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Stop Mass Killings Limit First Amendment Not Second

Any way you slice it, the real culprit in these massacres is THE MEDIA.

An American Judge Puts Islam Above the U.S. Constitution

This past Halloween an Atheist was in a Halloween parade held in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania dressed as a zombie Mohammad.

The Fragility of Freedom: SOPA, Ken Starr and Vanunu Mordechai

If Congress passes the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) it will allow the government to censor sites deemed to be trafficking in copyrighted intellectual property and YouTube would likely be shut down.

Veteran Advocates Winning Battles for 1st Amendment Rights on Net

Advocates for Veterans issues winning battles over Las Vegas Net Lawyers seeking profits by running over 1st amendment rights for net bloggers.

Officer Thanks Religious Freedom Org for Help Against Extensive Bible Training...

- Army pressured Soldiers to attend Christian concert, Anti-Discrimination Officials Pressured Soldiers Not to File Discrimination Complaints, the soilders did what they wanted and many supporters...

U.S. Soldiers Punished for Not Attending Christian Concert

From Chris Rodda at Talk TwoAction.org On May 13, 2010, about eighty soldiers, stationed at Fort Eustis while attending a training course, were punished for opting...

President Obama defends “Ground Zero mosque”

- Obama comes out for First Amendment, against cultural idiocy. President Obama: "Let me be clear: as a citizen, and as president, I believe...

Editor’s Picks: News and Opinion Around the Web

Yes Magazine's Brooke Jarvis brings tells an entertaining and timely story of Murray Hill Inc, the first corporation to run for political office; proving, I suppose, that some Corps retain a sense of the absurd. Haiti's thoroughly inept government is taking increasing fire from her beleaguered citizens and Jim Hightower is back firing away at Corporate personhood in today's picks.

Bible Belt Bravado: The Beat Goes On

Tennessee has thrown caution, and reason, to the wind, deciding to use taxpayer dollars to indoctrinate children in public schools in the ways of Jesus Christ. The quaint notion of separating Church and State be damned. A curse on the prohibition of governments establishing religion. Who needs the First Amendment when we have the Lord?