By Gordon Duff  / STAFF WRITER / Senior Editor

Today, John Avalon wrote a piece for the Daily Beast describing those who are asking for a new 9/11 investigation as “wingnuts.”  What he fails to tell us is that, as “propaganda chief”  for Rudy Guliani, a man whose former chief of staff is now doing time as a Mafia “bag man” Bernie Kerik, burying the truth has long been a part of his job. 

The prisoner in question, Bernie Kerik, was supposed to head Homeland Security.  Think about a character from the movie Goodfellas as the nation’s chief law enforcement official and you have an idea where John Avalon comes from.  The only way of going further would have been to put the ghost of the “dapper don,” John Gotti himself into the Whitehouse.  Is Avalon another Kerik or just a “Kerik/Guliani associate?”

Much of the 9/11 controversy centers around the mysterious collapse of Building 7, never hit by a plane, a building Guliani is said to have been warned to leave before it was brought down by controlled demolition. 

Larry Silverstein, the controller of the destroyed WTC complex, stated plainly in a PBS documentary that he and the FDNY decided jointly to demolish WTC 7 late in the afternoon of 9/11. In the documentary “America Rebuilds“, aired September 2002, Silverstein makes the following statement;

“I remember getting a call from the, er, fire department commander, telling me that they were not sure they were gonna be able to contain the fire, and I said, ‘We’ve had such terrible loss of life, maybe the smartest thing to do is pull it.’ And they made that decision to pull and we watched the building collapse.”

The problem with this story is that, according to literally thousands of engineers and architects, it would take weeks to engineer the collapse of a building like this.  Did Silverstein have a crystal ball or are all buildings in New York wired to explode, “just in case?”  The 9/11 Commission was never allowed to look into Building 7.   Guliani and Silverstein are people John Avalon worked with on a daily basis.

Avalon is a tool, an “asset,” but whose?  Who profits from his story?  When the 9/11 Commission itself asked for prosecutions of those who perjured themselves and presented false documents and have, quite frankly, stepped away from their own findings, a massive movement to reopen the investigation has grown worldwide.  Top intelligence officials, military officers, scientists and engineers, in numbers far exceeding any of opposing opinion, are clamouring for a new investigation. 

It has become so powerful that the “assets” are coming out of their holes.  Avalon’s approach is classic:

“It is appropriate that Ahmadinejad used the phrase the “big lie,” first coined by Adolph Hitler in Mein Kampf to explain the psychology behind propaganda campaigns of misinformation. “In the big lie there is always a certain force of credibility,” Hitler wrote, because “It would never come into [most people’s] heads to fabricate colossal untruths, and they would not believe that others could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously.”

Avalon doesn’t tell us what “truth” is being distorted but he drags out Hitler, Mein Kampf and the very suspect Ahmandinejad of Iran, a veritable “kitchen sink” of unrelated references in what is unavoidably part of a misinformation campaign almost exactly as he himself is describing.

Avalon is describing a conspiracy.  Who is the “wingnut” here? 

Never Forget No Plane Hit Building 7Exactly what group is conspiring together?  Who is financing the “9/11 truth” propaganda campaign that is part of the massive conspiracy that Avalon is referring to?  What is their goal?  So far, the “9/11 truth” movement is what it looks like, people unsatisfied with the explanation they got, scientists, scholars, politicians, world leaders and a few crazy people, all loosely tied to one idea, finding the truth, a truth that key members of the 9/11 Commission have said is not in their report because of a “criminal conspiracy” to mislead them.

If anything, the “9/11 truth “movement is the victim, a victim of smear campaigns and it is increasingly reported that their organizations, which number in the hundreds, have come under investigation by security agencies and their membership has been heavily infiltrated much as with the militia movements of the 80s and 90s.

After the Oklahoma City bombing, the militias disappeared.  It is claimed they had one last meeting.  It went like this:

“We’ve been putting this off for awhile but its time we faced up.  OK, I have a question for the membership.  Will all  FBI informants please step forward.  OK, will all of you please step back where you were.  Meeting adjourned.”

Avalon’s article appears to be a small and very stupid part of the “truth debunking” movement, clearly tied to “insiders,” and there is no more of an “insider” than Rudy Guliani.  Is someone figuring that if we are drowned with enough baseless charges of conspiracy, the real conspiracies can go unchallenged?  This is a very common “psy-ops” deception ploy meant, frankly, to be wielded by a greater intellect and with greater skill.

Do the terms “truth debunking” and “obstruction of justice” mean the same thing?  We should think about this. 

“9/11 truthers” aren’t armed radicals and nothing is being threatened other than a “cover story” that fell apart years ago.  If the “9/11 truth” movement is being investigated as a criminal conspiracy, as seems to be the case, using extraordinary means, even to the point of applying Patriot Act “counter-terrorism” provisions, what does this mean?

Informants are being discovered in nearly every 9/11 group, some spouting insane theories, others advocating violence.  We call people like this “agent provocateurs.”  This is also a classic “counter-intelligence” practice.  Why is this being done and who is ordering it, financing it?  It’s happening, and on an ever growing scale. 

Do we have two conspiracies now or is it three?  Can anyone keep track?  We certainly know Avalon’s story is part of something, the smell is outrageous.  Is it a conspiracy?  Does working for Rudy Guliani, now rumored to represent many of the world’s most vicious dictators as a lobbyist, make people simply “go bad?”

911 2nd Plane Hitting BuildingAfter dragging out Hitler, Avalon then went after poor and long dead Osama bin Laden.  While in Pakistan last week, meeting with Lt. General Hamid Gul, former head of the Pakistani intelligence agency, the ISI,  and General Aslem Beg, former Chief of Staff, Army of Pakistan, along with Col “Imam,” coordinator of military activities against the Soviets, I was able to verify the December 2001 death of Osama bin Laden.  This was also confirmed at the highest governmental levels, the same folks that regularly brief our own government. 

If you are looking for suspects, you are now safe to start looking at anyone presenting video, audio or other “evidence” of bin Laden or statements about bin Laden, 9/11 or terror attacks after bin Laden’s death.  Anyone originating such information can easily be assumed to have been involved in the planning and execution of the acts being put off on bin Laden.

Thankfully, we know who these people are and can arrest and prosecute them as soon as we come to our senses. 

Not only has bin Laden been dead for years but the CIA’s own translation of bin Laden’s tapes shows him denying all involvement in 9/11.  What does Avalon do?  He brings out the transcript of a long discredited “phony bin Laden” tape received from former Israeli Defense Force member, Rita Katz and her organization Site Intelligence, a group that downloads things from conspiracy sites on the internet, something Avalon must know alot about.

Here is what Avalon had to say:

“Alternately, you can just take Osama bin Laden’s word for it. He’s repeatedly taken credit for the attacks, including on a videotape where he recounts the planning process and his wish for maximum damage: “We calculated in advance the number of casualties from the enemy, who would be killed based on the position of the tower. We calculated that the floors that would be hit would be three or four floors. I was the most optimistic of them all. … Due to my experience in this field, I was thinking that the fire from the gas in the plane would melt the iron structure of the building and collapse the area where the plane hit and all the floors above it only. This is all that we hoped for.”

Of course, bin Laden never said any of this.  This is a fabrication.  Why would someone write something like this unless there was something to hide?  Who teaches people to write like this?  Did writing speeches for Rudy Guliani suddenly make a political propagandist into a journalists?  Let’s check Avalon’s sources against the official record.

This is the CIA’s version of the only verified bin Laden statements on 9/11.  How does Mr. Avalon’ story hold up?




Usama: In the name of Allah, the most beneficent, the most merciful. Praise be to Allah,
Who is the creator of the whole universe and Who made the earth as an abode for peace,


for the whole mankind. Allah is the Sustainer, who sent Prophet Muhammad for our

guidance. I am thankful to the Ummat Group of Publications, which gave me the

opportunity to convey my viewpoint to the people, particularly the valiant and Momin

[true Muslim] people of Pakistan who refused to believe in lie of the demon. I have

already said that I am not involved in the 11 September attacks in the United States. As

a Muslim, I try my best to avoid telling a lie. Neither I had any knowledge of these

attacks nor I consider the killing of innocent women, children, and other humans as an

appreciable act. Islam strictly forbids causing harm to innocent women, children, and

other people. Such a practice is forbidden ever in the course of a battle. It is the United

States, which is perpetrating every maltreatment on women, children, and common

people of other faiths, particularly the followers of Islam.

Is the CIA now involved in a plot to discredit, well, exactly who?  Are they plotting against John Avalon? If you wondered why Osama bin Laden had never been charged with any 9/11 related crimes, this statement and a rather telling lack of evidence might help you with your conclusions, unless, of course, you think that the FBI is involved in a plot against Avalon and Guliani also.

We, long ago, had written off journalism as an honest profession.  Were I to make a living out of accusing others of being “wingnuts,” I might, first of all, learn to write.  Beyond that, I would learn to get one or two facts straight and, if I were to try using cheap propaganda tricks, I would be alot better at it.  This is lame.


After billions have been spent and 9 years have past, no proof of Osama bin Laden’s involvement in 9/11 has been presented.  However, we have had attempts to lie to the 9/11 Commission and more than a few stories like this one, inaccurate, cheap propaganda that emit this kind of stench.


Always ask, why would someone write something this blatant unless they were serving some purpose?  Are articles like this proof of a conspiracy in themselves?  The “9/11 truth” movement is only asking for an investigation.  It isn’t making statements of having proof of “false flag” operations against the United States by the Bush administration or Israel. 

Would an investigation head that way?  What would be found?  Why try to stop an investigation when, obviously, a new one is required, even demanded?   With the original 9/11 Commission’s work falling apart with continual scandals and new evidence, our path is obvious.

What is being hidden?  What agenda does Avalon’s article serve and who is he tied to?

