40%. This should give you an idea of the massive asset-stripping of the wealth earned by hard working Americans, which the FRS has been able to obtain due to the traitors in Congress and the Administration who failed to honor their Oaths of Office.

And Now, President Obama has even admitted publicly that the USG is training ISIL Forces in Anbar province in Iraq which is a Sunni stronghold.

To show you how far these folks have violated their Oaths of Office, here are transcripts of the US Presidential Oath of Office and the US Congressional Oath of Office. For months the USG has been declaring that ISIS, ISIL, Daesh, Al Nusra are terrorists that need to be stopped. And yet now we know their very existence is because of efforts of the Israeli-American Terror machine working out of the Pentagon supplying them with on the ground help by the CIA’s private mercenaries. Some of these same Terrorists that the USG is now supporting have attacked and killed American soldiers in the past. Normally this would be called providing aid and abetting an enemy of the USA.

So now the pieces finally fit together. The Israeli-American terror Machine creates the bad boys that start these major wars in the Mideast that the RKM and it’s Cutouts need so much to make major war profits.

And the Pentagon’s War Machine then finally goes in and fights them because it is just part of the War on Terror, not against a real enemy or a real nation, but against a synthetically created conceptualization of which there is no end. And the RKM and its Cutouts and dupes can designate any of their intended targets as necessary to invade aggressively because they are terrorists or harbor terrorists.

This time The USG has remained a covert supplier of the terrorists groups they helped Israel create, ISIS, ISIL, Daesh, El Nusra and Al Qaeda (aka Al CIA Duh), and the like and has not so far gone to a full scale ground war to take down Syria’s Assad and to destroy Syria and then attack and destroy Iran the way the RKM and Israeli Likudists want them so much to do for them. Yes, sadly Israel and the RKM love to use American “Goyim” as cannon fodder to wage their wars for them. this helps get rid of the American Goyim who they despise, and helps them steal more land and assets from other countries with out losing their own young soldiers.

Why has the USG been held back this time from another full scale ground and air war in Iraq which would then be expanded to do more of Israel’s dirty work, fighting another of their wars using American Goyim as their cannon fodder? The answer is very simple. It is the unrelenting pressure created by the Intel Cowboys within the US Administration and Pentagon and more retired, outside it who have newly acquired some serious power.

Presidential Oath of Office:
“I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

Congressional Oath of Office:
“I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God.”

Now let me ask you this question.

When Members of Congress take a Loyalty Oath to Israel, are they honoring their Oath of Office? Nope, they are actually aiding a foreign enemy Israel that attacked America on 9-11-01. There is so much overwhelming proof that it can no longer be denied, and this fact is now beginning to appear in the foreign press. Most foreign leaders know this now.

Before the Federal Reserve System (FRS) existed there were no World Wars; in fact, that is the secret reason for the existence of the FRS — to asset-strip hard-working Americans, in order to finance the City of London-based *RKM World Zionist war-making machine.


The RKM/FRS agenda is to use the American Pentagon and the American War Machine to serve as the muscle for the RKM, and take over the whole world or them, creating a NWO one-world Luciferian RKM government, with the rest of the folks being designated as either serfs or slaves, after 90% have been eliminated.

But as the American people became weary of perpetual wars, such as Vietnam, and began protesting in the streets, the top Pentagon planners, who are Israeli-American “Israeli-first” Dual Citizen Traitors, came up with a new strategy to quiet “The Herd”. They found a way to continue their agenda to use the American War Machine to take over the whole world.

Their plan was to first take the Middle East, to expand Israel and destroy any successful nation surrounding them, and then use this as a jump point to surround and eventually destroy the new Russian Federation, and then China too.

But before they could do this, they had to develop a crafty strategy to deal with American dissent over undeclared, unprovoked, illegal, unConstitutional, unwinnable, perpetual wars that are fought to make massive war profits.

The first solution was to eliminate the draft and transform the US Military into a private mercenary military, using billions of dollars of Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) advertising to mind-kontrol the youth into thinking military service was a great pathway to obtaining the American dream.

2-303x320The second solution was to develop a strategy of deployed staged, engineered Gladio-style, false-flag terror around the World and inside America to generate massive fear in the American subconscious group mind that would be great enough to motivate the American People to back preemptive wars of aggression, and to give up most of their basic human and Constitutional Rights.

