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By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor

As an editor and writer for a military, veterans and foreign affairs publication, the term “Zionism” seems to have become a polarizing element.  Some of our writers are Jews or have Jewish families.  Some are Palestinians, many are Muslims.  Most are atheists, from my very personal and private poll, as are vast numbers of Americans and, frankly, people around the world, many who attend religious worship out of social pressure and even fear.  Most of the Jews and Christians I know are atheists, well educated and fine people, frankly much much better people than the “church goers” I know.  But this is a talk about Zionism and ideas of religious freedom have little to do with it.

There is not going to be an honest dialog about Zionism or “Restorationism” or Jews returning to Palestine or how evil Arabs were planning on killing everyone in their sleep as we see in the movies.  Everything we read about the establishment of Palestine is, other than the documents themselves, entirely a lie.  Yes, I believe there was a holocaust.  The idea of killing people because of race, religion or ethnicity is a European tradition.  Europe killed millions, Huguenots, Cathars, Protestants and Catholics, “witches”, “heretics” and finally 6 million Jews as part of a frenzy of brutality that began, quite frankly, when the Roman Empire hijacked the Christian religion under Emperor Constantine.

From then on, one group after another was being killed off for believing something slightly different, having an “evil eye” or, as is almost always the case now, having the misfortune of living on land someone else wanted.  The “Cathars,” perhaps the original followers of Christ, were killed off in the 13th century because they lived too well, had too much money and the Pope in Rome who was their supporter had been replaced by a “pretend” Pope that worked for the King of France.  They called this the Albigensian Crusade.  We even had a crusade that attacked and burned the Christian city of Constantinople.  Anyone who thinks the holocaust was something new is nuts.  It simply took practices established during Constantine and continued on and added trains and poison gas.  Consider the holocaust an industrialized version of European religion.

What are the lies?  It always seems our job to pick out the “whoppers” out there.  Well, Jews, at least 95% of them are not Semites from the “holy land.”  They are Europeans, the vast majority originated from areas of Russia, and some, Sephardic Jews, from Spain.  They are traced back by some historians to the time of Solomon.  The Catholics killed most of them off, tens of thousands, while killing many other people off.  Many converted to Christianity by force.  Anyone who thinks only Islam does that is nuts.

So, who are the Jews?  They are Europeans who didn’t buy in on the Roman empire’s version of Christianity and went thru hell over it, much as did the Cathars and endless others that the Catholic Church burned alive for centuries for one idiotic reason or another over belief systems that were and continue to be totally sociopathic.  What was special about Hiter and his Nazi friends?  Well most were Catholics, some very devout Catholics and felt they were killing Jews as part of “God’s plan.”  We try to lie about this but the Catholic Church was deeply involved in the holocaust and Naziism.  Deal with it.  These guys were Christians, no matter how much the History Channel and Indiana Jones try to tell you they were all “mystics” of some kind.


Back in the middle of the 19th century, Jews talked about going back to Israel and rebuilding the Temple.  They never came from Israel but their religious beliefs are strongly tied to the history of that region.  This wasn’t a huge number of Jews.  When you look at Germany during the First World War, you find the German and Austrian armies full of Jews with European Jews making up much of the intellectual leadership, the authors, musicians, scientists and philosophers.  Jews controlled the banks, much of the commercial life but were also cab drivers, tailors and factory workers.  Jews were also married into “Gentile” families.  After centuries only a magician could tell a Jew from one of Hitler’s “Aryans.”

The biggest influx of Jews into the Middle East was into Turkey under the Islamic ruled Ottoman Empire.  Jews were being expelled from Europe during the 15th and 16th century and were all asked to settle in the Ottoman empire, which stretched from the Balkans thru the Holy Land and beyond.  The Sultans looked on the Jews as a way of rebuilding their cities and establishing an economy.    Jews held, not only nearly full autonomy under Islamic rule but also held some of the highest positions in state.  Remember, the Ottoman empire was the entire Islamic world during this period.

This makes the entire history we are taught about Islam and the Jews a total lie.  If there were Jews in the Islamic world, they were there because they were invited, valued and helped rule the Ottoman empire.   This is history, not propaganda.

During the holocaust, when no other country, including and especially the United States would take in Jewish refugees, Islamic Turkey took in 100,000 European Jews who were saved from the gas chambers.  No other country did as much.