How much money have so many made off 9/11?  Names like Chertoff, Silverstein, Guiliani, Ridge, Haliburton, Blackwater and dozens more, all friends, political allies, always come up.  I don’t know if all the coincidences make up a massive conspiracy against the United States, a conspiracy that killed thousands and put us into two wrongful wars.

Can I prove this article is part of a conspiracy or just dumb?  The dumb part is obvious.  The ties to Guliani, who sits at the heard of any conspiracy theory, is, if anything, a demand for an investigation.

There wouldn’t be articles like this, not so many, unless there is a conspiracy, like the one Avalon accuses others of, but one he is serving himself, knowingly or  not.  Is it a conspiracy to save Americans from learning something unpleasant about the nature of their own government and what kinds of things it is capable of?

This is what most Americans think.  Are they right?  Do they have the right to know? 

These are the questions and articles like John Avalon’s make the point for asking those questions and perhaps using some of those Patriot Act powers, the waterboarding, the detentions, the renditions and the special tribunals for something other than silencing dissent. 

Defeat the Debt


  1. Artie,

    riddle me this. why did the same people who blew up the world trade center finance the fight against the healthcare bill?


  2. Everybody STOP!!! Stop fighting and listen to some reason for a change. None of us are ever going to agree with each other. Endless arguing is not going to solve anything, rather, it will just stress everybody out. Now, what i propose is very simple. We have two scenarios, the government theory and the alternative theory(s). We have just spent about 900 billion dollars on a bogus healthcare bill which the majority of people did not want. Obviously, to our government, spending is not an issue. So I submit to you that We the People have the necessity to demand that a new investigation into 9/11 be commissioned. This will be an open ended investigation, not impeded with budget or time constraints. An investigation that here’s the testimony of all expert witnesses, both governmental and private sector. An investigaton that includes all other testimony of witnesses that have some actual evidence pertaining to 9/11. An investigation with subpoena power to call any witness, no matter how high up the chain of command. Only then can we get to the truth of what really happened on 9/11/01.

    To those who believe the official government theory, what do you have to lose?
    To those who do not believe the official government theory, what do you have to lose?

    I submit that the only thing that anyone has to lose is to admit that they were wrong.

    Now, what do we have to gain? We can finally prove who was involved in the events of 9/11! We can indict all that were involved, if they find that there was anybody involved. If it is found that element’s of the government were NOT complicate in 9/11 then we move on with our lives. If we find that element’s of the government WERE compicate and there was a coverup, we take action from there.

    This, in my mind, seems like the most common sense way to end this war of words once and for all. So this should be taken as a challenge to all of us, whatever our belief’s may be, to ORDER a new investigation into 9/11. Again, money shouldn’t be an issue because the amount of money for such an investigation is a grain of sand compared to what was put into this healthcare bill.

    So, let’s get it done. If the government has nothing to hide, they will willingly agree to a new investigation. Should the government refuse We the People the right to learn the real truth about 9/11, their culpability should be taken into consideration. If the government has nothing to hide, they will immediately start the wheels turning on a new investigation.

    Is there a single one of you out there that disagrees with this idea and, if so, why?

    I have offered up the only viable solution to getting to the truth about 9/11. Now, let’s stop arguing and get it done.

  3. Sad part is that the false flag criminal fraud which resulted in thousands of deaths of American citizens has taken this long to out.
    It will change the relationship of the US with Israel forever (not the US government, of course, just its honest citizens).
    Sad that we have allowed the Rothschild extended crime family and Federal Resever (bet you didn’t know that the Rothschilds are the major shareholder of the FED) to tank our economy through its agent, Goldman Sachs, which then stole trillions of dollars from the American people in the bank bailouts.
    When the American people finally figure out that the Rothschild controlled Mossad was principally responsible for the 911 attacks (although elements of our own government participated), it will be a very rude awakenening.
    It is a sad day for our republic.

  4. Of course there’s a conspiracy. What a dumb question. The “official” fairy tale is a conspiracy theory. As someone who has researched this subject for 5 years, I am continually amazed that there can be any doubt as to whether the federal government (sic) was involved. It’s been staring everybody in the fact for 8-1/2 years now.

    Bush fought for over a year to keep 9/11 from being investigated, and he was successful. There has NEVER been an INVESTIGATION into 9/11 by anybody in GOVERNMENT. The only investigations have been in the private sector. Even the most clueless gumshoe could tell you that when somebody tries to block an investigation into a crime, and that person is THE TOP LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER IN THE BRANCH OF GOVERNMENT CHARGED WITH ENFORCING THE LAWS, you can goddamn well bet the farm, your ass, and the kid’s college fund, that they were involved.

  5. Planned by Israelis with help from members of the Bush administration sounds much more likely. Dov Zakheim. Dominic Suter. Lucky Larry. Israeli security at the airports(ITC). SITE(Israeli) Intel group phony “Bin Laden” videos. Adam Pearlman(or Gadahn as he is now known) the Israeli “al qaeda” spokesman. I could go on and on.

  6. The Enemy Within

    “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive
    treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and
    carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear. The traitor is the plague.”

    Cicero, the Roman Senate, 58 BC

  7. You “look forward to MORE (hapless bullshit)?” LOL! “Albury Smith” is not interested in any kind of honest debate. He’s a paid and/or ideologically motivated “debunker”. He has many posts at opednews.

    He’s highly motivated, he’s got lots of voluminous “canned” “answers”, and he uses all the standard “debunker” techniques and talking points. He will concede *NOTHING* to the 9/11 truth movement.

    Rather than waste your time reading “debunker” nonsense, why not read something informative, like this for instance:

  8. Gordon,

    While I generally see your analyses as being spot-on, I’m quite sure that 9/11 was planned by Israel and its fanatical partisans, and aided by the Bush administration.

    First of all, as a practical matter, the planning of 9/11 certainly had to predate Bush’s administration…from concept to conclusion I’m quite sure it took much more than 8 months.

    Then there’s the question of motive.

    And in that regard, clearly, 9/11 was all about PNAC, and PNAC is all about Israel.

    Bush and Cheney are merely power hungry, sociopathic scum, willing to sell their souls for a taste of power.

    In fact, I’d say that the Zionists (let’s face it they largely control our whole political process) brought team Bush to power specifically to help carry out the 9/11 fraud. They probably came up with the idea sometime not long after the USSR collapsed, and it took them a while to bring everything together, and then, when they felt they were ready, they brought team Bush to power.

    I’d be willing to bet that Bush himself didn’t even know all the details of what happened that day. My guess is that Bush was told by his handlers that his administration would “let it happen”, i.e., let the “Arab terrorists” carry out their mission, so that “we” can then go after “them” and the countries that support them, or some such happy horseshit.

    This type of “reasoning” may have been used on a number of goy accessories, e.g., Giuliani, playing on their “patriotism” (i.e., vanity).

    In my mind’s eye, I can see Cheney and some high level Jew supremacists sitting around a big table in a big fancy room, with people such as Giuliani, some top military people, some top CIA, FBI, etc., saying: “Gentlemen, we’ve called you here today because of your outstanding patriotism. We know that ‘Arab terrorists’ are planning to fly planes into the World Trade Center, but insted of trying to stop them, we’re going to let it happen”.

    And then someone in the audience asks: “But why sir? If you know what the plans are, why not stop them? You’re going to let thousands of people die?”

    And then Cheney or some authoritative Jew supremacist answers: “Because, son, if we stop them now, they’ll just try it again in the future. Maybe next time using WMD, which would kill not thousands but tens or hundreds of thousands…no, we have to let them succeed this time, even it it will cost many lives. This way, we can go after them where they are…we can take the battle to them and the countries that support them. This way we can save lives.

    Of course, none of the goy accessories at the meeting know the full story, e.g., that there really are no “Arab terrorists”, but only Mossad impersonators who’ve stolen Arab identities, and that the planes will be electronically hijacked, etc.

  9. Do you support an investigation that could prove what you say or do you wish to silence those looking for facts or who challenge your beliefs?

    This is the only real question…


  10. The most logical explanation for 9/11 is that it was planned by the Bush administration with the help of Israel and financing by Saudi Arabia thru AIG, money disbursed by the FBI. Here is a serious problem with this:

    Information still classified runs this direction, showing, not only the mechanism for finance but efforts to cover this up. Members of the intelligence community, some who are not involved in any 9/11 organization, know enough to blow 9/11 out of the water but are being silenced.

    I can’t say any more than this. One large and well know security company owned by a major insurance group found within its own employees a group that worked on 9/11, former FBI employees.

    It would take 5 minutes to come up with the company names. I know of one person murdered to cover this up, something no agency has looked at, something listed as a car accident, an utterly impossible car accident.



  11. Sometimes Albury writes rationally and other times he seems to have an agenda that is not supported by fact. 9/11 is the key to all of it, by “all” I mean the overthrow of our government.
    Until more people realize this and the lengths some have gone to, we will remain where we are.

    My personal experience, not minor in some areas, tells me that Albury is totally wrong in most of what he says and seems to be dogmatic. I have seen black ops/false flag ops planned.


  12. Albury, I think you write rationally and logically, and I appreciate your intelligent posts, and look forward to more.

  13. No,, I’m just actually thinking out loud. War has become a business,, it is being marketed and promoted just like any other product,, and the poor kids coming home scarred for life or worse, with some nightmare that they will never escape are paying the real price,, as well as the lives that we do not need to be taking over there. It’s Smedley Butler all over again. A Racket. I hope I am just the opposite of a disinformation shill my friend.

  14. Mr.Smith, I find your perspective simutaneously lacking in intellectual honesty and transparent in motive – it is nothing more than a hit job.

    First of all, how in the hell is one independent journalist supposed to pursue a reinvestigation into an issue the full weight of the US mainstream media is determined to avoid at all cost?