When the pace of expanding Israel got bogged down, the Israeli-American “Israeli-first” Dual Citizens who ran the Pentagon and controlled Congress and the Administration decided it was time to initiate another Pearl Harbor-like attack on America, but this time, it would be deep inside the heart of America in New York City and Washington DC; and this must be done to to generate enough mass subconscious fear to motivate Americans to support a new set of major Mid East wars of aggression, even though there would be no declaration of war.

Since declared wars are against a specific nation, and victory is attempted and, if attained, the war ends, this would not suffice for the RKM’s Dual Citizens. Instead, they chose to change the definition of international war to a new construct.

64f3785a (2)The concept of TERROR is the target, and it is not limited to opposing any given nation. This constitutes an open-ended, expandable target which could be changed or added to anytime, just by instituting another false-flag terror attack.

Historically, any real war is always officially declared by congress against another nation that has violated international law by attacking another nation. But with this phony war on terror, America has allowed itself to be hijacked and used to fight proxy wars for Israel and the RKM against any or their enemies, including the American people.

Thus we now have DHS, which is a foreign espionage front inside America that has consolidated all American Law Enforcement, and is training LE with Israeli anti-terror methodologies, by which all Americans are viewed as potential domestic terrorists and Enemies of the State.

And American Police, especially the Police Chiefs should wake up and realize that DHS is not going to stop their ADL directed police training until American police to view all Americans as Palestinians and “domestic terrorists”. This perverted, evil training teaches police to instantly start shooting and emptying their magazines over any non-compliance however minor. It also teaches American police to shoot and kill every pet dog at the drop of a hat, that no officer should ever have to put up with the indignity of a dog wagging his tail or barking at him.

A good estimate is now that for every 100 dogs needlessly “executed”, often in front of the small children who own it and deeply love it as their favorite pet, traumatizing them forever for nothing, one police Officer will be sniped in his car and will be prevented from going home to his/her family. This has already started. Expect more unless the Israeli training of American police is stopped and neutralized and DHS is disbanded and prosecuted as a foreign controlled RICO crime syndicate doing espionage inside America.

How sick it is that the American Police are being trained by a foreign based Israeli terrorist group dedicated to destroying America and starting a war between the Police and the American masses. Do not expect this secret Israeli leadership of the American police to stop until perhaps every single American Police Officer is dead because of a civil war between the police and the masses is provoked. In the meantime as these anonymous sniping continue, some police will resign and many more will start questioning their career choice.

These Dual Citizen Traitors were going for broke when they did the attack on America on 9-1-01 to create a new Pearl Harbor catalyzing event. They believed that the American people would never find out the truth of the situation, since they controlled the CMMM through six of their media moguls and one major investment house.

They figured they would never be brought to justice. It is now turning out that they have been exposed and many will be brought to justice eventually, some hung for foreign based espionage against America, Treason, Sedition, mass-murder, and being part of a large Worldwide RICO crime syndicate. And we now have massive evidence that they were part of a very large criminal mafia (the RKM) running syndicate crimes inside America and blackmailing and coercing Members of Congress and USG Officials to do their bidding. Want to feel better, just close your eyes and let yourself imagine watching these master criminal, foreign controlled mass-murders swing from a rope until dead on a US Military gallows the way some of those who helped Booth and his controllers assassinate Lincoln.

But now, even though at present these RKM Dual Citizen Traitors still control the Pentagon, Congress and the Administration, they are being completely exposed, thanks to the Alternative News on the Worldwide Internet and the recent checkmate against them in Syria — thanks to Putin and the Russian Federation and some of their incredibly powerful new weaponry. And they will eventually be stopped cold to with many brought to final justice.

And the RKM Dual Citizens control over Congress is waning, and the evidence for this is the recent unwillingness of many Jewish Members of Congress to honor their AIPAC Loyalty Oaths to place Israel first, as they sided with President Obama to support the P5+1 Agreement to allow Iran to develop nuclear power generation systems.

Even though we know that President Obama was put in power by wealthy RKM Dual Citizens, he too has turned on them and backed the P5+1 Agreement with Iran. We have the astounding situation where the Congress is starting to split, and the Administration is no longer following RKM Dual Citizen dictates.

How could they shift gears so quickly? The answer lies in understanding that most of these folks are functioning as sociopaths, that is, folks that are evil, but have a nice external face.

This reversal in Congress over the P5+1 Agreement with Iran is historic and cannot be reversed by the RKM. Many VT readers already understand that this split has been orchestrated by some experienced Intel Cowboys, some within the Pentagon, some within the Administration and many retired spooks, who just could not let the foreign RKM hijackers of America and their stateside Cutouts (the Israeli-American “Israeli-first” Dual Citizen Traitors) stay hidden any more, to continue asset-stripping America bare.

