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Would Settlement Removal Bring Civil War to Israel?

- "Expect ruthless people to deal with you ruthlessly, and you will never be disappointed."

Court Rejects Jewish Land-Ownership in Seam-Zone

One of the few things I like about Zionists is their unmatched capability to shoot their own foot from any angle and distance, regardless the weapon used.

Robbing East Jerusalem

Governments adore lies. No parliament legislates laws forbidding governments to tell them. George W. Bush wasn't requested to resign for telling WMD lies; the same is true for Tony Blair. Israel Police was not shy of admitting in Court that lies and tricks are its main entrapment tools.

Presidential Awards, Masters of War and Vanunu’s Final Message to Facebook

Today, Israeli Nuclear Whistle Blower, Mordechai Vanunu wrote, "Hi. Today they sent first notice, they will renew the restrictions. Sent to my Lawyer. Now you are free, we can close the Cause. either you do it or I will do it."

Money Changers, The Resurrection and Israel’s Dimona: WMD Facility

“What I did was sacrifice my life for the truth. In prison I really began to feel like Jesus and Paul. When Jesus threw the moneychangers out of the temple, it was like me in Dimona exposing the Israelis dirty secrets. I felt like Paul being thrown in prison for speaking the truth..."-Mordechai Vanunu

West Bank 2011: One year of Humiliation in a Two Minutes...

In 2011, volunteers in B’Tselem’s camera project filmed over 500 hours of footage in the West Bank portraying Palestinian life under occupation. They edited & summed them up in a two-minute-video.

Everybody Loves a Parade

Mobs of Israel's finest youth didn't disappoint: they congregated outside the mosque in Sheikh Jarrah chanting "Muhammad is dead", "Slaughter the Arabs" and "May your village burn down".

Failed Favoritism Toward Israel

There will be disastrous consequences for U.S.-Saudi relations if the United States vetoes U.N. recognition of a Palestinian state -- By Turki al-Faisal, Riyadh, SAUDI ARABIA

SAMI JADALLAH: Israel and milking America

Ehud Barak, the Israeli defense minister in Bibi Netanyahu’s government announced to the Wall Street Journal that Israel would seek $ 20 Billions in upgrade for its already existing $3.2 Billions annual defense grants. It seems the Arab winds of freedom and democracy is another chance for Israel to milk the US cow for more money. That should not be a big problem since the US Congress with its Republican leadership and with some one like Eric Cantor representing Tel-Aviv and not Richmond, VA in the American Knesset West will surely help in this regard. If the toppling of dictatorships in Tunisia and Egypt is worth $20 Billions for Israel, one has to wonder what the price the US has to pay Israel for a regime change in Libya, Yemen, or Syria?

Israel Strikes Back

Timing is everything when waging war “by way of deception,” the motto that has long guided Israeli war-planners. Whenever Israel’s geopolitical goals are threatened,...

Israeli Rabbis and the Issue of Real Estate

Israeli rabbi Mordechai Nagari signed the religious ruling barring Jews from selling or renting homes to non-Jews. Photograph: Tara Todras-Whitehill/AP Irony –...


Sukkot Thoughts-Rededicating Ourselves To Those Who Have No Homes, Or Whose Homes Are Endangered By Rabbi Arik Ascherman Introduction by Rabbi Michael Lerner, Tikkun Magazine Rabbi Arik...

NYT: Israeli Rightists Stir Tensions in East Jerusalem

The mainstream media is picking up the meme that career U.S. government officials are more than irked at  Benjamin Netanyahu and a coddled, outlaw band of Israeli citizens who...

Israel Tells U.S. ‘No’ on Halting Building in East Jerusalem

Israel rejects US demand to halt building in disputed East Jerusalem By James Hilder Israel has officially rejected President Obama’s demand that it halt all construction...

Israeli actions are turning Jerusalem into a settlement

Thanks to an attempted settler takeover of the Sheikh Jarrah quarter, that quiet neighborhood of East Jerusalem has turned into a kind of microcosm of the illnesses that are poisoning relations between Jews and Arabs. The worst of these is the refusal to recognize the finality of the situation that was created at the end of the War of Independence. It is possible to understand the settler right, whose existential aim is the continued conquest of the land. But how is it possible that state institutions will lend a hand to an act that destroys the very land under our feet?