    1000 Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth signatures press conference ignored by world media

    “As a sad commentary on the press corps, not one news agency in the world so far has done any coverage on the Feb. 19 event that was simultaneously broadcast at press conferences being hosted concurrently in cities throughout the US including San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Seattle, Portland, Chicago, Austin, Dallas, Madison, Dover, NH, Tulsa, Tucson, Boston, Alexandria, VA (DC), Tampa, Temple Terrace, FL, Denver, Newark; and internationally in Ontario, Vancouver, Brussels, Denmark, Sydney, and Wellington, NZ.”


    You state “whether OBL is alive or dead is irrelevant”. Oh yes it is. If the government is purposely keeping his death a secret that makes a statement of and by itself – the US govt can’t be trusted with either the status of OBL or the true events surrounding the worst mass murder on US soil in over a century. If OBL is dead, and our intelligence assets haven’t determined this yet, what kind of statement does that make concerning the intel infrastructure that was supposed to be rebuilt and reinvigorated in the post-9/11 era? In this climate of aggressive domestic surveillance which focuses its attention inward upon US citizens, a question of misplaced priorities arises.

    If the nation that I served wishes for my fidelity to remain intact it must start rebuilding its credibility, for every Patriot Act re-up that gets sneaked through two minutes till the stroke of deadline, for every fake OBL taped appearance that makes its way to the TV, for every opening of Congress with a unanimous resolution voicing support for Israeli aggression within the Gaza Strip, and when in every instance the mainstream media chooses to ignore or minimize these events to the point of journalist malpractice, my faith and trust grows dimmer.

    There is a vast body of direct and circumstantial evidence which indicates there was more to 9/11 than Al-Qaeda and boxcutters. Nanothermite explosive residue. Twin towers struck by two passenger jets which manage to free into their own footprint with an efficiency only approached by expert building demolition technicians. Tower 7 collapsing like an old Vegas casino going down on Sunday morning merely by virtue of two floors suffering fire damage. There’s the “dancing” Mossad agents on Israeli TV clearly admitting foreknowledge, in not complicity. A complicated yet crystal clear web of Zionist political, intelligence, and economic players connecting government offices and Silverstein’s activities. And so on, and yet you albury smith have the gall to point an accusational finger at an independent journalist instead of where it should be – at those who have the resources, the capability, and most importantly THE DUTY TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, THE SO-CALLED PRESS AND THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT.

  15. So, who has benefitted the most from the horrors of 9-11?
    The agenda of the PNAC fellows of course.
    “New Pearl Harbor”
    Section V of Rebuilding America’s Defenses, entitled “Creating Tomorrow’s Dominant Force”, includes the sentence: “Further, the process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event––like a new Pearl Harbor” (51).[13]
    (Wikpedia,,”Rebuilding America’s Defenses”.paper from PNAC)
    So,, Osama was “our guy” while we were spending the big bucks to fight the Russians in Afghanistan. Some say he was still our guy right up to just before the attacks on 9-11.
    Cold war is over,,, defense industry still needs some “enemies” to focus their energies on,,so who is available? Whether Osama was still being influenced by or being used by some of our more invisible types,, or whether he was acting on his own, the evidence, and there is a bunch of it, says that he was indeed involved in the 9-11 events. Al Quaida members have stated this, although none of us really know how many gallons of water went into their lungs to extract this information.
    We do know that much of the money to finance the hijackers came out of Saudi Arabia.
    And I know that the general consensus in Europe is that Bin Laden has been dead a long while,, but still,, how about just a little more evidence?
    As our arguments run up and down these pages I am reminded of a type of religious debate,,, for it seems that neither side is really listening or examining the other’s propositions. If someone believes that a missile hit the Pentagon, they will continue to believe it. No article,, no testimony, no witness, no piece of evidence will change their mind. It is like asking the most faithful born again Christian to renounce Jesus Christ. Just ain’t happening.
    If they want to believe that four of these hijackers are still alive and comfy somewhere eating dates and sipping alcohol free Pina Coladas, there is nothing that can change that belief.
    If some want to believe that the Mossad planned this, financed it,,hired and motivated the Arab hijackers,, etc etc etc,, nothing will change their minds.
    What most of us are willing to admit however,, is that less than twenty highly motivated men set out that morning to take control of four airplanes, knowing that their lives would surely end that day. I think this, to me,, is the most interesting point of the entire event. How in the world are men so motivated to make this type of commitment?
    Is it an advanced form of mind control ? Only religious zeal? Revenge? Advanced brainwashing?
    A clever combination of all of this ?
    What exactly makes a person strap on a bomb and walk into a crowd of innocent people?
    But perhaps none of this should perplex me so much, for I know many soldiers who go into combat asking very little about their real mission and knowing even less,, but going mainly to help make sure their friends come back home with them. And of course the benefits,, health care for their families,, future educational benefits,, possible death benefits, and job training, free health care from the VA for the rest of their lives.
    Well,,, heck,, I guess it all does make some sort of crazy sense.
    Terrorists attack us because of the benefits,, and we occupy their lands for the benefits.
    It’s a gig.
    Heck,, now it all makes sense. I get it !!
    Weapons makers create jobs,, this pays taxes,, taxes hire soldiers,, soldiers fight wars,, profits are made by all the suppliers,, dividends are paid to stockholders,, stuff gets blown up,, big fancy new war toys are made,, more jobs,, more taxes,, more soldiers,, more Pentagon money to our universities for “research,” more government sponsored robotic competitions for our kids,, ( Booz-Allen-Hamilton does not try to hide their involvement, they brag about it,),, a few more jobs,,, a few more gazillion buying new and more lethal drones,, killing becomes more and more a clean long distance affair,,little brown people are running for cover everywhere,, Marine Generals are bragging about how much fun it is to kill an Afghan wife beater,, and kids who have never had a judo lesson or a karate lesson,, who have never even owned or shot their own 22cal rifle,, sign up for the pass into manhood,, real discipline and training,, and in just a few short months are ready to walk into combat with their new friends,, their new muscles,, their high tech soldier toys and their Kevlar vests.
    I guess the biggest shame of this is the abuse of our language.
    We call this defense.
    Shoot! What have I been fussing so much about ? Silly me. My bad.
    I’d better just shut up and leave well enough alone.
    I think I’ll just defer to the experts.
    Still,, I’m just a little curious about why we are in Afghanistan.
    Oh yeah,, that’s right,, it’s a gig ! Silly me.

  16. Chandler’s video is self-debunking every time he shows the beginning of the collapse of the North Tower. Cutter charges would have dispersed the smoke very noticeably BEFORE the 60,000-ton upper section began falling, and nothing goes outward until afterward. The smoke and debris go out at a speed proportional to the falling upper section, and aren’t propelled out at supersonic velocity, as explosives would have done. The video also gives you a good look at 236 of the 283 columns in each tower. They were all in plain sight, making the secret planting as well as detonating of explosives impossible.
    Cutter charges leave a copper residue on the ends of the columns they sever, and none were found in the debris with that distinct signature on their ends. That’s a great video for showing that a C/D at the WTC couldn’t have happened, Nelson. Have you read NCSTAR 1, which also makes it very clear that explosives would have been redundant?

  17. You post nothing but the same old hapless “debunker” bullshit, chump. You did it over at opednews, and now you’re apparently working this forum, too.

    You got your sorry “debunker” ass kicked over at opednews, and you’ll get the same here, no doubt.

    Most of your nonsense is so childishly foolish and/or intellectually dishonest as to simply not merit a substantive reply; e.g.,”Do controlled demolitions take seven or eight hours to collapse a building”? LOL! And your pretending not to understand what Silverstein was trying to do with his “pull it” statement is beyond tiresome.

    As far as building 7 goes, once again, it’s now a matter of publical record and a generally accepted fact that the building fell with free-fall acceleration for over two seconds while maintaining a perfect or nearly perfect profile.

    You can wave you arms and scream ’til your technically illiterate lips fall off, but the fact of the matter is that “fire” could not have caused the near instantaneous removal of all vertical structural support throught the whole volume of the building in the manner implied by the “collapse” as witnessed.

    But even that, as well as your other absurdities and your childish contrariness, are all academic at this point, as it’s clear that the debate’s over, and you liars and accessories to mass murder lost.

    The following video clip ends all the “debate” as to whether 9/11 was an “inside job”. Unless you can provide a compelling counter-explanation for what is obviously a cutter charge cutting a column in the NW corner of WTC1, please just shut-up and go away.

  18. Shea

    You are sounding a bit arrogant. It is not my job to keep you informed. Your job seems to be to keep yourself misinformed. Stop being lazy, do your own work. If you think Osama bin Laden is alive, prove it if you can.

    Nobody has done this in nearly a decade and nobody serious, and I have access to serious people, believe he is alive.

    You have the gift of information. If you chose to not use it, fine. I don’t care.

    Dead is dead. You can’t do anything about it.

    Perhaps you can come to Pakistan and start looking for him yourself.

    Bring money, lots of it because you will need two grand a day for security alone.


  19. Albury

    The FBI has him on a list, already knowing he is dead for the amusement of rubes like you. I am in this business. The FBI knows he is dead, has for years and openly admits it in the real world.

    Your phony Joe Galloway comment….

    I can now see why people tire of you.
    This is the last answered comment you get from me.

    You can write all you want but your thinking is sloppy and boring. You are a dupe, a Fox News GOP spammer. We have had them before.

    You are in over your head here.