Everything bad that has happened to America since 1913 has been due to these hijackers of America and their Cutouts. Everything.

This includes numerous expensive foreign wars of aggression for the RKM and their associated banks and large international corporations and defense contractors, the breakdown of the American family, massive proliferation of twisted, sick pornography, the normalization of out-of-wedlock children as a standard, the War on Hunger (a joke), the War on crime (a fraud), the War on Terror (another fraud, and the biggest of all, since the RKM and the Dual Citizens have turned the Pentagon and their DHS into the world’s biggest Terror machine).

Thanks to the RKM’s takeover in 1913, we now have massive urban crime, Free Trade, and the exportation almost all good American jobs, continually rising taxes and retail prices, falling incomes, saving accounts paying no serious interest, while the value of money is constantly being eroded, leaving elderly Americans who worked hard and saved their whole lives ruined financially, with many destitute.

Unless stopped, the RKM and its stateside Cutouts will continue to gut American financially and economically, continue debasing the RKM money we are now forced to use, and will put everyone into the street, homeless and starving to death.

Yes, everything bad that has happened in America since 1913 is due to the money power of the RKM dual Citizen infiltrators, the actual hijackers of Congress, the Administration and the Pentagon, as well as almost every American institution.

Don’t you think it is time we either drive all these Dual Citizen Traitors out of America back to Israel, their first loyalty, or at least prosecute them for all their massive RICO crimes and crimes of Treason and Sedition?

Treason and Sedition, how can that be? Well Treason is helping an enemy harm America; and Sedition is actively working to destroy American Constitutional Government.

Isn’t this what the Dual Citizens have been doing since the get go, since they have aided and abetted the RKM’s attempts to destroy America? And we now know that Israel was the main perpetrator in the attack on America on 9-11-01, which makes Israel a known enemy of America.

This checkmate and decimation of ISIS, which was created by the Israeli-American Terror Machine through the Pentagon using CIA-, Israeli-, Saudi- and Turk-created and -financed mercenaries has placed the Pentagon and the American Administration in an embarrassing situation. They can no longer credibly deny that they created ISIS, and in fact some retired American Generals have admitted such, and it has now appeared in the Press.

No longer can Israel deny its key role in creating the ISIS. An Israeli Brigadier general has been captured who was fighting for ISIS and he is singing liker a canary and admitting Israel is neck-deep in it all.

Now is the time for We The People to capitalize on this window of opportunity and start exerting as much pressure as we can on Congress and the Administration to stop catering to the RKM and the FRS Banksters and allowing the Pentagon to keep supporting illegal, unConstitutional Terror groups and mercenaries in the Mideast or anywhere.

ISIS has been committing numerous crimes against humanity and those that helped create and now support and supply ISIS must be tried for crimes against humanity and Terrorism. Upon conviction, the penalty is of course, execution, and there is no statute of limitations.

Now for any of your doubters that do not think the RKM has controlled the US Congress, just watch this video featuring former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, a true American Hero, a total stand-up American and one of the few that has publicly dared to take on the RKM and Dual Citizen Traitors. Jim Traficant also did this, and they trumped up phony charges on him, sent him to prison, and then murdered him.

It is also time to put as much pressure on Congress and the Administration by spreading the truth far and near as we can that the Israeli-American terror Machine actually perpetrated the attack on America on 9-11-01. We can all do this by using email and social media to spread this truth to millions all around the World, especially in America. Do not forget to send key articles to your representatives in Congress and make phone calls to their office folks. This takes a long time but the pressure is now building.

The prevailing winds are changing, and Cynthia McKinney’s time has come to be recognized for not only being a great American hero, but for being the one great American who broke the dam of RKM control over Americans’ access to truth inside America.

The CMMM are now failing and only able to barely survive by stupid ads of Big Pharma, big political advertising campaigns, and US recruiting ads, which sure seem fraudulent. Without these ads, the regular advertising would be insufficient for the CMMM to survive as is, and it is shrinking anyway. The Alternative news provided by the Internet is increasing in usage and popularity and has now overtaken the CMMM, especially among younger Americans under 50.

The Dual Citizen Traitors and their Cutouts are so upset and worried about the Internet, they are going all out to censor it. That is why they are pushing as hard as they can to pass the Trans Pacific Partnership and other secret so-called Trade Agreements, because these have hidden, and even some secret clauses, which will attempt to eliminate most alternative news websites using strange copyright interpretation. This could never be accepted by the American People, and they would strike back in hundreds of unexpected ways, which would certainly collapse the RKM Dual Citizen-run USG.

