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ISIL is CIA funded mercenary group to advance the Zionist agenda

ISIL was created by Zionist elements in the US and Israel to defend their geostrategic interests and destroy independent governments in the Middle East.

Russian Air Forces Conduct 59 Sorties, Hit 200 Daesh Targets in...

The Russian Air Forces have conducted 59 combat missions hitting 200 Daesh targets in 7 Syrian provinces over past 24 hours, the Russian Defense...

White House Sends Ankara Two Warning Shots Over Daesh Oil Smuggling

Jim W. Dean - The Obama administration finally stops lying to the American people about Turkey's support for ISIL. This now puts Erdogan and Turkish Intel on the spot for having been involved. And neither NATO or the EU can pretend they did not know.

Sunnis Working With Turkey to Prevent Shias Liberating Mosul of Daesh

, Alexander Mosesov — The Arab population of Iraq's Mosul are cooperating with Turkish forces to ensure that the city will be liberated from Islamic State (ISIL or Daesh in Arabic) by Sunni, and not Shia, militias, a representative of the Peshmerga, Iraqi Kurdish armed forces, told Sputnik on Tuesday.

Breaking: Iraq Will File Protest at UNSC if Turkey Confirmed to...

"If the Iraqi government receives enough evidence and details, without any hesitation it will file a protest at the UN Security Council and all other relevant...

Putin: Russia Has Evidence Su-24 Shot Down to Protect Daesh Oil...

Jim W. Dean - Putin's best revenge is to destroy the plans of the Western scamsters and their Gulf buddies to carve up Syria, killing a quarter million, over a million wounded and maimed, and 11 million refugees created in the process.

Private Armies, Daesh, The CIA and the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement

My fellow Americans, have you completely, utterly and totally lost your frigging minds?

Press TV Debate: Did West need Paris false-flag attack to pressure...

ISIS “is not what it purports to be, it’s been benefiting from massive aid from the West, primarily from US allies in the Middle East."

Mike Harris – BP, ExxonMobil benefit from Daesh oil smuggling

Mike Harris - The problem is that the United States has a bipolar or schizophrenic-type foreign policy, where officially they condemn terrorism, unofficially they support terrorism.

NEO: ISIL is Now Plagued by Massive Desertion

Jim W. Dean - What the West is really whining about here is they see their little proxy terrorist toy being taken away from them. These methods being used in Syria can be duplicated.

Uri Avnery – Nasser and I

Jim W. Dean - Despite his unrepentant Zionism, Uri can bring to life the political lessons of the 20th-century Mid East like few other writers. He just can't admit the tragedy that Zionism is responsible for.

Russian airstrikes continue to pound terrorist targets – video footage

Jim W. Dean - Russia continues to roll out its bombing campaign, putting on display for us all the systematic destruction of terrorist infrastructure prior to a ground offensive by the Syrian army.

ISIS militants in Iraq, Syria have WMD components, Lavrov warns UN...

Moscow will submit a draft resolution to the UN Security Council on a joint international effort against the Islamic State threat.


Putin has now called America's bluff over ISIS.

Twenty Daesh senior leaders killed during aerial attack in Iraq

Jim W. Dean - This was quite a coup by the Iraqis, if true, as Daesh has been generally successful in not having its communications compromised.

300 Thousand Afghan children unable to attend school due to Daesh...

Press TV - Daesh terrorists are also keeping more than 100 people captive in three detention camps in Nangarhar Province.

Daesh opens center in Mosul to trade human organs, Report from...

The terrorist group imprisons people in a bid to coerce them into selling their organs, according to reports from Mosul, Iraq.

US led anti-Daesh coalition flawed: Lavrov

Sergei Lavrov - You can not fight Evil using illegal methods, and the methods used by the US-Led Coalition contradict international law.

Debate: How DARE Russia fight terrorism?

ISIS is so evil we will hook up with anyone, ANYONE, to fight them. Anyone except Russia, that is.

NEO: ISIS, a Partner America Can Live With

Gordon Duff - Very few American attacks have been against ISIS' primary area of operations, nor against ISIS' supply lines or ISIS' transit capabilities, which allow them to move jihadists during daylight over hundreds of miles.

Uri Avnery – Daesh, The Real Menace

Jim W. Dean - The Israeli public will be the last to know or acknowledge that their new bogeyman, Daesh, is a straw man for the same Khazarian mafia