FUKUSHIMA = 2,000 Atomic Bombs

2,000 of these B-83 Nukes would do the same contamination Fuku has done already. There are more reactors set to blow up.
2,000 of these B-83 Nukes would do the same contamination Fuku has done already. There are more reactors set to blow up.

Killer Contamination Spreads Worldwide Without Opposition

(San Francisco) – Radioactive contamination equivalent to the Fukushima, Japan disaster in terms of the hated “Mushroom Cloud” Atomic Bombs is two thousand (2,000) 500 Kiloton Atomic Bombs.* Each 500kt Atomic Bomb is 33 times bigger than the American Bomb that destroyed Hiroshima on August 6, 1945.

Beautiful, eh? France detonated this nuke in the South Pacific 7-3-70 Scientific American Sygma
Beautiful, eh? France detonated this nuke in the South Pacific 7-3-70 Scientific American Sygma

President G. Bush often referred to the well known “mushroom cloud” as a terrorist signature. Nope, just standard operating procedure (SOP) in the stationary nuclear weapons biz-ness, otherwise known worldwide as “Nuclear Power Reactors.” Except, in the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Weapons, the biggest ever, the “mushroom” portion is invisible and has engulfed the whole world with 70 Billion Radioactive Lethal Doses* – so far. There’s more on the way.

Truly, it is as if the entire world is At War! The dreaded all-out nuclear war that would happen if Russia or the United States accidentally “Pressed The Button” is going on right now; it is a done deal. Imagine that! The same thing as detonating 2,000 big Atomic Bombs and not even one “BOOM!” Not a shot fired, yet we could all die!

No giant forest fires, no burning cities creating their own hellish, uncompromising firestorms. None of that; but, every bit of the radioactive contamination such an Atomic World War would create; and probably more. For unbelievably, there are more Japanese reactors about to blow. It’s a chain reaction.

Yea, this is what VeteransToday is talking about, radiation from 2,000 kill-you-dead nukes.
Yea, this is what VeteransToday is talking about, radiation from 2,000 kill-you-dead nukes.

It remains a thinly veiled secret of the nuclear powers that it only takes about 300 One Megaton nukes to target the entire world. Typically, the world’s nuclear weapons arsenals were originally built with a 350 year shelf life for major components. In fact, the radioactive materials are “safer” locked away securely in  heavily guarded Atomic Bombs, than in loosely managed reactors run by utility companies for supposedly “peace time” purposes. The worldwide nuclear war we’ve got is not the war we feared.

For now, we all wait and try to avoid the 10 radioactive particles set free for each of us on Earth, from Fukushima’s triggered stationary nuclear weapons. Feel free to figure out how to dodge lethal, airborne particles you can’t see.

So far, the Fukushima disaster for Planet Earth is by no means resolved. The Powers That Be at TEPCO (the Tokyo Electric Power Company) and General Electric, makers of the reactors that created this killer, worldwide, invisible mist, say that they might get a handle on the situation in “six to nine months.[1]”

2,000 of these B-83 Nukes would do the same contamination Fuku has done already. There are more reactors set to blow up.
2,000 of these B-83 Nukes would do the same contamination Fuku has done already. There are more reactors set to blow up.

The seven billion people on Earth don’t have “six to nine months.” Every single day that goes by the radioactive Fukushima Volcano slaughters more of us – silently with deadly radiation now or, years from now, with the inevitable cancer pandemic that will follow.

The ten thousand trillion counts[2] of radiation gushing forth per hour bring mortal illness to many of us. Aye, maybe even for most of us our own deaths are written on the Fukushima Radioactive Volcano Wind.

Make no mistake about it. Many of us will die from the Fukushima Nuclear Weapon. Go ahead; try to read the wind. You must have a Radiation Monitor to even start. A good one costs $400.00. The price excludes most of us.

About $400.00, give or take, is the price of admission to the exclusive club that will be able to chart the disaster at home, and take measures accordingly to protect themselves as much as possible.

The oft foretold Nuclear World War just happened; many of us are walking dead  already. Do you want to take an action before you or someone you know is dead  from the Fukushima Nuclear Weapon?

Theoretical Physics Professor and noted author Dr. Michiu Kaku already told CNN and the world what the solution is to the Fukushima disaster. It is pretty simple really, not rocket science. After all, it is already completely worked out, we have seen this before. It is Chernobyl on a grand scale.

If you control an Army or Air Force, “Kaku the Reactors!” Yea, count on it, those people do read VeteransToday.

If you are just a working stiff waiting your turn to do the Fukushima Nuclear Shuffle off this planet, then tell your neighbors:

“Let’s Make Them Chernobyl the Reactors!”

Remember, as Albert Einstein famously said “There are no secrets.” The facts of Three Mile Island, Chernobyl and Fukushima are all known. There is no mystery; there are no excuses; in short, there is no other way. Bomb the fuck out of The Fukushima Killing Machine. Get off your asses and do it. It takes aircraft, sand, boron, water, concrete, and the simple will to “Chernobyl the Reactors.[3]”

Politicians world wide will either kill the reactors or they won’t. Talk is cheap. Life is even cheaper. We must kick their asses at the first and every opportunity; we must punish them and not let up until we see the reactors dead.

Go for it.

AIPRI BLOG – English Translation below.

sabato 16 aprile 2011 *

Fukushima = 2000 bombe atomiche.

Fukushima, ossia le circa 200 tonnellate di combustibile presenti nelle 4 centrali  e  le  2800 tonnellate di scorie delle malmenatissime piscine sovrastanti i reattori, rappresenta un micidiale ed apocalittico potenziale contaminante per avvelenamento interno dell’intera umanità equivalente a quello di  2000 bombe atomiche di fissione (di 500 kt ciascuna…). Fukushima è insomma in grado di disperdere nella biosfera 5 volte più veleni “longevi” respirabili (cesio 137, stronzio 90, plutonio 239,  ecc.) che l’insieme delle esplosioni atmosferiche non lo hanno fatto. In sintesi è come se Fukushima “valesse” 1000 Megaton !

