American Fantasyland – Down here on the farm


by Preston James


Anyone that is honest…

…about the conditions we find ourselves in down here on Planet Earth living in what is left of America has to admit something is seriously wrong.

Note: This article is for those that are up to speed on Secret Space War and Alien ET matters. For those that aren’t, reading this article is likely a waste of time and it will be difficult to fit this information into their heads, no will it seem believable in any manner. Certainly I wish that none of this was true. But we have to go where the real evidence leads and there is a lot of very substantial objective evidence supporting most of the main points of this article. Sometimes truth is far stranger than fiction and this is one of those cases.


This is a long article and is written as a two-tiered piece. Those short of time can read the bold print and pass over the rest, and then finish with the conclusion. Those who want more can come back later and read all of the print, or read the whole article the first time. This article is the result of a 30 year quest to shake out the root causes of all the evil down here on Planet Earth and the many un-explained and un-explainable events which stretch the imagination. Many thanks to my secret sources, some still living but most passed. None have been associated with VT in any way.


I sincerely hope this article will clear up a lot of mysteries and unanswered questions. I do not enjoy writing this type of article for a number of reasons not appropriate to be discussed here. But I do feel an obligation to get this information out to as many as possible so they can consider this information and evaluate the claims. Each reader can then proceed to examine the available evidence like the validated personal testimonies of the highly credible Disclosure Project witnesses, and then come to their own informed conclusions.



There must be a good explanation of why America is being deconstructed right before our eyes and we are allowing this to happen.

It’s the alien invaders and hijackers of America (and I mean real Alien ETs) who gained a foothold in the early 1950’s but had been working through key “bloodline Families” for hundreds of years.

Why it took them so long to gain a foothold and gain so much control will be explained later in this article.

These Alien ET invaders have infiltrated and hijacked America and its key institutions of government and defense and done so indirectly through their Cutouts selected from the thirteen “Bloodline Families”.

But they have also deployed sinister mind-kontrol to keep the masses both unaware of the truth about this incredibly serious problem which threatens our future and also keep us living in a fantasyland of socially constructed lies.

The basic outcome so far is that they have been able to transform America into their “farm” and most Americans into their farm animals.

There is more an more evidence to now support the notion that the Alien ET invaders have worked through thirteen “Bloodline Families” for many centuries. Their operational ideology seems to be the source of Babylonian Talmudism. If true this would explain the use of the term Goyim by these “Bloodline Families”.

The term “Goyim” is perhaps best translated as “dumb cattle” that exist only to serve those that farm them. Doubt that Babylonian Talmudism has infected some Judaics who are hell-bent on destroying Christianity and any vestiges of our Founding Fathers Deism and/or Christian beliefs. Listen to this student at Berkeley who appears to have had a meltdown over some Christian sign-bearers running a public discussion group of students and staff.

Now you decide if this is an unbridled expression of subconscious Babylonian Talmudic and Khazarian superiority over and hatred of “American Goyim”. Is this the secret malevolent ideology that drives the Select Few, the PNACers, the Top NeoCons and the Israeli-American “Israeli-first” Dual Citizens who planned and deployed the attack on America of 9-11-01? Do they knowingly or unknowingly view us as their farm animals because they have been mind-kontrolled and culturally-shaped by an evil Alien ET race that has invaded Planet Earth? Is this tirade an unconscious snapshot of the Khazarian Mafia’s ethos that has been embedded in a people chosen to be manipulated, mind-kontrolled and used as Cutouts? Is this what we are all up against when we resist or dissent against the Establishment that runs America?

The Khazarian leadership was apparently based on these thirteen “Bloodline Families”. They have no Hebrew blood, are Judaic converts, and are completely two-faced and secretly act in such inhuman ways that some researchers have suggested that they are not really human at all but are Nephilim/human hybrids.

The leaders of these “Bloodline Families” have often presented themselves as converts to Judaism for false cover. Some researchers view these monsters that walk free among us as Anunnaki/human hybrids. Others view them as Alien ET/human hybrids of the Dracos, a particularly vicious, blood thirsty and incredibly perverted bisexual bunch of “renegade ET” energy vampires who have long lifespans of 700-1200 years.

