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Another Holocaust Lie and fabrication

“At the end of the twentieth century, the ‘Holocaust’ is being bought and sold…In short, ‘Shoah [Hebrew word for Holocaust] business’ is big business.” Jewish historian Tim Cole

Cross Talk : Farewell Israel?

The book focuses on the break-up of American Jewish support for Israel. Its central argument is that the mostly liberal American Jewish community now knows too much about the historical, human rights and diplomatic record of the Israel-Palestine conflict to lend Israel blind support.

Finkelstein Slams BDS: a Paradigm Shift or a Guilty Conscience?

Has Prof. Finkelstein finally flinched? Has he capitulated to the global Zionist machine?

As Turkey Freezes Israel Ties, Critics Decry “Whitewashed” U.N. Report on...

DEMOCRACY NOW! speaks with Norman Finkelstein and Huwaida Arraf, -- Turkey has downgraded diplomatic ties with Israel and frozen military cooperation ahead of a United Nations report on Israel's deadly attack on a Gaza-bound aid ship in 2010.

The Holocaust, Israel’s Most Powerful PsyOps Weapon

Take a look at the current offerings of the widely viewed and popular “History Channel” on TV, with its distorted image of American History.

Finkelstein in March on Israel’s Cairo Embassy

“Norman Finkelstein joined some Egyptian youth activists in their most daring and adventurous attempt to breach the heavy security cordon around the Israeli embassy in Cairo, break into the embassy and take down the Israeli flag”

AMERICAN RADICAL: The Trials of Norman Finkelstein(Video)

AMERICAN RADICAL The trials of Jewish-American political scientist Norman Finkelstein. A revealing documentary about the scholar and the ardent advocate for Palestinian rights and world justice.

George Krasnow: A Tribute to American Patriot:In Memory of Joe...

On February 23, 2011, Joe Sobran, a prominent American journalist, syndicated columnist, and writer, would have turned 65. He did not live to see this day. He died on September 30, 2010. Below is my eulogy that originally appeared on the site of FGF last November.

France’s Shame—Bernard-Henri Lévy Indicted

France has never been too big on freedom of political expression. Lévy Faces Trial January 28th, in Paris, for "Crimes Against the Intellect" By Tariq Ali in...

“Happy as a Hangman” in a Nation of Bystanders

Innocence, as defined by law, makes us complicit with the crimes of the state. To do nothing, to be judged by the state as...

Israeli Oppression—’It Isn’t Nice,’ by Barbara Dane

"No other offense has ever been visited with such severe penalties as seeking to help the oppressed." - Clarence Darrow Via Norman Finkelstein

Israeli rabbi calls for Arabs to perish

The rabbi called for Palestinians to perish and asked God to strike them with a deadly plague. Seemingly, God was not listening to the rabbinical ravings but surely some of the rabbi- targeted audiences of fanatics were. His hate speech did not pass unrewarded.

“The Gaza invasion marked the climax of Israel’s descent into barbarism”

- Book Review of Norman Finkelstein’s This Time We Went Too Far on Israel’s 2008-09 Gaza blitzkrieg killing some 1,400 people of whom four-fifths were civilians...

Israel Bars Noam Chomsky from West Bank

Update: Banned by Israel, Chomsky gives W.Bank lecture by video and Israel: Chomsky ban 'big mistake'. Israel is a country committed to employing the machinery of...

Israeli Militarism and One Intellectual in America

The ongoing human rights crises in illegally occupied Gaza and the West Bank have political and economic consequences that will reverberate for decades. So, it's fair...

Israel Threatens “Sabotage” and “Attack” on Global Peace/Justice Groups

Update: Read MuzzleWatch's Think tank tells Israeli government to declare war on peace groups.—"They’re baaaaack - Israel’s 'most influential' think tank tells Israeli government...

Anti-Militarists Cohn, Hilberg, Finkelstein

Reposting this to rebuke those who would call the slaughter of Gazans a people's simply getting the raw end of the deal. Kill, starve...