Deep-Black Murder Incorporated


by  Preston James

Some of the members of the Notorious Murder Incorporated or the Brownsville Boys, a joint effort comprised of a combination of soulless Cosa Nostra and Kosher Nostra stone-killers. The top MJ Kingpins (the “Select Few”) take this methodology to a whole new level with sophistication and evil beyond imagination.


This article is written for the clandestine, spook community and ex-military with some working knowledge of Intel and the UFO/Alien ET “problem”, and folks with high level national security credentials.

If you are not up to speed on UFO or Alien ET issues, you are probably wasting your time reading this article, because you would perceive this information as incredulous and absolute bunk. It’s a long article, so you may want to come back and read it in sections.

It is very difficult to obtain information about the American Secret Space War Fleet and Majestic, the deep-black secret “Study and Control” Group for all UFO and Alien ET matters and related high technology. It is exceedingly difficult to get actual valid information about Majestic (MJ) and the Alien ET Agenda (“Alien Agenda”) which is now being deployed through privatized, highly specialized,  Black, Deep-Black and Beyond-Black Defense Contractors hijacked by an evil alien group.

To those who claim that such matters in this article could never be kept so secret and therefore must be fantasy or bunk, all one has to do is look at all the personal testimonies now emerging as videos from folks with validated identities and high security clearances. And if one considers the incredible secrecy surrounding the Manhattan Project during WW2 and all the various mechanisms that evolved after the Roswell “crash and recovery” in 1947 and the new National Security Act. Mechanisms such as extensive compartmentalization with special access, provide complete cover for certain programs.

These programs are taken completely “Black” (hidden from plain sight), unacknowledged or unacknowledgeable, even within the same defense contractor board or even by many US Presidents, controlled by an absolute need to know, except by the Select Few top controllers of MJ. And consider the incredible advances in 24/7 surveillance, allowing instant corrections for any apparent or developing breeches of secrecy.

This “instant and total surveillance” backed up by rigid rules of disclosure associated with immediate, complete terminations with prejudice, provides a staggeringly effective firewall to major disclosures. And yet over time they have been happening anyway through word of mouth and then via the Alternative Media of the Internet.

Many leakers and whistle-blowers have given their lives because they couldn’t any longer accept the incredible evil and the high level dirty rackets run by the Select Few anymore. When some deeply embedded in these Black, Deep-Black and Beyond-Black programs begin to truly understand the incredibly evil effects on society, especially the withholding of free energy and new methods of healing or even preventing illness, it literally makes them feel they can no longer stand it and have to do something.

Those who have been terminated because of this actually number in the thousands, but the number of humans mass-murdered and used as cannon-fodder in wars to increase the profits from the Select Few’s Worldwide Rackets numbers in millions and are due to increase dramatically unless the Select few die of old age before they start a full-scale nuclear WW3 (they are actually getting closer by the day), or displaced from power.

This article is an attempt to kick open the door of secrecy much wider and provide as much information as possible to VT readers who may find it usable. Why do I do articles like this in view of the actual dangers and years of threats and multi-modal harassment? Yes, there seems to always be an enormous cost paid by whistle-blowers and truth-junkie/authors, as many at VT have learned the hard way. I have been asked to do this, while at the same time so far being provided cover and protection by the largest single land and cattle owner in the Western hemisphere. I hope this sourcing and protection continues.

Although several VT Directors may have Secret Black, Deep-Black and/or Beyond-Black Secret Space War and even MJ status, the information in this article was not provided by any of them. Many of us know that the top VT Directors effectively use and support “open-source” Intel collection and sharing which is what VT is really based on. Why is VT so into open-source Intel? Because governments of the World can no longer support deep cover spies and collect Intel through older conventional methods because they no longer work.

The best Intel is gained from “friends” on the ground in actual situations, referred to as Human Resource Intel. This is something that the USG lost when American Intel was pretty much destroyed by numerous Soviet era spies that infiltrated US Intel, especially Jonathan Jay Pollard, who was actually a KGB or GRU spy whose reports ended up at the Kremlin.

The CIA’s James Angleton was responsible for the murders of many elected politicians and civilians in his sheep-dipped cover as a mole hunter. We know now for certain he was deeply involved in the murder of Marilyn Monroe and the complete compromise of the Vatican using pedophile honey-traps. Sadly it turns out he was also the main actual mole in the CIA the whole time, operating directly on behalf of Israel. However, despite what most Mossad officials believe that Israel Intel is superior, it was been completely penetrated by Soviet moles and this network is maintained in utmost secrecy even to this very day. yes Israeli Intel and defense is still completely penetrated by “left behind” Russian Intel who kept secret assets in place in Israel after the fall of the Soviet Union.