This enemy within our Gates presents itself to be like us, and pretends to be representing us when actually it is here to transform America and then the World into a big farm for us and the rest of humanity as their Goyim (cattle).

America is in distress because of its corrupt elected politicians who only serve special interest groups that provide lavish pay and perks.

Bottom line: America has been infiltrated and hijacked by a very crafty, powerful, and sophisticated Alien ET based enemy that has entered our gates in stealth and will immediately lose power if exposed.

Before we get into a more specific analysis of all this, let’s take a quick snapshot of the incredibly horrid mess we Americans now find ourselves.

1.The American economy is failing, most of our good jobs have been exported under NAFTA, CAFTA, WTO and GATT. Now the USG is Hell-bent on passing TPP and TTIP and shoving Agenda 21 down our throats.

2.We’ve allowed very small foreign based, Neo-Bolshevik directed highly deviant special interest groups to hijack our government and our media and shove political correctness and diversity down our throats.

3.We’ve had our historical traditions and our special holidays such as Christmas excised from our institutions and retail stores despite the fact that the majority still want them.

4. Our borders, our English language, and American Culture are being destroyed before our very eyes. The manipulation of these factors has been a coordinated by the USG at all levels to destroy character and integrity, American values, normal sex roles and independence and self-sufficiency. The PTB have made certain most corporate food has little real nutritional value or minerals and fluoride has been forcibly added to most public water systems to lower thyroid function and as a dumbing-down, dissent-suppression agent. Vaccines have been intentionally contaminated with ethyl mercury, and other toxic contaminants like anti-freeze, aluminum, poisonous adjuvants as well as SV40 and other long acting stealth viruses to create serious health problems. The environment is being poisoned on purpose and chemtrails are being sprayed to poison our food, air and water. Americans and especially young American women have been transformed (actually “farmed”) for the most part into unhealthy, obese, compliant individuals that keep Big Medicine and Big Pharma busy and profitable and take away self-respect. When Americans are no longer needed to build the NWO system, they will be disposed of in mass. In the meantime the USG has been doing everything possible to make Americans more dependent on Welfare, Medicare, Social Security and Food stamps to help destroy their character, integrity, self-respect, and to destroy their independence and independent thinking. The weaker and more dependent people are, the less likely they can and will fight back against an evil enemy that is within their gates that has infiltrated and hijacked their government and is dead set on destroying their nation, torturing, raping and mass-murdering them like these Khazarians did in Russia in 1917 and in Eastern Germany at the end of WW2 when they worked with the Allies to mass-murder about 8 million Germans including mostly innocent non-combatant civilians (including millions of women and children).

5. Our Government has not only exported our heavy industry, manufacturing and most good jobs under their illegal, unConstitutional so-called Free Trade Agreements, creating massive unemployment. But despite all this there is no southern border enforcement and huge numbers of immigrants, legal and illegal, and encouraged to come into America. We hear the constant absurd claims that we don’t have enough engineers and scientists when we have thousands unemployed and underemployed when the real reason is that the large corporations want to drive wages down and keep them down.

6. Our USG has become the World’s largest illegal narcotics and drug trafficker, often going into joint ventures with drug producers and using them to build up large competing drug cartels. This serves several important functions, the first is to raise massive amounts of “off the books cash” for deep-cover black, deep-black, and beyond-black covert operations. But it also help pull out excess US Petro Dollars to help keep inflation from growing uncontrollably. These dollars are then laundered by the large Wall Street banks for large profits and the money is then invested in foreign nations and used to bribe foreign officials and USG officials and members of Congress through espionage fronts. Another purpose is to dirty up the American populace, breed mass addictions, chaos and dysfunctional lifestyles, destroy the family, the fabric of American morality and character, and American society itself.

7. Our own USG which is supposed to protect us is engineering and staging numerous false-flag attacks. It is doing this as an excuse to fight illegal, unConstitutional, unprovoked, undeclared, unwinnable, perpetual foreign wars of aggression for the World’s largest Organized Crime Syndicate the Khazarian Mafia and its chief action-agent and Cutout, Israel. Bottom line is the our own USG has gone rogue, has become self-serving and has secretly declared war on all Americans and America itself.

