By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor

Remember the old Hitler joke, “We want peace…a piece of Poland, a piece of France…”

To some Australians, peace has a different meaning than to the rest of us.  When you get some folks together, Australia’s powerful Israel lobby, the “old line” Marxists, and the America haters, reality goes right out the window.  If this is represents “peace activists,” war as a business, war as a way of life, endless war is under very little threat.

The video below is recommended for only the strong of stomach or for the French who find that special “Jerry Lewis” humor in absurdity.

[vimeo 21158162]

The theatrics are clear, carefully timed and have specific purposes:

The tone is unmistakeable, pure hate for America.  The problem isn’t opposition to America’s failed policies, its the purposeful use of obfuscation to cover the root of those policies.  Does any sane person believe the US would have invaded Iraq were it not for the fact that everything we know today points these directions:

  • The source for the flawed, or, better yet, fictional and falsified intelligence that led the US and Britain into war against Iraq was Israel.
  • The Iraq war was planned, in entirety, by Israeli citizens that held almost all key positions of policy leadership in the Bush White House.

At one point in the conference, as you will see in the video, John Pilger talks about Libya.  This is the best part.  He says he is against the United States bombing Libya.  What he isn’t against is Gaddafi bombing Libya, something that has killed thousands.

Is this group cheering as Gaddafi’s tanks enter Benghazi?  As Libyan planes are dropping “peaceful and approved” bombs?

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What he seems to be saying and all there are in full agreement, is that Gaddafi should be allowed to continue slaughtering his own people.

Then we come back to Iran.  There is an unmistakeable direction for most of the conference, that direction is Iran.  The unmistakeable direction in dealing with Iran in a peaceful way, of course, is an attack on Iran.

The other way to support “peace” is to give Gaddafi a free hand in a genocide against his own people.  Is there a curious synchronicity between this position and the fact that Israel has, through its “privatized” military aid organization, Global CST, provided the mercenaries who are augmenting Gaddafi’s otherwise pitiful army?  Tribesmen in Chad, aided by a handful of French Legionnaires routed them in short order.

What was it that Wikileaks taught us? Didn’t they tell us that the Arab dictatorships under assault by their own people were supporting Israel against Iran all along?

With the Saudi’s in Bahrain killing civilians demonstrating for freedom and dozens killed in Bahrain as well.  (Caution:  Graphic Video!)

[youtube D9W_-0uGN1E]

Was this murder “OK” because it was sanctioned by Wikileaks and Israel?  What is “peaceful” about Gaddafi’s war or attacking Iran?

How can anyone discuss “peace” and not talk about Gaza, a one time favorite of John Pilger.  Few have spoken about the danger to world peace Israeli policies represent as much as Pilger.  Where is that voice now?

Who paid for this party?

[youtube tE3pMPObcGU]

Another of the invisible “500 pound gorillas” in the room is 9/11.  Last year, Australian labor leader Kevin Bracken was attacked for asking tough questions about 9/11.  When the Australian people were polled, over 77% supported Bracken.


The vast majority of Australians believe 9/11 was an inside job.  Where were those Australians?  Were they stopped at the door?  Wouldn’t it hold that those supporting 9/11 truth would be the kind of people who would lead peace organizations?  It is certainly that way in other countries except, maybe, when there is another agenda.

A few things must be accepted as “axiomatic.”  For some unknown reason, unknown to fewer and fewer daily, covering up the truth about 9/11 is considered a key security issue for the State of Israel.  I have my own ideas on that, now supported even more as we have learned that Mossad operations chief, Mike Harari had, on 9/12/2001, not only celebrated 9/11 as a great victory but claimed credit and thanked his team as well.

You can’t talk peace without talking 9/11 and you can’t talk 9/11 without questioning Israel’s role.

In 2007, the FBI flew a team to Bangkok to interview Khalezov who agreed to testify about his meetings with Harari.  Dimitri Khalzov also offered to take a lie detector test.  The FBI believed Khalezov and, thus, believe Israel is responsible for the 9/11 attacks but nothing has yet been done.  Nobody is surprised about this, certainly not Julian Assange, who opposes any investigation into 9/11.

In fact, in the key areas of 9/11, Julian Assange is at direct opposites with the Australian people, siding instead with Israel.

Dimitri Khalezov says that Harari told him in Bangkok that he had organized the 9-11 massacre.

One more issue Pilger brought up, and very rightly so, is the fact that over 75% of Australia’s news sources are controlled by Rupert Murdoch.  The connection Pilger and the entire audience of Australians fail to make is that Rupert Murdoch is an Israeli citizen.  In fact, I wonder how many Israeli citizens were in the audience.

There is nothing damning about being an Israeli but Murdoch isn’t just another Kibbutzer, not hardly.  He is the driving force behind the ultra-nationalist Likudist Party that has hijacked Israel.  Israel under Netanyahu is a virtual clone of Gaddafi’s Libya or the United States under George W. Bush.

Maybe we have redefined peace.  We have certainly redefined truth and openness, Wikileaks did that.  Peddling war mongering and censorship as peace and openness, that was successful for awhile, but it goes further.  Wikileaks is a flank attack, not just by Israel but the mainstream media as well, seemingly tasked with more than selling soap and cigarettes.

There really seems to be a world domination and enslavement thing going on, now repackaged as “peace,” repackaged as “truth,” peddled by those who seem to have put their last ounce of credibility on the auction block.

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