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by  Preston James

…seems to become more and more exposed by the Internet’s Alternative Media and by word of mouth. Despite the extreme power and hegemony this Globalist NWO Occult group has attained over the last 100 years by hijacking America’s institutions, it is actually an Empire of Lies and a House of Cards.

As the Truth continues to expose their Lies and the American masses begin to understand who runs it and how they use anti-human criminal means to acquire and maintain power, its immense vulnerability to sudden collapse from exposure of its blatant lies becomes more and more apparent.

Those who control the levers of power, the “Powers That Be” (*PTB) now see their demise as a distinct possibility given the deep incursions of truth into their System of Lies.

Consequently the PTB are taking numerous extreme actions motivated by fear of discovery and potential impending demise.

The PTB’s deepest darkest secret fears of exposure of their biggest foundational lies are now increasing by the day. To counter this they are reacting by instituting more and more large scale actions which are now being perceived by many Americans as Police State tyranny.

It is obvious that the PTB are beginning to believe that unless they neutralize all the vast new truth disclosures that they create and deploy ALL Terrorism and other inside information about their evil the Internet’s Alternative News sites are providing, their complete exposure is imminent.

The PTB are now becoming very concerned that so much truth has already leaked out to the American People that the odds are that as the economic situation continues to worsen at some point they are going to begin to rise up against them. And the PTB believe that if his happens Americans will defeat them if not disarmed beforehand just due to the massive number of armed Americans.

Many Americans are now learning for the very first time that not only is the King not wearing good looking new clothes today, he is actually naked and has been ever since 1913!

Yes, the PTB are naked because their whole system is based on an Empire of Big Lies, false-narratives and propaganda, all designed to mind-kontrol the American People away from the truth and to allow the PTB to continue their World’s largest Organized crime Syndicate activities.

The Biggest threat to the PTB’s Empire of Lies is right here now knocking at our door, it’s time to make some serious  noise about it.

The biggest threat to the PTB’s “King’s New Clothes” system of Big Lies, False-narratives and propaganda right now is the Sandy Hook Hoax, a two Day FEMA/Capstone Drill in a school closed down in 2008 for asbestos contamination.

Expose their biggest latest lies like Sandy Hook and it is like taking a wrecking ball to their whole system of lies that truly forms an Empire of Lies which allows them to exist and operate with impunity.

In the last week about ten million have downloaded a book banned by Amazon which was just made available as a free download titled “Nobody Died at Sandy Hook”.

This book is filled with very revealing articles by six PhDs and seven other researchers that thoroughly exposes Sandy Hook for the Hoax that it is. This book is entitled, “Nobody Died at Sandy Hook.” This book was being sold through Amazon and the sales were brisk but Amazon abruptly banned the book even after it vetted it as okay before even beginning to sell it.

It seems pretty clear that Amazon banned this book due to pressure from the PTB. Perhaps it was a convincing phone call from a “friend” associated with the PTB, or perhaps it was the delivery of a DHS, FBI or CIA “National Security Letter” (NSL) which cannot be kept in one’s files or even admitted or discussed without the recipient who disclosed being immediately arrested and fined.

The PTB are now in panic mode over this book, Nobody Died at Sandy Hook, and the fact that we now know for certain that Nobody was murdered at Sandy Hook, that is Nobody Died at Sandy Hook, a school which was closed down in 2008 for asbestos contamination.

As a reaction to this unprecedented Nazi-style book burning, this book is now offered as a free download in many different places on the Internet and many diverse alternative news web sites have been publishing stories about this 21st century book burning.

Very soon a paper copy will also be made available on line from since Amazon made this unprecedented ruling to ban this fine book.

So far it is estimated that there have been over ten million downloads of this Amazon banned book Nobody Died at Sandy Hook.

Many more folks have also likely gotten a downloaded copy of this book by their friends. This rapid diffusion of truth about the Sandy Hook Hoax is rapidly diffusing to the America people.

As you can imagine the truth contained in this book scares the daylights out of the PTB who now realize if too many Americans understand this, they the PTB, will be dethroned and finished one way or another.

If too many Americans learn of these facts that prove Nobody Died at Sandy Hook, this will either be done by legitimate means, or other means.

If not done by legitimate means because the PTB’s stranglehold on USG Institution is too great, then it is likely that it will be done by mass uprisings. these mass uprising will become so endemic and so large across all sectors of American society including the US Military and Police, that this will not be able to be stopped by any means.

The PTB appears to have just applied incredible political pressure on Florida Atlantic University to fire Professor James Tracy, a respected academic who has researched and published on this Sandy Hook False-flag Hoax on his own, outside of any University activities.

An absurd article filled with obvious lies was just published in the NY Daily News smearing Professor Tracy claiming the University was taking steps to fire Professor Tracy. The first edition claimed that the University had fired professor Tracy and this was changed subsequently claiming the University “taking steps to fire Professor Tracy”.

