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Abandonment of Gulf War Veterans 90-91 Must Stop

One of the documents that was released at the VA RAC GWIR meeting in Boston this past Monday and Tuesday has more appendices and proof but the basic report provides all the details that are needed.

Urgent Call To All Citizens To Help Gulf War Veterans Get...

Gulf War Veterans and their families are becoming the forgotten veterans and they need phone calls to all US Representatives offices in DC by the deadline of next week March 15.

Roe-Kucinich lead Charge For Gulf War Illness Research-Help the Gulf War...

Gulf War Veterans and all Americans should call their US Representatives in their DC office and ask to speak to the staffer assigned to Veterans/Military Issues and ask them to get their representative and all Representatives to sign on this Dear Colleague Letter Now.

Vietnam and Gulf War Veterans To Meet in DC

The National Vietnam and Gulf War Veterans Coalition will be holding their annual board meeting and Lunch Celebration that kicks off the activities that takes place during Veterans’ Day Activities.

Gulf War Veterans Week For Action

One in four veterans from the gulf war are affected minimally. That number is old and current data shows that number has continued to climb to over 1 in 3 at least have submitted claims from the Gulf War 1990-91.

Gulf War Veterans’ Illnesses

For VA benefit purposes, Gulf War Veterans are defined as those who served on active duty in the Southwest Asia theater of military operations any time during the first Gulf War starting August 2, 1990 through the Iraq War and subsequent reduced operations in Iraq.

The Needs of Gulf War Vets (90-91) Attention on The Hill...

Every day I deal with fellow veterans of the gulf war 90-91 and it is so difficult. It is difficult because each of us that stood up early in the 90's after coming home ill, knew we had to do what we do, not just for ourselves but because we truly believed in caring for our fellow veteran.

Gulf War Vets: Continuing the Battle in DC & “Taps” (90-91)

The Representatives in DC offices need to be told to give priority to Gulf War Illnesses Research on the DOD Appropriations Bill now before them on the floor of the House for Congressional Direct Medical Research for Gulf War Illness Research Program and find these veterans help in the form of true diagnostic work and treatment.

Are Gulf War Veterans Dying Fast?

Will the House of Representatives, Defense Appropriations Committee remember the veterans of the gulf war on Tuesday vote and honor those that have died from gulf war illnesses? Obits of these veterans from 20 yrs ago for just the time since Memorial Day are highlighted

Battle for Gulf War Illness Research Funds Heats Up

The US House of Representatives' Appropriations Committee vote on Tuesday for the DOD FY12 Appropriations bill may signal true abandonment to the Gulf War (1990-91) veterans that suffer from Gulf War Illness. This is a stark contrast to the reccomendation of the National Academy of Science, Institute of Medicine.

Navy links toxins in war-zone dust to ailments (Article Not Supported...

U.S. troops in Iraq, Afghanistan and Kuwait have inhaled microscopic dust particles laden with toxic metals, bacteria and fungi — a toxic stew that may explain everything from the undiagnosed Gulf War Syndrome symptoms lingering from the 1991 war against Iraq to high rates of respiratory, neurological and heart ailments encountered in the current wars, scientists say.

Desert Storm Veterans, the Lead Element in the Poison War

The aim to tie the story of environmental hazards to all that have been concerned from the patient sufferers be it civilian or military, to the lead Senator that exposed the Plight of the Gulf War Veterans in 1994(Senator Reigle), to the doctors that cared to try to answer the needs despite government interference, to the researchers that are finally now being funded thanks to the Gulf War Veterans efforts, and to the government agencies that were to have our backs but that have interfered and delayed help to those that need it the most. This not a story about whiners, this is the investigative report that covers the science and the research that has taken over 20 years to finally have an awakening that millions are truly sufferring.

UCLA and VA Get The Balding Men To Pay For Treatment

This is so good. While looking for problems with Irritable Bowel Syndrome that gulf war veterans suffer with Gulf War Illness, we may have found cure for Baldness. Maybe balding men will pay us money for the research fund for gulf war illness.

