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Lieberman plays his EU Holocaust Card

- Israel's Racist Foreign Minister pretends to be anti-holocaust, when he is really pro-holocaust...for Palestinians

Obama and Bibi: YES YOU CAN End the Occupation

Only a viable and sustainable Palestinian state will equate to security for Israel; and as Palestine has always been in the belly of Israel, politicians who want to maintain power had better seize these days and End the Occupation for the times have already changed.

Israel Spits in America’s Face – Again

Retired American Intel Community is Ready to Spill the Beans on Israeli Espionage

Israelis Mock Palestinian Bid for Statehood (Video)

Nowadays, Israelis, and due to the prolonged exposure to this Holocaust industrial hazards, are exhibiting the symptoms of a mass paranoia syndrome.

Obama’s Short Cut To a Second Term

“The Zionists controlling Wall Street and the presidential elections is not a good enough reason for selling out America and its pride in that shamefull way. There is more to this than we all think, a hell of a lot more, something big is hiding under the surface like an iceberg, something as big as 9/11”

Third Intifada Launched in Tahrir Square While US Peace Envoy Quits...

May be the Arab-Israeli conflict doesn’t need any more US special envoy, may be president Obama shouldn’t bother appointing a replacement, for as far as the Palestinians are concerned, they had enough of this backstage Zionist-manipulated politics disguised as peace envoys

Israel Slams Bombing of Gas Pipeline & Palestinian Reconciliation and Egypt...

“the latest Israeli threats to the Palestinian coalition government have enraged the Arab peoples and they are totally unacceptable. And he added that the Egyptian military council is to officially open Rafah, border crossing point, with Gaza on permanent basis in the coming few days to alleviate the suffering of the besieged Palestinians living in Gaza”

Israeli launches McCarthyite witch-hunt; Mr. Binyamin Netanyahu, sir, have you no...

Uri Avnery looks at the alliance of racists and fascists behind a bill adopted by the Israeli parliament, the Knesset, to investigate the funding sources of...


The job Mr. Lieberman wants most of all is Netanyahu’s. The way things are in Israel and look like going, it’s not impossible that he will get it. If he does become prime minister, I imagine that would signal a move from rhetoric to action as in the chants of his supporters - “Death to the Arabs!”

Mid-East talks and the Palestinian exodus

The idea is so simple, and yet so sinister. The Zionists wanted to establish a state with an overwhelming Jewish population in an area of overwhelming indigenous non-Jewish population. So, the only option is to expel them out- in mass exodus- of their land to live as Palestinian DIASPORA.

Israeli gunships head to sea to block freedom flotilla; Stage set...

By IAN DEITCH HAIFA, Israel - Israeli gunships headed out to sea on Friday to stop a flotilla of pro-Palestinian activists from reaching the Gaza...