Obama’s Short Cut To a Second Term


“The Zionists controlling Wall Street and the presidential elections is not a good enough reason for selling out America and its pride in that shamefull way. There is more to this than we all think, a hell of a lot more, something big is hiding under the surface like an iceberg, something as big as 9/11”

Dr. Ashraf Ezzat


Bibi lecturing obama on the new realities in the Middle East in the Oval Room, May 2011

It was only last May, when the arrogant and defiant Mr. Netanyahu arrived at the white house and lectured Mr. Obama, the president of the world’s super power about how wrong and irresponsible his mentioning, in the Middle East speech, of a two-state solution was, and specifically his call for a Palestinian state to be established as a sovereign state on the 1967 borders.

 It was such an embarrassment for the president of the United States sitting in his Oval Office/throne and being watched live and worldwide while Bibi was slapping him across the face and instructing him as to what to say, or not to say actually, when it comes to Israel.

Reviewing that Oval Office spectacle, it was obvious that president Obama did earn his Nobel Prize, not for peace, but rather for keeping his peace and his incredible gift of anger management.

And when the Palestinians lately arrived to the UN to submit their bid for statehood based on the 1967 border lines, Mr. Obama has surprised the world once again and proved that he righteously earned his Nobel Prize by displaying yet another genuine Christian virtue, namely turning the other cheek to be slapped once again

If this recent Palestinian political initiative for statehood recognition hasn’t been smartly and timely thought of and presented to the UN, the world would have been busy following and addressing seemingly more urgent matters. Meanwhile, the Palestinian plight would have stayed overshadowed by news like Europe and the United States slipping into recession, china bailing out Europe, the latest on the Arab spring drama and of course the upcoming American presidential elections(sponsored by Israel et al.)

If the Middle East Quartet and its special envoy, or Zionist envoy to be more accurate, Tony Blair have managed to dissuade the Palestinian authority (PA) top politicians from proceeding with their bid for full UN membership as a sovereign state we would have been watching, apathetically, that is, the continuing Israeli hideous scheme to grab the last 22% of what used to be historic Arabic land of Palestine.

What good is the Palestinian bid for statehood?


Abbas submitting the application for Palestinian full membership at the UN

The way I see it, this Palestinian bid for statehood is an inevitable outcome of decades of failed diplomacy (or make believe diplomacy), Arabic stupidity and Arabic economic and political divisions, obscene pro-Israel lobbying and duplicity made primarily in USA and unprecedented political and military thuggery of the state of Israel.

This Palestinian bid for statehood is but a desperate cry after the so called Mid-East talks has hit the concrete wall of the illegal Israeli settlements that nobody seems to have the power to stop or freeze it for a while, not even the American honest peace broker.

Some fastidious analysts and op-ed writers will go over this political maneuver, scrutinize it and finally assess it as not worth the effort, for it will not change realities on the grounds. This UN recognition will not put a stop to the Israeli illegal settlements in the west bank, will not grant them East of Jerusalem and moreover, might as well damage the PA mandate and political authority.

But those scrupulous analysts most likely looked at this maneuver from an Israeli point of view, repeating the Israeli cliché “unilateral action will not get the Israeli-Palestinian conflict anywhere” …disregarding the fact that this bid is not about the conflict, rather it is about the world acknowledging Palestine as a state, with all the legalities of the state entailed, and not just an entity. Being an entity is the next closest thing to being nothing.

The Arab awakening


The Arab spring

Those squeamish analysts somehow overlooked the current historical context in the Middle East where people are indiscriminately killed and their lives sacrificed not over some looming recession or spiking unemployment, not over the lack of bread and butter but rather the lack of freedom and dignity. And who could be lacking those attributes more than a homeless and uprooted Palestinian.

This bid is the Palestinian ticket to join the last days of the Arab spring that has turned into a hot summer and with the undergoing display of the dirtiest diplomatic stunts pulled by the American/Israeli alliance and with their blatant contempt for UN values and unanimity the expected American veto will herald one of the darkest autumns in the Arab world.

The so called Arab spring is not just about mass protests and mass killing, it is not just about toppling Mubarak and Bin Ali in Egypt and Tunisia, it is not just about delegitimizing Saleh in Yemen and bombarding Gaddafi in Libya, it is not about watching the last days for Bashar Al-Assad in Syria and the prince of Bahrain, rather it is about the Arab awakening.

And if the world acknowledges that the Arabs are awakening, then, we simply can’t exclude the Palestinians out.

A conflict dominated by unilateralism


Theodor Herzl

Eighteen years ago, on September 13, 1993, the Palestinian negotiators signed with the Israelis’ what is now known as the Oslo accords, literally crumbs thrown to the Palestinians from the Israeli table of military spoils in Palestine, and those accords were not meant to be taken as a serious step in the peace process but rather a compulsory and temporary Israeli concession to somehow put an end to the first Palestinian intifada.

According to these accords the Israeli side has cunningly bound the Palestinian side to a framework of bilateral negotiations as a precondition to any future settlement of the Israeli–Palestinian dispute.

And from there on the Israeli side picked up where they left off and continued their “business as usual” of grabbing more land, building more settlements and transferring the rest of the Palestinian population unilaterally and unabashedly under the very nose of a coalition of the western nations who are only willing to go for a ten years hunt for the wrong terrorists.

But when we look back at this so-called conflict we will be astounded by how unilateral this whole bloody business has been from the very beginning.

