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Israel, 9/11 and Jonathan Kay

Kay is the Comments Pages Editor of one of Canada’s most influential national broadsheet newspapers The National Post and is a fellow at the neoconservative think-tank the ‘Foundation For the Defense of Democracies’ which has been characterized by journalist Jeffrey Blankfort as “[o]ne of the most influential and powerful of the Zionist lobbies which changed its name and sprung into action immediately after 9/11.

It’s Always About The Money So On With This REVOLUTION!

As the August 2nd deadline fast approaches to raise the government-borrowing limit, President Obama called on Congress two days before this Independence Day to make a deal and announced, “Nothing can be off-limits. We've got to cut the deficit.”

Bomb’em Bolton and Ileana Ros-Lehtinen

Last week Chairwoman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen swooned, “I love John Bolton” after Bolton again called for military strikes against Iran.

Candidate for U.S. House Advocates Peoples Takoever

When I was a novice reporter six years ago, I learned that it was at the end of the interview that you heard the beginning of the story. As I begin my search for a District in Florida to serve in the U.S. House of Representatives, I learned that lesson again and was also inspired to go this way to get my political message out to we the people of the USA that we have it in our power to take over the House of Congress.

Facebookers Call for Bob Dylan to Boycott Israeli Concert

Human rights "Blowin’ in the Wind" while Bob Dylan ignores to play on in Tel-Aviv June 20

Facebook and Mordechai Vanunu

The "secret" story of the Vanunu security fiasco is what made it possible for Vanunu to do what he did, the cover-up, whitewashing and protection of senior figures in the defense establishment and collusion of USA Govt., versus the power of the Internet press and persistent people.

Back to Helen Thomas, Lennon, Vanunu and Giving U.S. Some Truth

The religiously fundamentalist Zionist Rabbi David Nesenoff, who turned his camera on Ms Helen Thomas just over a year ago and she shot back with righteous truth, that lead to her “firing” NOT retiring will be speaking out for Pollard at a Zionist celebration of the 6 Day War

An Evening with Helen Thomas and Flashback to John Lennon and...

By the time I booked my flight, Ms. Thomas had been “disinvited” to speak at Move AIPAC Over because of the pressure from a few particular people who had still not gotten over her flaming honesty expressed on 27 May 2010, in a courtyard at the White House. Their shortsightedness led to one of the highlights of my 57 years of life.

Revoking my Israeli Citizenship by Vanunu Mordechai

I am Mordechai Vanunu that was kidnapped from Rome on September 30, 1986 by The Israeli Secret Services.

God Things and Never Seen Vanunu Video

A few hours before the video producer returned to the US, he interviewed Mordechai Vanunu but did not release the tape until 21 April 2011, to commemorate the day in 2004 that Vanunu emerged from a windowless tomb sized cell.

What Martin Luther King, Jr. Could Have Said to Netanyahu and...

[USA-Israel] Last Friday Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called on UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to put an end to an audaciously hopeful flotilla setting sail to the Gaza Strip this May.

Nukes for Israel, No Surrender from Iran

The big powers got together in Istanbul to discuss what to do about what they claim is the 'problem' of Iran and its 'controversial' nuclear energy program. Iran in effect made...

Human Rights Activist Close to Getting U.S. Comment on Israeli Nuclear...

When President Obama took office, Eileen Fleming began phoning, faxing and e-mailing him and Secretary of State Clinton seeking a statement regarding the fact that...

I ain’t going to study war no more

"I ain't going to study war no more, .... " Heard the chords from a guitar and the angry-sounding voice of a folk singer...

Netanyahu asks U.S. to free superspy Pollard who betrayed America in...

The case of Jonathan Pollard "unites us all," Benjamin Netanyahu told his parliament, before reading the letter asking the U.S. to free the spy...


The job Mr. Lieberman wants most of all is Netanyahu’s. The way things are in Israel and look like going, it’s not impossible that he will get it. If he does become prime minister, I imagine that would signal a move from rhetoric to action as in the chants of his supporters - “Death to the Arabs!”

Watching Israel Delegitimize the U.S.

Our “special relationship” with this rogue state has placed the U.S. outside the same system of international law that we now seek to impose on others, including Iran. Our handling of the current crisis on the Korean peninsula could restore our tattered reputation.

Mossad Hunts Reporter in Hiding, ‘Takes off Gloves’ in Israel’s Pentagon...

Israel is hunting down a journalist who exposed its human rights violations in the 2008 Israeli massacre in Gaza in which over 1,400 innocents were...