8. Americans are being hit with so many rapid social changes and stressors on all sides because of USG corruption, malfeasance and deficiencies in governing that they don’t know what to do in response. Most folks feel overwhelmed and cannot figure out where to take political or social action against this massive onslaught from all sides. Most just then give up and live in quiet desperation while everything they have worked for all their lives is taken from them and their World shrinks every day.

9. Most Americans who openly dissent are labelled domestic terrorists, spied on, put on watch lists and no-fly lists, stalked, some severely sanctioned, and some even murdered. Secret National Security letters (NSLs) are shoved in the faces of company managers and CEOs forcing them to fire, not hire, or these targeted individuals, to censor stories and now even book banning has started. These NSL letters are to be read only, not left and if the reader leaks any information about this NSL or why they fired an employee or didn’t hire an applicant, they have been threatened with prison for 10 years and a huge fine. Want to know how DHS illegally stalks innocent American Whistle-blowers this way and works hard to destroy their lives? Then ask the important whistle-blower Mark Novitsky. He has been claiming that Teletech Holdings threatened him, has made sure he is continually stalked and harassed by the FBI, can’t get any job even fast food, and is at the nexus of most all of the American Police State spying on innocent Americans. So far no major investigative journalist has even dared to deeply investigate Teletech Holdings. According to Novitsky who says his harassment started when he refused to engage in criminal actions for a Teletech Holdings (massive systemic privacy abuses and substantial, repeated securities fraud as a business model) and complained to the proper authorities as he was required to do under US Law, lest he would have become an accessory and would have committed misprision of a felony.

10. American has been transformed into a huge National Security State run by what is best described as a private defense contractor based Secret Shadow Government (SSG) that has asset stripped most of wealth and is now sucking up what little assets we have left. It seems like every day the USG is taking more steps to create more tyrannical Police State power for themselves. Our freedoms and liberty are being attacked almost daily on every front; and the America we grew up in is now being destroyed before our very eyes and replaced with a Stasi-style secret police state.

11. The USG is spending about 58% more than it takes in from Tax Revenues and is borrowing this from the private Federal Reserve System (FRS) with pernicious interest accruing illegally and unConstitutionally. Experts claim that each American is about $1,200,000 in debt to the private Federal Reserve as their part of the National Debt. It is nuts to allow a foreign run private Central bank to print and issue FIAT money as debt-notes and charge us Americans to use what should be our own money in the first place and should actually be the real Constitutionally required Gold and Silver backed currency.

12. 40-50% of New college graduates cannot find suitable jobs, are underemployed if lucky enough to even find a job and are living back home with mom and/or dad while the Middle class shrinks by the day. They are burdened with such large college debts that they face a life of debt-slavery and no private home ownership ever. Even the Baby-boomers who accrued large retirements and high middle class success have been seeing their investments yield less than nothing because of interest rates so low they are almost nonexistent and continual inflation of prices followed by a decrease in the value of the USD. Those that work for the USG (“Big Brother”) get lavish pay and retirements, while most other go down the drain financially. Retirees who worked hard and saved all their lives see their savings eroded by inflation at a rate of about 7-9% a years while they earn no significant interest on those savings (soon many will have nothing left and will be destitute). The economy is headed for collapse and some respected experts claim we will see all pensions devastated even USG and military pensions. Already the largest Union in America has reduced some of its pensions substantially. Many City Pensioners in Detroit found their pensions reduced up to 87% as the city went bankrupt. Chicago and LA are a breath away from bankruptcy according to some experts.This baby-Boomer upper middle class sector of American society is now being transformed into folks struggling to survive off of their social security checks. Those with large USG, State and Corporate pensions will see them rapidly decrease and one large Union has already cut pensions quite significantly. Baby-boomers are now being transformed into baby-Busters, a whole new underclass that has been identified by Mike Harris, VT’s Financial Editor, columnist and Talk Show Host on the VT Network.

