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PressTV: Hundreds of FBI homicides unaccounted for in US crime statistics

- "Hundreds of police killings have gone unreported in the Federal Bureau of Investigation, a new report reveals."

Israel – a Sanctuary for Nevada Gambling Boss?

- Sources at the US DoJ say Adelson is a suspect in laundering $364 million dollars, much of which went into the pockets of Israeli friendly politicians.

Analysis of Veterans Arrests, El Paso County

Beginning in July 2010 an investigation of veteran and active-duty military arrests in El Paso County Colorado, was undertaken based on daily arrest and booking reports provided by the sheriff.

From the Maple Spring to the Education Summer

The Maple Spring has blossomed in Quebec and is starting to proliferate throughout Canada and beyond. Chris Hedges recently described this outburst of anti-authoritarian energy in the French-speaking heartland of les canadiens as "the most important resistance movement in the industrialized world.

“FBI Probes Slaying at VA Campus”

Once again, the West Los Angeles VA bureaucrats have suppressed a major crime. This time a Veteran was murdered on Veterans sacred land.

A Message to the Black Community

The hip hop community takes great pride in "keeping it real." But are they really keeping it real, or are they simply struttin' around saying, "look at me," while the corporate elite have them unknowingly doing an updated version of Steppin' Fechit - right down to the ape-like body language?

The United States Postal Service is a Microcosm of America as...

President William Burrus, American Postal Workers Union: “I have no inside information about the reason for Potter’s decision, and no reason to believe that his retirement was demanded by the Board of Governors; but if it was, the Board has made a terrible mistake. The Postal Service is at a crossroads, and its relevance in American society is being questioned. The U.S. Postal Service needs a leader like John Potter to ensure its continued viability . . . filling Potter’s shoes will be a major challenge. Postal workers are losing a strong advocate for the USPS and its employees." What?!!! The guy is cutting the worker's throats.

Toledo man and friend took turns shooting caged dog

- Caged Dog was howling while being shot in head and chest, miraculously survived as two men took turns shooting the dog named 'Sarge'...

Beware of ATM Skimming

By Kevin Secor ATM Skimming You have probably heard about phishing, medical identity thefts, and credit card thefts but how many of you have heard about...

Equality and the Good Life, Why More Equal Societies Almost Always...

We live in a world of deep inequality, and the gap between the rich and the poor is widening. We in the rich world generally agree that this is a problem we ought to help fix—but that the real beneficiaries will be the billions of people living in poverty. After all, inequality has little impact on the lives of those who find themselves on top of the pile.

African-Americans Have 7 Times Greater Chance of Imprisonment

Many factors contribute to the incarceration today of more blacks than whites even though blacks make up just 13 percent of the U.S. population. These...

Not exactly razor-sharp

We continue to see evidence of an alarming decline in the quality of our nation's criminals. Consider the man who attempted to rob a mini-mart in the town of Vernon, Conn., as reported in a Journal Inquirer story sent in by alert reader Dan Thompson. The robber elected to wear a disguise, which was a good idea, since he was a regular customer of the store. The problem was the particular disguise he picked.