The Floundering “Ship of State”


Time to Toss “Values” Aside and “Kick Some Ass”


by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

For me, the “last straw” was John McCain’s paranoid blithering about Afghanistan.  He wants us to stay there forever.  Good, the “Hanoi  Songbird,” the real “Jane Fonda” has spoken, based on his heroic record.

For those of you who don’t know, the only thing that kept McCain out of prison after leaving North Vietnam so many years ago was a presidential pardon.  How bad?  The accusations made against McCain by Hopper and Guy, real heroes, were damning beyond, well, beyond what?

The worst of it is that during his lucid moments, McCain may be the best of the lot in the Senate anyway.   My guess is that McCain and his buddy Liebermann have some tie-in with the drug cartels.  That’s just a guess.

So, lets take a second to look at Afghanistan.

We invaded Afghanistan, supposedly because of the destruction of 9/11.

Jim Fetzer has a new article titled “Inside Job: 7 Questions About 9/11” and  I strongly suggest reading it and passing it on.

If you are bored with 9/11 or find yourself feeling comfortable about how this crime is being overlooked, you might just be wasting oxygen better used by a lawn mower or BBQ grill somewhere.

The two incidents, one with the WTC, buildings dissolving, hundreds of tons of steel turning to vapor for no reason or the Pentagon, hit by a missile, where do we start.  The trail, endless billions in insurance scams, some groups warned in advance to “not show up” (yes, that part really happened), proof, endless proof that the US government helped by a foreign intelligence agency staged the 9/11 attacks, there is so much hard proof out there now, testimony, science, documents, it would be the easiest criminal prosecution in history.  Fetzer has a few new wrinkles in his piece and Alan Sabrosky made his case for Israel’s complicity.

Both Fetzer and Sabrosky are Marines with impressive CV’s.  Ignore them at the risk of your self esteem.

Three days after 9/11, ABC news made the case for the “Inside Job.”  You will never find the news story, it is gone permanently except you can see it here:

[youtube bsvsboAQ6IE]

This is one of a hundred early clues that should have led the American people, by the million, into the streets, headed toward Washington.  The end result should have been taking our government back.  It wasn’t.

Instead, we invaded Afghanistan.  The end result?  We spent over $3 trillion dollars, killed, wounded or disabled 500,000 Americans and built a drug empire that is destroying the world.

Why did we really invade?  If you don’t know that, we will keep it short.  We had an oil pipeline dispute with the Taliban.  We had an “oil” presidency, placed into office by 5/4 vote from the Supreme Court and millions of “flipped” votes.  Those of us who follow politics know that exit polling can predict elections about a half hour after the polls open.  They are “dead on” accurate, always have been.   Exit polling had Bush losing by 7%, a landslide for Gore.  Instead, the popular vote was close and two states, Ohio and Florida were rigged totally.  In one Ohio precinct with electronic voting, 900 votes for Bush were cast by 600 registered voters.

The same thing happened across the country, key precincts were hacked, Gore votes flipped to Bush, millions of them and he still lost.

When that kind of thing is allowed, 9/11 should have been expected.  It had been planned in advance.  David Ray Griffin and Christopher Bollyn proved it all categorically years ago.  Since then their case has been proven and reproven, reinforced and solidified a hundred fold.

Still, you can turn on Jon Stewart and see ignorance and evil, real evil, from a brilliant guy, a progressive, a man who seems to care so much about everything decent but has a blind spot about 9/11.  9/11 is a “third rail” issue, if you believe Sabrosky and I do, 9/11 was an act of war against the United States, perpetrated by the Israeli government with knowing complicity in Washington at every level, Pentagon, FBI, CIA, probably the President himself, although he was and is a dimwitted sociopath.

Bachmann, Palin, McCain, Gingrich, how many others, are the same or worse?  Those of us who live near the real heart of the rumormill are being told the next game will be nuclear, more dead and pointed at Iran, Pakistan and North Korea with a “breadcrumb” trail leading to China.

America is too numbed to care about anything else.  In fact, you could prettymuch incinerate many cities and nobody would care.  The entire Gulf Coast along with the city of New Orleans were washed away and little was said.  Blackwater was sent in, survivors were put into poisoned trailers, eventually at least and “conservatives” still joke about it.

