Why did Afghanistan Get An Earthquake?

Afghan Drugs Has Been a Huge Source of Corruption - A Rare Seizure Here Because it was Taliban Dope

by Katherine Frisk

This is getting so predictable and in your face. What once was a ridiculous notion is now so obvious that you have to be blind, deaf and dumb not to be aware of it.

When I read about the earthquake in Afghanistan, Pakistan and India, my first thought was,

Ok, what did they do now? Fail to deliver the opium? Trade in Yuan instead of dollars? Join the AIIB? Sign agreements to be part of the Silk Road project? What now?

I soon got my answer. This from Zero Hedge:

Afghanistan, battered by worsening security, is reaching out to an old ally and patron—Russia—just as the Kremlin is seeking to reassert its position as a heavyweight on the world stage.

President Ashraf Ghani has asked Moscow for artillery, small arms and Mi-35 helicopter gunships for his country’s struggling military, Afghan and Russian officials say, after the U.S. and its allies pulled most of their troops from Afghanistan and reduced financial aid.

The outreach has created another opening for the Kremlin, stepping up the potential for confrontation with Washington. East-West relations are already strained over such issues as Ukraine and Middle Eastern policy.

Russia is seizing the opportunity,” a U.S. official said.

The Kremlin’s muscular new foreign policy has raised hopes among Afghan politicians that Russia will come back to their country as a friendlier ally in the wake of the Western drawdown, which has seen the U.S. troop level drop to about 10,000 this year, from a peak of about 100,000 in 2010-11.

The last Red Army troops withdrew from Afghanistan in 1989. That war was a national trauma on both sides, ending in defeat for Moscow and the eventual collapse of Afghanistan’s communist government.

Because of that history, direct intervention in Afghanistan would be a very hard sell for the Russian public.

Alexander Mantytskiy, Russia’s ambassador to Afghanistan, said his government is considering the Afghan requests for military assistance, which he said have increased this year following the withdrawal of most U.S. and allied North Atlantic Treaty Organization forces.

We will provide some assistance, but it doesn’t mean that any soldier from the Russian Federation will be here on Afghan soil,” he said. “Why should we carry the burden of a problem that was not solved by the Americans and NATO countries?

So there you have it. Games on! Obama has reversed the planned pullout of US troops to that country, if anything he will most probably send in more.

The opium fields are at stake here, and without it billions in profits will be lost. Afghanistan is the world’s largest supplier of heroin that lines the pockets of the warmongers in Washington. Without it they will have to create another war somewhere and go farm somewhere else. I am betting on West Africa. Cameroon is a possibility, maybe Nigeria. Boko Harem is already busy in that part of the world and we have got a “war on terror”to fight as you already well know.

A tsunami like the one in Sumatra, is not do-able in that part of the world. Nor or is a hurricane, like the recent one in Mexico because they are now trading in Yuan. The earthquake in my estimation was a not so friendly nudge because Afghanistan has asked for assistance from the Kremlin.

Global Warming and Climate change? Yeah right!

Katherine Frisk is a freelance writer, political commentator and the author of: Jesus Was A Palestinian.


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