NB. Circa 360 kg di Cesio 137 sono stati “liberati” dai “test” atmosferici di fissione -190 Mt-. Fukushima e le sue scorie sono in grado di “liberarne” 1800 kg ! 1 Mt è realizzato tramite la fissione di circa 57 kg di U233, di U235 o di Pu239. Ogni megaton “produce” pertanto 57 kg di prodotti di fissione di cui circa 17 kg (30%) sono elementi di fissione di periodo superiore ad un anno come il cesio, lo stronzio, il tecnezio, il prometio, il samario, l’europio, ecc. Ogni megaton “produce” anche circa 23 kg di prodotti di attivazione come l’U236, Il Pu238, il Pu239, Il Pu240, Il Pu241, l’Am241, ecc.

AIPRI BLOG, 16 April, 2011,

English Translation. Any errors of translation are my own and I take responsibility for the English version. – Bob Nichols

Fukushima, or rather the almost 200 tons of fuel present in the four reactors and the 2800 tons of old reactor cores in big 40 ft deep swimming pools that stand over the reactors, represent a lethal and potentially apocalyptic contaminant for the internal poisoning of the whole human race. Taken together, the active reactors and old cores are equivalent to 2000 atomic bombs of 500 kilotons each. Fukushima is then, capable of dispersing in the biosphere, five times the long lived breathable radioactive poisons, cesium 137, Strontium 90, plutonium 239, etc., than all the combined nuclear detonations to date. It is as if Fukushima were equal to a 1000 megaton Atomic Bombs; or expressed another way, 2,000 individual 500 kiloton Atomic Bombs.

Note: Around 360 Kilos of Cesium 137  were released in atmospheric testing – 190 Megatons-. Fukushima and its nuclear waste products can release 1800 Kilos! One Megaton is arrived at by the fission of  about 57 kilos of Uranium 235 or of Plutonium 239. That means that every Megaton produces 57 kilos of fission products of which 17 kilos (30 %) are fission elements with a life of more than a year, Strontium, Technetium, Promethium, Samarium, Europium, etc. Every megaton also yields about 23 kilos of activation products such as U236, Plutonium238, Plutonium239, Plutonium240, Plutonium241. Am241, etc.

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About: Bob Nichols, Email : [email protected]

Sources and Notes

  • AIPRI BLOG, Association Internationale pour la Protection contre les Rayons Ionisants. L’AIPRI a pour but la divulgation scientifique dans le domaine de la physique nucléaire et des dangers radiologiques de la contamination interne.
  • “TEPCO announces it will take 6-9 months to end nuclear crisis,” Sunday 17th April, 08:10 PM JST, JapanToday. 
  • “Fukushima – 10,000 terabecquerels/h on March 11,” Kyodo News :: The Nuclear Safety Commission of Japan released, News 3.0 Media Lab, April 11, 2011.
  • [3] “Chernobyl the Reactors.” These are the responsibilities of power. Bombing the Reactors calls for aircraft. The aircraft must have a base or bases. The US is the only Super Power in the world today. The other “used-to-be” Super Power, the former USSR doesn’t even exist anymore. Japan consists of a number of islands, the largest of which is Honshu, with Tokyo, 103 million people and the Fukushima Daiichi reactors. The nearest large land mass is Asia, dominated by China. The aircraft base is likely to be controlled by the US, China or Japan, a US ally.
  • If no other nearby land base is available for whatever reason, whether political, logistical, the weather, or whatever, that leaves the giant Super Carriers to do the job that must be done. The first response of an approaching US Super Carrier was to turn tail and run when confronted by the heavily radioactive wind from Fukushima, Japan. That kind of “leadership” is disgusting. The Carrier was the 1,092 ft, 333 Mt long USS Ronald Reagan, CVN 76, estimated cost, US$4.3 Billion. The Super Carriers must be written off, if need be, to do the job.
  • After all, it is only money and lives. If the US Government loses a few Super Carriers to radioactive contamination, So What? That’s War. The Human Race is worth it. Besides, I’m sure, if we come out of this nuclear “challenge” alive  the boys, and gals, at Newport News Ship Builders will be more than happy to make the US Government a “deal” on Super Carriers all funded by an obliging and grateful Congress.
  • The American President, the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the US Navy’s Eleven Aircraft Carrier battle groups have a job to do and only they can do it. Suit up and get on it. – Bob Nichols


  1. Hi Bob. In Russian case, the miners dug the hole through to install to cooling under the melted corium, trying to prevent it to touch the underground water leading to hugh steam explosion. How can they try to prevent any explosion from the melt-through corium in this case? Thanks

  2. hi anyone or expert please help explain more to the situation for “ordinary people” to understand better. Up to now, June 13, if Fukushima = 2,000 Atomic Bombs then, why it is contradict to the film seen in Chernobyl. That people died of serious radioactive sickness right after the accident and thousands of Russian Liquidators also died from cleaning the roof for just 45 seconds of exposure. While in Fukushima case, no horror picture of death occured yet, even to the Tepco workers working inside the plant for months. How should people compare Fukushima with Chernobyl? Thank you.

  3. The jury is still out on whether or not the much feared World War 3 happened under our collective noses and no one noticed. Yes, it looks like Japan could become a third world country (sooner than later) as the Japanese population risks succumbing to radiation, cancer, etc. in the next five to ten years. How far the reach will extend remains to be seen but we cannot ignore that sea water is contaminated and continues to be contaminated. Where the currents will carry it and how that contamination will effect sea life and fishing industries will provide some insight into further consequences. Unfortunately, a tomb of concrete a la Chernobyl will not prevent sea water contamination due to the proximity of the plant to the sea.

    Regardless of the risks, however, we always have the sublime recourse to prayer and repentance. [grin]


    Recently on my blog: The Book of Carrot #fan art http://wp.me/pbg0R-fR

  4. By the Way, We now have an additional IMPOSED mandate to get rid of and flush all those who have hindered and hobbled this Nation for so many years deliberately and profitably and premeditatively,



    thought I was freaked out before,sheesh!