The ramifications of this are staggering because we know that all NSA raw feeds are downloaded from US satellites direct to Israel as a secret equal Intel partner. Bottom line, all western Intel including Israel, US, UK, German, and French Intel and Defense, and all NATO members have been and are still completely penetrated by an old Soviet mole network which has gone to work for Putin and the Russian Federation. This means that Putin and the Russian federation has all their Intel and Defense secrets and this give Russia a huge advantage. So far Putin and the Russian republic have not shared this Intel with the Chinese. It has been alleged that our W-88 and missile guidance secrets by the Clintons, and it has been alleged that Rumsfeld and Cheney provided defense technology to the North Koreans our supposed enemies.

Because Israeli Intel is unknowingly 100% infiltrated by assets which then provide all such NSA downloads to Russian Federation Intel, all NSA and American Intel has been completely compromised and the Russian Federation has it all on an ongoing basis. If NATO, the USA and Israel is stupid enough to go to war with Russia this would likely result in a glaring defeat on all fronts since all their deepest defense secrets have been unknowingly fully compromised through Israel to Russia.

It turns out that Israel supposedly America’s strongest most loyal ally in the Mideast is not only its enemy because it attacked America on 9-11-01 but has served as the biggest leak of American Intel, one  that even surpasses Pollard, but actually shares the same left behind network which the Russian Federation has continued to use for their own benefit. Fortunately President Putin seems more inclined to avoid war than start one like the USA is now known for ever since it became part of the World’s biggest terror and war matrix which includes Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and NATO along with the USA.

And we now know for certain that Pollard was sheep-dipped to appear as an Israel spy as so many Mossad were during those days. If you doubt that this Soviet penetration of Israel Intel and Defense was complete, just consider the case of Marcus Klingberg, one of the top Bioweapons experts in Israel, who was caught being a deep-cover mole for the Soviet Union in the early 1960’s. He was sentenced to 20 years in prison and was just released and left Israel to live in France with bis family. If he had not been exposed by a double agent he would never have been caught, like most Russian moles deeply embedded in Israel Intel and Defense. There are many more moles left over from the old Russian network who are “dual citizens” like him in Intel and Defense in Israel, America, and the NATO members which have never been exposed and are so slick they never will be either.

Right now, VT has by far the best open-source Intel of any agency or organization anywhere. You will not find such immediate breaking news based on actual “on the ground” reports anywhere else but VT. A big thank you to the top Directors of VT who allow this kind of article even though they may not agree with its content or conclusions. No other major publication would allow this kind of story which exposes such deep secrets. Makes you think VT has some serious muscle behind it.

Some insiders have claimed the Mossad old boys and the Likudists are really the last bastion of the Soviet Empire, but stay tuned because the PNACers and top NeoCons have been working hard instituting numerous Gladio-style, real false-flag (such as 9-11-01) and pretend false-flag attacks (such as the Boston black powder puffer-bombing and Sandy Hoax) inside America in their major effort to transform America into their own Neo-Bolshevik Stasi-style Police State to replace the Soviet Union which collapsed upon itself. Unless stopped the Select Few are going to order many more because one of the main parts of their Globalist NWO Agenda is to “get the guns away from the People”.

This is deemed necessary in order for them to institute their Globalist NWO Agenda in final form. Without getting the guns of Americans, they know that the attainment of their full Agenda is going to be impossible. Right now thanks to the Worldwide Internet, their own secret Police DHS and their allies in the US Military High Command as well among many secret defense contractors, a major split is occurring and increasing by the day as many are beginning to connect the dots and understand the criminal insanity of how those Select Few who really run MJ and all the Secret Black programs.

The best way to collect usable Intel is from a very large network of friends and like-minded individuals all over the World who can observe actual events on the ground in real time. Truth is a right of all the People and is the only way to stop the World’s largest Organized Crime Cabal (the Khazarian Mafia) run by the City of London World Zionists (WZs) who use the  Israeli Likudist Cutouts, stateside “Israeli-first” Dual and Triple Citizen Traitors (PNACers and top NeoCons) including the notorious Bush Crime Cabal (BCC) to do their dirty work.

