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VT Nuclear Education: History of Nuclear Weapons Design 1945 to 2015

The issue is not whether 5th generation weapon designs exist, but who is using them against whom, and why?

VT Nuclear Education: The Uranium Hydride Bomb

We are now at the fifth generation of nuclear weapons design which means that a number of different types of nuclear weapons exist and they differ substantially in effect from the weapons we are familiar with from all those 1950s newsreels of huge atomic blasts.

VT Nuclear Education: Subcritical and Microfission Explosives

We present here the hard science behind modern small nukes in the hope that it makes the penny drop that these terrible weapons are within reach of all of the world's bad guys.

VT Nuclear Education: Freon and the Hohlraum

The Hohlraum - How Freon is imploded in a car air conditioning system by a neutron bomb.

The Nuking of Tianjin: A Frame by Frame Analysis

Jeff Smith breaks down video to analyze events with expert eye

Confirmation Tianjin was Nuked

A key clue was the use of a nuke in Yemen with the presence of scintillating pixels.

The Secret Nazi Role in Building Atomic Bomb

German scientists had developed a chemical enrichment process many times more efficient than the process used by the Manhattan Project

Takedown: Deconstructing the 9/11 Hokum of Bollyn and Steve Jones

Editor's note:  The continuing cover-up of 9/11 has become a traveling circus. With ISIS announcing plans to nuke the US and Israel smiling and...

Slam Dunk: Most Classified 9/11 Revealed

One of the main motivations we feel we are getting this material now is that some brave folks want to stand with those who tried to stop the next 9-11

9/11 Hokum: Deconstructing Christopher Bollyn and Steve Jones

I have come to realize two central truths about the events of 9/11: Israel did it and they used nuclear bombs to demolish the WTC buildings.

The Bouncer

A bouncer at a night club doesn't like the looks of one of the customers. What makes matter worse is that the customer is loud-mouthed and vilifying night club bouncers, saying that they are the ones who should be kicked out of the club.