  5. The HAARP/Stuxnet Fukushima disaster, for the Israelis, will the be the gift, the ultimate distraction, that will keep on giving: http://news.smh.com.au/breaking-news-technology/us-israel-behind-stuxnet-virus-iran-officer-20110416-1dj2v.html?

    1. It will change the calculus and timeline for “Israel’s demise”, pre-empting the growing global chorus of Israel critics, many of whom will be scrambling to just survive.

    2. It certainly taught the Japanese a lesson that will not be able to “go it alone” in regards to the NWO (Zionist controlled central banking) per Benjamin Fulford. The Japanese culture now faces annihilation. http://www.presstv.ir/detail/173543.html

    3. The growing anti-nuke sentiment arising from the Fukushima disaster will only work in Israel’s favor, as it continues to hide its burgeoning nuclear arsenal.

    4. The coming population crash due to induced environmental and economic factors (Gulf of Mexico oil spill, Fukushima, food hyper-inflation) will reverse Israel’s growing demographic marginalization due to the world’s burgeoning population.

    5. Reviewing global air mass circulation looks to leave Israeli’s sphere of influence, Asia Minor, relatively unscathed by the radiation plume now covering the northern hemisphere (US, western Europe, Russia, China):

    As a result, Israel will emerge as the major world power (thanks to US subsidies), as the rest of the world struggles merely to survive. Israel has built its own system of underground bunkers

    6. Israel’s host and erstwhile ally, the United States, is disintegrating due to the Fukushima disaster, Gulf of Mexico oil spill, disastrous economic policies pursued in the wake of the so-called 911 attacks (inside job); and for Israel, who looks upon the dominate US Christian theology as anathema to Judaism (Jews are blamed by many for killing Jesus), a collapsed US would remove an eventual and persistent existential threat. The Japanese financial implosion will accelerate the US financial debacle. http://revolutionarypolitics.tv/video/viewVideo.php?video_id=14614

    With the continental US in chaos, it will impossible to support 800 military bases world-wide.

  6. I agree with adeUK. Let the minion who profited FIX IT, Bury IT… start with the CEO’S current and past 20 years, if still alive.

    I forgot where I read this, the worlds biggest cement machine is supposedly on its way.
    I agree TPTB wont say anything else they would have GLOBAL RIOTS on their hands and by the time the sheep figure out the knife is at their troats collectively , will be too weak and sick.. The great culling has begun..
    Lord have Mercy ! I think prayer is the only thing we have left, we have no human leaders of any moral substance or of good character. We have egomaniacs with PigBusiness backing… FASCISM at its worst

  7. Emissions by the sun mutating matter.


    As taken from apocalypse wave


    Don’t miss the gist of this if the sun is neutralizing radiation, say what? I am always for a “ray of hope.” People used to knock those sun worshippers! Just maybe Crazy Horse wasn’t crazy!

    “A great light will come and purify everything even the waters!”




  8. Power-Elite and Scientific Combination,
    Guaranteeing Life’s Ruination:

    “There’s Radiation Swirling Around Each Head
    It Will Add Many to the Great Book of the Dead,
    Over Many Years Propagandists Will Shout,
    Blustering, Denying the Effects of Fallout,
    Whilst Elitists, Comfortable in City-Size Bunker,
    And the Common Fearful in Cellars Hunker,
    The T.V. Slave Will Go on Without Knowing,
    In Blissful Ignorance of What’s Overhead Blowing,
    Thank Arrogant Science with Intellectual Ischaemia
    Churning Out Minute Godlings of Academia”

    © Alan Watt April 8, 2011

  9. The old saying, “RULE or RUIN” man is useless at the first but master of the second. Just think about it, who would use the most lethal substances, which are the enemy of all life and which last in their killing state for millions or billions of years just to boil water? It tells us that the powers that be of their pathological intentions which is to destroy this planet and all life upon it, is now coming to fruition. The nuclear power industry is hardly sixty years old, with leaks, disasters, waste disposal problems, that have irradiated the whole earth. Cancer, diabetes, low sperm counts, and other countless diseases on a GLOBAL scale, all this achieved after ONLY sixty years of handling eternal deadly nuclear material. What of the next sixty years? Add to that tens of thousands of nuclear weapons, many ships powered by nuclear energy, depleted uranium used and spread like confetti across the globe in their many wars. The air we breathe is polluted with a thousand different toxins, the water we drink is contaminated by design, the food we eat is sprayed and supplemented with over 3,000 “legally” allowed man made additive poisons. Everybody is sick, take a look around you people, it is not going to happen, it IS happening, and it is increasing in its lethality by the day. The powers that be and their eugenics programme is already an unstoppable war against us all, the evidence is overwhelming of their intentions as it is all out in the open for all to see. This is a tsunami of death, and if anyone thinks they can stop it they are deceiving themselves and those who listen to them. It would be like getting your bucket out on the Titanic thinking that you and maybe a few others can save it from being swamped by an OCEAN. King Canute and all his merry men cannot stop this nuclear toxic tsunami which is already in global motion.
    It comes to the point of personal survival as the global ship goes down. It is not the time to decipher or analyse the rights and wrongs of it all, or play in the band, you will have plenty time to do that afterwards, provide of course you survive.

  10. Dear Heart,

    Very, very little scholarly work has ever been done on the synergistic effect of Radiation and various chemical poisons. However, the Multiplier effect is rather large.

    When tiny pieces of ceramicized or burned uranium enter cells of the body they are drawn like a magnet to the phosphate structure called the cell’s DNA.

    There, inside the cell, melded to the DNA, it attracts medical X-rays and the odd passing Cosmic Ray alike and Multiplies them times the “Z Number” of Uranium to the 4th Power.

    Heart, the Z Number is the Atomic Mass number of Uranium. To save you the trouble of looking it up, just Google: “Z Number” + Uranium just like that, with the quotes. This is basic nuclear physics, Heart. Now Multiply it to the 4th power.

    Yesssss. 92 x 92 x 92 x 92 = 71,639,296 A rather majestic Multiplier, isn’t it?