DOD CDMRP Research Projects for Gulf War Illness Announced

The results are out from the DOD Congressionally Directed Medical Research Program on Gulf War Illness for the 2010 funded studies. These are the list of those studies that have passed the two panel review process. Details will come as they progress to actually getting the funding and getting set up to proceed. Sometimes that can take several months or more. Our congratulations to the researchers and their institutions for their applications to receive funding consideration. The list of researchers and institutions :

DOD CDMRP Pre Announcement for Researchers for Gulf War Illness

Pre application for gulf war illness research for FY2011.

Government Funding on Gulf War Illness Research- DOD CDMRP

So here is the latest information IT IS STILL TO BE DETERMINED How Much For Sure For Gulf War Illness Research Program at DOD-CDMRP For FY2011. IT never hurts to keep your voice and written words in front of your US Representatives and US Senators and for you to share those to as many elected officials in all the parties from local to State to National! And to get the news of that out in all ways possible!!! In a year with continuing resolutions, partisan battles, and omnibus bill that runs in the thousands of pages that throw everything into the soup when they cannt get the 13 funding bills through in any form of clean method. Well, lets us say it is not a clean recipe at that point, behind the scenes cooks can be known to help or hinder. Even when a number of us advocates and those on the hill ie staffers are doing everything to track and monitor. AS the old song goes Behind closed doors......You never can tell where a secret supporter, Santa, Cook can either spice up the recipe or make it go sour.

Sarcoidosis in Gulf War Veterans 1990-91

Gulf War Veterans another Diagnosed illness that we at VT have seen previously is Sarcoidosis. WE need to again step forward and make contact and tract our diagnosed illnesses, just like we have done in the pass with ALS, MS, Brain Cancer, Lung Cancer, Breast Cancer, Prostrate Cancer, Respiratory illnesses, Cardiac Illness, GI illnesses,Leischmanasis, Thyroid Dysfunctions, ME/CFS, Fibromylagia, Lyme Disease, and Diabetes to name a few. WE need to move forward and network again with national organizations to combine our strength and become more strong in numbers and find civilians that care!

Ill Gulf War Veterans (90-91) Await Answers on XMRV/MLV

The Gulf War Veterans Who Are Ill Await News from the International Meeting of XMRV/MLV Researchers at the NIH The gulf war veterans who have been...

Gulf War Illness- Fibromyalgia Current News

Gulf War Veterans Health information on news on Fibromyalgia Two news stories on fibromyalgia that gulf war veterans need to read, keep file copy, distribute...

20 Years Operation Desert Storm/Gulf War Veterans to Gather at Dallas...

Health Fair and Reunion For Gulf War Veterans coming to Dallas Area- DFW Airport, Irving, Texas The National Gulf War Resource Center is holding a...

VA Approves $2.8M for Gulf War Illness Research

WASHINGTON – The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has approved $2.8 million to fund three new research projects that focus on testing or developing...

91 Outcomes Site Covers Gulf War News

Anthony Hardie runs an important resource focusing exclusively on news for Hardie's fellow veterans of the 1991 Gulf War. The site is called 91Outcomes,...

IOM Report Links Illness and Gulf War Service

By Jennifer Lubell A link exists between Gulf War service and post-traumatic stress disorder and multisymptom illness, although the causes of these symptoms remain unclear,...

Science Rules The Day For Gulf War Veterans In Their Battle...

The veterans of the Gulf War 1990-91 have mighty support from scientific breakthroughs that have occurred with the backing of Ross Perot that started in the early years after they returned from the Gulf War in 1991. Mr Perot met with a group of Navy Seebees in the early 90's that had returned sick and faced strong opposition from the government that was suppose to support their veterans.

Gulf War Illness Research Findings

This in from a Research medical meeting, CNS2010 in Canada:Pre-frontal Cortex Dysfunction in Gulf War IllnessG. Andrew J. Hillis1, Traci I. Sandoval1, Michael A....