Pedophiles – We Have A Problem


by Katherine Frisk

child-abuseNo other species on this planet abuses, sexually molests, tortures or takes delight in killing off their own children for entertainment and physical gratification. Only human beings seem to have this proclivity.

I do not think it is natural to our species. I think it is an illness that over generations has become wide-spread. Those who abuse children nine times out of ten, were abused themselves, and so this mental illness is perpetuated through generations. This illness has become so endemic that it is beginning to become the norm. In some societies certain people are even trying to get legislation passed where incest is not a criminal offense. This, when quite the opposite is desperately needed on a global scale. We can no longer ignore the issue, close our eyes, block our ears and allow it to continue.

I do not think people like Jimmy Saville can be rehabilitated. The only solutions are castration, a lobotomy, incarceration for life, or my personal favourite, a bullet through the back of the head. Or a nail gun, which ever is closest to hand. Either one should do the trick and put a stop to this insane behaviour. Pedophilia is a form of insanity. And those who in any way become involved in it need to be removed from society. It is time we all protected our children.

This is our responsibility. Every time a child is abused, we are, each and every one of us, accountable. Pedophiles today are not some uncle down the road and the odd embarrassing family scandal, today all our leaders in every tier of society have been and are involved in abuse, sexual molestation, torture, and the murder of children in one way or another.

We put them into power. We allow them to continue to operate. And we do this knowingly. We are not innocent. We are all perfectly aware of sexual slavery throughout the world. We have already damaged the next three generations at least. We have become barbaric and primitive and we are creating monsters. The barbarism needs to end.

Most people are informed about the Franklin Scandal, rampant child abuse in the Roman Catholic

Tony Blair with his good friend, serial child molester Jimmy Saville. The sheep are scared.
Tony Blair with his good friend, serial child molester Jimmy Saville. The sheep are scared.

Church,  Brussels which has become pedophile central, the Jimmy Saville scandal, the list goes on and on.

The situation worldwide is critical. It is beyond a mere “scandal,” it is beyond “titilating,” it is beyond shoving it into a “conspiracy theory” box and locking it away. It is a subject that needs to be given the highest priority. The problem is in every culture, every nationality, every race and every religion. We are all accountable, we are all responsible.

In the last two weeks or so a number of articles from various sources have slipped in between all the war rhetoric and the political theatre that has dominated the headlines. I have listed them below with extracts from each. I think they speak for themselves without any comment from me.

Two kids, including toddler, gang-raped in Indian capital

“Two minor girls, including a toddler, have been gang-raped in separate incidents in India’s capital of New Delhi, said a senior local police official, in an astonishing case even for India, where gang-rapes are almost frequent.

“The first incident took place in west Delhi’s Nangloi area on Friday evening when a two-and-a-half-year-old girl was abducted from near her home and gang-raped by two men,” Xinhua quoted the police official, whom it did not identify, as saying on Saturday.

The official was further quoted as saying that the child victim was found lying unconscious and bleeding at a nearby park, noting that she was transferred to a government hospital where her condition is listed as serious.”


“Fiona Barnett, 45, claims that the abuse took place when she was only 5-years-old and that the ring included police and high ranking officials.  She also detailed witnessing crimes that included rape, child abduction, torture, and even murder. 

She believes that there are thousands more victims of the ring. Barnett says that the ring was a hierarchy and that she was “saved” for those at the very top of the order.  Due to the positions of those involved, she told the media that she has lived in fear for the past four decades, but has chosen to speak out saying she has nothing left to lose.

The woman has also asserted that the ring is still operating, and that over the years her and other victims who went to police have been “stonewalled” by authorities.”


“Based on what has happened in Afghanistan these past 14 years, if you are a pedophile it looks like the best job to have would be a member of the Afghan government, be an Afghan cop or soldier in training, or be an American contractor or soldier in Afghanistan. How shameful, sick and sad.

Afghanistan-children-007-460x170It is not just some sick Afghans in positions of power committing this sexual abuse and exploitation of Afghan children, but some American contractors, diplomats and their consultants, and military are involved in these crimes. In 2012, Wiki Leaks (see released a cable which revealed that that U.S. taxpayer funded, military contractor DynCorp has organized and paid for parties where young Afghan boys are made available for purchase as sex slaves. DynCorp trains Afghan police and security forces.

DynCorp is a U.S. company from Texas. This U.S. taxpayer funded military contractor trafficked young Afghan boys for sex with cops and Afghan security forces in training. The former Afghan Minister of Interior, Hanif Atmar, presently Afghan National Security Adviser to Ghani, tried to quash this sexual abuse and exploitation from being made public. He even requested the United States government suppress it. Some DynCorp American employees sent visual depictions of the sexual abuse (child pornography) back to the United States. DynCorp’s sexual exploitation of Afghan children is just one example of the rampant sexual exploitation of Afghan children. Almost all of the incidents are not revealed. They are ignored and/or suppressed by the U.S. and Afghan governments. When I was in Afghanistan in September 2012, I visited Endra Gandhi Hospital in Kabul. One of the doctors at the hospital told me that everyday young Afghan children are being admitted to the hospital.

These children have been raped and sexually exploited. These exploited children have come from Bagram and other bases and Rabbani brothel houses for foreigners. I do not want to reveal the doctor’s name in this letter for fear of retaliation against him by Afghans in power. I was told by many educated Afghan people that at night next to the palace in Kabul, Afghan children are bused by these Afghan pimps to military bases and brothels to be sold and used as sex slaves. When I returned to the U.S. I reported in writing this sexual exploitation to officials at the U.S. Department of State, to the Senate Armed Services Committee and other departments of the U.S. government. Thus far, I have not seen any actions being taken to stop this sexual abuse and exploitation of Afghan children.”