“Despite the harsh policies of ethnic homogenization during the early republican period, the Turkish stance towards Jews in German-occupied Europe remained relatively positive. Even though Turkey remained neutral during World War II (until its symbolic declaration of war on Nazi Germany on 23 February 1945) and officially forbade granting visas to German Jews, individual Turkish diplomats (such as Necdet Kent, Namık Kemal Yolga, Selahattin Ülkümen and Behiç Erkin) did work hard to save Jews from the Holocaust.[28] According to Prof. Stanford J. Shaw “some 15,000 Turkish Jews from France, and even of some 100,000 Jews from Eastern Europe” were saved because of Turkish efforts.[29] On the other hand, Turkey has been implicated in the Struma disaster, due to its refusal to allow the Jewish refugees on board to disembark in Turkish territory.”

When we describe relations between Islam and the Jews, we don’t talk about the half million Jews who lived in and helped rule the Ottoman Empire or that controlled the vast all Jewish Khazar empire for centuries, not Jews that had ever originated in the Holy Land but invited there, saved from Europe, the Catholic Church or centuries later from Nazi persecution.  Instead, we replace the truth with childrens stories about persecution that never happened, not where and when our Zionist friends love telling us it did.

If we remember that the Ottoman Empire lasted until well into the 20th century, we only have a short period, practically only a few years to discuss where the British decided that Jews should be settled in land the British never owned and controlled only through war.  You can watch the movie Exodus to learn some of it, almost 100% false, or get some background from Lawrence of Arabia, but really common sense and truth have been set aside so long that there is no longer any hope.


The holocaust happened.  America and Britain allowed it, know that for certain.  When American troops found concentration camps they were surprised, not because we didn’t know but because we chose not to tell anyone.  After all, America was extremely anti-Semitic itself.  Jews were hated across America, denied seating in restaurants, use of resorts and restricted from many neighborhoods and, in fact, entire states.  The holocaust was very “convenient” for America, Britain, France, Poland, the Netherlands, Hungary, Romania, Czechosolvakia and many other countries that now pretend they had no part in it.  Blaming Germany is one thing, a way of picking out one country to pin the crimes of many on but blaming Islam is an obscenity of lies.

So why then were the Jews resettled in Palestine, an area they never came from, an areas already totally populated?  Jews couldn’t go back to their homeland, really the Ukraine.  Stalin hated Jews.  Palestine had, until a few years before, been part of the Ottoman Empire.  Britain ruled for a few years, years filled with strife where Britain fought a war against Jewish extremists, some of the originators of terrorist attacks of the kind we are seeing today.  When Britain tried to stop terrorist groups operating in Palestine, terrorist groups run entirely by Jews, the British headquarters in the King David Hotel in Jerusalem was destroyed by a massive bomb.  The group responsible for this early “9/11” type attack later became the government of Israel.

The British make movies about this, Jews are terrorists and the British are trying to create a peaceful state.  Their movies have Jews as European terrorists attacking British military to take land away from Palestinians who have lived there for centuries.  Maybe throwing the Palestinians off their land is ok, if our movies, which are made so much better than theirs, draw larger crowds.

This seems to be the standard of truth we are operating on.


Back during the 1800s, the major religion in America had been “spiritualism.”  Millions tried to talk to the dead and religion, in order to keep its customers took on some odd beliefs so that seances could be part of  “Christian” worship.  We wrote this out of our history but it is true just the same.

Then came the “tent revival” and “faith healing” charlatans that became the backbone of America’s “Christian Evangelism” of today, a religion based on distortions of scripture, snake handling, speaking in tongues and replacing religious scholarship with “bible stories”  and theatrics.  The most fertile area for this group of predatory “used car salesman” preachers to work was biblical prophesy.

This had all the “sex” of talking to the dead plus the imagery of the rapture, naked people floating in the air, Armageddon with millions of people, children, pets, the entire planet being mercilessly destroyed and the promise to the “select,” those with money to buy their way out of suffering, sitting at the side of baby Jesus cheering while their enemies suffer.

If only I were making this up.

