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NEO – China and the Follies of Megatrading

- Ulson Gunnar - Beijing realizes that global trade is both a threat and an opportunity. It has taken steps to maximize that opportunity in the short-term.

NEO – The Playing Field after Ukraine

- America's interests in Central Asia are nothing more than a rekindling of the Cold War, the peace time version...total American domination.

NEO – South China Sea Unstable?

- While the US has engaged in threatening China's energy sea routes, any resistanceto defend them is spun as aggression by China.

NEO – A US and Filipino Front Vs. China

- What we are really dealing with here is another undeclared war, one where there has been no public debate as to the reality of the threat.

NEO – Sweeping All Away To War

- Konstantin Penzev brings us another insightful article on the Alice in Wonderland labyrinth of US foreign policy with its silly name, the "Asian Pivot"

Kiev and Right Sector Kristallnacht Odessa

- Western powers, have gotten away with using terrorist proxy troops in Syria and other places, and developed a "no fear" policy for their continued use.

Kerry Rebuked EU for Inciting Ukraine Tug of War

- Lavrov...“Kerry has many times mentioned that Ukrainian intelligence captured Russian agents..., show them to the people, have them on TV."

NEO – USA in Mid East – Going, Going, Gone

- Orlov - By taking an extremely hostile position against Russia in the Ukrainian crisis Washington has managed to hasten the Eastward reorientation of Moscow

Ukraine Charade on Parade and Psyops, too

- Expectations were not high for last Thursday's four-party Ukraine talks, and we were not denied.

Press TV – Who Wins the Battle over Ukraine ?

- “The US wanted its missile shield moved closer to Russia, an obvious aggressive move which Russia had done nothing to encourage,”

US Squandering Prestige for Denying Visa to Aboutalebi

- Americans with any sense of diplomacy are looking at all of this with utter astonishment to see the US squandering its prestige on minor issues.

NEO – Does the CIA plan a Syrian style terror war...

- Someone decided to pull the plug on the four-way Ukraine talks on planned for this week. Kiev decided to invade its own country.

Syrian opposition’s call on US, act of desperation

- These Syrian National Council (SNC) people all need to be prosecuted for war crimes, along with all those who helped them, including State actors

US sanctions against Crimean officials are ‘silly, embarrassing’

- These sanctions seem like nothing more than a jobs program for State Dept. people...But they do contribute to poisoning the settlement climate.

West Using Crimea to Hide Real Intentions

- Russian Intel services are aware of the planned false flag operations to be blamed on them as part of the media vilification program

NEO – Ukraine Boomerang – Serious Repercussions Now for the West

The West took a major credibility beating today, one inflicted on itself.

NEO – USA Organizer of International Terror – 5

- NEO has a deep writing bench, with most of their people coming from Russia's top foreign policy academic institutions

NEO: Leaked documents show US Embassy in Ukraine Staging False...

Evidence has led to the discovery of plans to stage a series of terror attacks in the Ukraine to be blamed on Russian Special Forces.

NEO – Double Standard – Georgia-Ukraine, two presidents, no logic

- Seth Ferris..."Is Ukraine's Yanukovych guilty as charged or just the latest fall guy of the West?"

Operation Ukraine – "God How I Love the Smell of Psyops...

- General Paul Vallely’s views are that non-Jews in Israel should be stripped of their citizenship and sent to concentration camps. He is quite open about this.

US on Hook for Israeli Military Spending

- “The US is now on the hook for a lot of Israeli defense spending as far as 10 years out in advance,” Dean told Press TV on Tuesday

NEO – Seth Ferris…Redlines and Headlines

- The Ukraine crisis has now entered the theater of the absurd, where no one is embarrassed over what they say or do anymore.

US-German plot against Russia will backfire

The idea of the Russian forces that are in Sevastopol and the surrounding Crimea, being a violation of international law, is simply not true.

Putin’s full one hour interview transcript

- You will not see a bunch of focus group tested phrases being used like our people do, all given the OK by the shrinks to produce the desired image

NEO – Ukraine – A Dangerous Divide

- Russia has now recalled its Ambassador to Ukraine (for consultations), so we can assume that things are about to get interesting.

The West Attacks Ukraine

- Some of this is going to be out of date by the time you read it. Russia has decided on military intervention in the Ukrainian crisis,

America makes first payment for love-fest with Israel

- How soothing it must be for the hapless Palestinians to know the US has lost its voting rights in UNESCO

Pakistan No More Taken for Granted by USA

There is no denying the fact that Pakistan suffered from leadership crisis after the untimely death of Quaid-e-Azam in September 1948.

US Military to Maintain Low-Key Presence in Africa – Official

US military efforts in Africa will remain low-key and “small footprint,” and will be geared toward building relationships with African nations, a senior Defence Department official has been quoted as saying.

CIA’s brand of Taliban now come with tattoos

Muslim men, especially those who claim to be doing jihad, are not supposed to have such paintings on them since they cause problems for offering regular prayers.

US at UN – An Act of Infamy

One more time an American administration shamed America and shamed the American people (minus the Jewish leadership and community) and proved itself a client/vassal state of Israel, and that it is not sovereign state when it comes to the Middle East, occupied as Gaza, the West Bank and the Golan Heights.

CHINA: New Sheriff In Town

Let’s Bottom Line this world changing event. China said "Jump" the US said "How high?"

Dempsey, Russian Counterpart Meet at Pentagon

WASHINGTON — The top U.S. general on July 12 met with his Russian counterpart, giving him the red carpet treatment despite diplomatic tensions over Syria between Washington and Moscow.

The Peace People and Nobel Peace Laureate Mairead Maguire says ‘NO...

Much of the terror has been imported...

Syria: In Support of Revolution

The United States never was on the side of the people of the Middle East and is the only party standing between the Palestinians and their freedom and liberation and always stood the side of criminal dictatorship as they imprisoned, tortured, suppressed freedom and democracy and looted the country.

Israel, US Divided Over Iran Nuclear Issue

While Iran and the world six powers wrapped up their talks on Thursday in an atmosphere apparently meant to resolve the nuclear issue, US Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs and top negotiator on Iran Wendy Sherman rushed to Tel Aviv to brief the Israeli officials on the new nuclear developments and "reaffirm our [US] unshakeable commitment to Israel's security."

U.S. Should End Aid To Israel If Israel Attacks Iran

The U.S. should end all aid to Israel if it attacks Iran, former U.S. Senator James Abourezk says.

Hate Crime or Terrorism? The Ku Klux Klan Still Kill At...

Once upon a time in America back in the nineteenth century, there was a far-right organization known as Ku Klux Klan that adhered to primitively radical and hidebound ideas including white supremacy and brutalized and persecuted the colored race through an act of terrorism.

Iran War: US Eyes Covert Ops and Mideast Gendarme Role

The temptation of attacking Iran long entertained by Washington and Israel is gradually crystallizing into a reality of fear and angst and has already become an alarmingly worrisome idea even for those who are wont to see the glass half full.

Machsom: Real Jewish Values?

Check out these videos of Israeli soldiers at a Machsom (Security Checkpoints). The behavior of these soldiers raises serious questions about “Jewish values” promoted by the Israeli state.