By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor

As head of the editorial board of a military publication, sometimes it would be better if I stayed in bed.  If you are a journalist and not entirely insane, which would make you a rarity, you check the morning output of others, I won’t call it news, I know better.  All that’s out there is brazen lies, pretty-much anyway.  Some gems do come in, this time from Jon Stewart ,his piece on the imaginary “Ground Zero Mosque” controversy.  Thank you Jon Stewart.  I have pride in one American this morning.  The sad part, of course, is that Stewart’s excellent video deriding the phonies and bigots on this issue makes much of America appear unwholesome, dishonest and disgusting.  We are talking about Newt Gingrich and Sarah Palin aficionados.  Give me an illegal alien anytime.

The next email is from editor Jeff Gates, sending me a photo of the USS John S. McCain, the new destroyer named after wartime collaborator Senator John S. McCain of Arizona.  If you don’t know about John McCain’s dismal record as a POW or his disgusting life since returning from what he describes as “imprisonment” by North Vietnam, I suggest you look into it.  Naming a ship after him should have been done well after we built the USS Benedict Arnold.  However, as much as it irks Jeff, former Chief of Staff to Senator Russell Long, one of the great legislative powers of the last century, I still find McCain charming.  Yes, he is a sociopath but so in Newt Gingrich.  In fact, this is what Gingrich’s staff calls him, “our sociopath.”  They think its funny.

I don’t.

My wife, who reads newspapers, I can’t stomach them myself, read the the stories from Newt’s second wife, calling Newt a serial adulterer.  Actually, Newt is called much more, in fact a monster.  That he is the Republican Party’s front runner for president is pretty amazing.  This man is a total moron, delusional.  Of course he thinks he is a genius.  Most sociopaths are like that. 

I was thinking, yesterday, of writing a piece on politicians in general, how stupid most of them are, how divorced from reality.  Our local member of congress is Marcy Kaptur.  She is a liberal democrat, with some exceptions, she is anti-abortion and anti-women’s rights.  She is a single girl in her 60s, never married, devoutly Catholic and very ethnically Polish, that part generally a good thing.  Poles are wonderful people.

Nick Hauptricht, a local vet activist, has been working with Kaptur for many months on a series of veteran’s memorial issues.  Kaptur was one of the prime movers in the World War II memorial opened in 2004.  What I remember most about this is Kaptur stating that she was amazed to find out we had no World War II memorial.  Apparently, a constituent had written her about it.  She had, of course, served in congress for 20 years at the time, a senior member of Defense Appropriations.  She had walked, daily, past the Lincoln Memorial, past the Vietnam Wall and Korean War memorial for decades. 

She didn’t know there was no World War II memorial.  Maybe only 200 million Americans knew that first.  Now Kaptur knew and was going to fix it.  What else didn’t she know?  What else doesn’t she know?  This is scary.

My point?  Politicians, not just in Washington but every town and township in America are a pack of morons.  Public life, what we call the decision to give up honest work and try to bilk bribes out of the rich by passing legislation letting them steal from the middle class, attracts an unsavory lot.  City after city, state after state, it’s all the same, those in government always being led around by the nose, especially judges.  There is nothing more political than being a judge.  Judges control how laws are enforced and 90% of laws are commercial, not even civil or criminal.  Without Judges, there would be no real crime.  It would have taken a million bank robbers to do what Bernie Madoff did.  How many prosecutors, FBI agents and judges looked the other way for decades while Madoff and the thousands of thieving clones robbed America blind?

Over the past two decades, over $200 million dollars, stolen from American workers, their pensions, their insurance, was paid to politicians, bribes, donations, vacations, “soft money.”  Now we are awaiting a similar flood to buy our next election with planeloads of cash, drug money from Afghanistan, buying the attack ads on television, paying bus rentals for moronic white supremist demonstrators or for “Koran burnings.” 

John McCain may not remember that he trained North Vietnamese gunners to shoot down American planes.  He may not have his presidential pardon, from Richard Nixon, on the wall of his senate office.  He may not even know how many houses and cars he owns but at least he doesn’t sound as stupid as Palin.  A destroyer named after him?  Oh come now.  Maybe.  Take out the navigation, remove the weapons and make the crew all former Viet Cong, then we can call it the USS John S. McCain.

Remove the turbines and install oars.  Make the children of the POWs that weren’t returned from Vietnam, the hundreds of them, the ones McCain helped North Vietnam hide, make them row.  Then you would really have the USS John S. McCain.  Make Bud Day, “medal of honor” winner the captain, have it sail, endlessly lost, in circles and it would be even more of a USS John S. McCain.  The “Bud Day” reference is an inside joke for those who know the  story on the McCain coverup and how a Congressional Medal of Honor can be given out for reasons other than heroism.  Something very sick, very dishonorable happened and almost everyone is helping cover it up.

Here is what I suggest:  Rename the John McCain the new USS Liberty.  Though the younger McCain isn’t responsible for the acts of his father, he and hundreds of other thieving politicians helped cover for Admiral McCain, father of our current miscreant.  McCain the admiral and Lyndon Johnson cut a deal with Israel to murder the crew of the USS Liberty, sink the ship and then attack Egypt.  When the ship didn’t go down, although Israel had napalmed, torpedoed, bombed, rocketed and strafed it for hours, Admiral McCain had to call the planes back from their attack on Egypt.  Lyndon Johnson’s Israeli mistress must have been disappointed.

I suspect other things disappointed her anyway.