These “snake charmers” and con-men, we now call them “televangelists” needed to have Jews back in Israel to start their business going.  This was the “prophesy.”  They don’t like Jews, in fact these are the same people who cheered on the Nazis during the holocaust.  Their beliefs don’t even allow Jews to remain Jews.  When Christ returns, Jews all have to convert or go to hell.  Does this sound a bit like the Spanish Inquisition?  It should.

However, it got Israel allies, got them weapons, billions in aid and allowed them to build a military state they don’t seem to have sufficient common sense to control.  Welcome to that one.  Israel isn’t stupid, “take the money and run.”  Any of us would do it.


Israel isn’t a country of devout Middle Eastern Jews returning to a homeland promised them by g-d.  It is a country settled by Europeans who had been thru hell but who also had learned to play dirty and not follow any rules.  No country on Earth has more opposition, has faced more sanctions than Israel.  The number of times the US has had to veto sanctions imposed by the United Nations against Israel for humanitarian violations is countless.

Israel is not a country surrounded by powerful enemies trying to destroy them.  On one border is Egypt, a country that is happy to do business with Israel all day long.  Israel will never have a threat from Egypt.  On the north is Lebanon, a powerless state subject to continual civil war, half Christian, half Islamic.  If anyone needs worrying about in Lebanon, its the Christians, not the Jews.

Do we want to talk about Syria?  Why does nobody talk about Syria?  That threat is gone also.  Then we can look at Jordan.  They and Israel are so close, you can barely tell you have moved from one country to another.  That leaves Iraq, a country that will never threaten Israel and Iran.

Ah, Iran.  What is Iran.  Why do we find, when we look under the table a bit, so much business between Israel and Iran and so much talk of war?  I am having reality problems here.  Iran is trying to buy a decent air defense system.  They have a 3rd rate army, a 4th rate air force, a navy made up of small boats and no nuclear weapons.  They are nowhere near Israel and could never attack Israel unless they flew their army in on commercial planes.  As half of Iran is on the terrorists “no fly list” they would have to pay off the Mossad to even get thru airport security. (like other terrorists do)

Now we have Israel and India working together as one country.  Israel has all of Americas defense technologies and India has a billion people and massive manufacturing capabilities.  Combined they are in the process of becoming a superpower, not regional, but on a world scale.  India is going to be building fighters easily the equivalent of the F22 Raptor soon, something America is secretly shocked by.  We wonder where that technology came from.

We are dealing with countries with huge nuclear arsenals, world class armies, massive 1st rate air forces, nuclear submarines and we are sitting up nights thinking an army of Arabs on camels is going to take them over.  Have we lost our minds?  Is the idiocy we see on TV so convincing that we have given up all rational thought?


America is based on separation of church and state.  No matter how much our recent bible-thumping neo-Federalists like to lie about it, the Founding Fathers were a pack of atheists.  This is one of those nasty secrets of our history.  These were people of the “Age of Enlightenment.”  This means they were atheists.  Get over it.

It isn’t like we were even dealing with anything a rational religious scholar would call “Christianity.”  The Christian Zionist version of Protestantism is little more than back-woods hokum that conveniently gives billions to Israel, helps our military front for oil company greed and has written a history of recent years that will be the shame of humanity for centuries.

Every time an Evangelist starts ranting about Mary Magdalene, the “whore of Babylon” instead of the wife of Rabbi Jesus and mother of his children, I wonder which is real.  I then ask our Evangelist friend to open his bible and show me where Magdalene is shown to be a whore?

It isn’t there, not one word of it, like half of the other idiocy they rant on about.  They simply make it up.  Actually get a bible, if you don’t already have one, and really read it without the “Fox News” version being explained to you by a “televangelist” with a 20,000 square foot home and a fleet of Mercedes.  Remember WWJD?  I have a good idea and a lot of people wouldn’t like it.


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Gordon Duff posted articles on VT from 2008 to 2022. He is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War. A disabled veteran, he worked on veterans and POW issues for decades. Gordon is an accredited diplomat and is generally accepted as one of the top global intelligence specialists. He manages the world's largest private intelligence organization and regularly consults with governments challenged by security issues. Duff has traveled extensively, is published around the world, and is a regular guest on TV and radio in more than "several" countries. He is also a trained chef, wine enthusiast, avid motorcyclist, and gunsmith specializing in historical weapons and restoration. Business experience and interests are in energy and defense technology.