Private Armies, Daesh, The CIA and the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement


…by Katherine Frisk

The scam of training "moderate rebels" continues
The scam of training “moderate rebels” continues

Daesh/ISL is a private army, with private funding and with no oversight from any government. Daesh has been making huge profits through oil stolen from Syria and transported to Turkey where it has been bought by Erodogan’s son. Who he is selling it to is still under debate.

On Monday 16th of November, President Putin presented the G20 with satellite and banking details of those countries and individuals who have been both supporting Daesh and buying illegal oil through Turkey. His disclosures at this meeting were not covered in any Main Stream Media Outlet.

Speculation has run rife as to who exactly is involved. In The Most Important Question About ISIS That Nobody Is Asking Zero Hedge suggests the following.

But what we have been wondering for months and what we hope some enterprising journalist will soon answer, is just who are the commodity trading firms that have been so generously buying millions of smuggled oil barrels procured by the Islamic State at massive discounts to market, and then reselling them to other interested parties.

In other words, who are the middlemen. What we do know is who they may be: they are the same names that were quite prominent in the market in September when Glencore had its first, and certainly not last, near death experience:the Glencores, the Vitols, the Trafiguras, the Nobels, the Mercurias of the world.

This is still speculation on their part. And not confirmed. However, keep the names of these companies in mind, or any corporations similar to them.

As we have seen in the last week, a plethora of articles have appeared in the Independent media about the association between the Saudi Muhajadeen, Qatar, Turkey, Mossad on the Golan Heights and the CIA and their affiliation with Daesh/ISIL

For the purposes of this article, I am going to focus on the CIA, though the same applies to all covert groups who have been involved with training, funding and working alongside Daesh/ISIL. To get some background on the CIA please read:

A Timeline of CIA Atrocities 


Double Game Franchised Al-Qaeda and ISIS?

Now let’s turn to Associated Press and this report- US lawmakers say forget Assad, focus on IS. Key in this report is the following:

Served in Iraq TWICE!

Reps. Tulsi Gabbard, a Democrat, and Austin Scott, a Republican, introduced legislation on Friday to end what they called an “illegal war” to overthrow Assad, the leader of Syria accused of killing tens of thousands of Syrian citizens in a more than four-year-old civil war entangled in a battle against IS extremists, also known as ISIS.

“The U.S. is waging two wars in Syria,” Gabbard said. “The first is the war against ISIS and other Islamic extremists, which Congress authorized after the terrorist attack on 9/11. The second war is the illegal war to overthrow the Syrian government of Assad.”

Did not serve in Iraq. Served as a Cocaine dealer from Arkensaw

Not mentioned in Gabbard’s statements, are the 350,00 Syrians who have died due to CIA involvement in Daeash/ISIL, or the 11 million who have been displaced.

In other words, the CIA has been waging an illegal war which although not authorized by Congress, has, through a blank check issued to the CIA for many years without oversight or question, been acting as a private entity, a private corporation not accountable to the US government or the US Treasury. Include Hillary Clinton, Benghazi, Stevens and funding for the Muslim Brotherhood in the Arab spring in Egypt.  Clinton who now suddenly and rather expediently claims Assad must stay?

In the last month the full text of the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement was leaked to the media. The Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement is similar to it’s European equivalent. The Transatlantic Trade and Investment PartnershipAs we have seen in the last month, France has strongly suggested that they are going to back out of this agreement entirely. I am sure many other European countries will follow.

For the purposes of this article I would like to focus on one aspect of the TPP as explained by James Corbett:

In Plain English:
Those adventurous souls who want to wade through the mountain of legalese the elipses in the above paragraph are saving you from are invited to click the link and read the whole clause for yourself. Is your head hurting yet? Well then the negotiators have done their job.

Don’t worry, I’ll spare you the other 6 equally inscrutable clauses of Article 9.18 of the TPP text, “Submission of a Claim to Arbitration.” Does it help if I explain this is a description of the arbitration procedure laid out under the terms of the Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) mechanism of the deal? I didn’t think so.

What all the acronym-laden legalistic jargon is hiding here is arguably the most controversial part of the entire deal. This article lays out the terms under which a corporation that is unhappy with a law, ruling or regulation of a former government can sue that government for its decision.

Perhaps it’s easier to understand why this is so controversial if we look at a real life example.

When German public sentiment turned strongly against the use of nuclear power in the wake of the Fukushima disaster, the German government committed to “Atomausstieg” (Nuclear Exit), a plan to close down all of the country’s nuclear power plants by 2021. Eight of the oldest nuclear plants were shut down right away, including two that were owned and operated by Swedish energy major Vattenfall. Vattenfall didn’t like this and is currently suing the German government for $6 billion in losses from the decision. They were able to do this under the terms of a World Bank mechanism called the Convention on the Settlement of Investment Disputes Between States and Nationals of Other States which arbitrates disputes between corporations and governments and which is specifically cited in the TPP’s Article 9.18 as one of the mechanisms that corporations could use to sue TPP member governments.