  20. How many Jimmy Smiths are in the U.S.,, how many Johnny Browns ?
    How many Achmed Mohammeds are in Jordan,,,, how many Ishmael Steins are in Israel?
    In other words great detective,, what’s in a name?
    Any more startling EVIDENCE ?
    GEE,, identities are stolen,, happens everyday,, recent evidence; workers in Dubai.
    What does this prove? Nothing .
    What is your point? That hijackers were not from Saudi Arabia?
    What ALL these conspiracy ideas never mention, is that the person who just might reveal these conspiracies will be one of the biggest heros in the world,, so why,, with all these conspiracies is nobody coming forward? Now,, Gordon has the conspiracy going into and up and down insurance companies. Try to grow some weed in your own attic,, try to keep your best friend quiet about this,, and let me know how this is going when the local narc shows up at your door with the search warrant. People who who want to promote these huge conspiracy theories are just like people who want to comment about real fighting,,,they most probably were never in a real fight,, and most certainly they have never been in a real conspiracy. Questions about building number 7 ? REALLY ?? Do any of you actually believe that the NYPD Fire Dept does not know the real facts about this? Are they part of your all encompassing conspiracy theory also ?? To those of you who say yes,, I say have a few beers with them in a downtown bar,, let me know how that works out for you.
    We take the good with the bad. Gordon still thinks that a plane did not hit the Pentagon,, in spite of all the very valid evidence by investigators, and witnesses. Yin and yang,, we cannot, and should not, immediately make invalid everything we see on these pages,, but my God,, we should balance it with a lot of common sense, and energetic examination.
    Now Gordon has told us that Osama,, the ex CIA stooge, is dead,, and he offers not one piece of evidence. Not one iota. Yeah,, let’s just take his word for it,, give me a f—–ng break. Where is the evidence Gordon ? You met with the EXPERTS ? Yeah, me too.
    Yes,, there is a conspiracy,, but it is out in the open! We have lost control of our federal government,,, but this is obvious,,,, now,, what do we do ??? Don’t place the blame on the Israeli lobby,,,place the blame where it should really be,, on the people who do not care enough about the truth,, and who keep their mouths shut because of the salary they are getting.Yes,, there is a conspiracy,,, the conspiracy is that America has become so frigging dumbed down that the midget from Fantasy Island could easily become a senator,, even though some might think he is dead. Oh,, you believed that lie too? Yes, the conspiracy exists,, in every Pentagon employee who continues to do their little job,, and who continues to go to work everyday,, knowing that what they are doing makes so very little sense,, the conspiracy is the conspiracy of “THE SALARY.” Get used to it,,,it pays those high rents in D.C. . It’s really a conspiracy of paying federal employees to keep their mouths shut,, and Washington D.C. is so incredible chickenshit that we are hearing nothing,, because those individuals are taking the money home. Washington D.C. ,,, listen up,,, you are mostly a group of ass covering dimwit chickenshits. This includes any of you who are getting paid the big bucks to go over to Afghanistan this spring. You are wasting our money,, I don’t believe in your “mission,” I don’t even think you really know why your government is asking you to go,, admit it,, you are going because of the money . What has changed since the America of 1972? Yeah,, one thing for sure; we used to get real pictures and video from our war zones,, thanks to REAL journalists like Joe Galloway,,, now what reports do we get from war zones ? Nothing,, except the official government line,,, and don’t we have a law prohibiting the federal government from paying for any propaganda ???
    Yeah,, there IS a conspiracy. It’s called the greed of the federal employee,military and civil,, and the stupidity of the average American. We need look no further for an explanation of why so many idiotic behaviors are being seen. The Conspiracy of Idiocy,,, reminds me of The Confederacy of Dunces,, just a lot less funny,, and so very less well written. Keep lying as you recruit the soldiers who will come home with the lovely memory of taking a life,,thinking naively that they were doing something that really needed to be done,,and then let them slowly discover the truth,, and look over your shoulder as they do that.
    Please,, somebody give me a great excuse for wars between nations,,please?
    There is no excuse,, and absolutely no good excuse for murder. It IS just this simple.
    If anyone in this world is being killed at this moment,, there is simply no good explanation for it. Here endeth the f—–g lesson. Blame it on the Zionist lobby,, blame it on the CIA and the FBI,, blame it on Bush,, the OIL comapanies,, just blame it on anyone except yourself. Easier that way isn’t it ? Perhaps more realistic to admit the fact that we have lost all control of our federal government. Look no further for evidence of a conspiracy. It is a conspiracy of greed,, at every level.

  21. Please prove your previous assertion that “We know the [9/11] Commission has rescinded its findings,” and then at least try to explain why 12 different insurance companies, two of which were based in Zurich, one in Copenhagen, and one in London, all paid a total of $4.68 BILLION to a man who admitted to blowing up his property, Gordon. Not innuendo about some guy who might have been murdered somewhere or other, or urban legends about the FBI, but real, solid proof.

    Senior Counsel John Farmer’s book, and various comments by 9/11 Commission members about the somewhat limited scope of the report do not mean that there’s the slightest doubt about who attacked us on 9/11, and not one of them believes that GeeDubya, Silverstein, Israel, Giuliani, or any of the others you’re libeling had anything to do with it, or knew that it was going to happen.

    Your statement that “nothing else is possible” indicates to me that you think hijacking an airliner pre-9/11 was some sort of amazing feat, steering one in clear weather was absolutely miraculous, even after months on Boeing simulators and with FAA commercial pilot certificates, and that you’ve never bothered to read either NCSTAR 1 or 1A.

  22. You should conduct an official briefing with the FBI then, Gordon, because Osama bin Laden is still atop their “Most Wanted” list for his connection to the two US embassy bombings in Africa in 1998 and other terrorist attacks worldwide:


    There is plenty tying al Qaeda to 9/11, and whether OBL is alive or dead is irrelevant to the fact that al Qaeda still exists and is still a threat to the US and other nations, some of which they’ve also attacked, usually with suicide operations. Be sure to have an official briefing with Dale Watson, then executive assistant director of the FBI’s Counterterrorism/Counterintelligence Division, who had this to say about the al Qaeda-9/11 connection in February, 2002:

    “The evidence linking Al-Qaeda and Bin Laden to the attacks of September 11 is clear and irrefutable. The law enforcement and military response mounted by the United States has done much to weaken the organizational structure and capabilities of Al-Qaeda. Despite the military setbacks suffered by
    Al-Qaeda, however, it must continue to be viewed as a potent and highly capable terrorist network with cells around the world. As we hold this hearing, Al-Qaeda is clearly wounded, but not dead; down but not out.”


    I wasn’t concerned that my comments were being withdrawn, I was unable to post on here for more than a day and emailed you and others at the site to find out why I was getting a “forbidden, not permitted” message whenever I clicked to send. I’m also not the slightest bit supportive of the GOP, haven’t spammed or rambled on senselessly, and haven’t attacked anyone personally, so I’m wondering why you’re resorting to ad hominem. If you decide to get back on topic, instead of telling me what you think I sound like and presenting straw man arguments about bin Laden, please feel free to address my questions about your take on Larry Silverstein’s PBS “pull it” statement, and his alleged role in the imaginary controlled demolition of WTC 7. They were posted on 3/9 and shouldn’t be too hard to find.

  23. Albury,

    I have had offical briefings on OBL and similar issues. Bin Laden has been dead since 2001 and there is still nothing tying him to 9/11. Anyone saying so needs to bring a case to court.

    Failure to do that is an ommission of fact.

    I can see why you worry about your comments being withdrawn, you sound like a GOP spammer…rambling on senselessly. It just won’ t work…you are in over your head.



  24. Albury,

    The insurance companies themselves helped handle the cash to finance the hijackers…the CFO of the biggest was murdered in Portugal. I was asked to look into it.

    Albury….you are reading crap. Even the “truthers” don’t get the whole story.

    We tracked payments to two other hijackers to an FBI account…and have those records too.

    Most world intelligence agencies (and our own) believe it was Bush/Mossad operation.

    Nothing else is possible…under any circumstances…and there is no information backing up your assertions that hasn’t been denied, withdrawn or debunked.


  25. So the legal departments of 12 different insurance companies, at least four of which are foreign, can be deceived and manipulated, but not members of the 9/11 truth movement, huh? I didn’t post “hapless ‘debunker’ bullshit,” I simply asked you some questions. You didn’t address most of them, and might as well have ignored the others too, based on your answers.
    If you’d bother to read NCSTAR 1A, you’d know that the official reason for the collapse of WTC 7 was that fires on floors 7,8,9,11,12, and 13, which started when flaming debris from the North Tower collapse hit the building, weakened the floors around a column near the NW corner, causing partial floor collapses that led to the buckling of the column. Once again, how did Larry Silverstein or the FDNY, whichever one you’re libeling, know that the flaming debris was going to hit Building 7? How did they know that the North Tower collapse would sever the water main, making firefighting efforts in WTC 7 useless?

    Btw, are all of these people in on the plot too?




  26. OBL has not been officially indicted for 9/11, Brian, and since he was already wanted for two SUICIDE bombings of US embassies in Africa, and the SUICIDE bombing of the USS Cole, there was no reason to compromise intelligence sources by laying out a complete case against him for al Qaeda’s “planes operation,” as 9/11 was originally called by KSM, OBL, Ramzi Yousef, and the other planners. It’s inaccurate to say that he’s not wanted for 9/11 however, as the FBI’s Dale Watson explains here:
    I also just presented figures showing that Silverstein Properties lost a great deal of money because of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, and continues to do so, and all you can do is bring up an old bio? If you’re that interested in me, go to the OpEd web site and read some of my comments there, and then explain to me why I was harassed constantly by the editors, had my posts repeatedly flagged or pulled for no reason, was insulted daily by the readers there and even had my life threatened by one of them, and was banned from the site a year ago for no legitimate reason, other than not drinking the Kool-Aid. Look under site contents-member archive-smith, albury.
    Not that it matters, but I am a WASP, a Vietnam veteran, have no connection at all to Israel or the Mossad, and didn’t vote for GW either time. I am also a vocal opponent of the Iraq War, and consider it the worst foreign policy decision the US has ever made. Now why don’t you address actual issues instead of creating red herrings? I’d especially like to know why you think Larry Silverstein bombed his property and still collected $4.68 billion from 12 international insurance companies. I also posted some other questions regarding Silverstein’s PBS quote on here yesterday, if you’d care to comment on them. There’s not the slightest bit of evidence of a controlled demolition to begin with, but go for it.