In this article you will learn that it is the same entity and Select few that share the same secret Alien ET Agenda to terraform Planet Earth and get rid of all humans in due time and why. Yes, the big secret here is that the Globalist NWO Evil Agenda was actually created by and is actually driven and controlled by one single Alien ET Group which is not what it presents itself as, that is, it is neither an alien or an ET. The Globalist NWO Agenda is actually an Alien Agenda that is so incredibly evil that it is unimaginable to most normal folks.


Majestic Twelve has morphed gradually over the years and is no longer limited to twelve select members.

New folks from all aspects of American Intel and Defense as well as leaders and prominent individuals from numerous different nations (who have been completely vetted) have been “read in” and are considered part of this ever expanding secret organization.

Many of the “newbies” are much younger and would actually like to see complete disclosure and the use of all the Free energy and anti-gravity technology applied and developed for the average citizen.

They truly want to make the World a much better place to live for all humans of every race, creed and nation and see and end to war itself.

Many of these newbies want every single child to go to bed with a full stomach, health care for all and plenty of decentralized energy at very low costs. Instead of war they want the whole World to work together to make earth a great place to live and with people motivated to reduce population through sane pro-active birth control means.

This growing number of newbies has created a slow but sure rift in Majestic and increasing pressure for “Disclosure”.

Many MJ’s want major change but there is one very big problem that is getting in the way.

The one major factor that so far has stopped disclosure cold when it seems so close is the power and willingness of the few top MJ controllers to “terminate with extreme prejudice” anyone who crosses a certain line and is deemed a serious potential threat to the MJ’s cover up.

It is not just enough to have mind-kontrolled soulless drone stone killers available for beck and call to terminate leakers within 24 hour any day of the week.

It is also necessary to make certain that all MJ-12 members and those who have become “read in” understand that if they go beyond their allowed parameters they are subject to immediate instant termination with extreme prejudice. “With prejudice” is a legalese that means that such a judgment is final, no appeal or reversal will ever be possible.

But even more this certainty must be somehow communicated to the masses to make sure anyone who stumbles into contact with Alien ETs or discovers their technology must understand that when they get a visit and are warned to keep quiet by the “Men in Black” (MIBs) they better do so or face immediate termination with extreme prejudice. this is where Hollywood movies and various allowed leaks to the secondary yellow press media help out.

Major information about Alien ETs and advanced back engineered anti-gravity craft (AGCs) is leaking out and diffusing to the masses anyway.

Such leaked information is being broadcast on the CMMM by such very well done TV shows as “Hanger One” and “Ancient Aliens”. Obviously you can bet there is some big muscle making sure that these shows are allowed to do this.

We do not know what kind of a deal has been made within MJ to allow this. Perhaps some agreement has been negotiated between the Newbies and the top few controllers, the “Select Few” for slow gradual information releases. This could serve some useful purposes such as perhaps encourage Globalism or the whole World working to together. The presentation of strange Alien ET phenomena tends to unite folks about a common unknown.

From Trevor Paglin’s amazing work on specialized black program arm and uniform patches. These patches are not covered by national security and thus were allowed to leak out. Each program tends to have its own patch based on inside information, often mixed with snide, “black” humor. Note the red mark at the SW USA where several states meet. This signifies the main joint Alien ET/US Defense Contractor joint base locations, some claim that there are “star-gates” here which allow instant access to other worlds. Note both the alien and the “flying serpent” or dragon. Some believe that there are star-gates wherever there are a lot of UFO sightings, and this includes the South Pole.

Rigid parameters are still enforced over certain rules laid down by the Select Few.

But we do know for certain that the Select few have placed certain well defined rules and limits on what can be disclosed by those who have been “read in” to MJ. And for now if they cross these parameters they are supposed to know that they will be immediately terminated with extreme prejudice.

Interestingly, even with the dead serious intent to quickly terminate any leaks that these Select Few deem a threat to their hold on Banking, defense, Oil and Narcotics Trafficking, leaks are occurring anywhere. Here’s why.

These leaks are small and progressive and are due to the inability of the the Select Few to completely control the Worldwide Internet the New Gutenberg Press. Word-of-mouth leaks diffuse to others who have no serious rank who write articles that end up being published and set in stone forever on the Internet. Some of these are false-leaks are perhaps “blown cover as cover” while many are based on legitimate information. But small leaks can be connected and yield the knowledge of much bigger ones over time and this is what has been happening.

MJ has become an ever expanding secret tool to further a Globalist NWO Agenda.