If the USS Liberty had been sunk, it would have been another Israeli national holiday.  America would have destroyed Egypt for Israel.   The sneak attack by Israel that started the Six Day War, oh, I am sorry, you heard it some other way?  What I meant to say is that the Six Day War might have only been 5 days.  Maybe the thousand Egyptian POWs that Israel executed in the Sinai might still be alive.  Ah, the misdirections of the press and the lies we have been brought to believe for decades….. 

This brings me back to the Jon Stewart piece.  I can’t post the video, not directly from the Comedy Channel.  For the clueless, those who believe in the tooth fairy or that Jews who hate Goyim and are directed by the Torah are less dangerous than Muslims who follow the Koran.  The “King Torah” is not translated into English.  It openly advocates sex with children, lying, killing Christians, children in particular, and is the best selling book in Israel.  Nobody burns that but all over America, “church” groups will be burning Korans. 

Of course, this is the same America where protecting our own children from sexual abuse by  religious leaders has become a major concern to every family.  Everything you can say about a Jew you can say about a Hindu or Christian or Muslim.  Religion seems to attract the same quality of people as politics.  Isn’t religion really politics under another name?  Didn’t Clauswitz say that?  I could be mistaken.

The rape of Iraq and “the Great American Opium Plantation” in Afghanistan was pre-staged in pulpits across America. 

Some honest talk about 9/11.  With all the talk about hijackers, there is no proof the planes were hijacked at all or if they were, who did it.  There is proof, much more proof, that the planes were remotely controlled.  Frankly, I find both ideas silly.  There were no Arab hijackers and I find the idea of remote controls too “science fiction.”  What I do believe, however, is that our own government contracted with the Mossad, using money from Saudi Arabia, to stage 9/11.

Air Force pilot friends tell me I am wrong and that it really was “remote controls.”  I will have to look that up in the 9/11 Commission Report.  This is another inside joke.  Almost nothing is in the 9/11 Commission Report, even the commission’s request to have most of their witnesses prosecuted for perjury.

Yes, as Alan Sabrosky said, Israel did it, but they were hired.  They didn’t think it up themselves.  As much as we look for names, there is only one real person responsible for an operation that may have taken as many as 1500 people to perform.  George W. Bush gave the OK for 9/11.  He and his cronies planned it well before the election, a rigged election.  Why was it so important to change our constitution to get Bush in office?


He had work to do, thousands of Americans to kill.

Bush did it, Israel was the tool. I am told this is a “chicken and egg” thing.  I can see that, without Pearle and Wolfowitz or going back to Henry Kissinger, the puppetmaster and puppet concepts can be unclear.

Jeff Gates would point out that the Bush family has been little but tools of Israel for many years and that most of America has been under the control of an organized crime conspiracy run out of Israel.  I didn’t believe that. 

Then he asked me why I didn’t believe it.  That became a problem.  All I could do is quote books and newspapers, TV shows, many of  them “fiction” that made up my belief system.  I knew Zionists controlled the news, the TV, even the books, in fact, much of my education.  It was easier to “go along” than to do what was right.  Standing up to lies is what is right.  Believing what you are spoon fed is laziness.  I was guilty.

I always knew 9/11 was a government “black op.”  We all did, at least those I hang out with, with a few exceptions and now, even they are all onboard.  I also know that many of our political leaders, our military leaders, not only know Israel was involved in 9/11 but that Israel manipulated the whole thing, the American side too.

I still want to blame George W. Bush.  Yes, he is insane.  Yes, he is a heartless sociopath, delusional, addicted, twisted and evil.  He still could have stood up for America.  John McCain could have also.  I can understand Lieberman turning on America.  He has never really been an American.

9/11 was only a few thousand people, police, firemen and one Israeli custodian working at the World Trade center.  With a secret world government somewhere, unnamed, invisible, a ghost government that spends tens, perhaps hundreds of millions each year to convince the world it is only a conspiracy theory, running the world, anything can happen.

Is a nuclear weapon going to go off at one of our ports?  Is a dirty bomb going to be exploded in Times Square?  Is one of those Stinger missiles that Israelis talk about in DEBKA going to shoot down an airliner on 9/11?  What will it take for America to invade Iran for Israel like it did Iraq and Afghanistan?

About a week ago, I read a news story about Vietnam veterans.  I am one of those.  It said Vietnam vets were 58 years old on average.  Truth is, Vietnam vets are 64 on average.  Take 1969 and make the average soldier in Vietnam around 24, maybe a bit older.  Remember that thousands serving in Vietnam were in their 30s, even 50s.  We are still having debates on Agent Orange, what disease are tied to dioxin poisoning and how we are going to deal with the backlog of claims from Vietnam vets, some filed in the late 1960s.

Some of these claims will be 50 years old.

How can a politican claim they support the military or veterans when people have been sick, thousands, for decades?  Our last count showed that only 711,000 Vietnam veterans are still alive out of over 2.5 million.  Normal actuarial tables would have 2.2 million alive. 

Nearly 1,500,000 Vietnam veterans have died as a result of wartime service.  Can anyone fault this figure?  Please, try?  If we can kill well over a million of our “heroes” then murdering a few thousand Americans with a dirty bomb or shooting down a few airliners and blaming it on Iran is nothing.

Expect it.

Public life.  We scrape up the scum of America and make them our leaders, not just John McCain, the charming sociopath but maniacs like Newt Gingrich.  I was reading, the other day, Senator Lindsay Graham, talk about the 9/11 coverup.  It is obvious to me that he understands.  He made that clear.  What I find amazing is that he can talk about it so glibly and then go have lunch and move on.

This is a true sociopath.

We have little else in our government.


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