13. Everything broadcast or published in the Major Mass Media is controlled by an illegal Media Cartel controlled by six ultra wealthy Media Moguls who operate under the control of one major international investment house which is noted for being on the Vanguard of such matters. A fantasyland false reality has been socially constructed by this Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) using TV, radio and Madison Avenue advertising and mind-kontrol to keep the American masses satiated, confused or feeling powerless. This fantasyland is based on Big Lies, False-narratives and propaganda and is so far from reality that anyone who tries to tell the real truth about anything is viewed as a crackpot or a conspiracy theorist. The average American has been so seriously mind-kontrolled with these CMMM dispensed lies that they have been handicapped from adequately perceiving reality. This fantasyland is actually a very big societal group delusion from which folks must wake up from if they are ever going to be able to start withholding consent from the KM’s Evil Agenda and to be able to take America back from these evil KM infiltrators and hijackers.

14. Despite all their billions in money laundering profits from the CIA’s massive illegal narcotics trafficking into America, the large Wall Street Banks are still failing. The US Congress bailed them out twice with over two trillion dollars and this has not been near enough, the FRS has been issuing huge amounts of more US Petro Dollars each month as Quantitative Easings. But this is not enough, these largest Wall Street Banks are still failing and even at an increasing rate. Why? Because the US Petro Dollar is failing and being systematically and progressively rejected by the rest of the World.

15. The private Federal Reserve System has been the vehicle used to empower and implement the Globalist NWO Agenda in order to create a single World Luciferian Government. It of course is run by the Select Few who run the Khazarian Mafia (KM) and also run the secret Shadow Government (SSG). The ongoing means to implement their Globalist NWO Agenda is to foment wars to create massive chaos, break down the natural order, make huge war profits and thus replace the old order with their new order step by step. And they have been making tremendous progress until the Internet, the American Populist awakening, and the recent complete checkmate of the RKM in Syria by the Russian Republic.

Actually, the foreign owned and controlled private Central Banking System which prints and issues FIAT money which is technically counterfeit money or debt-notes that bear interest for their daily use. The private Federal Reserve System (FRS) was set up as the World’s biggest Ponzi scheme in 1913, designed to serve the needs of the World’s largest Organized Crime Syndicate that owns and control it.

End of the hegemony of the Petrodollar system?

The American Economic System has been designed to keep expanding until it engulfs the whole world in US Petro Dollar Debt-slavery and then is imploded when desired in order to shove a new RKM electronic monetary/banking system in place. Soon the US Petro Dollar will no longer function as the World’s Reserve Currency. Our FRS Banksters who serve the Khazarian Mafia (KM) will be cut loose like us and the top dogs who are really in control (the Powers that Be aka the Select Few) will just proceed to the next step in their age old plan.

But what is this age-old plan they have been working to implement for many years? It has many different names: Globalist NWO Agenda, One-World Government, Evil Empire are but a few. To truly understand what this NWO Beast is that the RKM is attempting to impose on us against our will and the whole World too, we need to examine some basic trends over the last hundred years.

Once these trends are considered then we must descend into the esoteric in order to fully grasp what is being done to us all, by who, why. Only then can we understand why we have so many Judas Goats leading us as cattle to pillage and to slaughter, why we remain silent, and why we do not fight back.

Major important trends in America the last 100 years.

IAll major US institutions, corporations and industries, private and governmental, progressively infiltrated and hijacked by a foreign-based power one-by-one. This foreign power is the World’s largest Organized Crime Syndicate, the Khazarian Mafia (KM). This infiltration and hijacking began in earnest in 1913 with the illegal passage of the unConstitutional Federal Reserve Act in 1913 and continues to this very day as the Select few attempt to finish taking complete control over America. Insiders claim this end state will only be accomplished when all Americans are disarmed, preventing any serious rebellion when the really draconian sanctions on the American masses began to be deployed.

IIAll these infiltrated and hijacked US institutions, corporations and industries were then consolidated into supra-hierarchies so that they could easily be controlled by special Khazarian Mafia (KM) Kingpins (appointed Doofuses). The Select Few find it quite entertaining to select and raise up Doofuses from Bloodline or crime families and promote them to the highest positions of authority. These Doofus absurd figures right out of a Dick Tracy comic book. The result of all this consolidation into hierarchies under direct control of the Select Few has been the complete merger of the Corporation, the State and private Central Banking. This is best described as super fascism where the Corporations (including private Central Banking) merge with the state and take complete control over the state and use it to serve their own corporate needs only, viewing the American masses as sheep to shear and slaughter, and as useless eaters to be eliminated when they are no longer needed or all their accrued wealth has been asset stripped from them.