    That, Dear Heart of the Rose, is what the foolish self-styled Lords of the Universe have unleashed on Earth.

    May they all serve long terms in prison for Crimes Against Humanity, Suffer and be Punished and then Hang for killing many of us.

    Bob Nichols

  11. Dear Bob,
    Will do.We can use all the help we can getting the word out.
    What we want is mercy for the people.
    Thank you again for this article.
    Truth must prevail.
    My best in return,
    Heart of the Rose

  12. Dear Heart of the Rose,

    Pardon, it is here:

    The color bar on the right hand or starboard side of the screen is a measure of the surface speed of the currents.

    With it we can approximate how long it takes the crude, Corexit, carbon bacteria and other manufactured beasties to traverse the Globe on the legendary Gulf Stream.

    This is not good, dear Heart,

    Keep in touch as things develop on this issue, we all must know what steps, if any, we can take.



  13. This has to be the last wake up call for the sheeple of the world! At last they should be waking up to the seriousness of this situation which will and is effecting all of us worldwide. People most certainly need to stop watching and listening to any mainstream controlled media who are apparently blanketing the tremendous danger to us all no matter how remote. These world conglomerate financial empires and their cronies in Governmental positions need to come clean, step aside and let the work begin to clean up this world from the toxins in every cell on the planet as a result of mankind’s perfected stupidity and greed. It’s only after being confronted by disasters that we turn to back to basic methods in times of need. How can we protect ourselves from radiation I hear you ask? I’m more than convinced there are methods known to certain individuals on the planet whether they be budding inventors or specialists in particle science there must be a solution, we simply have to find it. All of the occurring natural and man made disasters of the past few years have lead me to my own quest to find alternative sciences. One of which is the scientific discovery of orgone Energy. Dr. Wilhelm Reich, discoverer of orgone energy has had his work used and altered and customized to be used as Orgonite. This orgonite is said to pull in Deadly radiation and emit positive radiation. This orgone energy is supposedly measurable using kirlian photography. Maybe this should be looked into and taken seriously by the mainstream world of science in a bid to open our horizons and standard of living on our beautiful planet.

    Orgone Energy Info: http://HowToMakeOrgone.com

    Special thanks to Bob Nichols for this article. Hopefully this will become viral and at least flash past the eyes and ears of many thousands worldwide. Facebook is booming already about it!

    YouTube Reaction to the mainstream media dumbing down of the reality of Fukushima: http://youtu.be/E83BJlzv0og

  14. Bob,
    As I read your post again..you said measured.
    I’d would like to watch this.
    Where can I find this data?
    It’s probably right in front of my face.


  15. Dear Bob,

    Other than reported fish kills ,there is no way to track this at this time.
    The BP/Gov has done an effective job convincing the public, and (which I find suprising) the scientific community, that the well is fixed.
    BP/Gov will not admit the use of dipersant.
    Therefore there is nothing to look for.
    A majority of Loop Current is not reaching across to Europe and hasn’t since the date in Dr. Zangari’s analysis.
    I suspect a large amount of oil/corexit is dumping and remaining in the mid-Atlantic.
    What portion of the loop that does continue across the Atlantic will carry it around the world.
    The RSOE posted Louisiana as an epidemic hazard.
    Yet there are no announcements locally.
    The list goes on.
    The introduction of synthetic bacteria and it’s effects are also not being researched properly.
    This bacteria eats carbons.

    The question is ..will the bacteria be “choosy” enough to quit eating carbon when it enters the human body. Carbon being the majorative of composition of the human body.
    This should be a huge issue.
    There have been no tests as to the effects of this bacteria on the human body,no studies as to whether it will mutate. Several ingredients in the Corexit/oil are known to cause genetic mutation. Will this have an effect on this bacteria? No studies have been done concerning whether or not this is an invasive species.
    1 to 1.5 meters per second…thank you for this estimate.


  16. Steve from St Louis,

    That is what the tonnes of Boron are for Steve.

    Boron kills the “Neutron Flux” deader than a doornail. Without it, the ongoing heat stops and gradually cools.

    Several folks here have affirmed this fact from nuclear physics. Yup. We have to kill the reactors neutron flux then entomb them.

    Thanks for the comment, it was a good one and this is the right answer.

    What is very much not known is whose aircraft and what pilots die for humanity this time?

    The USS Ronald Reagan, a Super Carrier, could have; but, “they” chose to turn tail and run away.


  17. Ha! Go for it, bao,

    You keep shooting and missing. Couldn’t figure out the Cesium 137, also spelled Caesium, eh?

    Here’s another you and your buddies can try to calculate. Figure out how many grams, kilograms, or pounds, either way, of Cobalt 60 are in the IAEA recognized 2880 tons of old reactor cores burning at Fukushima.

    Have a good time. The Lethality Index of Cobalt 60 is 7 million killed per Gram.



  18. Dear Heart,

    Ouch! Looks like the Loop Current is feeding crude and assorted poisons into the Gulf Stream at a currently measured one to one point five meters per second.

    Have you guys tracked the Corexit and crude past the South African turn around up to the South China Sea yet?


  19. Hi majia,

    You almost got it right. Your calculations are on the money.

    I think you were thrown off course by the EPA. Background radiation is not the same as internal radiation.

    You can use Busby as a guide, millions do, perhaps billions of people. Use Busby as a guide and proceed armed with knowledge and without fear.