Unknowing to most of the MJ newbies, this Agenda is actually an Alien ET Agenda of the group  that is the most powerful and the most sinister, true anti-human, anti-Earth Cosmic/spiritual parasites who specialize in “soul-snatching” aka “soul-murder”, trauma-based Mind-kontrol, human sacrifice, engineered social unrest and wars, and engineered evil beyond anything a normal human can imagine.

The most difficult leaders prone to populism are “read in” on one or more special treaties and even the joint “research and development” projects with certain Alien ET groups. This is usually sufficient to bring them “into the fold”.

MJ has now morphed into a secret means to acquire access to the top leadership of major nations of the World. This access and influence over those leaders would never otherwise be possible without scaring the heck out of these leaders while impressing them with MJ-12’s access and development of Alien ET and recovered saucer technology through back engineering.

ALIENAGENDA777If not agreeable and brought into the fold, opposition parties are supported and alternative leaders are pushed into place. Then, the “resistant one” is terminated through very crafty, sophisticated means like staged coup d’états, heart-stopping psychotronic devices that are aimed at the target’s chest, quickly degrading special fast growing thalium based cancer enzymes sprayed in the target’s immediate environment by someone they would never expect, etc.

Every institution has been infiltrated by those that serve the MJ Select few one way or another and this includes every major police department, almost every public school, every major publication, every major communications company, almost every single large corporation in America and every single international corporation. The top broadcasters are all thus “owned” and anyone who isn’t (like great American Hero Sharyl Atkinson) is forced out. Fortunately she is now making somewhat of a comeback which suggests that the PTB are losing control.

Those like Gary Webb and harassed, fired and when they won’t quite terminated, but that evil power of the Select Few seems to be eroding. One this twisted, evil power structure starts unfolding, which is probably soon as major economic collapse approaches, it will unravel at a very rapid rate and the cockroaches will flee the light as they become exposed over night.

Sometime short acting quickly decaying radioactive isotope discs are planted under the target’s chair or within inches of where he sits or sleeps. These are designed to be almost untraceable upon autopsy unless the pathologist is an expert on all types of toxicology including special isotope poisoning.

Take the very strange, highly improbable “coincidence” of the Chipotle Restaurant Chain. Highly respected, absolutely no history of any problems. Then the company decides to make a strong commitment to “total food quality” and stops purchasing or using GMO food products. Immediately the Establishment Press (aka the Controlled major Mass Media, the CMMM, which is the mouthpiece and main propaganda arm of the Select Few start publishing completely false slanderous articles “dissing” Chipotle for this and claiming that there is no problem with GMOs of any kind. We know this for certain to be false based on suppressed animal studies. In fact Russian Republic research has shown conclusively that feeding lab animals GMO results in tumors.

The first thing that comes to mind is why is all this research that shows GMO consumption to be risky for one’s health over time suppressed and who is responsible for this? Who has the motive and the power to suppress this science? Kind of reminds me of the Aspartame issue where a certain individual highly placed in the Secret Shadow Government, a select few perhaps were able to take control over the FDA and even make sure all such research was suppressed and Aspartame was found harmless when we know now for certain it can be dangerous to some who consume it. Numerous well respected physicians and researchers have claimed so. When Chipotle started having strange bacteria in the food of some of its restaurants, this should have immediately raised some eyebrows and suggested folks consider this a sophisticated covert op to smear and harm Chipotle.

One has to always ask: who has the motivation to seed the food as a covert biological attack to punish a great restaurant chain; who has the means and power needed to do this; and who has the power and means needed to cover this up and prevent any honest investigation. Might want to carefully consider what Corporation or corporation has had the most to lose by the growing condemnation of GMOs all over the World. Already they have been banned in  numerous nations. I certainly hope Monsanto didn’t have anything to do with this whole matter.

Obviously most CEOs of restaurant corporations lack any sophisticated background about these kind of covert operations to understand who might have done this, how or how they were able to use the muscle necessary to cover such a crime up. Restaurant chains might be wise to hire retired, experienced covert operators as consultants with the background and ability to protect their interests from this kind of thing. It’s a sad day when you have a quality restaurant chain like Chipotle, one of the best ever, that appears to be sabotaged for really caring about the health of their customers and being willing to tell the truth about GMOs and eliminating their use at their restaurants.

If the folks that have supplied ISIS with biological weapons to use on innocent Syrians as a false-flag to blame of Assad do not get their US Mideast air and ground invasion to destroy Syria and Iran on behalf of the Select Few and Big Oil, perhaps these same Kingpins will be bring such False-flag covert attacks here to America. The NSA just happens to have every communication imaginable, and this could easily be used to make arrests as they plot these actions.

