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Terrorism Drug War USA Israel and Afghanistan


By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor

First we are told opium and heroin are financing world terrorism, then General McChrystal tells us that we have to allow the harvest to be finished, processed into 65 billion dollars of heroin and shipped out on rendition flights and American Global Hawk UAV aircraft for distribution around the world.

I was surprised to hear the “rumor” that our massive Global Hawk UAVs that fly at 80 thousand feet were being loaded with drugs in Balochistan and flown around the world.  Prior to that, FBI translator Sibel Edmonds had only told us of drug trafficking on rendition flights.

This is now a fact, not “theory” or conjecture.  Is the Global Hawk story fact also?  Having this confirmed was a shock for us.  We had been tracking the presence of “contractors” servicing UAV aircraft in this region and knew it was impossible to be arming and operating them against terrorists as facilities for this are unavailable at the 3 small air strips in the region.  Each Hawk holds tens of millions of dollars of processed heroin which can be flown anywhere in the world.  We have numerous confirmations that this is being done.

Tens of thousands will die from this harvest of death.  Who profits and why is it necessary for chaos to continue for the money to flow? 

First of all, with this much money, assume everyone is involved, no country is totally free, including our ally Israel, world’s most capable narco-capitalist but it doesn’t stop there.


Narcotics provide cover for the war by making it impossible for Afghanistan to ever have a stable government.  Drug lords are never going to become responsible tribal leaders.  However, they also can’t fly tons of heroin around the world nor can they bank billions of dollars.  They need help.

This is what the war supplies, thousands of experts have flooded into the region to train Afghanis to live as free people in a democratic society.  Many of these outsiders, some from India, some from Israel traveling under false passports and hired as US contractors, many Americans with security contracting companies and, perhaps government agencies themselves, are involved.

What we are keeping quiet is the fact that so much money is flowing out of the region into so many pockets, journalists included, that nothing is reported, nothing is done and training and arming terrorists has become an integral part of maintaining the war.

If the war ends, the Taliban might take over and end drug trafficking like they did before.


Israel is in Afghanistan and Balochistan to do a couple of things.  They are in Pakistan’s “breakaway” province of Balochistan organizing attacks on Iran and working to separate Balochistan from Pakistan.  India and Israel would then control this region allowing access for a new gas pipeline bypassing Iran.

This has been very public but never reported.  The illegal wars against Pakistan and Iran, yes Iran has suffered many terror attacks by Israel staged from this area of Pakistan, serve a number of purposes.

  • Pakistan’s economy is destroyed, making it impossible, were Pakistan not endemically corrupt politically, for them to deal with the root causes of extremism in the tribal areas.  Helping drown Pakistan in debt is the key.  With US funding tied to Paksitan quietly taking a beating from Israel without complaint, the absurdity of the situation must be overwhelming at times.
  • Iran is openly attacked, suffers UN sanctions for violations that Israel openly escapes sanctions for because of the US/Israel Security Council veto, and Iran’s responses are misconstrued as aggressive threats when they are much more the victim, albeit led by a total fool. 
  • Israel has been allowed to become a nuclear state, protected, financed and armed by the US though Israel’s policies are distinctly anti-American.  Their penetration of congress and the press have allowed them to engage in ethnic cleansing, illegal nuclear proliferation, massive financial crimes, narco-trafficking and espionage against the United States without consequence.  Any American politician who speaks of Israels nukes faces assassination.  Famed White House correspondent, Helen Thomas has asked many and none have ever answered. 
  • India, aided by Israel and the United States, has set up terrorist training camps in Afghanistan, a country led by a pro-Indian government under Karzai.  These camps, openly admitted by US officials, sit beside similar camps that collect, process and ship heroin.  Nobody wants to talk about any of this.  However, as these camps also directly support the Pakistan Taliban, their only real purpose, and have now been proven instrumental in an attack on the United States, even more effort will be made to hide their presence.


The New York Times tells us that Iran has threatened Israel with a nuclear holocaust.  This was the threat:

Time will ease Israel from the pages of history.

This is what the New York Times said:

We will wipe Israel off the map!!!

Every report of Iran building nuclear weapons has been debunked.  Iran has been “one to five years” from having a “nuclear device” for 20 years.  So has Luxembourg, Andorra and the Maldives.

Any country in the region, by international law, who develops nuclear weapons is considered a rogue state except for “wink and nod” Israel.  Aiding such a state is a crime.  US aid for such a state, “the only democracy in the region” is a crime. 

These are the issues where total misconceptions of history are used to support Israel:

  • The 1947 war was not “poor unarmed Israelis” fighting Arab armies.  It was a highly organized war on annihilation that killed 300,000 Palestinians.  Everything said about this war is a total fiction.  This was the beginning of an ethnic cleansing.
  • In 1956, Israel went to Britain and France to aid in a sneak attack on Egypt to take over the Suez Canal.  President Eisenhower blocked this, threatening broad economic sanctions against both France and Britain.  Israel was the aggressor in this sneak attack on Egypt.
  • In 1967, Israel attacked  Egypt, a sneak attack, catching Egypt’s air force on the ground.  Israel started the 6 Day War as an illegal war of aggression with no provocation.  To hide this, Israel attacked an American ship, the USS Liberty, an act of war against the United States.  This attack has more documentation than the holocaust.  Every word about attacks on Israel by “Arab armies” is a total lie.  This was an illegal aggressive war begun by an atrocity against American sailors and a sneak attack on Egypt.
  • Israel developed nuclear weapons, starting in the 1960s.  President Kennedy, soon after demanding that Israel immediately cease was murdered.  Since this time, the US has used its veto hundreds of times to protect Israel from sanctions exactly like being imposed on Iran, sanctions for, not only nuclear weapons but for gross violations of human rights.  None of this has been accurately reported to Americans.  We have been lied to in a brutal fashion by, not only our press but our own government for decades.
  • Israel has operated as a “pirate” haven, not unlike Somalia, a home for financial criminals, weapons and narcotics dealers, spies and powerful financial organizations that spent hundreds of millions of dollars a year entertaining American politicians and military leaders, often leading to threats and blackmail.  These tactics and others have given Israel total control over American foreign policy.

