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Isn’t It Time For a Complete House-Cleaning?

Defense Department cuts...a second look

Leaving Every Citizen a Reflection On The Year in Government

It is time to flush the toilet in Washington

0.45% Is All That Protects Our Country

The nation's defense is handled by less that 1/2% of the population.

Vietnam…Putting Some Of The Worms Back Into The Can

A little more help in understanding Vietnam

The “War Crimes” Burden of Proof

If the Senate doesn't act responsibly this time around regarding Agent Orange it's time for an old fashioned hanging!

Toxin healthcare issues are an irrevocable government obligation

The never-ending saga of the Vietnam War

50th anniversary of using Agent Orange in Southeast Asia

August 10th marked the 50th anniversary of the commencement of using Agent Orange defoliant in Vietnam and other countries of Southeast Asia. This is not a momentous occasion by any stretch of the imagination.

Politicians…Had Enough Yet?

If you haven't had it with all politicians, you had better get stop smoking that "wacky weed"

The work of Congress is like making sausage…never know what you...

Getting a military/veterans appropriations bill through the legislative process