  27. ” I was able to verify the December 2001 death of Osama bin Laden. This was also confirmed at the highest governmental levels, the same folks that regularly brief our own government. ”
    Gordon, please,please elaborate ! That is a pretty important piece of information,, and I do not doubt for a second that you would ever write something you did not believe to be true,, but can you share just a little more of the evidence with us, or at least the rationale’ ?
    Just like any detective investigating a homicide,, it make sense to look first for any possible motive. Which TWO countries stood to gain the most from the events of 9-11,, and the way our government followed by occupying the Middle East?
    answer; Saudi Arabia and Israel,, our two allies in the Middle East.
    Both of these nations benefit greatly from our military presence there.
    Even though the majority of the hijackers were from S.A.,, the conspiracy buffs and everyone else seems to ignore Saudi Arabia. Why is this?
    Ever hear the expression,,” the enemy of me enemy is my friend” ?
    Now,, I’m just asking,, and this might sound pretty nutty to most of you,,, but is it just possible,, that Saudi Arabia and Israel are much more connected than any of us might suspect ?
    I just put this out there for consideration. The paranoid creature,, and for good reason,, is the Saudi Royal family. Normal people do not commit murders,,, paranoid and psychopathic people commit murders.
    Every soldier we send to the Middle East makes the Family Saud feel just a little more comfortable,, and this my friends,, is what is never discussed. All we hear are more rants about the Jews and the Zionists,,,, how about the Saudis? Anyone ??



    While the media plays up the significance of the government show trial of the seemingly deranged 20th hijacker Zacharias Moussaoui, not one 9-11 victims lawsuit has been allowed to be heard in a trial by jury. Why have the 9-11 victims families not been given the same right to have their cases heard in an open trial?

    Ellen Mariani, who lost her husband Neil on United Air Lines (UAL) Flight 175, filed the first 9-11 wrongful death lawsuit against UAL on Dec. 20, 2001. Mariani was interviewed on national television in May 2002 by Bill OReilly of Fox News, who repeatedly questioned her about why she had chosen to pursue litigation instead of accepting the government fund.

    I want justice, Mariani said. I want accountability. Who is responsible? I want the truth.

    Today, Mariani, like the other 9-11 plaintiffs, is under a gag order which prevents her from speaking about her ongoing lawsuit. Likewise, thousands of employees of federal agencies like the Federal Aviation Administration have received gag orders in the mail keeping them from telling what they know about the events of 9-11.

    After more than four years, however, Marianis determined pursuit for the truth about 9-11 through the court system has failed to yield any answers or discovery about who is responsible for 9-11. Today, she is no closer to obtaining what she has stated she wanted from the beginninga trial by jury.

    Why have the many victims cases like Marianis, brought by relatives of loved ones lost on 9-11, not been allowed to be heard in a trial by jurya basic American right? And why have the foreign-owned security companies involved in the shocking security lapses, which enabled the attacks of 9-11,
    been granted immunity by the U.S. Congress?

    All of the relatives wrongful death criminal lawsuits against the airlines and their security companies have been consolidated by the presiding judge into a negligence lawsuit, which is a civil case and much less likely to be argued or investigated in an open trial with a jury. The 9-11 wrongful death and personal injury cases against American Air Lines (AA) or UAL or any of the foreign security companies, namely Argenbright Security (British), Globe Aviation Services Corp. (Swedish) and Huntleigh USA Corp. (Israeli) are being handled by U.S. District Judge Alvin K. Hellerstein of the Southern District of New York.

    In the case of at least one of these security defendants, Huntleigh, there would seem to be a conflict of interest for the judge because the airline security company who is responsible for the shocking security lapses at both the Boston and Newark airports on 9-11 is a wholly-owned subsidiary of an Israeli company (ICTS) headed by men with clear ties to Israels military intelligence agency, Mossad.

    Hellerstein, 73, on the other hand, has deep and longstanding Zionist connections and close family ties to the state of Israel. A Zionist is a supporter of the state of Israel. Hellersteins wife is a former senior vice president and current treasurer of a New York-based Zionist organization called AMIT. AMIT promotes Jewish immigration to Israel and stands for Americans for Israel and Torah. AMITs motto is Building IsraelOne Child at a Time.

    Hellerstein, however, is not the only player overseeing the 9-11 litigation process who has close ties to Israel. In fact, all of the key players and law firms involved are either active Zionists or work for firms that do a great deal of business representing Israeli companies and/or the state of Israel.

    Kenneth R. Feinberg, for example, the special master of the federally funded Victims Compensation Fund, is also a dedicated Zionist. Feinberg single-handedly administered the $7 billion fund that paid out U.S. taxpayer money to some 97 percent of the families who could have sued to recover tort damages for monetary loss and pain and suffering. Those who accepted funds signed away their right to litigate against the government, the airlines or the security companies.

    The Kenneth Feinberg Group is listed as one of the top 10 supporters of the Jerusalem Institute for Israel Studies for 2004-2005. The Jerusalem Institute is an Israel-based Zionist organization that, among other things, supports the building of the illegal separation wall across Palestine.

    The Feinberg Group also lists as its clients major insurance and re-insurance companies such as Lloyds of London. These are the companies who stood to lose billions of dollars if 9-11 victims lawsuits had gone forward.


    Hellerstein also has a son living on stolen land in the occupied West Bank.

    And BTW, these lawsuits are still tied up in court, nearly nine years later. Why?

  29. Of course most of the “Main Stream Media” in “the West” is under the control of Zionist Jewry, yes, and that explains lots, but what about Russia and China? Why aren’t those governments making any noise, for example?

    In addition to preparing an attack on Iran, which is supposedly an ally and business partner of Russia and China, the “U.S. government” is, as I type this, surrounding Russia with missiles and selling advanced weaponry to Taiwan, among other antagonistic things.

    So why aren’t Russia and China making a big deal out of 9/11?
    It’s really mind-boggling to me that nobody is using the weapon that our perverse elite have handed them on a silver platter.

    Moreover, until very recently, not ever Iran (the next target on the Zionist/PNAC hitlist) was saying anything about it.

    Lastly, I can go even further: Why isn’t the family of the late Bruce Ivins suing the FBI, for example? Surely they have a good case. And the Anthrax “mystery” is without a doubt tied to 9/11.

    It seems to me that the U.S. government has so much potential exposure, from so many different angles, both foreign and domestic, yet it seems that other than the herculean efforts of “Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth”, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING is happening.

  30. The Washington Post on ‘lunatic’ 9/11 ‘conspiracy theorists’
    March 9, 2010
    by Jeremy R. Hammond

    “An editorial in the Washington Post yesterday slammed Japanese member of parliament Yukihisa Fujita because he “seems to think that America’s rendering of the events of Sept. 11, 2001, is a gigantic hoax.” His “ideas” about the terrorist attacks “are too bizarre, half-baked and intellectually bogus to merit serious discussion.”

    Fujita, the editorial added, is a member of “the lunatic fringe” who “have spawned a thriving subculture of conspiracy theorists at home and abroad”, and “his views, rooted as they are in profound distrust of the United States, seem to reflect a strain of anti-American thought”. The piece closes by suggesting that the “fact-averse” Fujita should be removed from office.

    Among Fujita’s “bizarre” views are “that shadowy forces with advance knowledge of the plot played the stock market to profit from it”, “the fantastic idea that eight of the 19 hijackers are alive and well”, and “that controlled demolition rather than fire or debris may be a more likely explanation for at least the collapse of the building at 7 World Trade Center”.

    Yet while serving out a hit piece against the global “9/11 Truth” movement, it is in fact the editors of the Washington Post who are demonstrably “fact-averse”.

    It happens to be an uncontroversial fact that in the days just prior to the attacks, there was a dramatic increase in trade on put options, and what made this unusual spike even more mysterious was that it was observed only in relation to companies directly affected by the attacks, including United Airlines, American Airlines, and Morgan Stanely Dean Witter & Co. (which occupied 22 floors of 2 World Trade Center).

    That this occurred was in fact mentioned in the 9/11 Commission Report, which reported that the federal investigations into the suspicious trading concluded that it was all “innocuous”. Many of the trades on the airline companies, for instance, were traced to a “single U.S.-based institutional investor with no conceivable ties to al Qaeda”.

    In other words, the report acknowledges that the suspicious trades did in fact occur, but dismisses this as evidence of foreknowledge because the investigation didn’t lead to the proper predetermined culprits. This is illustrative of the kind of standard the 9/11 Commission employed throughout its so-called “investigation”.

    The “fantastic” idea that the identity of the hijackers named by the FBI is in question is an interesting case. At the time, the Washington Post had also subscribed to this “half-baked” notion. On September 20, 2001, under the headline “Some Hijackers’ Identities Uncertain”, the Post reported, “FBI officials said yesterday that some of the 19 terrorists who carried out last week’s assault on New York and Washington may have stolen the identities of other people, and their real names may remain unknown.”

    Among the evidence for this, the Post cited “Saudi government officials” as having determined “that at least two of the terrorists used the names of living, law-abiding Saudi citizens”. The man in the picture of one of the alleged hijackers, the Post reported, was Salem Al-Hazmi, who was actually alive and well, according to Gaafar Allagany, the chief of the Saudi Embassy’s information office in Washington. The real Al-Hazmi’s “passport was stolen by a pickpocket on a trip to Cairo three years” before. Another of the alleged hijackers was Abdulaziz Al-Omari, who, Allagany said, was also alive and “an electrical engineer in Saudi Arabia.”

