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Nakba: The Truth Will Set Both Jews & Arabs Free

As Palestinians and Arabs around the world remember the Nakba and the forced exile of hundreds of thousands of Palestinian, Israeli and other Jews are simultaneously celebrating their ‘victory’ and the establishment of a Zionist-Apartheid State.

Al-Nakba Then and Now

"Everywhere except in America, the Palestinian narrative is well known."

The Global March to Jerusalem, the 36th Land Day and IMAGINE...

March 30, 2012 is The Global March to Jerusalem and the 36th anniversary of LAND DAY. As “reality leaves much to the imagination” [John Lennon] I imagine the third intifada could finally erupt...

Threats of Lawsuits and Remembering Nakba

On the second day of 2012, I received my second threat of a legal action in an email with a letter attachment “regarding a libelous publication on wearewideawake.org” from a law firm in Tel Aviv.

How Palestine Became Israel

One of the most important and effective things we can do, on the international day of solidarity with Palestinians, to bring justice and peace is to grow our awareness by informing our communities of the facts.

Recognition of Israel Necessitates Recognizing Palestine First

You simply can’t ask an entity, which what Palestine is regarded now at the United Nations, to recognize the state of Israel. This is legally and logically unacceptable.

America’s Coming Nakba (Catastrophe)

With America forced to do bidding of its adopted child by the “corpocracy” and its unending need for wars to sustain economic growth, America finds itself weak as its forces futilely attempt to contain terrorism

Finkelstein in March on Israel’s Cairo Embassy

“Norman Finkelstein joined some Egyptian youth activists in their most daring and adventurous attempt to breach the heavy security cordon around the Israeli embassy in Cairo, break into the embassy and take down the Israeli flag”

THIRD PALESTINIAN INTIFADA: All Arabs to March on Israel on May...

“With those powerful political storms rolling up the Middle East, and with this unstoppable and unpredictable domino effect of popular uprisings, how long before we watch the Israeli domino piece fall down” “And if dictatorships are not tolerated in the Arab world anymore, why the Israeli quasi-dictatorship over the Palestinians should be any exception”

Palestine Comes to Hollywood

Despite its flaws, 'Miral' marks the first time anyone has tried to tell just a Palestinian story in Hollywood.