Policy Failure Mexico – Illegal immigration and the Failed War on Drugs


US Policy Failure Mexico – Illegal immigration and the Failed US War on Drugs


by Mike Harris


To simply state that the US relationship with Mexico is terribly flawed is a gross understatement. The relationship with Mexico has been highly dysfunctional and runs contrary to the dictates of the US Constitution. The question remains is what to do about this broken relationship and the broken borders?

To recap the obvious problems with the USA/Mexico relationship, let us begin with the border. Mexico is the primary source for illegal drugs into the USA. Fully 90% of the illegal drug traffic entering the USA comes through Mexico. The majority of the drug traffic enters through the porous Arizona/Mexico border. The State of Arizona has made passionate and direct appeals to the US Federal Government at every level for Federal intervention to stop this problem, through effective Federal enforcement of the border; Arizona’s appeals for assistance are not only ignored but thwarted at every turn.

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In addition to the problems and crime associated with illegal drugs entering the USA there is the problem of illegal aliens entering the USA. According to the group Americans for Immigration Reform, and other groups like the Minutemen, and even Wall Street Investment Bank, Goldman, Sachs, there is an estimated 35 million illegal aliens currently within the USA. The official US Government estimates of 12 million are blatantly false and low by design.

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This lesson was learned during the Reagan administration when a “one time” amnesty was granted to illegal aliens then residing in the USA in the mid 1980‘s via the Simpson-Mazoli Act. The official US Congressional Budget Office pre-amnesty estimate of illegal aliens that was anticipated to take part in that amnesty was 800,000. In reality over 3.2 million illegal aliens were granted the gift and privilege of United States Citizenship. This is a margin of error of 400%. Skepticism is only natural of any official estimates of the scale of the problem of illegal immigration.

For many years Arizona and all of the States which share a common border with Mexico; have all requested effective Federal actions to deal with the illegal immigration problem. Nothing that is effective ever seems to get done, only meaningless platitudes from the current Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, who was the former Governor of Arizona. Secretary Napolitano understands this problem and she chooses to not only ignore pleas for Federal action and assistance, but actively works to thwart the efforts of Arizona’s State officials and her successor, Governor Jan Brewer.

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One only needs to examine the Federal lawsuits filed by the US Department of Justice against Arizona and opposing SB-1070. Arizona passed a state law which makes being in Arizona illegally a crime. Arizona SB-1070 seeks to give police and law enforcement the power to ask the people under arrest for a crime, the authority to inquire about the suspect’s immigration status. This minimalist new law is being met with fierce Federal opposition, under the canard that this is interfering with Federal authority and jurisdiction. According the bill’s author Arizona State Senator Russell Pierce, SB-1070 was written to be directly compatible with the existing Federal laws, yet the Department of Justice under the direction Attorney General Eric Holder opposes this minimalist and simple common sense approach to enforcing the US Border with Mexico as mandated by the US Constitution. (Note to the reader: there is currently an active congressional investigation of Secretary Napolitano’s and Attorney General Holder’s involvement in “Operation Fast and Furious”, the BATF sponsored arms smuggling operation which supplied 30,000 military grade weapons and 20 million rounds of ammunition to the Mexican Drug Cartels, as a law enforcement operation that resulted in the death of US Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry).

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It is easy to understand why Mexico favors the current dysfunction. Mexico receives over $600 Billion annually in reparations from the illegal aliens working in the USA. This cash flow into Mexico from the USA is tied for second place in revenue contribution to Mexico’s Gross Domestic Product. Alongside the money Mexico receives from the trafficking in illegal drugs. We have no accurate estimates of the contribution that drug trafficking adds to Mexico’s GDP, but it is enormous, the estimates vary between $300 Billion and $2 Trillion dollars per year.

In a time when USA official unemployment is near 10%, which is high, but using the metrics used in 1983 around the time of the previous amnesty that was granted during the Reagan administration, that number jumps to a 24% domestic unemployment rate. The question that begs to be asked is: Can we afford 35 million illegal aliens living in the United States taking jobs from unemployed American workers? The answer is not no, the answer is HELL NO!!!

Which brings up the issue of wage suppression that accompanies these 35 millions of dirt poor, illiterate, peasant workers from Mexico and Central America, The obvious question to ask is: why do the labor unions condone this inaction from both Republican and Democrat elected officials? Why is there no hue and cry at every level of government from every jurisdiction in America? The benefits to the unethical employers who want cheap labor are obvious, why does organized labor remain silent? This issue directly affects the quality of life of union members and the financial security of their families. The silence of the labor unions is deafening. The distortion that illegal aliens bring to the labor market is directly harmful to American workers, who are struggling to get by in the current deep recession/depression.

The fact that the Government of Mexico publishes a manual for illegal immigrants to successfully invade the USA is incriminating evidence that there is a larger strategic plan at work. When this is examined under the lens of the Constitution of Mexico which states that children born to Mexican citizens while abroad, are still considered to be born as Mexican Citizens, this fact and point of law within the Mexican Constitution certainly gives the debate about illegal immigration a different angle. The effect of this is that all of the “anchor babies” born in the USA, who hold ill gotten USA citizenship through the criminal actions of their parents, are all dual citizens, with a constitutional priority in favor of Mexico. These Mexican Dual Nationals will be voting in the elections of the United States.