IIIAt the Roswell crash and several other ones close by in the American Southwest alien anti-gravity craft (AGCs), Alien ET bodies and even some live Alien ETs were recovered. This was used by private Defense Contractors to hijack American Intel and build their own Secret Shadow Government (SSG) and then overpower the visible USG including Congress, the Judiciary (Courts) and the Executive (President). This lock-down over Alien ET matters was rationalized by claiming that the American People couldn’t handle it. The real reason was that the KM Kingpins were frightened that such knowledhge would soon erode their money and power based on Big oil and combustion engines. The idea of zero point or free cosmic energy scared them beyond reason because they saw it as an end to their criminal family dynasties.

This SSG has frequently deployed murder to silence leaks and scare everyone into compliance with their abject evil. The whole USG is scared to death of them and all the SSG must do is invoke National Security and everyone tows the mark. When the Select Few and their Cutouts invoke National Security, they are really stating, If you don’t provide for our security we will make your life hell or will even murder you if we want to. What few Americans understand is that the Secret Shadow Government has actually made treaties with at least one Alien ET group to exchange our biological and genetic material for their advanced technologies which have included, transistors, integrated circuits and computer chips, fiber optics, lasers, LEDs, anti-gravity generators, scalar/longitudinal waves, inter-dimensional quantum computers and Josephson Junctions, etc.

IVOnce the Khazarian Mafia Kingpins (the Select few) were able to successfully invoke national security to build their National Security State (aka their Secret Shadow Government) they now had complete control over the visible USG and transformed them into their bought, owned, bribed, and human compromised puppets. This allowed them to begin to implement their Globalist NWO Agenda in earnestness. This Evil Agenda includes their goals to: Globalize the World into one World Government that they (the KM Select Few) control; reduce the World’s population by 90%; create a new race of transhumans (“the merging of iron and clay”) by merging machines with human genetics; then eventually get rid of all normal humans leaving only their own new race in small numbers that are served by robots. As soon as the robots are adequately developed and the transhumans are ready, there will be no further need for the labor provided by the human masses and they will be disposed of, of course unless we stop them cold.

Lately the Select Few Globalist NWO Agenda has been completely blocked by Putin and the Russian Federation in Syria. They are helping their close allies the Syrians defend themselves against the Globalist NWO Army, a terrorist mercenary group called ISIS (some insiders claim it is an abbreviation for Israeli Secret Intelligence Service which kind of makes sense since many ISIS wounded have been taken to Israel for treatment and secret Intel reports show ISIS commanders are IDF and Mossad.

Yes, the KM has used their slave-states including America, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Turkey to assist in their creation training, supply and pay for their ISIS et al terrorist armies. Their goal is part of the Gobalist NWO Agenda which is to create massive chaos in the Mideast especially Iraq, Syria and Iran, flood Europe with Islamic refugees to destabilize Europe and all in order to try and start a nuclear WW3 in the Mideast. So far that ploy isn’t working for several very interesting reasons.

Why isn’t working? Because Putin is a very crafty, highly intelligent statesman with advisers clearly superior to the KM owned and controlled Pentagon Officials advising our US Administration. Not only have these advisers tried to mislead President Obama, but a rogue faction within the Pentagon run by Senator John McCain and PNACers and Top NeoCons left over from the Bush 2 Administration are now running rogue operations to support ISIS. And all this pentagon mischief and terrorism is being done at the direction of US Traitor and betrayer of Vietnam War POWs and MIAs, Senator John McCain, Head of the Senate Armed Services Committee, and “light on his loafers”, old droopy eyes, the Zio-controlled Senator Lindsay Graham.

Putin’s weapons systems, especially his “Dome of Protection” is superior to anything we have and easily can neutralize our ships and aircraft should we be dumb enough to challenge the Russian Federation. The USG just recently pulled its fighter jets out of Turkey because the Russians activated it S-300 and S-400 systems it moved into its allies Syria and Iran which use the “Dome of Protection”.

It is important to understand that it has been leaked that the Russian Federation has entered into a treaty with a certain Alien ET race that has shared incredibly advanced technology with them. It is alleged that the Russian Federation agreed to use it only for defensive purposes and not offensive. Putin has successfully checkmated the KM in Syria and this is the first time the KM has been stopped in over 100 years.