–  Theodor Herzl(1860-1904) when he first wrote his manifesto for a” Jewish state” and followed it with his utopian piece “the old new land” he naively and absolutely unilaterally assumed that the Arab land of Palestine, which he himself as an assimilated Ashkenazi Jew( who spoke neither fluent Hebrew nor Yiddish) has never visited, would be the perfect choice for the establishment of his Zionist entity and again unilaterally assumed that the Arabs of Palestine would present no problem for the Ashkenazi & khazar Jews mass immigration to the new land for they , as Europeans, would be welcomed and hailed by the Arabic inhabitants as the modernizers of Palestine.

I don’t know what Mr. Herzl’s idea of modernity was, but it is obviously not what the Arabs of Palestine needed back then and certainly not what they are enduring through nowadays.

– Following the death of Herzl with his fictional idea of some utopian home land for the European Jews in Palestine … a lot of decisions and acts, mostly criminal in nature, have been taken by the Israeli side starting from the Palestinian exodus 1948, passing through the military occupation of East Jerusalem, Gaza and west Bank in the 1967 Israeli offensive, to the segregation, the west bank wall, the war on Lebanon and Gaza, the non-stop uprooting of ancient Palestinian olive trees to be replaced by cemented settlements and finally the inhumane blockade on Gaza and the massacre of international activists in international waters… all of those Israeli remarkable achievements have been deliberated upon, planned and executed unilaterally. 

And after 60 years of dispossession, 40 years of occupation and 20 years of make-believe peace, the Palestinian bid for UN membership is interestingly enough deemed a unilateral act of aggression and warfare against Israeli interests.

Palestine was never invited to the table except in times of intifadas and more often in times of make-believe peace … the end goal of both was obviously the same, namely buying more time to grab more land and expel more Palestinians and make new and hard to touch Israeli demographic changes .

The Zionist short cut


But none of those Israeli illegal and aggressive goals would have been achieved so smoothly and with the minimum international opposition hadn’t it been for the magical Zionist recipe of literally buying the top politicians, corporate media and decision makers in the west and of course the United States of America. In other words, buying politicians, specifically American, has been, and still is the Zionist’s short cut to establishing the great Israel project.

Pandering to pro-Israel lobbies to garner more votes has been a shameful legacy kept by a long line of American top politicians and leaders initiated by Truman and his falling into the Rothschild’s trap of securing his presidential triumph only if he voted for the establishment of the Jewish state of Israel.

The latest in a long line of American Democrats and Republicans running for presidency to serve the Israeli goals rather than their country’s own, comes Texas Governor, Rick Perry standing lately shoulder-to-shoulder at a news conference with advocates for annexing West Bank settlements not to mention his prelude to the presidential campaign, dancing with far right-wing rabbis at his office a few months ago.

[youtube IYYtE42bddQ&list=PL521F2626A55E3324&index=10 Rick Perry Dancing With The Rabbis]

While Barack Obama, the US president, in his brief speech at the UN has strongly confirmed in an intimidating voice tone that “there is no short cut to the end of a conflict that has endured for decades between the Israelis and the Palestinians.”  And seriously added “Peace is hard work” He somehow has secured a “short cut” to his second term in office.

Israel’s thuggish far-right foreign minister, Avigdor Lieberman, told reporters shortly after Obama’s speech that: “I am ready to sign on this speech with both hands.”

But again, I think Mr. Obama has figured out this whole thing the wrong way. Pandering to Israel and sacrificing the interests and more importantly the pride of his country might grant him a second term in office, but … is it worth it? … is a second term in office worth that shameful submission?

It doesn’t make any sense …

I mean, the Zionists controlling Wall Street and the presidential elections is not a good enough reason for selling out America and its pride in that shamefull way. There is more to this than we all think, a hell of a lot more, something big is hiding under the surface like an iceberg, something as big as 9/11.

The way Obama is handing over the keys of the white house to the Israelis while other heads of less-powerful states such as Erdogan of Turkey and Ahamdinejad of Iran stand tall in front of the Israeli political debauchery makes you wonder if 911, with the hidden truth about it, has turned into some Israeli wild card.

Is acting against the very interests of the United States and abandoning the values of freedom, democracy and human rights, not to mention tarnishing his own legacy worth a second term in office.

What a shame…

This Obama has missed out on a golden opportunity to not only earn his Nobel peace prize but to make history and glory for himself and the United States of America.

The mere Abstinence from voting on the Palestinian bid for statehood, such a small step by Obama’s administration, would have been a giant leap for him and the United States of America.

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Ashraf Ezzat is an Egyptian born in Cairo and based in Alexandria. He graduated from the faculty of Medicine at Alexandria University. Keen not to be entirely consumed by the medical profession, Dr. Ezzat invests a lot of his time in research and writing. History of the ancient Near East and of Ancient Egypt has long been an area of special interest to him. In his writings, he approaches ancient history not as some tales from the remote times but as a causative factor in our existing life; and to him, it's as relevant and vibrant as the current moment. In his research and writings, Dr. Ezzat is always on a quest trying to find out why the ancient wisdom had been obstructed and ancient spirituality diminished whereas the Judeo-Christian teachings and faith took hold and prospered. Dr. Ezzat has written extensively in Arabic tackling many issues and topics in the field of Egyptology and comparative religion. He is the author of Egypt knew no Pharaohs nor Israelites. He writes regularly at many well-known online websites such as Dissident Voice and What Really Happened. Dr. Ezzat is also an independent filmmaker. His debut film was back in 2011 The Annals of Egypt Revolution and in 2012 he made Tale of Osiris a short animation for children. In 2013 his short The Pyramids: story of creation was screened at many international film festivals in Europe. And he is working now on his first documentary "Egypt knew no Pharaohs nor Israelites".