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Uri Avnery – Israel Defeats Flytilla Invasion but Loses PR War

- Uri Avnery,...brutality is the only one of the three traits that is prominent in our life today, especially in the occupied Palestinian territories.

Uri Avnery – On Israeli National Suicide

- "since the Orthodox do not work and cannot pay municipal taxes, they cannot sustain a town of their own. They need the secular to work and pay".

Uri Avnery on Israel – Peace versus Racism and Xenophobia

Our first job is to break the barriers...change reality, create a new Israeli society. We need blockbusters. Uri Avnery

Hamas Goes Non Violent – Israel Prefers War of Aggression

Khaled Mash’al declares that Hamas has given up all violent action...it will concentrate on non-violent mass demonstrations, in the spirit of the Arab Spring...Uri Avnery

Israel Spits in America’s Face – Again

Retired American Intel Community is Ready to Spill the Beans on Israeli Espionage

Israeli Dogs of War

In the next few weeks, the Palestinians will ask the UN to recognize the State of Palestine. After that all hell will break loose.

Understanding the opposition to NATO’s intervention in Libya

Understanding the opposition to NATO’s intervention in Libya

Uri Avnery on the Israeli Tent Revolt

Eighty-seven percent said they (Israelis) supported the housing demonstrations

Israel’s “KKK’nesset” gets new Anti-Boycott Law… Will they...

any settler...can demand unlimited compensation

Zionist Crime Against Humanity…Instilled Memory

...accompanying symptoms are belligerent behavior, recurrent suspicions, disconnection from the real world, conspiracy theories and narcissism.

Israeli launches McCarthyite witch-hunt; Mr. Binyamin Netanyahu, sir, have you no...

Uri Avnery looks at the alliance of racists and fascists behind a bill adopted by the Israeli parliament, the Knesset, to investigate the funding sources of...


More than six decades on, under the headline Weimar in Jerusalem: The rise of fascism in Israel, Uri Avnery wrote: “Throughout the years, we were careful not to mention the word fascism in public discourse. It raises memories which are too monstrous. Now this taboo has been broken.”


Uri Avnery GANDHI'S WISDOM September 25, 2010 Gandhi's Wisdom SURFING THE television channels, I came across an interview with the grandson of Mahatma Gandhi on an American...

The Elders of Anti-Zion

The initiatives of small local groups in various countries are not what they appear to be. Far from it! They are part of a world-wide, organized and coordinated conspiracy, which uses every means to achieve their nefarious aim. Unlike the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion”, the forged document that was produced a hundred years ago, this is a genuine plot, something like the “Protocols of the Elders of Anti-Zion”.

Inside the Israeli Knesset: A Parliamentary Mob

- In comparison to the present Knesset, the 1967 Knesset looks like Plato’s Academy; WHAT FRIGHTENED me more than anything else was the readiness of...


Who is Afraid of a real Inquiry? By Uri Avnery If a real Commission of Inquiry had been set up (instead of the pathetic excuse for...

Uri Avnery: Israel; “The Government Is Drowning Us All”

The Government Is Drowning Us All” Uri Avnery attacked by rightist thugs By Uri Avnery (Editor's note:  Uri Avnery is the kind of Israeli Hollywood depicted...

Sarah Palin Smackdown! Elites Run for Cover

Wiccans and Jews reportedly "very scared" after Palin's "rhetorical victory."