Often those World leaders “read in” are immersed in the ideology that many of these Alien ETs are serious threats to humans and we are now involved in a serious war with them over the very continued existence of the human race. The idea is embedded that unless these leaders work together with the MJ members, their nation will have no serious protection from these aggressive, anti-human Alien ET entities.

This notion is a lie for the most part, sort of, with one exception regarding the shadowy group referred to as the Dracos or the real “head money-changers and Central Bank leaders” due to their alleged complete control over those who control the City of London Financial District (COL). And as many have been learning the COL is the richest most power and most evil plot of land anywhere, itself a private nation with its own ambassadors like the Vatican.

Norwegian statute illustrating historical folklore of Draco (male) breeding with with Human Female. There are other such statutes much more explicit showing a frontal view that displays genital penetration of the female.

Now here is the very strange hidden fact about the Dracos who are viewed as the most evil of and the leaders of all Alien ETs. They really are not Alien ETs at all but are the “Fallen Ones” best referred to as Demons or evil Djinns. they are inter-dimensional and can appear as male physical creatures with real bodies and the ability to impregnate human females.

They cannot appear unless they are desired and empowered by animal, child or human sacrifice. They are technically evil energy parasites and require consent to become empowered and to even appear on Planer Earth.

So here is the current situation that has evolved. Numerous select representatives from most G-20 nations have now been “read in” to MJ in order to extend the Select Few’s “web of control by secrecy” in order to fully master the whole World.

This extension of the Select few’s “web of control by secrecy” actually gives them the ability to interact and control most nations by direct intervention at the highest level of their governments in a ways that bypasses any democratic processes or legislative or judicial bodies. It is a direct shot to power and provides a means to seduce it and control it.

So there is a strange mix of counter-forces at play being brought to bear on the Select Few. One the one hand they need to spread this deep black secret Alien ET information all around the World in order to get control of more and more leaders and thus their nations without drawing too much attention to themselves.

But in this process they take the risk of many more leaks of this deep black information and technology secrets and they can’t murder every leaker because soon this would set off too much blow-back and some hard core countermeasures within MJ-12 itself. Some say it is very close to that anyway right now so the situation is actual destabilized and somewhat fragile.

Take the case of Paul Hellyer, the former Canadian Minister of Defense who has testified at the Disclosure Project Hearing at the National Press Club about his knowledge of Alien ETs and UFO anti-gravity. And he has not bee terminated and has revealed some very high level deep black secrets. Mr. Hellyer is a caring, concerned and very kind man with a spotless and noble history of serving Canadians with honesty and diligence. Although he does not have the full picture and I don’t agree with all his views he has made some very important disclosures. He is to be highly commended for his courage to serve us all by doing so. This man is a true Canadian hero and worthy of deep respect.

What is it the Select Few are so afraid of? It is the fact that the technology for “free energy” based on Nikolai Tesla’s work and now from recovered back engineered Alien ET AGCs as well as from secret Treaties with certain Alien ET groups poses a threat to everything they control (Banking, Oil, defense, Narcotics Trafficking).

They know that Iran as well as the Russian Republic now have discovered “free energy” and soon will have the ability to quickly erode all their control over their empires. Right now the Select Few are likely trying to make a deal with Putin to bring the Russian republic into their fold, since they believe he and Russia have more to gain economically by keeping Big Oil in place. So far Putin has resisted. Could he be holding out for a bigger piece of the pie or is he committed to truth and a new Russia that is completely independent of the Several Few?

There is one reason why Putin may be the “Real Deal” and does not need to make any deal with the Select few. Insiders have claimed that Putin and the Russian Republic have made a secret treaty with a certain Alien ET. It is claimed that this Alien ET group is benevolent and has provided them with free energy technology and ultra high tech defensive weapons technology with the caveat that they not use this technology for wars of aggression but only for defense of themselves and their allies and obey international law.

Evidence cited to support this is the incident last March, 2014 when two Russian Fighters did a flyby on the USS Donald Cook and temporarily shut down all its Aegis radar systems and shut off it electrical systems without permanently damaging such systems. This is the same phenomena that has been reported  numerous times when UFOs have come close or landed near motorized vehicles.

It has been Majestic (MJ) that is responsible for all Alien ET matters including recovered anti-gravity craft, so-called free or zero point energy and various deep black unacknowledged private defense contractor based programs to back engineer this secret technology into operational Secret Space War applied technology.