Transcript: Probable Cause with Sibel Edmonds- The Mind-Boggling Level of Media Censorship in the Real Hastert Case

“A Pedophile of the Past

The US media intentionally leaves out pertinent and logical questions that follow their limited narrative pertaininghastert to the Hastert case. Questions such as: What kind of pedophilic activities was Dennis Hastert engaged in during his years in the US Congress?

The media is presenting Hastert and his pedophilic activities as a thing that happened in the past, and in a vacuum. Based on their narrative, Hastert’s predatory actions stopped once he became an honorable US representative. That the man miraculously saw the light, said Hallelujah, and then … well, according to them, then nothing. This is how their narrative goes:

Once upon a time there was a wrestling coach in a high school who preyed upon, sexually abused and molested minors. Then, he was elected to the US Congress and became the longest-serving Speaker of the House. Later, years after he left Congress, he was caught with his pants down on some trivial financial activities which were linked to his molestation of at least one underage person way back when.

There have been zero attempts by the US media to investigate Hastert’s criminal deeds involving sexual violations of minors during his long congressional tenure. This, despite past exposés and witnesses who had gone on record on Hastert’s illegal-criminal activities, which included not only financial but also espionage, blackmail and sex crimes. This, despite the FBI maintaining documented records of Hastert’s sexual violations since 1996.

Please go and check the media coverage, you will find zero reference to Hastert’s ongoing sexual violations both here in the United States but also overseas during his junket trips to countries such as Turkey, Morocco and Vietnam.

You will find zero mentioning of his illegal sexual sessions held in one of his office-town house residences-including foreign and criminal entities bringing in and offering minors as means of bribery. Interestingly, all his residences and offices were wired and monitored by several different entities, including the FBI, CIA and at least two foreign lobby networks.”

Odessa: A Fate Worse Than Death

Odessa: crime scene of American-supported neo-Nazi attack in May 2014
Odessa: crime scene of American-supported neo-Nazi attack in May 2014

“There have been at least 31 documented cases of good looking teenagers, (some as young as 11 years old) who have disappeared off of the streets of Odessa in the last year. Not street urchins or orphans, but kids from normal families, or rather, what used to be normal families, because how can any family ever be normal again after a child from that family is kidnapped by nazis, and the best you can hope for is they only want the organs. But judging from the age and the looks of these kids, the nazis who stole them from their families, want to do to those kids what they will do to all of us left alive, if we let them… Make us into slaves.

A single case has been solved – a criminal gang, driving around Odessa in a BMW, one member dressed in a police uniform, kidnapped an underaged girl and demanded a $20,000 ransom for her return. According to the news report, while waiting for the ransom, the gang repeatedly “raped the underaged girl in unnatural ways”. The gang was captured, and the girl rescued when they tried to collect the ransom. Note the BMW, note the police uniform, note the fact that the gang thought the family could actually pay a ransom of $20,000. They picked the wrong kid, that time, one with a family whose power and connections to the government were stronger than theirs.”

Leaked Report: US-Backed Pinochet Dictatorship had High-Level Ties to Child-Torturing Ex-Nazi’s Fortified Cult

“Ex-Nazi, Paul Schaefer, founded a German outpost in Chile called Colonia Dignidad, which was built up into a fortified, sub-state like entity, and that he ran it as a “cult”, “lord[ing] over [it] with sadistic brutality” and using the enclave for “sexually abusing and torturing children” and others.

The colony consisted of 32,000 acres, and was home to “300 refugees from Nazi Germany and their descendants.”

Babies Are Being Abducted, Raped, And Returned To Their Village In The Congo

“Girls as young as 18 months are being abducted from their homes, raped, and then returned to their families in a rural community in a village in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Officials at the Panzi Hospital in the province of Sud-Kiva have tracked dozens of cases of sexual violence against children under the age of 10 in and around the village of Kavumu.

“Last year, when we started treating these babies, we reached 35 recorded cases that required heavy surgery,” Denis Mukwege, the gynecologist who founded the Panzi Hospital said during a visit to the European Parliament on Thursday.”


“ISIS is the most brutal terrorist group of our time. Under the guise of religion, they murder, rape, pillage, and enslave, destroying whole cities to achieve power and control over new territory and natural resources. Victims are forced to convert to Islam as the group slavishly follows a perverted version of the teachings of Islam to suit their agenda.
In August 2014 the terrorists invaded the lands around Mount Sinjar in Iraq, home to the minority Yazidi people. They slaughtered males of fighting age and abducted women and little children to be sold as slaves. They separated families and took young girls for their own sexual gratification, the young boys were forced to become their trainees. The captives have had no one to count on for help but their families, who might be blackmailed for thousands of dollars in ransom. Most of the time, however, surviving relatives never even know if their abducted loved ones are alive or where they’re kept.
Some of the women who had been enslaved managed to escape or were returned by their families. They tell harrowing stories of atrocities committed by ISIS that they had to witness. Despite being safe now, they are still severely affected by their time in captivity. Most have lost family members and rebuilding their lives in this new reality is incredibly hard for them.
In this awful situation, one man stood up against ISIS and its reign of terror.  A former smuggler, Abu Shuja, uses his extensive covert network throughout Iraq and abroad, to take back Yazidi captives from ISIS. He organises and takes part in rescue missions, saving the abducted from terrorists and reuniting them with their families. For that, he risks his own life every day. Not only is he in danger of being killed or captured during the operations, he also receives regular death threats; but he still can’t give up, he knows he is the only hope for so many people.
His courage comes at a price; to protect his family, Abu Shuja has had to part with them and send his wife and children to safety abroad. They are now among the thousands of refugees seeking asylum in Europe and now their lives too depend on the kindness of strangers.”

Katherine Frisk is a freelance writer, political commentator and the author of: Jesus Was A Palestinian.

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