  20. @AdeUK You got it – see my other posts for useful articles – then couple it all up with the Georgia Guidestones message…

    Time to dismantle the entire psychotic elite cabal – otherwise they will continue to ‘dismantle’ 85% of world pop…

  21. As an Australian,our Prime Minister Gillard must think her narrow nostrils and being from Australia and ready for a free trade agreement will stop the radioactive material blowing into her hangings out.I will let you and others think about this idea.If Australians as volunteers to stop the problem covered in their normal expenses, sent loads of coal and poured heaps of this coal into the reactors,all the seaweed that has been affected around the world into the reactors.Fish species etc. all having a certain amount of species oil in them.And remember the Mohs Hardness Index,and the various melting points of diamond steel and coal plus the oils,and toss on top EarthBag[Building] processes,similar in nature to sandbags used in war to prevent bullets to high velocity winds near atomic testing sites.Oils have a point in rising temperatures to flash to carbon.The Hardness Index represents what could[only the simple understandings]of allowing both meltdown or explosion against these mixes plus glass marbles, toys,to solidify the potential escaping radioactive materials.Coal is another less refined form of carbon,carbon as diamond is considered high on the Mohs Hardness Index,Steel has a high melting point and can be seen on a video melting as a result of a solar reflector action in a French based location Video.Solar Reflector enhance the regular heat of the sun many fold.A young American invented,in inverted commas, one on a video of him is possible to see on You Tube.Steel pipes were used in a circumstance of poking through to the reactor at Chernobyl. Can be seen in a Documentary either on Rense.com lately or PrisonPlanet.com The pipe didn’t melt!Glass marbles were part of the design of safe Thorium Reactors to those who think those reactors once built will be that.So maybe some quick tests are possible to determine this Moh’s Hardness Index approach.Get some filters for your noses and throat,just in case a few come down as thyroid problems where organic apple cider vinegar wont flush it all away even if added to molasses.And sulphur may have some use in the mix.coal could be dumped around the reactor sites and the same sandbagging effect.All sorts of precious stone even opals from Australia can be made artificially.Therefore as a thought experiment why not try the equivalent of creating diamonds or whatever will happen if high enough temperatures occur within the reactors and outside.In old editions of Scientific American,you might find many experimental attempts at making diamonds.The Solar Reflectors surely go over these artificial attempts.Laser too.Combinations of both perhaps!Don’t want to distract about the problem.It looks very bleak for humanity,we just don’t deserve it.And the same for other species of the planet.I cannot be exactly confident about this approach.If there be a God that cares,even by the accident of expression in this.Let the useful do it!

  22. Excelllllennnt………..Amusing…….. .The mark of possession …. is upon you…… …. …. …. …..The Cock-Roaches…..and ROBOTS…..will inherit the Earth……It is the will of your LORDS and self appointed owners…..[or not]……word for word………A fortiori…………..322

  23. Dear Bob,
    Thank you for your reply.
    I would be remiss not to mention the changes that are occurring in the Loop Current due to the BP oil spill.This situation is threatening the global climate thermoregulation.
    Here I offer a link to an expert opinion, Dr.Gianluigi Zangari.
    And a link to current conditions.
    I see no appreciable improvement.
    My kindest,
    Heart of the Rose

  24. dont fret ariel, i presume you’re in the northern hemisphere, everyone will be radiated equally, even the chosen. your numbers are wrong too.

  25. We must never forget that 666 Million of the Chosen Ones got gassed to death in the Shoah; by the evil Goyim cattle…So, the reports like this are only anti-Semitic; anti-DEMONcratic; racialist attempt to discredit God…

  26. Dear Heart of the Rose,

    That’s Intense, Rose. You nailed the Gulf Disaster in only 130 words. Very well done, too.

    Thank you for your comment on the reactors, I appreciate it.


  27. cause it’s just round the corner…while chernobyl was far and in the soviet area… japan is the us backyard….


    The highest reading for milk from Phoenix was 48 picocuries liter. 1 liter is 33.8 ounces.

    75 picocuries equals 100 mrem/yr (This is from a conversion chart for 1-131 I found in an article written by Chris Busby ) http://euradcom.org/publications/iodinedosecalc15042011.pdf

    48 picocuries equals 62.4 mrem
    So, 1 liter of milk is 33.8 ounces which is 62.4 mrem
    So, if you drank 365 ounces of milk you’ve consumed 673 mrem

    Help please! Is this correct?

    The EPA guide I’m looking at figures that if
    10,000 people are exposed to 1 rem of radiation over a lifetime, cancer rates from that exposure will be 5 to 6

  29. Gee there old Jimmy Fart Feather,

    Why don’t you
    just run over there
    to Fukushima

    and FIX all the reactors
    with that damn screwdriver
    you’re busy yapping about?

    Then put your radioactive ass up on YouTube
    to tell us what a wonderful time you had there.

    Howzaboutit, old Fart Feather ?

  30. river STYX in front of Dr Caldicott MD

    Thank you very much, Mr. Roboto
    dōmo arigatō misutā Robotto

  31. Fukushima=2000 atomic bombs
    I think this is the most accurate estimate so far.One through four reactors is coring down. Five though six are in cold storage but will not be able to be maintained and eventually will melt down.
    Some of us that are researching the BP oil spill are of the opinion that the seafloor was damaged in and attempt to fix the well and the geological disruption is on-going.Exposure to hydrocarbon toxins (nearly 200)is assumed on-going as well. To this add Corexit in it’s various chem. comp. Corexit is still being applied daily to hide the effects of the spill.
    This dispersant is applied in many ways including aerial.
    Add to this the chems being used for weather modification and HAARP.
    Now,apply radiation.
    Thanks for listening as to why my head hurts…literally and figuratively.

  32. I would like to delete my post.. I feel my words are not in the best support for everyone because I am only talking about my fears. I like to align my thoughts for what will be best for everyone.. and I don’t know anything about this stuff except the questions I asked.

  33. I agree entombing the reactor could only lead to a bigger explosion. Once the Fuel rods melt through the concrete casing, through the floor and in the dirt. The next stage is a huge water table beneath the ground. What do you think if you built a tomb around a ticking time bomb would happen? KABOOOM Baby. An even bigger explosion than before. The only thing I can see that would work is to remove the fuel rods from the danger zone. Either shoot hem off into space or drop them into a magma chamber to be melted. End of story. This is not like Chernobyl. They were not next to an ocean, and they did not have to worry about the rods melting into a pool of water that could explode into a steam bomb of death. Totally different scenarios.

  34. The question in my mind is “Why won’t they pull the trigger to kill the Reactor?”
    Que Bono…

  35. Hello, interesting article considering I’ve been a bit worried about the xenon and potential cesium 137 in the atmosphere (I’m monitoring from here: http://transport.nilu.no/products/fukushima)

    I obviously agree to entomb it now, I mean, what are they trying to salvage? It sure sounds like the postponement and confusion is part of humanity’s greedy depopulation plan.