In fact, this dispute settlement mechanism has been around for 50 years, is included in a number of free trade deals and has already been used to sue various governments. As points out, taxpayers have already paid our $440 million to corporations for grevious offences like banning a neurotoxic gasoline additive or failing to grant drug monopolies to Big Pharma.

So how could this play out if the TPP goes into effect? Well that’s the rub. Given the incredibly vague wording of the agreement, including a nebulous definition of “investment” itself, just about any company could bring a lawsuit against just about any government for just about any policy, ruling, procedure or law that it believes cuts into its potential profits, no matter how loosely. One possible example: tobacco companies suing TPP member governments for forcing them to sell cigarettes in plain packaging, thus “violating” their trademarks and intellectual property.

So I would like to put this to you. IF the countries of the Pacific rim sign the TPP and IF the countries of Europe sign the TTIP, what kind of power does this give private corporate armies like the CIA and Daesh? Consider this:

“…just about any company could bring a lawsuit against just about any government for just about any policy, ruling, procedure or law that it believes cuts into its potential profits, no matter how loosely…”

Now consider this from: Spread The Word: TPP Is Toxic Political Poison That Politicians Should Avoid

Just after the TPP negotiators reached an agreement, we asked Ralph Nader if the TPP could be stopped. He said, “It will be stopped on its demerits.” He further noted its wide impact, saying, “Its scope is everything,” and described it as a “global corporate coup … the most brazen corporate power grab in American history.” The TPP, he said, is “a major peril to our national authority” that is “ceding our sovereignty, ceding our self-reliance, ceding everything we can do within the boundaries of the United States.”

He described how it takes legislative authority away from Congress and the White House and gives it to trade officials and trade tribunals. Nader described how it undermines the civil justice system, the third branch of government, and the federal court system because of trade tribunals with corporate lawyer-judges whose decisions cannot be reviewed by the federal courts. Nader described the TPP as “democracy suppression.”

And what about the oil profits of Daesh and those companies that were “suggested” by Zero Hedge in the article quoted above? What about the profits of CIA heroin in Afghanistan and Cocaine running in South America?

Could all these corporations sue any government for loss of income if those governments take legal steps to stop their private wars and their illegal drug running even if these measures are authorized by Congress? In fact, especially if they are authorized by Congress?

Am I the only person who has connected the dots on this one? Or did France wake up and realize that it was not only Monsanto and GMO that is a threat to their country, but Daesh and it’s affiliates like the CIA ? Is that why Hollande called the Paris massacre a declaration of war?

By signing the TTIP agreements, Daesh and the CIA could sue the French government for loss of income should they attempt to put a stop to the ongoing terrorist war in Syria. Because, they are private corporations and these laws would cut into their oil profits.

President Putin asked this question during his speech at the UN:

Do you know what nation-state sovereignty is?

TPP-ISIS_OIL_20140911_isis_0I put it to you. Any country that signs either the TPP or the TTIP is not only kissing their nation-state sovereignty goodbye, but is opening the door for private, corporate armies who can sue any government should either their laws or their policies cut into their profits.

If France had signed the TTIP, the CIA and in turn Daesh and the companies and people on Putin’s list, would be able to sue them for any and all actions taken against Daesh in Syria because this would cut into their oil profits. AND, they would get away with it.

See: We are also tired of Raytheon Corporation and their love affair with ISIS and al Nusra.– Their continual supply of missiles to terrorist organizations is not an accident and the management of Raytheon needs to be held accountable and should be arrested, tried and convicted, not just in the US, but Iraq and Syria as well for “material support of terrorism.”

But, but they are getting gobs of cheap oil! And anyone who stops them or Daesh/ISIL , under the TTIP or TTP agreements can be sued for loss of profits!

I am not an American, however I am going to use poetic licence here:

My fellow Americans, have you completely, utterly and totally lost your frigging minds? This is NOT capitalism. This is CORPORATE FASCISM, a feudal system where you are the peasants on the plantation with no property rights, no legal representation and no say whatsoever in how your country is run. Your Constitution and Bill of Rights will count for nothing and not even be worth the paper it is written on!

Spin this concept out to its ultimate conclusion. Include NATO, CIA, NSA, HAARP, NASA, The Banks, Google, the Internet, Monsanto, Wall Mart, Big Pharma, with NO GOVERNMENT OVERSIGHT! And they get their own private armies and law courts that are secret and closed. A one world government yes, but one in which you have no part and certainly no congressman to speak for you.

Also keep in mind that no American will own their own property, this will be owned by the Corporations; run their own farm, this will be Corporate farming with patented genetically modified seeds and breeding; own their own business, all businesses will be owned by a handful of large corporations; and health care will be decided on your age and profitability.

If you are too old and your earning capacity and usefulness is no longer viable for any reason, age just being one, they will just let you die. This will be extended to patenting human DNA and you will have to get authorization to have children. All human DNA will be owned and controlled by these corporations.

They will no doubt also include micro chip ID passes where depending on where you fit in the grid, you will only be allowed to move between certain areas and in other areas you will be denied access. An Apartheid system. Because, you are corporate property. And as such you have no rights. Detention without trial will become the norm.

Time is running out. Take action:


Katherine Frisk is a freelance writer, political commentator and author of Jesus Was A Palestinian.

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