Want a real joke?  Half a million young disabled veterans are going to cost us $4 trillion dollars over the next 20 years.  Not all of them can marry mob boss daughters or “beer baronesses” like a well known senator.

For 8 years, thr0ugh two rigged elections, America went “bust,” the national debt of over 200 years was tripled overnight, two endless wars begun and rule of law disappeared behind a huge police state bureaucracy.  Illegal aliens were flooded into the country, every regulatory agency that targeted anyone but the poor was dismantled and America’s standard of living plummeted.

America, once a nation of home owners and family farms became a nation of renters or worse.  Millions of Americans who were thrown out of their homes by banks that we now learn never owned them in the first place are now being thrown out of apartments and rooming houses.

Most Americans are employed at jobs that are at risk.  Few employers offer comprehensive insurance of any kind, few pension funds, when properly audited, are funded at all, even for state governments.  Financial security for 75% of Americans is a thing of the past.

Private retirement funds have all collapsed, disappeared.  Social Security faces cuts and elimination and Medicare will be eliminated.

A generation that gave up its values for greed, that socked money away, big homes, 401k retirement plans, German cars, faces a lingering death.  Some still have it all, in fact, some have “yours.”  The rest, no “golf course/spa” retirement communities, not even nursing homes.

There is no money left to pay the nursing homes, no equity left be seized, no bank accounts to be pilfered.

It all disappeared in 2007-8.

The same thing happened in Greece.  Over the past few days, their Socialist government has cut pensions and wages, pretty much a duplication of the GOP agenda for the US.  The goal always seems the same, run up debt, billions, even trillions in debt then take the money from working classes.

The real money isn’t in “nations.”  It exists electronically, much as with “cloud computing.”  Currently, 90% of the worlds fiat currency, the money governments print, often out of boredom, can never be located.  We know 24 trillion dollars left the United States over the past few decades, residing in a ghost-like netherworld.

From time to time it pops to the surface, some of it at least.  Figures hit the papers, billions on defense projects, insurance bail outs, huge bonuses for “executives” who do little but play golf, drink and whore around.  Hundreds of millions “trickle down” into Washington DC, financing campaigns, buying the government and, in the process, guaranteeing full complicity.

There is one purpose for government, one only.  Government launders money.  They say government taxes and spends.  In truth, government “stands aside,” taking its cut while all labor, all property, all intellectual wealth is seized, while anything “not nailed down” and most of what is nailed down is stolen.

I love it when people talk about taxes.  Gasoline is currently  pushing $4 a gallon again but oil prices, by traditional standards, justify a price closer to $2 dollars a gallon.

Ever hear of “supply and demand?”

There are no “gas lines.”  There are no shortages.  Nobody is running out of oil, not Libya, nor Iraq nor even the United States.  The world is drowning in oil.  Worse still, we are capable of cutting consumption over the next ten years by 50% or more using technologies well established.

Worse still, much of the consuming world is in economic downturn, soft economies some places and, less publicly known, many nearing collapse.  Big consumers like Japan, the United States, Great Britain, France, Germany and Italy face economic ruin.  They are soft markets and should be driving oil prices to record lows.

In fact, the European Union is folding up like a “house of cards.”

I just got back from a trip to Africa.  While there, I reviewed infrastructure projects, in particular power generation projects.  The picture became clear rather quickly.  A global plot, even it it is only imaginary, seems to have manifested itself.  The goal, and a very successful one at that, has been to suck out resources, oil, coal, natural gas and bury governments in endless debt.

Stealing from Africa and the Middle East has been easy, like taking candy from a baby.  What I wonder is, “Where does the money go?”  We sure as hell aren’t getting it here in the US.

When shiploads of oil were being stolen from Iraq (and Nigeria) did Americans benefit at “the pump.”  Shouldn’t gas be cheaper when it comes from stolen oil?  Shouldn’t gas be cheaper when it was bought with the blood of our children?

What are our choices?