    “The uncertainty”, the Post continued, “highlights how difficult it may be to ever identify some of the hijackers who participated in the deadliest act of violence on American soil. Most of the hijackers’ bodies were obliterated in the fiery crashes.”

    The Washington Post was not the only mainstream media outlet to report on the uncertainty over the hijacker’s identities. It was widely reported elsewhere, both in the U.S. and international media.

    The U.K.’s Guardian, for instance, reported on September 21 under the headline “False identities mislead FBI” that “The FBI acknowledged yesterday that some of the terrorists involved in the attacks last week were using false identities”, with regard to Al-Hazmi and Al-Omari.

    FBI acknowledgment of this was also reported by the BBC the same day under the headline “FBI probes hijackers’ identities”. The BBC also reported on September 22 under the headline “Hijack ’suspect’ alive in Morocco” that Waleed Al-Shehri, another alleged hijacker, the “same Mr Al-Shahri” whose photo the FBI had released as being among the terrorists, “has turned up in Morocco, proving clearly that he was not a member of the suicide attack.”

    On September 23, under the headline “Hijack ’suspects’ alive and well”, the BBC reported that yet “Another of the men named by the FBI as a hijacker … has turned up alive and well” and that “The identities of four of the 19 suspects … are now in doubt.” FBI Director Robert Mueller also “acknowledged … that the identity of several of the suicide hijackers is in doubt.”

    The London Telegraph similarly ran a story on September 23 entitled “Revealed: the men with stolen identities”.

    The Washington Post itself ran a follow-up article on September 25 entitled “Some Light Shed On Saudi Suspects”, reporting that “U.S. investigators believe they have positively identified 15 of the 19 hijackers”, but that the identities of the other four were still in question.

    On September 27, even while releasing the official list of hijackers along with their photos, the FBI confirmed that uncertainty remained over some of the identities. Mueller acknowledged that the FBI was still “determining whether when these individuals came to the United States these were their real names, or they changed their names for use with false identification in the United States; that false identification being used up to and on the day of September 11th, and that false identification used to purchase the tickets, and thereby being the name on the manifests of the planes that went down.”

    Yet, despite these facts, neither the Washington Post nor any other mainstream media outlet has ever offered any follow-up reports explaining whether and how this uncertainty was finally resolved. The FBI has never clarified this matter to the public. The 9/11 Commission didn’t so much as even address the question, even to attempt to clear up the matter.

    And so, it remains an uncontroversial fact, as far as the public is concerned, that the identify of at least several of the hijackers remains in question. Why the government has refused to clarify this issue, and why the media now report anyone who doesn’t have a short memory about 9/11 as being part of a “lunatic fringe” are also open questions that warrant some kind of explanation.

    Finally, there is the matter of the collapse of the World Trade Center buildings. Many people might be surprised to learn that not only two towers fell on September 11. In fact, a third skyscraper also collapsed that day neatly into its own footprint. It is also an uncontroversial fact that proper investigative procedures for such disasters, particularly in cases where a crime has been committed, were contemptuously ignored in the case of the WTC.

    Read the rest here:


  31. Once you start looking into “history”, you find that it’s mostly all lies. In light of this, as a matter of fact, we would probably all be much better off today if Germany had won WW2.

  32. “Why did Mr. Silverstein publicly admit to knowing that there were planted explosives in WTC 7 in the first place?”

    Where did Silverstein explicitly “publicly admit to knowing that there were planted explosives in WTC 7”? Citations in support, please.

    “What was Silverstein Properties’ and the FDNY’s motive for blowing up a perfectly good, 14 year-old building, losing hundreds of millions of dollars in cash flow from it for eight years and counting, spending almost the entire $861 million insurance settlement on obligatory replacement of it, and paying ~$500 million back to lenders?”

    To the extent Siverstein actually did suffer a tangible loss in the first place, maybe because (1) things don’t always work out the way the criminals want them to, and/or (2) because some other motive besides “cash flow” was more important. Hopefully these details will come out in the investigation.

    BTW, why would Bernie Madoff choose to engage in a Ponzi scheme that *he had to have known in advance* would ultimately fail and lead to his arrest?

    “Why would any insurance company have paid him a dime if he publicly admitted to foreknowledge of the alleged secret demolition of his property, but especially those based in Copenhagen, Zurich, and London?”

    If you’re referring to Silverstein’s “pull it” statement, it’s quite clear that that statement was a calculated deception intended to confuse the issue of what actually happened to Building 7. The most likely explanation of that statement is here: http://www.wtc7.net/pullit.html

    Why did the insurance companies pay? Simple. Insurance companes are run by people, and people can be deceived and manipulated. People suffer from things like “incredulity”. Let’s face it, for many people, that such a monstrously evil conspiracy clearly involving traitors in high level positions in the U.S. government could occur, is simply beyond the realm of their belief system.

    “How did he or the FDNY know that flaming debris from a collapsing hi-rise across the street would hit WTC 7, start multi-story fires in it, and break the water main to it, disabling the sprinklers and providing a cover story for the demolition?”

    To the extent your statement that “flaming debris” did all that damage is true in the first place (and it cannot be proven to be true), he didn’t know, and he didn’t have to know. What he did know is that there would be no real investigation. Thus even if there was no evidence whatsoever of debris from WTC1 and 2 hitting WTC7, what’s to stop dishonest people in high places from saying otherwise or from exaggerating the extent of the damage?

    Well I’m out of time for now, so I’ll have to leave the rest of your strawmmen and
    typical “begging the question” type hapless “debunker” bullshit for later.

  33. I’m happy the Dancing Israelis got arrested it seems they were going to blow up the George Washington bridge in order to add more blame to the Muslims. They all failed lie detector tests. They apparently were seen partying and celebrating the 911 horror at several locations by witnesses. At one location they were dressed up as Arabs. That was ridiculous.

    The Zionist Michael Chertoff let them go back to Israel. When the Dancing Israelis returned to Israel they went on a talk show where one of them mentioned they were there to document the event. How could they have be there to document the event unless they had prior knowledge of the attacks!

    This is one of the best articles on the issue. It includes there confession video.


  34. “I remember getting a call from the, er, fire department commander, telling me that they were not sure they were gonna be able to contain the fire, and I said, ‘We’ve had such terrible loss of life, maybe the smartest thing to do is pull it.’

    I’m a retired firefighter that served for over 20 years with a Midwestern FD and I’m here to tell you that Fire Departments don’t have the knowledge, training, equipment or ability to “pull” a 47 story tall structure deemed unsafe.

    When interior firefighting is deemed too dangerous, you pull the crews out and establish a perimeter around the building 1.5 times the height and let no one enter.

    Fire Command then contacts the proper city agencies and depending on SOP’s, companies that have a track record for demolishing buildings, all the while maintaining perimeter security.
    Those companies, and engineers and construction company heads that respond take over control of the building.

    BTW, ‘Lucky Larry’ now is part owner of Chicago’s Sears Tower, which is now named Willis Tower.

    Think ‘Lucky Larry’ will get lucky again?

    Another angle to this story is that John O’Neill, the FBI agent that had been investigating the USS Cole attack, was hired by Kroll Associates the shortly before 9/11 and was working that day and was killed.

    O’Neill had developed leads in the Cole case that pointed to Israeli involvement and passed that onto our Yemeni ambassador, Barb Bodine. Bodine became alarmed and tried to have O’Neill’s security detail yanked and when that didn’t work, she appealed to “Bloody Maddy” Albright, then Secretary of State to remove O’Neill from the case.
    O’Neill was yanked from the investigation and ordered to return to New York, where he got disgusted with the FBI’s handling of the Cole case and retired, only to be hired by Jerome Hauer of Kroll.

    Nice way to tie up loose ends, huh?

  35. Upon more reflection, one last thing: you stated this: I have a special interest in discussing 9/11 conspiracy theories. If you lost a loved one in the 911 attacks, my condolences. However you should seek the truth. It wasn’t Muslims.

  36. Dear Albury Smith did you know: From a New York Observer piece: After a last-minute breakdown in the front-running bid, Mr. Silverstein’s team won by a hair. His son, Roger, and his daughter, Lisa, were working for him in temporary offices on the 88th floor of the W.T.C. north tower. Regular meetings with tenants in the weeks immediately following their July 26, 2001, takeover of the building were held each morning at Windows on the World.

    But on Sept. 11, Roger and Lisa Silverstein were running late. Meanwhile, Mr. Silverstein’s wife of 46 years had laid down the law: The developer could not cancel an appointment with his dermatologist, even to meet with tenants at his most important property. If the attack had happened just a little later, Mr. Silverstein’s children would likely have been trapped at Windows. As it was, Silverstein Properties lost four employees in the attack, two of whom had just recently been hired.

    How convenient Larry had an appointment on that horrible day with a dermatologist. His kids were running late. Oh my.

    How about this: To put these events in perspective, imagine that a person leases an expensive house, and immediately takes out an insurance policy covering the entire value of the house and specifically covering bomb attacks. Six weeks later two bombs go off in the house, separated by an hour. The house burns down, and the lessor immediately sues the insurance company to pay him twice the value of the house, and ultimately wins. The lessor also gets the city to dispose of the wreckage, excavate the site, and help him build a new house on the site.


    Have you read this: Explains his reason for purchasing the towers as “I felt a compelling urge to own them.” Larry had breakfast in “Windows on the World” restaurant every single morning. On 9/11 he never showed up. Neither did his daughter who worked in building 7. Israel did 9/11, ALL THE PROOF IN THE WORLD!!

    He doesn’t state he bought the leases for economic reasons becuase without the terrorist insurance and the plane collisions the investment looks stupid.

