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Gettysburg, Vicksburg and the 4th of July

- Atop the list is the name Capt. E. Fletcher Satterfield, the one who went "the farthest at Gettysburg".

Top 10 Veterans Stories in Today’s News – September 05, 2012

Life on a college campus can be a very self-contained environment. Students generally live in dorms and spend the majority of their time within the campus.

Debunking Civil War Myths – Long Proven Wrong

- The Victors Write the War History, but Should Their Lies be Immortal?

Battle of Shiloh Births a Great American

- When the war ended, he probably was the only individual who served in the Confederate Army, Union Army, and Union Navy.

From Wall Street to D.C. and Change to Believe In and...

On Sept. 17th hundreds of protestors took it to the streets at Bowling Green Park in Manhattan, home of the charging bull in New York’s Financial District, to “take the bull by the horns.” On 22 September 2011, US House of Representative Edward J. Markey took the Nuclear Bull by it's horns and wrote......

Genealogy: Having Blood In the Game

As part of our Sesquicentennial series, we wanted to put together an informative piece on genealogy to inspire others to start their own family roots search.

Manifest Destiny to PNAC

It is a well recognized fact that the USA achieved its independence from Great Britain in 1776.

1865: The Beginning of Universal Servitude in America

People believe that 1865 marked the ending of slavery in America, and they are wrong.

A Tale of Two Flags

The Union soldiers in the battle actually fought against self-determination; it was the Confederates who fought for the right of their people to govern themselves. GHC was founded to take more of a big tent approach to the heritage/culture wars heating up around the country. We correctly sensed the old 'divide and conquer' game was in full swing with some ulterior motives involved.

Balloon Reconnaissance Marks 150th Anniversary

The intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance support critical to operations in Afghanistan got its start 150 years ago this month, when a balloonist showed then-President Abraham Lincoln how a gas-filled balloon could help the Union Army prevail in the Civil War.

Mothers’ Day Proclamation 2011 “Hope For The World”

Mother's Day was originally started after the Civil War, as a protest to the carnage of that war, by women who had lost their sons. Here is the original Mother's Day Proclamation from 1870, followed by a bit of history (or should I say "herstory")

The American Problem

There is something wrong in the American make-up. A fatal flaw in the American mentality. It’s always been there, from the very beginning, and it’s still there, as we see in bootleg videos from Iraq, from Guantanamo Bay, from American airports and from the dashboard cameras of police cars.

A Lesson in Republican Hypocrisy and Distortions

Is the modern Republican Party really “the party of Lincoln,” and responsible for freeing the slaves? I don’t think so. But the GOP regularly, routinely, and with a straight face makes that claim. One Republican recently confronted me and stated the following: "It was Republicans who beat Democrats in the Civil War, thus freeing the slaves. It was Democrats who started the KKK as its military wing to intimidate the (largely black) Republican party who were running the south after the war. Can a leopard change its spots?? Are the Democrats now the party FOR the black people after being against them for so long? So many of you are duped by the Devil's trickery. a few table scraps from massa's table and you run right back to his side. The Democrat is the racist."

Remembrances Honor Fallen on Memorial Day

As Memorial Day approaches, thousands will make the pilgrimage to pay honor to loved ones lost to war. Some do not have to travel far. Others will make it an honorable effort to visit many cemeteries that bear the names and are home to our fallen military men and women.

Gordon Duff: Can 1% Stop The Global Criminal Syndicate?

CAN A REAL GLOBALISM BASED ON TRUTH AND HONOR SAVE THE WORLD? By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor I was asked during an interview on Al...

Links to a bygone era: Fewer than 100 kids of veterans...

At 98, Brown's part of an exclusive group - the surviving children of Civil War soldiers, removed by a single generation from the nation's bloodiest conflict. Records show fewer than 100 sons and daughters of the blue and gray veterans remain nationwide. Tennessee boasts four Confederate sons - two in the Knoxville area, including Brown - along with a Union son and daughter.

The South fought to keep slavery, period

"We went to war on account of the thing we quarreled with the North about. I never heard of any other cause of quarrel than slavery. Men fight from sentiment. After the fight is over they invent some fanciful theory on which they imagine that they fought." -- Confederate Col. John Mosby

Massa Governor McDonnell of the Confederate State of Virginia Shamed into...

Memo to Massa Govenor McDonnell of Virginia: The USA is one nation under god. We are NOT the Confederacy of the Slave Owning States of the Stonewall Jackson. We won the war and do NOT celebrate the losses of our enemies!