I think we have some simple decisions to make.  I hope the “tea party” was a lesson.  Wall Street and Israel bought a pack of stooges, foisted them on an ignorant American public and made a bad situation worse.  I do so love propaganda.  Americans are being sold these ideas:

  1. Israel can’t survive until America is destroyed.
  2. Gaddafi, once the most hated man on earth before Osama bin Laden may be the second coming of Christ himself.
  3. Private health insurance sold by companies that went bankrupt in 2007, companies proven corrupt, proven insolvent, proven fraudulent, should be given full and total control over the lives of all Americans, you know, as though America were a Communist country run by, well, big insurance companies.
  4. The same Republican party that planned and executed 9/11, that put us in two losing wars and destroyed our economy and standard of living is all that can save us from unsuccessful efforts to undo what they did the last time they got into power.

Our choices?

It isn’t just buying in on the “flavor of the month” conspiracy.  Years ago, those became the tools of our undoing.

When my good friend Bruce Campbell started the militia movement those many years ago, as a hedge against runaway government intrusion into our daily lives, he would never have guessed that ignorance and greed would align most with our worst totalitarian elements.

Maybe Sara Palin was right, maybe Paul Revere and the Minutemen were with the British after all.  It’s certainly where she would have sided.

Our choices are easier than we think.  We end our unsuccessful relationship with the Federal Reserve, the pimps and loan sharks that steal money from us and loan it back at interest.

We bring all corporations “onshore.”  If you don’t make it here, you don’t sell it here.  If you don’t keep your money here, and pay taxes here, you don’t do business here.

If China and Russia want to build dozens of aircraft carriers and rule the seas, let them.  Combined, neither have the military power of World War II Japan, a nation we beat using 10% of our military might.

Are they enemies?  Ours?  Who says?  Prove it!

Same with Iran.  Our enemy?  Since when?  Prove it!

Venezuela?  Oh come now.

Wall Street?  Ah, now you’re talking.

Congress?  When a country is ruled by a legislature with an 8% approval rating is that considered “freedom?”  By whose measure?

The Bush collapse taught us a lesson we forgot too soon.  We learned that a financial “house of cards” controlled our nation, not through investment, not through creating wealth but through a series of Ponzi schemes.  If our memory still served us, which it does not, we would know we were slaves, the nation some of us fight for, the flag so many of us hold so close to heart, long ago gone.

Our history, the Revolution, the Civil War, our World Wars, Korea, Vietnam, the Israel/Bush conflicts, things we can no longer trust, no longer be certain of.

We can trust nothing.

For those who haven’t noticed, Scofield “paganized” Christianity.  We have become so desirous of being inoffensive and politically correct that our defense of Zionism and our categorical hatred of Islam, the Wall Street and New World Order plan for our destruction is, in itself, built on Christian heresy.

Once upon a time, Catholics and Protestants had differences.  Beliefs were important, some deemed moral and correct, others blasphemous and heretical.  Now all is lateralism.  Did Constantine invent a pagan idolatry and call it Christianity?  Is Mormonism a religion at all or a science fiction reading club?

Are Evangelicals snake handling, mumbling extremists?

We all used to think one or more of these things until so many began hating Muslims they know nothing of.

We used to fight, religion, real politics, have values, have views until others began telling us how and what to think, from the pulpit, from the TV and now in funny Youtube videos and sarcastic emails.

The new definition of truth is an unchallenged lie.


Americans can be allowed to hate.  We do it anyway.  Back in the school yard, we settled our differences with our fists.  In the process, we built a way of life, free of psychologists and “conflict resolution” or “anger management’ classes.

We learned restraint.  We learned respect.  We learned consequences.

All of this is now forgotten.

Time for that era to return. to teach restraint, to teach respect and to teach consequences.

I think we all have an idea who we want to do the learning.


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Gordon Duff posted articles on VT from 2008 to 2022. He is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War. A disabled veteran, he worked on veterans and POW issues for decades. Gordon is an accredited diplomat and is generally accepted as one of the top global intelligence specialists. He manages the world's largest private intelligence organization and regularly consults with governments challenged by security issues. Duff has traveled extensively, is published around the world, and is a regular guest on TV and radio in more than "several" countries. He is also a trained chef, wine enthusiast, avid motorcyclist, and gunsmith specializing in historical weapons and restoration. Business experience and interests are in energy and defense technology.