    – Larry Silverstein, a New York property tycoon purchased a 99-year lease for the entire WTC complex just 6 months prior to the 9/11 attacks. That was the first time in its 33-year history the complex had ever changed ownership. Mr. Silverstein, who must have known about the asbestos problem, made a down-payment of $124 million on this $3.2 billion complex, and promptly insured it for $3.6 billion. He also covered the complex against “terrorist attacks”. In the contract Mr. Silverstein was also specifically given the right to rebuild the structures if they were destroyed. Mr. Silverstein’s first order of business as the new owner was to change the company responsible for the security of the complex. The new security company he hired was Securacom (now Stratasec). George W. Bush’s brother, Marvin Bush, was on its board of directors, and Marvin’s cousin, Wirt Walker III, was its CEO. According to public records, not only did Securacom provide electronic security for the World Trade Center, it also covered Dulles International Airport and United Airlines – two key players in the 9/11 attacks. Following the attacks, Mr. Silverstein filed two insurance claims for the maximum amount of the policy ($7.2B), based on the two — in Mr. Silverstein’s view — separate attacks. The insurance company, Swiss Re, paid Mr. Silverstein $4.6 Billion, still a princely return on a relatively paltry investment of $124 million. Incidentally, it’s worth noting that one of Mr. Silverstein’s closest friends, a person with whom it’s said he speaks almost daily by phone, is none other than former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. It was also Mr. Netanyahu, who back in 1986 coined the phrase The War on Terror… (www.informationliberation.com/index.php?id=15459)

    Oh my.

  37. Dear Albury Smith, are you a Sayanim? This is from your Oped bio page: I have a special interest in discussing 9/11 conspiracy theories, and am still looking for one that makes the slightest bit of sense after objectively reading and evaluating them for several years now. I am familiar with most of the conspiracy web sites and what they have to say, as well as with NIST’s NCSTAR1, FEMA’s WTC Building Performance Study, and a number of 9/11 debunking web sites also. The latter tend to be far more logical than the conspiracy sites, and not only express opinions, but back them up with credible sources. The conspiracy theorists frequently make claims with no corroborating evidence at all.

    What is your special interest that you were afraid to mention? Are you a Jewish Zionist? Those us that are serious 911 investigators know that the 911 debunking websites are run by Zionists to fool gullible people about the Mossad 911 connection. Those website are ridiculous.

    Did you read this from the link provided about Larry Silverstein?: From an economic standpoint, the trade center — subsidized since its inception — has never functioned, nor was it intended to function, unprotected in the rough-and-tumble real estate marketplace. [BusinessWeek] How could Silverstein Group have been ignorant of this?

    Have you reasd this:

    In December 2003, the Port Authority agreed to return all of the $125 million in equity that the consortium headed by Silverstein originally invested to buy the lease on the World Trade Center. The Port Authority rejected a request by the Wall Street Journal to review the transaction. 5 A press report from November 2003 about the same transaction noted that it would allow Silverstein to retain development rights.


    Read this an tell me if you don’t see a Mossad 911 connection.


    Osoma bin Laden is not even wanted by the FBI for the 911 attacks.

  38. Rodger,

    Are you against the truth? We know the Commission has rescinded its findings. What is your suggestion?

    Do we just forget it and move on?

    Hell, maybe if we had done that with Pearl Harbor, we would have a better world under Germany and Japan.

    I had never thought of that.



  39. The truthers are just making fools of themselves. Its sad, actually that some people hate our govt so much they will do anything to damage it any way they can.
    What’s shocking is the number of people that buy into the truthers nonsense. Eventually they will have to accept the truth and they will realize that our govt is not this ‘Evil’ empire they imagine. (Thanks for the opportunity to voice my opinion)


  40. Well stated. Also been on this for 7 years.
    No doubt. Gravity and kerosine can not turn buildings & concrete to dust.
    Not in this reality.
    The truth will prevail. Soap

  41. There was no asbestos at all in WTC 2 or WTC 7, and the building codes were changed to prohibit it while WTC 1 was under construction, so only the first 38 floors of it had asbestos in the SFRM. Most of that was abated during various tenant fit-outs prior to 9/11/01. Silverstein wasn’t high bidder on the WTC lease, so was Vornado Realty Trust planning to bomb their “horrible investment” that was 96% occupied too?
    LS was forced by his lenders to carry much higher policy limits than he wanted to pay premiums on, spent ~$700 million to replace WTC 7, paid back ~$500 million to creditors, pays rent to the PA for the WTC property, and hasn’t had income from any of it for more than eight years. His total setlement was $4.68 billion, he’s currently paying $100 million/month to the PA in rent, and the estimated rebuilding cost for both towers is $9 billion.
    I don’t know wheher he knows Netanyahu or not, but we were attacked by al Qaeda, not Israel, on 9/11, and if you think he “made a fortune” on it, don’t consider a career in real estate investment.

  42. Great stuff, Gordon, but just a few questions on the Larry Silverstein PBS statement, and the 9/11 truth movement’s interpretation of it:

    Why did Mr. Silverstein publicly admit to knowing that there were planted explosives in WTC 7 in the first place?

    -What was Silverstein Properties’ and the FDNY’s motive for blowing up a perfectly good, 14 year-old building, losing hundreds of millions of dollars in cash flow from it for eight years and counting, spending almost the entire $861 million insurance settlement on obligatory replacement of it, and paying ~$500 million back to lenders?
    (note: it was build in 1986-1987, at least 15 years after asbestos was written out of all building codes, and it had no asbestos in its SFRM or elsewhere.)

    -Why would any insurance company have paid him a dime if he publicly admitted to foreknowledge of the alleged secret demolition of his property, but especially those based in Copenhagen, Zurich, and London?

    -How did he or the FDNY know that flaming debris from a collapsing hi-rise across the street would hit WTC 7, start multi-story fires in it, and break the water main to it, disabling the sprinklers and providing a cover story for the demolition?

    -If the explosives were pre-planted, and Barry Jennings heard some of them go off around 10 AM, why was there any discussion at all in mid-afternoon about whether or not to demolish WTC 7 with the other apparently fireproof ones a few stories higher?

    -Do controlled demolitions take seven or eight hours to collapse a building?

    -Do they leave no severed columns with copper residue on the ends?

    -Do they leave ~12 stories on one corner (NW) standing?

    -Is the FDNY in the controlled demolition business? What other buildings, on fire or not, have they demolished before or since 9/11?

    -Please link me to a C/D contractor’s web site, and show me the use of “pull” or “pull it” to refer to building demolition using explosives.

    -Why doesn’t UL agree with Kevin Ryan about the WTC steel?

    -Why did Mr. Ryan change the wording in Silverstein’s statement to make it appear that he and the FDNY were complicit in a felony, when Mr. Silverstein clearly and unambiguously said that “they,” i.e. the FDNY, made the decision?

    -Why was Mr. Ryan’s lawsuit thrown out of court?

    -How does a “terrible loss of life” in the WTC towers affect a later decision to demolish a nearby building with no one in it?

    -There was a pre-existing ConEd substation at the Vesey Street WTC 7 site in 1986, and the building was designed to straddle it, requiring some of the extremely long (~50′) girder and beam spans inside that contributed to the 9/11 collapse. It was powered up and in full use on 9/11/01, and the demolition of a 200,000 ton, 47-story building directly on top of it probably didn’t do it much good. Do you know whether ConEd’s insurers just absorbed the loss of tens of millions of dollars in infrastructure damage and restoration and then subrogated Industrial Risk Insurers, since Larry Silverstein’s firm was still the responsible party?

    Btw, who didn’t allow the 9/11 Commission to “look into Building 7”? FEMA, ASCE, SEAoNY, NIST, Port Authority, NSF, and other engineers were allowed to, as were ~40,000 others at Ground Zero for nearly eight months after 9/11, so why not the 9/11 Commission members?

  43. Israel is making a huge PR push in hopes of polishing up it’s rapidly tarnishing image on the world stage and a key player in this effort are their allies within the mainstream press and (of course) the US Government. While Fox News is more closely identified with militant Zionism and Neo-Conservatism MSNBC’s “doves” in fact are the most complicit. Make no mistake about it the blood flowing in the veins of International Zionism is money, and MSNBC’s financial and liberal media connections make up the loudest pack of PR monkeys in the Zionist media Zoo. They are quickest to trot SPLC mouthpieces whenever the excuse arises, their talk show are stocked daily with a “who’s who” of Madison Ave, Rockefeller Center, and Wall St. Jewry, and note NBC Queen Journalist Andrea Mitchell is MARRIED to Alan Greenspan! The nepotism within NBC news is rampant, especially for the one-proud Irish Mafia that JFK brought to the fore. Following the assassinations of Robert and Bobby the weakling brother Teddy gave in and led Bostonian Irish media troops in an unannounced surrender to the Zionist behind it all. Their behavior reflects this willing compromise of life and wealth over truth, honor, and integrity to this very day. Cris Matthews is a lead media house boy for the Zionist, witness his groveling act within the lion’s den this week at Tel Aviv with Joe Biden. Gordon Duff mentioned the Daily Beast hit job on 9/11 fact checkers, be aware that Tina Brown, Daily Beast editor, has been swimming with the Zionist sharks since the 1970’s. She and her staff, like most media today, represents one head of a multi-tentacled news disinformation octopus. Keep up the good work Mr. Duff, the world needs to learn the truth.

  44. This may be one of the reasons that the Obama administration is backing off the prosecution of the Bush/Cheney administration for war crimes. They think that by pulling at that thread the entire 9/11 scenario will come spilling out – and of course, since they look upon the American people as children, they’re convinced that “we can’t handle the truth.”