Here is the video that can finally bring the RKM and the Dual Citizen infiltrators and Traitors down. Make sure you share this with all your friends and family. This one must go super viral.


More and more Americans are learning that the attack on America on 9-11-01 was a Gladio-style False-flag attack done by Israel using their stateside Cutouts, Israeli-American “Israeli-first” Dual Citizens and other Traitors in the Pentagon, Congress and the Administration, including the JCS, USAF, NORAD and the FAA. The proof is overwhelming, and we must share it with our family and friends and anyone else willing to hear.

Let me make a few predictions of what could easily result from Putin and the Russian Federation’s checkmate attained against the RKM and the Israeli-American Terror machine, which includes the Pentagon’s War Machine.

Israel will become isolated by the World and will eventually be forced to go back to its original boundaries of 1947, as the whole world comes to realize that 97.5% Israelis are Khazarians and have no ancient Hebrew Blood, and therefore, no right to any Palestinian land, while 80% of Palestinians have ancient Hebrew blood and are real Semites.

Israeli assets will be stripped and they will have to pay massive reparations against the Palestinians and give all the Israeli settlements on Palestinian land to the Palestinians as part of these massive reparations.

Israel-did-911-320x281 (2)The Federal Reserve System will be eliminated, as will DHS, the ADL, AIPAC and the like, after being publicly identified as RKM and Israeli espionage fronts inside America. All the assets of the Federal Reserve System will be seized and clawed back, all the way back to 1913, as much as possible, and this means any and all personal assets of any RKM Bankster who received assets.

Many of these Dual Citizens Traitors will be charged under RICO and Espionage laws and will be convicted and some executed.

Those who helped attack America on 9-11-01 will be identified and brought to justice, charged with mass-murder, Terrorism, crimes against humanity, Treason and Sedition. Many will be convicted and executed.

Those that sing first may be given immunity agreements, but they will never be allowed to hold any public office, and must return all assets gained to the American Treasury and be stripped of all retirement benefits from any public office or the US Military.

The whole world is turning against the RKM and Israel, and even numerous Judaics in America are doing so too, mostly over Israel’s apartheid and abuse of Palestinians and the Netanyahu’s bizarre attempts to stop the P5+1 Agreement to allow Iran to use nuclear power. The US Petro Dollar, which is little more than the official RKM Note (loaned at pernicious, illegal, unConstitutional interest, not even real Constitutional money), is going to become history as the whole world builds numerous firewalls against it. And these firewalls are being built against it largely because it is printed and issued with no restraint, thus providing Congress, the Israeli-American War Machine and the Israeli-American Terror Machine an elastic checkbook of ever increasing RKM notes having less and less value. This criminal banking system has oppressed much of the world for over 100 years and now the Whole World is ganging up on it and building strong firewalls against its evil. Without the RKM and the FRS there would likely be few Wars and probably no World Wars.


* RKM is an abbreviation to represent the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia, a term coined by VT Financial Editor Mike Harris whose VT radio show is on Tuesdays and Thursdays 7-9 PM CST. Mike Harris started using this descriptive term Rothschild Khazarian Mafia (RKM) after extensively researching the true but hidden history of the nation of Khazaria and its connection to Rothschild World Zionism now centered in the City of London. He also discovered the long held hatred that the RKM has harbored since 700 AD for the non-Khazarian Russians that is still a major motive for the RKM today in its quest to encircle and once again destroy Russia, once again steal all its assets like in 1917, and enslave the Russians that remain alive also just like when the Khazarians (aka the Bolsheviks) took over in 1917.

The RKM operates out of the City of London, a separate nation inside the UK which has its own police force and diplomats and pays no taxes to the UK government, like the Vatican, but has worldwide power through its private central banking system which uses FIAT money issued and placed in circulation (lent out for use at interest/pernicious usury).

The RKM has deeply infiltrated America and hijacked its manufacturing and distribution of money and most of its institutions of government, uses the US Military to fight its proxy wars for Israel and to earn massive profits. The RKM uses UK, Israeli and American Intel factions and especially the Pentagon to traffick in massive quantities of illegal narcotics to generate massive “off the books” money for black ops and payoffs to politicians and government officials they “own”.

syria_1239573_439139399532839_1526373832_n (2)


Bonus Video for those who want more information about Congressional corruption as told by the great American Whistle-blower and Hero Sibel Edmonds:


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