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Erotica: Pornography and the Dreadful Few (Part I)

Michael Lucas: "Porn is show business. You’re in a show business whether you are an actor or an anchor doing news or fu$king."

NEO – A US and Filipino Front Vs. China

- What we are really dealing with here is another undeclared war, one where there has been no public debate as to the reality of the threat.

NEO – School Text Book Wars in Asia

- Under the new political conditions, there is another ideological shift, which is immediately reflected in freshly corrected textbooks.

Perpetual Wars and the Dreadful Few (Part I)

George Madison: “The testimony of all the ages forces us to admit that war is among the most dangerous of all enemies of liberty.”

Pentagon Kicking Some Brass, Hasan Rests Case, Syrian Gas Attack Alleged

To save money, the Pentagon has announced plans to cut senior officers starting next year.

“Diversity” and “Multiculturalism” Busted (Part III)

The western world, at its core, welcomes any individual, regardless of national or ethnic background, who tries to enhance the ideas and principles inherent in the western intellectual tradition for the benefit of society.

An Open Letter to NeoCon Hoodlum Max Boot

Moreover, you have the ministry of propaganda—Hollywood —that produces films such as, Argo (2012), Olympus Has Fallen (2013), G. I. Joe Retaliation (2013), which demonize other nations such as Iran and North Korea and create psychological terrorism and fear in the minds of precious Americans in the name of entertainment.

Military Headline News: Sextoration, Droneports Coming Soon

Here’s a new word for you complements of the dark corners of cyber land.

Forgotten Terror: The DC Sniper, Another Government False Flag

From time to time I get videos from odd sources. Back during the Bush era, selling terrorism was a big business, that and silencing people.

A History of the World, BRIC by BRIC

The multitrillion-dollar global question remains: Is the emergence of BRICS a signal that we have truly entered a new multipolar world?

U.S.-South Korean Team Investigates Claim of Buried Agent Orange

Using such modern tools as ground-penetrating radar and conducting analyses of water and soil core samples, a team of investigators in South Korea is searching for clues to a decades-old mystery:

Report Reveals Toxic Pollution at Numerous USFK bases

Analysis of an environmental contamination report obtained by the Hankyoreh on Tuesday of 22 U.S. military bases returned to South Korea showed the discovery of high concentrations of materials such as phenol, a toxic material that can cause organ damage, and benzene, a carcinogen, at some of the bases.

U.S. Army Sprayed Defoliant over DMZ in 1955

A former South Korean soldier testified for the first time Monday that from its aircraft, the U.S. military sprayed a defoliant over the Demilitarized Zone in 1955 ― more than a decade earlier than news media recently reported.

News of Korean War Suffering Was Distorted And Suppressed

The Korean War, a.k.a. the “Unknown War,” was, in fact, headline news at the time it was being fought(1950-53). Given the Cold War hatreds of the combatants, though, a great deal of the reportage was propaganda, and much of what should have been told was never told. News of the worst atrocities perpetrated against civilians was routinely suppressed and the full story of the horrific suffering of the Korean people---who lost 3-million souls of a total population of 23-million--- has yet to be told in full.