    Why is this even built on a fault line? I’m sure we as human beings always like to assume the worst of things — many things have come up in relation to a worst-case-scenario and I’m still alive. But it doesn’t get rid of the fact that I could be breathing in this crap right now increasing my chances for death. How bad is it right now? Is it really THAT bad — the stuff we don’t want to speculate? Or is it radiation is in the atmosphere — but not on a global catastrophe at this time? Are they going to fix it (6 to 9 months??)?

    I’m in school for another year, and I plan on leaving the northern hemisphere once I get the money I need, away from the jet stream launching this crap at us. I mean, I just don’t trust the way things are going in this country (have been for awhile), that is my plan, just wished it would happen sooner. I don’t plan to be afraid — just accept my responsibility, but it doesn’t mean I am going to dance in the rain.


  36. You don’t know me. I only offered a harsh synapse because that is reality. I am sorry I did not add enough puppies and rainbows for your liking. You have no idea who I am. I am a God fearing person. I love more than I hate. I do not use drugs or drink booze. I do not party with the rest of the zombies. I take care of my elders,and take care of my body. I spend countless hours reading books from the elites scum bags themselves so I think I know what I am talking about.

    Now you can live saying to yourself that these things are an accident and our leaders are trying to stop it. But you are fooling yourself and continuing to help fool those around you.

    Can’t you look into the sky and see the huge streaks of Chemtrails your loving government dumps on you daily, whilst watching the people scurry beneath the cloud with impunity? Can’t you visit the grocery store and see the genetically modified food whilst watching the disgusting overweight people quickly place it in their shopping cart and dart to the checkout lane so they can gobble up the junk while drinking Aspertame laced diet coke.

    Fukushima is no different. The Japanese have one of the highest rated cultures in the world. A strict form of ethics and a wonderful code of Bushio that they practice daily, Men, Women, Children.

    What part of One World Government don’t people understand? It means every country, every religion, every culture must be eradicated and replaced. They will accomplish this goal. They are the Mystery School Babylon and they mean business. As one of our Presidents of the United States of America said plainly with no twist of the words “It is a old idea, A New World Order.”

    You cannot go to the beast and ask to be spared. Its like a cow mooing at the farmer as he brings him to the slaughter house. Thats all we do Moo Moo Moo.

    The only thing one can do is retreat from society best that you can. Deny them the satisfaction of owning your mind. Understand history so you can teach those that come next. Prepare for the coming storm.

    In closing I leave you with this from in my opinion the greatest of all Presidents Thomas Jefferson “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants alike.”

  37. The CONSTITUTION is not for “We the People” and AMERICA is a Matrix of
    misinformation. In the eyes of those in control, America is nothing more than a
    large Plantation and “We the People” are the Slaves. In many U. S. and World
    Treaties, the term “high contracting powers” is used to define your Masters;
    everyone else is considered by them to be their Slaves.www.stopthepirates.blogspot.com

  38. I say drop all the nuclear rubbish, spent fuel and contaminated stuff in the lava pit at Erta Alle volcano in the danikil depression. Let it melt and become mixed in with basaltic magma. End of story!


  39. Thank you for writing in, ARK research,

    Now everybody look carefully at ARK’s comment. It’s valuable info:

    “my personal dosimeter went to the wall at 200 rems within a week ”

    I repeat ARK’s comment:
    “my personal dosimeter went to the wall at 200 rems within a week ”

    Very sobering news, ARK. I appreciate knowing, I figure everybody else here does, too.


  40. Arrange for everyone who has taken profit from the industry to bury the site and clean up what is left.


  42. jon johnson,

    The Philippines lies 10 to 15 Deg North of the Equator. The Philippines gets the Northern Hemisphere dusting from the radioactive mist.

    I have little problem with you and your wife going, you are both adults and know what you are getting into. The kids are another matter. They look to you very naturally for guidance and protection. No, I would not take the kids, take pictures of the kids, or hook up one of the Net phones with video so the family and friends can all visit. But, don’t take the kids.

    Have a good day,


  43. No, Lestat, they’re covering it up for their own short-term benefit, just like the oil spill last year. Are you eating enough Gulf shrimp yet? Or do you play pretend that the Gulf is OK while personally avoiding seafood yourself? That’s how hypocrites like you roll. So, why don’t you shut up and crawl back in your internet-enabled hole and cater to your freaky sick vices while the world burns. Yes, go ask others to do the digging for facts you yourself don’t have and don’t want to face while you throw out smarmy comments assuming all is well because someone on TV said it was so. Self-delusional cowards like you will die from all this in the coming year and once the truth hits home, you’ll blame everyone else for not warning you. Pathetic.

  44. … but, of course, little becky, all too true.

    And, we are going to figure out the Fuku-Kill every day the gushing of lethal RadKillers goes on.

    There is one idea that stems from the Dose Measurements VP Cheney ordered during his turn at the continuous Central Asian War to match Dose in Bq/SqKm to effects like miscarriages, deformed kids, TFR, death rate and many others.

    Clearly, the few people able to “pull the trigger” for the War on the Reactors have not done it yet. The question then logically is “How many will die or get maimed before it happens?”


  45. The Ceo of GE is Jeffrey Immelt. All of their reactors should be named the same… Immelt. Oh yeah, and the buggers should start paying some taxes too.

  46. Habnix,

    I agree. There is no rational reason for the reactors.

    However, we are in the iffy realm of the national security state founded on the willingness to use thermonuclear weapons. Dial-able yields, of course, to avoid detection by the NPT regime.

    I suggest, Habnix, that the reactors serve as a convenient cover for the nuke weapons. Truly, the only real “job” any reactor does is to produce fissile material, such as Plutonium 239, for nuke weapons.

    The prodigious amounts of heat are strictly a by product. Aye, the main function is weapons production.