The alleged reason was Professor Tracy’s writing about no dead kids at Sandy Hook is a supposedly abusive to surviving parents. Since the evidence shows conclusively there were no dead kids, obviously there are no surviving parents either. These fake surviving parents are really well paid crisis actors.

Doubt that Nobody Died at Sandy Hook, then download this free book here, read it with an open mind and then re-assess. If you were initially bamboozled by the official lies, after reading this book carefully you will no longer be fooled by the phony narrative supplied by the Connecticut authorities and supported by the USG Administration.

There is soon going to be a 250 million dollar lawsuit filed against the liars who pulled this Sandy Hook DHS/FEMA Capstone Drill. Everything is likely to come out eventually and the whole state of Connecticut will be discredited and most Americans will want to see DHS and FEMA disassembled forever and the top officials there arrested for Terrorism against the American People, 57 Million dollars of financial fraud and numerous crimes, mostly felonies.

Lenny Pozner the imaginary father of “virtually dead only” Noah Pozner, finally provided a death certificate on his imaginary son to a researcher after numerous requests. This death certificate is an obvious and very poor forgery. Of course the official FBI Crime Report shows that no one died at Sandy hook on December 14, 2012, nobody, so this also supports the fact that Nobody Died at Sandy Hook.

And yet the whole mainstream American News and Press keeps claiming in lockstep that Sandy Hook was real and Adam Lanza was a crack shot and killed every single child in minutes with no one left wounded.

The evidence shows that no Adam Lanza ever existed , he was a fictional, virtually created person to fool the American masses.

No emergency response helicopters were called, no trauma teams and no triaging done and no victims removed to hospitals to be pronounced dead. None of this would be possible for such a frail young man if he really existed at all  which he didn’t. Nor did his mother or father either. They were all virtually created and are imaginary.

And this means that over 400 plus imaginary students were not evacuated because they weren’t there at the abandoned Sandy Hook School at all because it was no longer used. It had been abandoned in 2008 for asbestos contamination. It was in gross disrepair, was dirty and did  not conform to handicap requirements.

At this imaginary crime scene there was NO blood, NO body tissue.

NO body fluids were cleaned up because there were NO body fluids or body tissue or blood there at all. When questioned about it with a phone call by a professional who clean up such human material from crimes scene and accidents for a living, Lt. Vance answered, “what blood” and hung up.

It is not too hard to understand who appears to be behind all this. Just recently the Forward published an article filled with obvious lies that attacked Professor James Tracy. This is further evidence that DHS and FEMA are controlled by the Israeli-American “Israeli-first” Dual Citizens Zionists who work for the Khazarian Mafia.

The PTB also know if the American People ever find out that Sandy Hook was a Hoax, this will lead to the discovery that 9-11-01 was also an inside job done by Israeli-American “Israeli-first” Dual Citizens.

Can you imagine the anger that the American People will unleash on those responsible if the masses ever truly understand this?

If the American People ever find out for sure and it is proved to them that the USG and certain Traitors stood down on 9-11-01 and were involved in the attack on America on 9-11-01, this alone will bring down the US Administration as well as all Pentagon leadership involved.

It will also bust the system of lies that keep the PTB in power. Naturally the PTB are desperate to keep these basic truths from the American people. But they also are now so fearful that they want to take hard core preventative actions such as disarming all Americans.

Yes, the fact that it can now be proved beyond any reasonable doubt that Nobody Died at Sandy Hook has put the PTB into panic mode.

As anyone who studies the Sandy Hook Hoax and any other False-flag attack in detail quickly finds out, Sandy Hook and all these recent False-flag mass-shootings in “gun-free” zones are really all False-flag attacks on the Second Amendment. The PTB believe that they will only be able to fully implement their Globalist NWO Agenda if all Americans are disarmed.

So the PTB deploys its very deceptive Psyops known as False-flag attacks to create massive fear in the American subconscious group mind. Some are virtual only like Sandy Hook with absolutely no dead victims using highly vetted and trained professional “Crisis Actors”. But occasionally the PTB deploys a False-flag attack with a number of real dead victims, shot by MK-ultra type mind-kontrolled or  contract “stone- killers” or wet-boys in a “Gun Free Zone”.

Sometimes the PTB have innocent patsies murdered after the False-flag to lay blame on them, like the innocent Lee Harvey Oswald who was an undercover agent working for Robert Kennedy, the US Attorney General at that time, or the innocent Tsarnaev brothers from the fake Boston Black powder puffer bombing which used professional crises actors who are recovered amputees. fake Hollywood stage blood is used, squeezed out from pouches. At he Boston fake bombing this was done carelessly and some blood packs wee even recorded in photos and video by bystanders.

This can be done when there are no real deaths or even when there are actually victims murdered. Keeping such False-flags mixed up with some producing real dead victims, and most producing fake virtually dead only ones keeps the public confused and unable to sort truth from lies.