The result, the Select Few are now in shock. They are very, very old and their days are limited to attain the completion of their Evil Agenda, so you can imagine the time pressures they feel. Their rush is to gain the tools of transhumanism and “eternal life”. If they fail in their mission they believe they will die soon. There is now substantial reason to believe that they are losing control of their master plan to engulf the whole World in their US Petro Dollar Web of Debt and without this they have little chance of ever attaining their Globalist One-World Government aka the New World Order of the Ages.

Now for the esoteric explanation of why this has all been occurring down here on Planet Earth and in America, what is behind it, and what we all can do to stop it cold and dethrone the Select few and put the KM out of America and out of our lives and our Children’s lives forever.

During human history an Alien ET race of notably evil, vicious, bloodthirsty male entities has been able to infiltrate and breed with a collection of certain human female bloodlines that have become what we now call Khazarian. They have done this to create their own Draco/Nephilim/Anunnaki/Luciferian/bisexual Bloodlines for infiltrating, hijacking and mastering Planet Earth in order to complete their centuries old Globalist NWO Agenda. The leaders of these special thirteen Family Dynasty Bloodlines are evil and notoriously two-faced criminal sociopaths, monsters walking among us freely, able to conceal their true nature from the masses. That is until the advent of the Internet which has made it possible for some of their victims and former members to speak out and be heard and for these monsters to become exposed for the first time ever.

Special mind-kontrol and very sophisticated economic technologies have been shared with the chosen leaders in each of these family dynasty bloodlines which have enabled them to garner control over the masses and in a sense “farm” them. Framing humans is the use of them for their labor, blood and genetics, and a cannon-fodder in their acquisition of more and more of the World’s nations, their natural resources and the capture and farming of their people.

Some of these technologies include trauma-based mind-kontrol, creation and use of Satanic cults, organized crime rings and pedophile rings to control society from the underbelly, Talmudic Babylonian Money-Magick, and Psi-power and now advanced incredibly advanced psychotronics.

One example of hard-kill

Hard-kill is deployed by the Select Few in the form of wars. And violent crime is elicited through the inculcation of temptations of the flesh and the seven deadly sins. Narcotics and other even more destructive drugs are trafficked to destroy life, and to dirty up and enslave the masses in corruption.

Soft-kill is deployed by the Select Few in the form of various perversions by Fourth Reich Big Pharma, and by Rockefellor created and controlled Big Medicine. These alien invaders, farmers of a now captive human race have a deteriorating genetic code and came her for a number of reasons. Some believe they were exiled here to test and tempt humans. Anyone who looks up onto the sky can see the massive toxic spraying being done as fully deniable, unacknowledged Deep-Black covert operations.

One example of Soft-kill

Numerous samples have been recovered by scientists who have had them analyzed and found them to contain Barium, strontium, nano-aluminum and other toxic bacteria and viruses, all designed to soft-kill, aid in mind-kontrol by EMF “flashing” and perhaps even to alter human genetics.

It seem certain they are here as energy vampires to extract the souls of man by providing temptations and “dirtying everyone up” as much as possible. It also seems certain they have set up joint ventures with Deep-black and Beyond-Black Defense Contractors in unacknowledged programs to reinvigorate their genes by selecting key human genes and gene splicing them into themselves and in order to create a new trans-human with inter-dimensional powers and a synthetic soul that is even better than the human soul (the combining of clay and iron).

There are respected researchers that believe that the human race was synthesized by an Alien ET group in the first place, but I do not believe this is so. Here’s why. Right now we have evidence that a certain US Defense Contractor has a beyond-black joint research program with an Alien ET species in the underground base at Dulce, New Mexico to synthesize the human soul and place it in a their android species. They have been working on this for over 20 years and keep failing. There is no way they could have created humans if they cannot even do this. I for one believe there is an Almighty God, our Creator who created us, the Earth and everything.

The best evidence so far is that an ancient Alien ET race bisexual but with a male reproductive appendage for coitus, notably evil, selfish, jealous defensive and murderous, came to earth and bred with human females. Some have called these Nephilim, the fallen angels or the fallen ones. Their offspring were apparently giants with two rows of teeth one in front of the other and six fingers and toes. These skeletons have been recovered and supposedly sit in a secret room in the Smithsonian Museum

It is pretty obvious that this Alien ET group at Dulce is somehow related to the Khazarian Mafia (KM) perhaps hybridized from their own species, forming a very small evil hybrid clan from which the Select Few come from.

