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Washington Recalibrating Iran War Plan

From the recent massacres happening in Iraq and Syria, one can gather that Washington has adamantly trodden on a path which is to be seen as a way to redefine the war in Iraq, an effective stratagem to bring the regime of Assad to its doom and recalibrate a comprehensive plan to topple the Islamic government of Iran.

Obama Secretly Preparing for Syria Intervention

Basically, the Washington Bosses are telling their ‘boys’ what they’ve been doing since last May in Turkey, inside the Incirlik base, but tweaking the time-line, changing it to soon-to-come action plans.

U.S. Imperialism Abroad Creating Police State At Home

As America's empire spreads abroad, it becomes ever more the police state at home. The methods used for the suppression of foreigners by military force and violence are eventually mirrored in the “homeland.”

Bullying and Intimidating Tactics of USA

After achieving its initial objective of occupying Afghanistan and making it a base of operations for its covert war in the region, CIA hastened to establish its network in FATA, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan since Pakistan figured high in America’s agenda.

Mullen: U.S.-Japan Alliance Serves as Model for Others

The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, on his first visit to Japan since it suffered a devastating earthquake and tsunami in March, today praised the U.S.-Japanese alliance and said the two nations must expand such relations throughout the Pacific region.

Pakistan is Fast Slipping Out of Hands of USA

The US having failed to achieve any of the stated political and military objectives in Afghanistan is now desperate to pullout safely but cannot do so due to number of reasons.

Press Conference on US, NATO attack on Libya (June 15, 2011)

A powerful and important Press Conference with some extremely impressive speakers.They are all Truth Sayers in the Land of Deceit!

The American Misreading of Iran

It is clear that the United States and its Western European allies were caught completely unprepared for the revolutions in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, and Bahrain, as well as the upheavals throughout the Arab world.

We will not forgive the Jews for their silence; for turning...

The Jewish War on Gaza and its resultant destruction of the Gaza Strip and the horrible killings of innocent women and children in cold blood and as reported in series of articles in the Israeli newspaper Haaretz a

Tsunamis Today, 323, Worry Watchers

HOUSTON, 3/23/2011 -- With aftershocks from Japan's 9,0 3/11/11 killer quake still alarming Pacific nations, some will be delighted to discover that FEMA, NOAA, et al., scheduled tsunami drills at least three months ahead of time.

Mideast Unrest Puts US Military Access in Jeopardy

Popular unrest sweeping the Middle East highlights the US military’s reliance on Arab regimes that offer privileged access to airfields and ports from Cairo...

Desert Storm Marine Burial This Weekend on 20th Anniversary of the...

memorial service for Gulf War 90-91 Marine this saturday

Senate Report: Contractors Funded Afghan Warlords

By Sharon Weinberger AOL News (Oct. 7) -- The sordid tale of thugs, violent crime and greed could have been lifted from a Quentin Tarantino film....


This is Economic Warfare in earnest. The stakes are the huge oil and gas operation and market of Russia, which is the No 1 target of this operation.