The PTB now realizes that they must increasingly lock-down the Internet and completely disarm the American people if they are ever going to be able to fulfill their Globalist NWO Agenda. So they deploy more and more False-flags to keep the American subconscious group-mind so fearful of being bush-whacked by crazy terrorists that the American people will remain willing to give up basic Constitutional Freedoms and Liberty for safety.

The PTB also realizes that in order to remain in power they must generate numerous and rampant acts of False-flag terror in order to terrorize the American people and be able to label any American dissenters as Domestic Terrorists and Enemies of the State.

The USG has been using the CMMM to dispense the big PTB lie that if all Americans are disarmed everyone will be safe from terrorists.

This is one of the biggest “in your face” blatant lies ever told because as Professor John Lott, a highly respected top researcher on this matter has shown that actual data proves just the opposite.

More Guns, less murders, less crime. We now know for sure that the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. And we also know that bad guys can always be given guns with many provided by the FBI and CIA, which are both part of the large RICO crime syndicate comprising the PTB.

Yes, the The PTB are now using repeated the False-flag terror and mass shooting in gun free zones, operations they themselves deploy and all done as an excuse to try and institute the biggest gun grab in history, the disarmament of the American People.

This PTB attempt to disarm law abiding Americans is turning out to be a very big mistake on their part and it only stimulates the public to buy more and more guns to arms themselves against the PTB and their USG puppets.

The last few months law abiding Americans have bought guns at a higher rate than ever before. So this is just one example of how irrational the PTB have become as they descend into a state of hysterical panic over all the truth about their system of Big Lies, False-narrative and propaganda which is dispensed by the CMM to American masses.

Right now American gun owners constitute the largest armed force in the World. If the PTB are dumb enough to start a civil war with the American Gun owners, many American Gun owners will be murdered by the PTB, but in the end the PTB will be slaughtered as the US Military fractures and turns against the PTB along with some very angry Americans who have nothing more to lose.

And as the American economy worsens because of the PTB’s Globalist NWO Agenda for Free Trade and the export of most good jobs, this serves as a catalyst for many Americans to question the motives of their elected officials, whom they blame for all these Traitorous, Seditious, Free-Trade Agreements and all their other actions to take care of themselves and special interest groups while ignoring the needs of the American People.

And now thanks to Putin and the Russian Federation checkmating the PTB in Syria, many Americans are finally catching on to the fact that the PTB created ISIS and support its along with Israel, Saudi Arabia and Turkey, and makes sure the mercenaries which comprise ISIS get paid and well equipped.

Truth is the enemy of the PTB, it is like throwing water on the “Wicked Witch of the East” like in the classic movie the Wizard of Oz. Truth is their biggest threat and when it starts emerging they attempt to harness it and twist it in order to dis-empower it and demean it. They use sophisticated Psyops to do this and up until recently have been quite successful.


This new book, Nobody Died At Sandy Hook, provides more than enough water to destroy the Wicked Witch of the East which is the PTB. If we all work together to hit the PTB at their weak underbelly with the truth contained in this excellent book, we can bust up their Empire of Lies and slay the National Security Beast all at the same time..

*PTB – The Powers that Be. What the PTB is has been described in numerous VT articles the last year. For years many insiders referred to the PTB as the “Illuminati”. But last year in December, this all changed.

Gordon Duff and a special team of VT Directors attended the Conference on Combating Terrorism and Religious Extremism in December of 2014, held in Damascus, Syria.

During that conference VT Chairman Gordon Duff delivered a stunning keynote address followed by a very in-depth briefing which exposed the PTB publicly for the first time anywhere as the World’s largest Organized crime Syndicate. In this speech Mr. Duff attributed responsibility to this World’s largest Organized Crime Syndicate for all the Terrorism around the World including the Mideast.

This ground breaking exposure sent shock-waves around the World. Soon thereafter, VT Financial Editor Mike Harris disclosed for the first time publicly the actual origin for this World’s largest Organized Crime Syndicate which is Khazaria, and this group gained massive financial power during the years of 740 AD to 1020 AD.

Because the very top “Select Few” leadership of the PTB originated in Khazaria and are exclusively Khazarians even today, Mr. Harris coined this name “Khazarian Mafia” to represent the PTB. This label Khazarian Mafia has stuck because many experts have now accepted it as the  best description available. It has now has become a term of everyday usage all over the World. There is a deep hidden secret that is the real reason for ISIS and all the Mideast Wars.

It’s Time to Make Some Noise by Nick Gonzalez and his band Salvador, one of my favorite bands. Salvador started out as a garage band in Texas, has some incredible musicians and has performed many songs in Spanish for enthusiastic bi-lingual audiences. Nick Gonzalez is the lead singer has an impressive voice, is a song writer, and also plays lead guitar on many songs.




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