Admiral James Forrestal, was appointed to MJ-12 and was murdered because he wanted the American people informed about the Alien ETs, the South Pole Nazi Fourth Reich/Alien Alliance base and their high speed anti-gravity craft. A report from a known FBI undercover asset has emerged that Forrestal had been compromised and pressure was being applied to keep him from disclosing the truth about the Alien ET matters to the public at the time of his murder. Apparently he did not succumb to these pressures and was terminated after being detained.

The first Majestic member that was murdered by the decision several top MJ-12 controllers was Secretary of Defense Admiral James Forrestal who felt strongly that the American People had the right to know about Alien ETs and recovered anti-gravity craft (AGCs).

Forrestal had just resigned after President Truman had asked him to over some serious secret conflict which some researchers now believe was over his commitment to push for complete disclosure which was unacceptable to President Truman.

During those days, as now with Central Banksters who become a “security risk” and are helped to take swan dives out of upper stories, high level targets were assassinated by tossing them out of the upper floors of buildings. This was done to CIA man Frank Olson after he was drugged with LSD without his knowledge and became very depressed about it and was going to expose this evil practice.

It took many years to uncover the truth about his murder of Frank Olson and for his family to obtain some token of justice. This was investigated and written about in an excellent book entitled, A Terrible Mistake, by H.P. Albarelli, Jr.

Tossing folks out of the upper stories of buildings to their death is designed to serve as a warning to others who might feel motivated to leak the secrets of Majestic Twelve.

The several crashes before the infamous Roswell crash had already created some high level national security concerns in the upper levels of the American Defense establishment. But it was the Roswell, New Mexico crash during the first week of July, 1947 that served as the main catalyst for a major lane change that resulted in a program to keep recovered crashed UFO’s and Alien ETs secret from the public.

ROSWELL777On July 8, 1947 at Roswell Army Air Field, the US Army Air Force Public Information Officer made a public announcement that the 509th Operations group had recovered a flying disc which had crashed near a ranch in Roswell, New Mexico.

This immediately hit national news in America but was soon negated by intervention higher up the US Army Air Force command structure.

High level panic had resulted in a knee jerk reaction to cover up the event and blame it on a  “weather balloon” that crashed.

The motivation was that at the highest levels in American Defense as well as with their allies in England, the cold war was shaping up and the US Defense Establishment wanted to lock everything down until they could get a complete grasp of what was actually going on.

Soon after the Roswell crash, a decision  (likely at a very high level, likely presidential and among the top leaders of the US Congress), was made to restructure the USG by legislating and legitimatizing a privatized National Security structure.

This new National Security System was designed to decentralize and privatize all Alien ET and UFO matters and deeply wit specialized top secret private defense contractor programs thus burying any programs to investigate this recovered ET technology and the dead and alive Alien ETs that had been recovered.

Sadly those at the top (the Select Few) who control this organization known as Majestic have misused it vast and limitless power for their own evil purposes. They have set up secret splinter groups for narcotics trafficking, sex tracking, trafficking of children for pedophile honey traps, kidnapping rings with sex-slavery and subsequent organ trafficking and other things that are unimaginably evil to the normal human.

The US Army Air Force later became the USAF, completely separated from the US Army when the National Security Act of 1947 was passed. ever since there has been a secret rivalry between the USAF and the USN which according to some very high level respected Admirals (“Greybeards”) is the only American Defense Agency which is entitled to engage in Constitutionally allowed intelligence gathering and counter-espionage outside America.

This conflict has had some interesting repercussions in various Secret Space War matters. More on that subject later.

Thus the National Security Act of 1947 was passed, later to be soon followed up by one with much more teeth in 1952. This provided for the morphing of the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) into the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). And the CIA was to harbor special units to initially manage these programs until they could develop their own independent control structures based on compartmentalization and need to know access.

These Top Secret, new compartmentalized programs were to be made separate from the official USG. By doing this it was believed they could be much more easily concealed from the American People and the World, and especially from the newly developing Cold War enemies the Stalinist Soviet Union and Maoist China.

alien-midway1 (2)The Defense Establishment was very concerned that this recovered technology was so advanced that any nation who mastered it could easily take over the whole World and crush any opposition forever on Planet Earth.

It was this belief that the very future of America and their own futures was immediately at stake and the most drastic measures imaginable had to be taken to prevent any chance of another nation getting access to these ultra high technology secrets.

After Ike was elected as President he heard about these top secret programs which had been deeply buried in certain Defense Contractors who isolated themselves from top USG officials and Congress through the new authority of Majestic Twelve which was set up by President Truman in response to his high Defense advisers.