Some researchers have called this new derivative clan the “Synagogue of Satan”, others have called them the Sabbatteans, others have called them the Frankists. I prefer the term Khazarian Mafia.

They hate humans have been using the KM to infiltrate, hijack us and farm us and when the time comes we are no longer needed they plan to destroy us, all of us.

In the meantime they engage in kidnapping, sex trafficking and sex slavery, organ stripping and trafficking and every can evil one can imagine.

Here is the big question and if one can answer this in a manner that seems sensible many puzzles are solved about this mysterious and unfathomably evil group of Alien ET infiltrators and hijackers.

Question: If they have all that technology and power, why have they had to work through the KM hybrids, why haven’t they already just taken over America and the whole planet and walk around freely in the open?

I can only share with you what I have heard in the past from a highly placed source that is based on rock solid inside evidence, some of which I have seen myself personally.

Apparently this group of Evil Alien ETs is not allowed to proceed without gaining the consent of humans at each step. There are apparently Cosmic “Rules of Play” by which they must obey. Otherwise they would have just taken over and assumed public Kingship.

They did this  in the past at least once before (took over and publicly displayed themselves as the Kings), but the evidence suggests that they were destroyed by a major judgment of God Almighty. therefore according to this narrative from a credible highly placed source, they will never attempt this again but will  do it man by man with consent craftily obtained through soul snatching and dirtying up humans with evil. When they have the majority souls “snatched” they will then be able to proceed.

Now why do I periodically pinch myself and try to decide none of this is true? Because even today with some very direct evidentiary experiences in the past, I still have difficulty fitting this all into my head. I simply do not want to believe it is true. But I always end up confirming it must be true because that is where the evidence clearly leads. I wish it was otherwise. But everyday more and more evidence becomes apparent.


More and more Americans are waking up to the reality that some very powerful and incredibly evil, parasitical inter-generational entity is using elite deviants (the Select Few and their Cutouts) and the underworld of organized crime groups as ell as secret societies especially secret “High Freemasonry” to transform America and the World into their big farm in order to be able “farm us” as their personally owned Goyim, using us as their “beasts of burden” and wealth and power generators while preparing us for mass slaughter in the not too distant future.

They have a huge number of at least 140 Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBS) connected by high speed Maglev trains in large vacuum tunnels. Some of these bases are joint Alien ET/Defense Contractor operations which kidnap Americans from national parks and use them for brutal genetic and mind-kontrol experiments often subjecting them to long periods of torture and trauma based mind-splitting and soul-murder which produces MPD/DID.

The DUMB at Dulce New Mexico is one of these incredibly evil joint bases which tortures, dissects and experiments on kidnapped humans including young children in their quest to synthesize the human soul with extreme inter-dimensional Psi-powers and also to enhance their decaying genetic material which is becoming a living death for them.

The whole Khazarian Mafia (KM) System of Evil is actually a big House of Cards, an Empire of Lies which can be taken down if we understand how to do it. But it must be done collectively by at least 12% of the population in America. We are now at about 11% and climbing. Exposing the massive, blatant lies with which their Empire of Lies is based on will certainly collapse their empire like the House of Cards that it is.

When we reach 12% enough of the US Military and the US Police will “wake-up”, despite the mind-kontrol conditioning they have been subject to. And they will no longer comply and will support any revolt, just like what happened in east Germany at the end of the Cold War when the Border Guards just started refusing to shoot any border crosser one day, took off their uniforms walked away and the Stasi headquarters was sacked.

It is pretty clear to anyone that thoroughly investigates all this that the Khazarian Mafia’s Select Few and the leaders of the Alien ET group that control them have been able to put a spell on most humans. they are not going to let us break this spell without a pretty good fight. But in the final analysis we outnumber them greatly and are people have deeply infiltrated their ranks at every level. And if we wake up in mass and withdraw consent we can extract their power and take back America.