    Thanks for writing in, let’s discuss if you wish,

    Bob Nichols

  47. Steve,

    Now your journey to the Dark Side is complete. YOU are a raving hate filled baffon. I feel for you. When the hand reaches down to pull you out of the well of darkness and pain that you have dug yourself, hold on tight and get out of there.

  48. Es wäre besser wenn jeder einzelne versucht sich Strom,Wasser,Nahrung so weit wie möglich selbst macht.Dann gibt es keine grund für ein Nuclear Power Reactors.

    Freiheit ist nur ein anderes Wort für Unabhängigkeit.

  49. This is the way the world ends
    This is the way the world ends
    This is the way the world ends
    Not with a bang but a whimper.

    …T.S Elliot

  50. Yes! Thank you, I agree 100% Entomb this thing, Now!!! This is the first article I have read that really talks about what needs to be done! Entomb it! Robots can’t fix it, humans can’t go near it to try and fix it…. ENTOMB IT NOW!!!!! No more radioactive materials released in the atmosphere!!!

  51. very pertinent article and i hope all gets well for all, i do not agree that russia and america could accidentally go to war considering that israeli jew zionists are in charge of the american arsenal and its govt who have been aiding the spread of nuclear weapons to this terrorist state in the middle east for decades.
    they are good at false flags to get the euroepans and americans to fight its wars for they evil ends, they kill your people at will and rob you blind(2.3 trillion missing from the pentagon under rabbi dov zackehims watch) and still you suck up to the greatest danger to the world with 400 plus undeclared atomic weapons of teh state of israel!!!!

    i do not have personally any faith in the average christian american or european due to they blindness which even jesus moaned about,seeing they see not,hearing they hear not,neither do they understand.

    recently, a letter was published on the web from the late 30,s by the head of the zionist jew organisation proclaiming that there were only 2 million jews in europe at the time of the 2nd world war, so how did 6 million perish as claimed in that time period and also how did 6 million perish in the first world war as they claim too?
    do not forget the 1 million claimed survivors so far and growing by the day!

    these are the puppet masters you all are talking about and do not dare mention with they headquarters in tel aviv telling the mighty american state what to do and not to do because as the war criminal ariel sharon stated:WE OWN AMERICA AND THEY KNOW IT:
    do not look for reds or bads, look for the zionist jew terrorist under your beds!

  52. Yeah, I agree. If they insist this is safe, then they should put their money where their mouth is. Also would like to see the BP people going to Fukushima – to clean up properly this time.

    Small comfort is if you happen to believe in karma, eventually everyone gets whats coming to them. Cry TEPCO CEO, cry, though your hands are clean, your wallet isn’t. Nobody can withstand invisible particles, monitoring tools just make you obssessed and distracted. Make peace with death and start living.

    Great article, journaling the apocalypse is just as important as shoving a suit wearing apology for a human being’s face in a radioactive toilet.


  53. Sorry, Steve, my reply was interupted. Not intentional. I am a child of the 50’s, and have grandchildren who I fret over. Would like to share ideas, especially concerning Yugoslavia, but too late, sorry.

  54. Bob, you got it right, entombment is the only way out of this mess not only for Honshu but the world. The sooner the better. The reactors will all melt down eventually anyway, better to forego all the criticalities spread by water. The melted fuel after breaching containment will all become corium like at Chernobyl. The stupidity of some of the people who don’t understand the scale of this disaster is truly the reason why we are in this mess. Nuclear energy and bombs were initiated in secret by homicidal maniacs, it is a simple fact of history.
    But Bob, the reason the ‘authorities’ in Japan do not entomb is they are under orders to destroy Japan for the puppet masters…payback for not giving the red team Japan Post Bank and its three trillion in assets backed up by the Japanese people’s savings.

  55. You may not agree with the callus way I argued the case, But you cannot disagree with the facts of the matter.

  56. I agree; were it not for the “gunboat diplomicy” of Commodore Perry, the people of Japan would probably be fine. There would have been no Russian war, etc. Japanese were very wise to pursue an isolationist policy. Unfortunately, the People of Japan got screwed. Now, nobody can fix what’s happening.

  57. bob, what is your take on the safety of visiting the philippines? i did see a map a few weeks ago showing a radioactive cloud extending southwest from japan and nudgeing the philippines. i was planning a 7 weeks trip there with a baby and 4 year old but i’m thinking of cancelling. its my wifes home country and her folks are there. i’d appreciate your opinion.

  58. Chuckling…. Oh yea?

    Here’s a easy one for you then.

    How much, exactly, Caesium 137 did China put over the US in the “last above ground hydrogen bomb that China detonated back in the early 60s?”


  59. Well the numbers are certainly large. Perfect for raising fear. You cannot hide and every breath you take will be fatal….. eventually. You don’t think the smartest people in the room aren’t already over there and trying to fix this thing so that it will have as little impact as possible? Let’s bury them, hell for that matter let’s bury them all. Good sentiment, however how willing are you to turn off your computer and go back to writing with pen and paper? Less people will see your words, and there will me less money made. That’s it money! Fame! Are you willing to give all that up? And if you are, ask yourself how many others are, because I’ll bet not many. So instead of spreading fear and paranoia, how about you do a little digging and find out what is actually getting done to set people’s mind at ease instead of revving them up for the almighty buck. I doubt this will get printed, but hopefully the guy or gal who reads it and rejects it will pass it along to you and maybe you may take some words to heart. Somehow I doubt it. Not as glamorous.

  60. What fiction. The last above ground hydrogen bomb that China detonated back in the early 60s put many times more radiation over the USA than the latest Japan reactor disaster. This article is like saying that with a screwdriver it is possible to kill 1 billion people. Yes, that might be possible in the Twilight Zone, if a billion people on earth marched in line patiently as the killer swung the screwdriver. In the same way liberals used to say that we had enough nukes to wipe out planet earth many times over. Not true. Yes, if you could gather everyone into one big valley then just one big hydrogen bomb could do the trick. Heck a 22 cal. gun with 1 billion shells in supply could kill maybe 600,000,000 if everyone again stood in line and allowed it to happen. But the fact is such silly theories do not exist in the real world. If everyone complied with a killer’s wishes, everyone could be killed by telling them to lie in the sun until they were sun burned to death.