Israel claims Iran is planning a new “holocaust.”  The more death and destruction in Gaza, the more we hear “holocaust.”

Let’s look at a fact.  More Palestinians have died already than Jews under the “holocaust” prior to 1941.  In fact, Israel has caused the death of more of its own citizens, having  “classified” Palestinians the same way Germany classified the Jews, than the first 8 years of Nazi butchery.  Please check the figures.  Palestinian deaths are at nearly 500,000 with 300,000 having perished during the sectarian violence described so fictionally in the Leon Uris novel Exodus. 

Many don’t care, even in the Middle East because Palestinians are considered “dirty and troublesome.”  Europeans thought of the Jews as “dirty and troublesome” also.


The US created Israel.  The US also created Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq, Iran, our current version of Egypt, in fact the entire region with minor exceptions has been a US creation.  Why don’t you hear about threats from Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, Turkey, Kuwait, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Yemen or other nations against Israel?

All these countries that Israel talks about banding together and exterminating the Jews are militarily weak or have no offensive capacity and in reality have warm and friendly relations with Israel.  Are these nations corrupt?  Yes, of course, exactly like the United States and Israel.

Many of these nations have been found working closely with Israel.

Whether Israelis live as Europeans and behave as monsters while some of the oil rich states we use in comparison, ‘brutal and backward’ shouldn’t influence American policy.  America placed Israel in the Middle East as a state that could live above any and all law, extradition, nuclear regulation, money laundering restrictions or any other civilized international convention for a purpose, much as the US created the primitive dictatorships that keep the oil flowing.  These bizarre and corrupt states serve the interests of a corrupt oligarchy that now controls much of the world.

A subtext of deception and manipulation has pushed the world into a cycle of economic collapse fueled by debt, powered by war, a subtext keeping the world in poverty and chaos with one purpose, the accumulation of power without intelligence and reason.


Terrorism is an expression of ignorance, anger and poverty.  The Bush administration and its friends in Israel and elsewhere combined terrorism, deception and religious insanity into a stew meant to facilitate the creation of a biblical monstrosity designed to bring about the “end times” and the destruction of secular society and all democratic states.

Is this what Israel wanted?  Do Jews all await the time when they are forced to convert to Christianity or die, the real aim of the American “Taliban?”

A good look at what the world and America in particular has become clearly shows that if terrorism didn’t exist, we would invent it.

Another good look will show that, in fact, when terrorism lacked organization or the ability to strike at targets in the US and Europe, intelligence agencies which had long penetrated every terrorist organization on earth, in fact took control of many of them.

Why would governments war on their own people?  There are always reasons and justifications for everything.  “We kill a few thousand people but build a more secure world that will keep us safe (and rich with cheap oil and heroin) for decades.”


Today, it has become simple to recognize the criminals who lead us.  If a military leader tells you that opium has to be protected, though it causes more suffering than any war and most diseases, you know you are hearing a criminal.

When you hear a politician talk about Afghanistan, carefully avoiding taking responsibility for massive increases in drug trafficking under US control, assume he or she is involved.

When a terrorist moves from one country to another through the toughest airports in the world while Nobel Prize winners sit in detention for hours because a “suspect” somewhere has the same last name they do, you know this government is working in support of terrorism.

When you see a politician on television talking about heroes, heroes in a war protecting no one, heroes in a war meant only to live on itself, killing spending and growing as though it were alive, talking war but never addressing the cause of war or the cost of war, you are seeing a criminal.

Every individual that profits from war, be they arms manufacturers or military officers who know how to smile in photographs and fight unsuccessfully, sacrificing the lives of others year after year or even the media that cheers it all on, a media more responsible for breeding hate than any Madrassa, as Glen Beck and Ann Levensohn Coulter prove every day, is criminal, is complicit and should be required to pay a sacrifice equal to their crime.


If terrorism didn’t exist, would we invent it?  Was terrorism invented to replace the Cold War?

Are all intelligence and security agencies involved in terrorist acts?  How can American or Israel or even Indian groups recruit Islamic terrorists?  How can the tiny nation, Israel, push America into war and economic collapse?

Who is served by terrorism?  If our own governments helped create terrorism, was it done to instill a regime of oppression under the guise of “keeping us safe?”

Has terrorism raised the profits of arms and oil fiends and lowered our standard of living?  How many countries are now drowning in debt?  How has terrorism managed to impoverish only the world’s middle class?  Why has the one nation that complains most about terrorism gained the most from it?

How many millions more are living in poverty and ignorance while billions are spent to end the terrorism we only seem to be fueling?

How much less free is the world, how much more are we all watched, listened to and threatened in our daily lives because of the business of profiting from terrorism?

Who are the real terrorists?

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Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War. He is a disabled veteran and has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades. Gordon is an accredited diplomat and is generally accepted as one of the top global intelligence specialists. He manages the world’s largest private intelligence organization and regularly consults with governments challenged by security issues. Duff has traveled extensively, is published around the world and is a regular guest on TV and radio in more than “several” countries. He is also a trained chef, wine enthusiast, avid motorcyclist and gunsmith specializing in historical weapons and restoration. Business experience and interests are in energy and defense technology. Gordon’s Latest Posts
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