  45. I have been involved with the Truth Movement for 7 years. I have spent hours researching and compiling information and telling others. The most convincing tool which I have used lately is the documentary Blueprint for 9-11 Truth, which was produced by Architects & Engineers for 9-11 Truth (http://www.ae911truth.org/). It is amazing that some of these people working to cover up the truth will actually deny or dispute the laws of physics in their efforts to maintain the stance they have had for several years now. They appear completely stupid and I guess it goes without saying that what they are doing is stupid to begin with.

    You tell them about the unexploded nano-thermite found in the dust from all three buildings and they ignore it. You mention the tons of molten iron (product of thermite reaction) found pooled in the basements 4 weeks after the collapse and they claim jet fuel did that. One guy from NIST even denies the pools existed.

    I so dearly await the day that 9/11 is investigated by people with integrity. I would cherish watching the guilty be brought down for this horrific crime. To those who have been the voices of deception, who claim to be our countrymen, who tell me that I am damaging my country by calling for a new investigation and to those whom they are protecting the Wrath of God will fall upon you eventually. You can tell your lies for so long, then you will be made to answer for them. In the end the 9/11 Truth Movement wins. Truth will prevail and the guilty will be punished according to their crimes.

  46. Myself and other 911 researchers have sent copious information to prominent 911 websites about the Mossad 911 connection and they won’t post our information. These websites are controlled by Zionists or as some researchers have speculated have been given money not to provide Mossad 911 information.

    They will publish all kinds of wacky theories to divert attention away from the obvious Mossad 911 connection. Perhaps they may even publish information sent to them that connects a Bulgarian vegetable canning company with the 911 attacks.

  47. Thanks, Duff. I’ve been very involved in the 911 Truth Movement. The other side is getting so desperate because none of their BS is working any more that they do even crazier BS. That serves only to expose them even further and more quickly as exactly what they’re trying to deny they are.

    This entire thing is fascinating to watch unfold – but for The Dark Side that has caused it.

    I began my process with 911 Truth because I felt it was the lynchpin to understanding the bigger, dark picture. However, as part of that process, it became crystal clear to me that 911 was only a minor symptom related to a virulent cancer: The House of Rothschild (HoR).

    The HoR puppets are the Zionists. The current Zionist puppets in the US are, among many others, Baruch Obama, govt. admin, our military(?), and everyone in the US Knesset (Congress).

    HOWEVER, Zionism is fast being”outed” (actually, outing itself) through it’s own arrogance and desperation, in the very same way you’ve described in this article.

    Keep pounding these messages in, Duff, as you do. Everyone has to wake up so we can see our common enemy clearly and join forces together against it. It’s been estimated that there are only about 600 top players on The Dark Side. There are many, many more of us. Despite the virulence of the cancer, it is treatable, it can be defeated. The world is not in a terminal state unless we let it be. We won’t.

  48. Long before it became “fashionable” to question the veracity and integrity of our government’s “findings” on the 9/11, WTC disaster I concluded that it was almost IMPOSSIBLE for the two buildings to collapse on their own footprints…let alone three. The accounts and explanation of what was a more likely scenario, “controlled demolition” has now been offered by many people smarter and more qualified than myself…by a growing number of architects and engineers from around the world.

    From the start, it was obvious that the previous cabal of criminals that occupied the Whitehouse along, with whichever co-conspirators they engaged, got what they wanted…more war to feed the beast. Little Georgie got to make like a big boy and avenge his daddy, the puppet master (Cheney) got to pull the strings and make the puppet (Georgie) dance to his tune and Halliburton and others made billions. The cast of characters is obviously much larger than the named buffoons and a great many more corporate pigs stepped up to the trough to feed.

    Who, I was asked would do such a thing? I always told those asking to “follow the money.” “Our government would never do such a thing,” I was often told. Remember the Gulf of Tonkin “incident” (which by then was a known fabrication) I said. Are there moneyed interests willing to sacrifice so many deaths to make obscene profits? You bet your sweet ass there are! Of course what would a “PTSD crazed” Vietnam veteran know about betrayal by his own government know?

    So our government continues to glorify war, killing, sacrificing countless kids who “believe,” and “being all we can be” in the name of establishing democracy in the lands of dictators (when we don’t even have one here). If it weren’t so FUBAR, it would make a good movie. We could call it “Wag the Dog,” oh; I forgot…that is already taken.

    Regards & keep exposing the bastards.

  49. Mr. Duff,

    I want to thank you for posting this article. This is the type of article that’s needed to help spread the word about the 9/11 Truth movement and about the idiots trying to debunk it.

    I’d like to bring your attention to: http://www.ww4report.com/node/8417 and the author of the article. He’s spent a great deal of time working on debunking 9/11 Truth and has a terrible attitude about it to boot. Please encourage your readers to leave comments on his articles to inform him of their distaste for his dishonesty.

    The same applies to: http://sfist.com/2010/02/19/911_truth_crazies_enthusiasts_retur.php

    Again, Thank You! You’re a true patriot and an honorable American!

  50. The failure of the national print and broadcast media to objectively cover the search for the truth about 9/11 is both alarming and despicable.

    Not a single mainstream news outlet has had the honesty or integrity to mention that many senior veterans of the U.S. Intelligence Services do not believe the official account of 9/11. Yet the media continues to deride and defame those seeking the truth about 9/11 and their efforts as “too bizarre, half-baked and intellectually bogus”, as stated in today’s Washington Post editorial (3/8/10 http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2010/03/07/AR201003…)

    It is critical for honest public debate on this issue that the American people and their elected representatives know that the following highly credible individuals and many others have repeatedly stated their objections to the official account of 9/11, yet the mainstream media refuses to mention it.

    – William Christison, Former Director of Regional and Political Analysis, CIA, “The North and South Towers of the World Trade Center almost certainly did not collapse and fall to earth because hijacked aircraft hit them. A plane did not hit Building 7 of the Center, which also collapsed. All three were most probably destroyed by controlled demolition charges placed in the buildings before 9/11.”

    – Maj. Gen. Albert Stubblebine, Former Commanding General US Army Intelligence, regarding the WTC Towers, “They didn’t fall down because airplanes hit them. They fell down because of explosives went off inside. Demolition.”

    – Terrell Arnold, Former Deputy Director of Counter-terrorism, US State Dept., “I’m not satisfied by the notion that planes hitting buildings constructed as these would have caused them to collapse. The last building to fall was not even attacked. … The chances of two buildings of that height and structure merely collapsing in their own footprint are extremely slim.”

    – Ray McGovern, Former Chairman, National Intelligence Estimates, “I think at simplest terms, there’s a cover-up. The 9/11 report is a joke.” (NIEs are the consensus report of all US Intelligence Services and according to the CIA “are the Intelligence Community’s most authoritative written judgments on national security issues.”)

    For more information, see article “41 U.S. Counter-Terrorism and Intelligence Agency Veterans Challenge the Official Account of 9/11” at http://patriotsquestion911.com/#Articles

  51. Duffy to many unanswered questions,to many allied perpetrators,to many rightwing media propagadist willing to hide the truth for part of the action. yes silverstein wasn’t happy about the cost of removing the asbestos from the twin towers i think the cost then was around 25 million,he also wanted to tear them down becuase of the cost but the new york authorities said no with all the afore mentioned asbestos. he was being forced by epa or some other regulatory agency to remove the asbestos get it done when bam theres no more problem. there is just no way to for the many coincedences for this action on 9/11. was there any class action lawsuit because of the asbestos before the planned attack? misdirection,psy-ops,were all anti-semites when the dots begin to connect,a kernel of truth or any investigation gets any traction.not anti-american…anti-semite get it kids?. good article bub

  52. I have no direct, personal knowledge of the 9/11 attacks, but as I have watched all these speculations evolve over the years, I’ve begun to wonder if Flight 93 may have been on it’s way to Blg 7 at WTC and not the White House or Capitol as widely reported.

    As miscalculation on the part of the perpetrators about the will of Americans to resist and fight, could have upset their original plans for Blg 7.

  53. Comment:
    Larry Silverstein, is a good friend of Netanyahu and he purchased the lease of the asbestos filled World Trade center just prior to the 911 attacks and insured the buildings against terrorist attacks. Larry Silverstein made a fortune on his small investment with the insurance payment.

    According to experts, purchasing the lease was a horrible investment and didn’t make any sense. Maybe Netanyahu told Larry Silverstein in advance what was going to occur on 911. Read this compelling article about Larry Silverstein and the World Trade Center:


  54. The 911 Truth movement has been infiltrated by numerous devious people. Zionists are the main infiltrators of the 911 Truth movement. Most of the major 911 websites seem to be controlled by Zionists. They are trying to cover up the obvious evidence which places Israel’s intelligence agency the Mossad as the number one suspect for masterminding the 911 attacks.

    Many of the prominent 911 websites won’t allow any information about the Mossad 911 connection at their website or they bury a little bit of information on the subject at their site. They will allow all kinds of wacky theories such as no airplanes, the Pope did it, the Illuminati did it, the Globalists did it, and holograms were involved etc. but not the obvious evidence of the Mossad connection. I have posted this link here before but here is the easy to read, compelling Mossad 911 evidence: http://s1.zetaboards.com/LooseChangeForums/topic/2793786/1

  55. Dan,

    They screwed up. It is not only true but easy to prove, actually proven in their own words.


  56. Is there evidence WTC 7 was brought down by explosive charges in a matter of minutes after the decision was made? And is it true that an investigation has been blocked? If the latter is true, it speaks for itself.

  57. It is, indeed, increasingly difficult to pretend that all those citizens are but a stupid, ignorant pack of howling baboons… http://patriotsquestion911.com/
    But they’ll keep on trying 😉

    “We are watching a poorly staged rendition of Wag the Dog , interpreted for the morbidly stupid and performed by the criminally insane.” – Jules Carlysle

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