    Ok so perhaps the fuel rods at FUKUSHIMA = the war heads of 2000 atom bombs. For that mater likely the remaining Uranium deposits yet to be mined on earth equals many more bombs. Big deal.

  61. I love it how some of you all like to take it out on the Japanese. Why don’t you consider for a minute had it not been for the US involvement in Japan after the war and General Electric, Japan may have never pursued a nuclear path..SO its kind of your fault you put them there. So yes, why don’t you Americans FIX it.

  62. What ever technology they are currently saying they have. They are in fact 40 years at most ahead of it. So its not that far fetched to assume that the technology to clean up nuke fallout/waste is there. But that of course does not fit with the worlds elites plan for de-population.

    So of course it makes perfect sense from the elites perspective to allow this problem to continue to get out of hand for the foreseeable future. Do not look to your Congressmen, nor your Navy, nor your savior whom ever that may be. This problem will not go away and our dear leaders will not allow it to go away.

    The people in power will be saved, they will get clean water, they will get detoxed when due. You can bet they won’t be eating radiated Monsanto food, They will be let into the underground fallout shelters that they have built all over this planet for just this type of scenario. So why should they help you?

    You already believe any fable they wish to place upon you. They can manipulate your minds to declare any war on any nation and you feel good about it. So why should they help you? You can’t even help yourself. Dependence on food they ship in, electricity they supply, Internet they easily created in Liverpool labs and they can easily take these things away.

    Now your Father and Grandfather helped build the beast, and its our turn to feel the wrath. So you pout and cry but for what? Our parents got the golden age 50’s 60’s 70’s and 80’s. What do we get? Wars, Famine, High taxes, Restriction on travels, more wars, radiation death, Earthquake machines, Weather manipulation, Chemtrails, chemicals in the water, High rates of Cancer, even more wars, and a thuggish police force to put us in our place.

    You think all this stuff just happens you got another thing coming. If these people played the lotto they would be Billionaires the next day and most of them are. When the United Nations says the world will begin to decline in human population by 2020 they are just pulling these numbers out of a hat. When the pentagon releases reports saying that revolutions and riots will begin to take place in 2010. You act surprised when they happen? What about the Orwellian use of Al-Qaeda first they were are ally in the soviet invasion of Afghanistan and then we use them again in Bosnia, They suddenly become our enemy to launch wars that have nothing to do with Al-Qaeda(Al-CIAduhhh). Now they are our ally again fighting against Libya. Give me a break. You people are so dumb why should they save you? You can’t even think for yourself. You are the dead. Because you were never awake. You are walking zombies. Its time for your slaughter and now what you gonna do write your congress?


  63. Excellllllennnt……..Amusing………PLANET…………all according to plan…sleep sleep..sleep…NOW…SLEEP ……. ..those who LORD and GOVERN ..OVER…you will take good care of you…In your WORLD… … … ..Breathe deep the TASTY …… …Binary weapons ……..you were warned …….It is time to choose ….[or not]………….word for word…………..A fortiori…….322

  64. The world needs to get this site closed down in a hurry or we need to just start playing “We’ll Meet Again” by Vera Lynn (Music at the end of the movie Dr. Strangelove)

  65. Chernobyl was different, in that smoke from the burning graphite spread isotopes
    with more intensity than FK. The final damage from FK could well be worse, considering that it is an event still in progress. The percentage of fissionable fuel in fuel rods is supposedly low enough that a meltdown will not breech containment. Much of that is theoretical. The fire at Chernobyl was, in a way, a blessing, in that it prevented the “pooling” of fuel to a “supercritical mass”.
    FK may test the theoretical calculations of a pool of melted fuel reaching such a
    mass. Your warning is certainly valid, but, unfortunatly, many of us are stupid, and prone to panic over “2000 a-bombs”. What to do, if FK reaches supercritical mass?
    Kiss your loved ones and your ass goodbye. Then again, we survived atomic testing fallout, so who knows?

  66. Way to go Bobby!

    Kids, Your friend Nuclear Bob just let you in on the biggest secret known to man. Chernobyl the suckers NOW. And hey, here’s an idea, SCRAP the whole damn “Nuclear Power” (i. e. Certain Death Plants) “debate.” There is nothing to debate. Nuke plants are fire breathing death traps that add GINORMOUS amounts of planet killing heat to water, wind and wave . . . But wait! There’s more. If they melt down, like 4 to 6 already have at Fukushima alone, you kill all life on the planet. Wake up, rattle the cages. Let’s get this crap shut down for good!

  67. Hi Wilson,

    You ambulatory enough to move around?

    If you are not close enough to go to DC, and see the Joint Chiefs, who can actually make this happen, the Congress Critter that visits from time to time will have to do as a poor substitute.

    You might get in their face with a friendly TV camera crew and Demand to know when they are going to Chernobyl the reactors.

    But, the best bet for action is the Joint Chiefs. Only they hold the magic keys to the Super Carriers.

    Thanks for your two cents.


  68. Arrange for everyone who has taken profit from the industry to bury the site and clean up what is left.

    CEO’s, consultants, regulators, shareholders, plant suppliers, uranium mining interests the whole damn lot of them working 24/7, like ants with shovels.

    Just how bad is it ?

    Read this and you will feel even worse.


    Needless to say the PTB are ignoring this report.

  69. The answer is because they have spent the past 25 years figuring out how to lie to Everyone in the world and bambozzle their way out of the next disaster; instead of trying to fix shit. They did nothing to fix obvious problems, anywhere. They were not to be questioned – ever. Absolute Control is the name of that game.

    The morons did not figure it would be this big. They figured the next disaster would be nice and cooperate. Duhhhhhhhhhh…. Mr Earthquake, “Be Nice…”

    Hanging is way to good for these animals…. Now it is up to the US Navy to save all of Humanity. Not what they signed up for…. but, that is the situation.

    Bummer guys. What do you need to do the job, Navy? Let’s get it done. You sure have my support.


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