The question always arises, how can this group of alien parasites be so powerful to keep what they are doing from the American public and why do they get such complete compliance from USG Officials, Congress and most Administrations since they assassinated JFK, RFK, MLK using the BCC/CIA?

Their means is by obtaining complete control over the Mass Media and using it to mind-kontrol; salting the social environment with their Luciferian Symbols and phrases; using sophisticated human compromise operations, advanced psychotronics and psi-chotronics; using unlimited funds to buy, bribe and own, and most powerful of all deploying very sophisticated but hard core teams of completely mind-kontrolled soulless stone-killers who murder by contract, usually put in place by a coded phone call or a single signed photo and file on the target; and their frequently used mean now, the deployment of sophisticated False-flag attacks, some real mass-shootings in gun free zones and  some virtual with no dead like the Boston Marathon Black powder puffer bombing of the Sandy Hook DHS “live shooter drill” in a school closed down for asbestos contamination in 2008.

Bottom line is that an evil Alien ET species has morphed itself into human form (most likely human appearing hybrids). These men are called the Men in Black (MIBS) and are responsible for murdering anyone with a high Deep-Black or beyond-Black clearance that continues to leak or any good witness that doesn’t shut up when asked. They have hijacked all these unacknowledged Deep-Black and Beyond-Black programs, have access to all American Intel and Communication systems, and exercise complete control over the whole Congress through Cutouts that will be quickly Arkensided if they go outside their allowed parameters.

How many Members of Congress know these depressing realities? Few, but yes some do that are on the Intelligence or Defense related committees. But they all know if they go against the Establishment beyond political rhetoric, they will be sanction like Senator Paul Wellstone was upon Dick Cheney’s orders.

One hidden aspect of all this that is important to emphasize is the association between this race of Alien ET parasites that has infiltrated and hijacked America through the thirteen “Bloodline Families” and abject evil including appearances of Baphomet, demons or spirit guide/advisers to some top Bloodline family leaders and the select few. This is perhaps the most difficult part of this whole subject to comprehend. But also difficult to fathom is the strange instant morphing of their Anti-gravity Craft from multiple craft, suddenly into one and their ability to change dimensions and alter appearances. Numerous respected targeted individuals have reported the MIBs harassing them have a “cloaked” or blurred face and cannot be  recognized.

If we stand up now and house Truth to attack them at their weak underbelly we can collapse their system of power which is a house of cards and an Empire of Lies. There may be a big cost in American lives and blood because they may attack us, but if we do nothing they plan to mass-murder us all eventually anyway. But the bottom line is this: if we spread the truth about the how Khazarian Mafia (their main tool) has infiltrated and hijacked America at all levels and if we wake up about 12% of the populace, a critical mass will be reached and this will end the power of the evil Cosmic Parasites over America and Americans. Yes, by withdrawing consent, this forms a collective Psi-power to which these Cosmic Parasites can not stand against. Our secret weapons is Truth, love for our fellow humans and people, strength of spirit and a commitment to never give up or ever give in to evil in any form.

And no matter what, no law abiding person should ever allow themselves to be taken into the night of disarmed. Right now armed American gun owners are the largest army in the World.

The Khazarian Mafia and their Select Few secret leaders have put a spell on us all and we need to be awakened from it. So far a lot of us have been wakening up from truth nuggets carried by the Worldwide Internet. But, if we all work together and use truth to hit the KM at its weakest point we can take them down and take America back.

This can be a pretty heavy subject, so it can be helpful to take a break with some  good music. Here is another great musician that has overcome great odds stacked against him. It took many years but he did it. We can all follow his example of never giving up.

John Fogarty is on one of the all time great performers in Rock History, now a legend in Rock and Roll and a man that just never gives up and always comes back with a vengeance from any setback. Truly a great singer, guitarist, song writer and producer that overcame incredible abuse by the band’s selfish promoter/manager when he was the front man, lead singer, lead guitarist, and song writer for Credence Clearwater Revival many years ago. He has overcome great odds and come back to become one hundred times as successful as he ever was with Credence Clearwater Revival. This just shows what the human spirit can achieve when someone decides never to give up or quit no matter what and when one has such incredible musical talent in so many forms. One of his most famous songs was the Vietnam era huge hit “Who’ll stop the Rain”, itself a true classic that brings back many vivid memories.





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