Thanks to the death bed testament of a high level CIA insider involved, we now know that Ike demanded access to this information isolated and protected by Majestic Twelve and threatened to invade Area 51 with the Fifth Army to get it if necessary. In response MJ-12 provided the access he demanded. When Ike received the briefings from his men that went out there and saw the AGCs and the rescued surviving Alien ET with their own eyes, he was amazed but quickly became reticent.

Ike then decided that this information must remain secret from the public. perhaps like some of the members of Majestic Twelve he thought that if the American People found out about this i could create immediate massive chaos that would tear apart the basis of American society.

But he was also very concerned about foreign enemies getting access to this information, especially since he had become fully informed of how the Soviets had been able to obtain all the American Atomic Bomb secrets from moles inside the USG all throughout WW2.

The several most powerful men who ruled American industry and institutions learned all about Majesty twelve through their own secret High Freemasonry private intelligence network. They quickly decided to use their massive financial power and political influence to infiltrate and hijack Majesty Twelve, secretly fearing that they would quickly lose control over their incredibly profitable institutions of private central banking, Defense and Big Oil. These big three provided the base of their incredible power to rule America and most of the World as personal Cutouts for the folks that ran the City of London Financial District and all private Central Banking.

Now for perhaps the biggest secret of all regarding the Alien ET Agenda being promoted by the very top controllers of MJ (the Select Few). You can easily figure out who these men are because they are the very old, prominent leaders of Central banking, politics, Intel and the American War Machine.

They are old but have functioned in ways that are well justified in their own minds by the “ends justifies the means” but is actually evil and anti-human beyond normal imagination. These are the Presidents, former CIA leaders and high USG officials who are the true war-mongers and promoters f pedophilia and every evil that exists. They have made a deal with a promise.

If the narrative I am getting from very high ranking credible sources is correct, they have been convinced by their own individual spirit guides that appear to them in private as serve as consiglieres and Intel informants.

They have been convinced that their life essence will become transferred to a new cloned body as soon as they attain the Draco’s Globalist NWO Plan. Thus there is a desperate race to attain their assignment before they die so that they can supposedly live forever. They have been convinced that the Dracos have this technology. But there is another strange wrinkle to all this that relates to the concept of “breakaway societies”.

The only researcher and Deep Black Historian to ever speak publicly or write about this “breakaway society” that I know of is the highly esteemed Richard Dolan. This man Richard Dolan is the most respected Deep Black, alien ET researcher, writer and speaker out there and his work is the best by a long shot. Those who want the best information available would appreciate reading his books and watching all his videos. You will learn a lot from this great American Hero, truth-bearer, real public servant, lover of mankind and true scholar.

The Select Few have been convinced that if they turn over Planet Earth to the Dracos to be run by them and their underling “created and bred” androids and gene-spliced, manufactured ETs, in exchange these Select Few men will be taken with a collection of human females and others deemed needed to a distant star system with a plant like Earth where they can start over. They will at first be taken to a transitory base at least one of which is now operational on perhaps the Planet Mars, and will stay there until their new final home can be prepared.

What must they provide in return (the Deal)? They must fully implement the Draco Globalist NWO Agenda and create major problems like toxic pollutions, HMOs, life shortening and dumbing-down foods and vaccinations, psychotronic pollution, and other means like mind-kontrolling media, poor education, political correctness, diversity.

These purposefully created problems like the engineered tsunami and cooling system failures of Chernobyl and Fukushima have actually constituted the Terra-forming of the Earth Draco-style. Some insiders have called this “salting the Earth” which is an age-old methods invading nations did to farm land to plunder it and make it unusable after they left.

Dracos, some consider to be the Nephilim (fallen ones) or Anunnaki (giants with two sets of teeth an extra finger and toe, extremely muscular, incredibly evil and warlike). Inter-dimensional winged creatures that later presented themselves as male physical warrior giants with no wings.

The Dracos actually want to destroy the Earth life in all forms including all animals, fish, biological organisms and especially all humans. They do not want the Select few or anyone else to know this. This is the nexus of their Alien Agenda. What else are these parasitical haters of Planet Earth and all its life forms also after.

They want to not only make the Earth uninhabitable for life again, but are preparing it to to be mined and stripped of all its valuable minerals that they need to empower the new civilization and race they are trying to build using human and Earth animal blood and DNA products.

So far all their creations like the little grey androids and other “hived” or group-minded Alien ETs have major issues with deteriorating DNA and they have needed ours to repair this. Not only is it not working, but they have been failing in their joint project with a certain US Defense contractor in their underground Dulce biological development base.

It is here that they have been trying desperately to synthesize the human soul. But every time they seem close, it turns out to be just another failure.

Steven Greer, MD of the Disclosure Project has made incalculably huge contributions about how the folks that sit at the top of MJ have gotten out of control and need to be put on a leash.

Apparently Dr. Greer has never been informed about the Dracos, their true origin or this deal with the Dracos. However it is important to note that he has been notably careful to report only what he knows to be verifiable rock solid material based on actual witness reports of those with established verified national security clearances and experience and validated recovered or declassified documents.

Dr. Greer appears to avoid any public discussion of esoteric subjects which could be used to discredit his fine work. Some have been critical of him for his efforts to be so conservative and stay only with what he can prove in any honest open court of law or in any honest Congressional Hearings. But the quality of his long term, excellent work alone deserves highest commendations even if he has not been briefed on the whole story.


The top controllers of Majesty (MJ, aka Majestic, “Majic”, Maji, or “Majority”), Kingpins best referred to as the “Select Few” have been expanding MJ to fulfill a secret Globalist NWO Agenda which has not been fully disclosed to most MJ members. They have used the unlimited, unbridled power of MJ to set up secret splinter groups to finance and empower this secret unimaginably evil Evil Agenda, their Globalist NWO Agenda which has been spawning false-flags, Free trade Agreements, Agenda 21, the TPP and every other evil plaguing America and the World right now.

Because MJ has been expanding with more and more top scientists, Intel and World Leaders brought in, many leaks have been occurring through associates who then diffuse this information to mothers who write about it. The last five years it seems as if the Select Few have allowed this information to be disseminated.

This may intentional loss of some control as an equity strategy to cool out the public and satiate them from wanting to use the french revolution solution on their cutouts who run the USG. Perhaps it is a delay tactic to seduce folks to remain asleep, trusting that everything will work out, a means to gain more time necessary to finish implementing their NWO Globalist Agenda.

The Select Few who really determine Majesty Policies (and run Majesty as well as probably every other American Institution, governmental and non-governmental/NGOs) have been extremely motivated to keep Free energy and anti-gravity as well as scalar (standing) wave forms secret from the public and other governments.

Their efforts have now failed because the Russian Federation who have entered into their own special treaty and have received all this and can deploy it as long as they agree to never use it for offensive aggressive wars of acquisition and mass-murder of innocent civilians, but only for purely defensive purposes of their nation and their allies. We know this for sure because of the Russian Flyby of the USS Donald Cook last year when the Cook activated its Aegis system and locked on the fighters and the system and the whole ships electric supply systems were shut down temporarily without permanent damage until the Russian aircraft left and turned off their “dome of protection”.

The Select Few are now painted into a very difficult corner and things may have gotten to the point where their operatives will no longer take orders, especially those to deploy nukes and start a transnational, intercontinental nuclear exchange to begin WW3. Stay tuned, because something major has to give pretty soon and these men are getting quite old. they had planned to have completed their Globalist NWO Plan by the years 2,000 but could not. And now with the Russian Federation and Iran’s new knowledge of building protective domes, free energy and anti-gravity, the secrets MJ has been using instant murder ops to keep secret are likely going to fail.

Another very interesting and very informative video is a recent one by Dr. Greer. This video is four hours long and for those who are interested may want to watch it in parts at different times.

Coming back and watching it in parts helps because there is so much information  here it is hard to integrate it all in one reading.

The following video and all in this article are used under “Fair Use” which means they are for purposes of intellectual evaluation and discussion only and not for any commercial purposes.


This subject can be pretty overwhelming. A little entertainment can help.

For those who like classic rock and have the time and interest, here is perhaps the most successful “comeback” band in the history of Rock and Roll. It is not hard to understand why this band is considered the number 1 comeback band right now if you listen to any of their recent releases. Band founder and leader ace lead guitarist, song writer and producer Mick Jones recently rebuilt Foreigner from the ground up and selected the finest musicians he could find anywhere. Front-man and lead singer Kelly Hansen started out as a professional studio singer and his incredible abilities have grown over the years taking him to the top right now. He is now gaining great accolades for his impressive vocal ability and hard hitting performances with Foreigner.  If you ever get a chance to see these folks perform in person you will probably be quite impressed and understand the incredible musical ability that each member of Foreigner has. Foreigner is the ultimate super-group right now.

(Head phones and HD video setting recommended).





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