The more sinister implications come into view when examined with the social movement of Aztlan, and the charitable corporations which fund this movement, like La Raza and Chicanos Por La Causa. What the Aztlan movement articulates is the USA “Stole their Land” and the citizens of Mexico have a patriotic duty to reclaim these lands by any means possible. This territory was acquired by the USA when Mexican General Santa Ana was defeated and the peace accord set the existing international border in the treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo signed on March 15, 1843. This is one reason why we remember the Alamo.

The Mexicans who enter the USA illegally are doing their patriotic duty to Mexico and assisting Mexico in reclaiming their lost lands. In addition they make a better life for themselves and their families. They are well compensated for their illegal entry. The recent trend of using the illegal entry of these Mexican peasants as drug mules, by the drug cartels is remarkably successful. Most of those who cross illegally use the services of a “Coyote” a trail guide who knows how to evade the US Border Patrol. The Coyote charges a fee for this service. Now the cartels are paying the illegal crossers to work as mules to transport the drugs across the border. The majority of illegal border crossers now are carrying between 50 and 80 lbs of drugs in a back pack to pay the transport fee demanded by the coyote for his services. Today, the poor down trodden migrant looking for a better life is carrying the poison, the drugs that will addict and destroy the lives of American children, and ruin the next generations of American Citizens. The Government of Mexico publishes a handbook to assist the illegal aliens and the drug cartels instructing them how to be successful. This is a covert act of war upon the American people by the Government of Mexico.

A major hidden benefit to the Government of Mexico is the removal of the lowest performing and least capable from their society by dumping them into the USA and making them our problem. The illegal aliens who cross into the USA illegally are not the Doctors, Lawyers, Bankers, or Scientist and Engineers, they are not educated and productive citizens of Mexico; no they are the great unwashed masses, the uneducated, the illiterate, the sick, the criminals, the worst of the worst. Once in the USA, they get a free ride at US taxpayer expense, free health care, a quality education for their kid’s, food stamps, welfare, everything that the system was put into place for the benefit of the legitimate citizens of the USA, not for these illegal foreign invaders.

This is the great social relief valve that keeps the dysfunctional and criminal Mexican Government and elite in power. Without the surplus population of down trodden peasant, losers, criminals and misfits exported into the USA, the Mexican government should have fallen and the country should have collapsed a decade ago. The 35 million illegal aliens that occupy the USA could easily topple the current regime in Mexico, no wonder the Mexican Government sponsors, initiates and supports these acts of aggression against the USA.

Given the scale and scope of these foreign policy challenges to the United States, what is to be done? How is the US Government to respond in the best interest of the citizens of our country?

I offer the following as a solution, unconventional by today’s standards, but not unprecedented. Given the clear and present danger that Mexico poses to the United States, strong and decisive actions are required. The USA has been playing defense with Mexico and losing badly. It is time to go on the offensive and stop these threats to National Security of the United States of America, and the physical threats of drugs and violence to our citizens.

The United States needs to declare a state of emergency along the US/Mexico border. The US Military needs to be deployed into Mexico. Not on the border, but at least 100 miles into the interior of Mexico, to create a safe zone where the drug cartels and their operations and staging areas can be permanently dismantled. The local Mexican populations who reside near the border will need to be relocated, and resettled in the interior states of Mexico. All illegal border crossings will stop and martial law will be in effect. Violators will be shot on sight, no exceptions, legitimate business and commerce can continue under the direction of the US Military Commander for the area. This was done when General Blackjack Pershing was deployed to quell the banditry on the border caused by Poncho Villa; it is past time that the US Military is deployed again.

Domestically, all illegal aliens within the USA will be deported to their country of origin, as was done most recently during the Eisenhower administration. All assets and property owned by the illegal aliens will be seized and auctioned. The proceeds will go to reimburse the State governments who have provided benefits to these illegal aliens during their occupation of the USA.

All children of the illegal aliens will be deported with their parents, according to the Constitution of Mexico; they are considered as Citizens of Mexico and have legal status within the Country of Mexico.

Will there be resistance to this plan, yes, of course, because it will work, those within the USA who profit at the expense of our collective National security will howl. By this howling we will be able to identify them for the traitors and scoundrels they are. We already know the too big to fail banks are involved with the drug trafficking, the money laundering scandals speak volumes. The Bank of America and Wachovia come to mind. Who and what else crawls out of the woodwork remains to be seen, they will come crawling out, you can bet on it. We have only seen the tip of this iceberg, there is a huge mass of corruption that is yet to be detected. This plan is a workable solution to a nasty and corrupt problem that confronts the United States. There are solid legal precedents for all of the required actions to protect the National Security and citizens of the USA.

The Government of Mexico will object to this plan, because it will force them to deal with the ugly reality of their internal problems, instead of dumping their poorest people onto the United States. Social reform is needed and the extreme concentration of wealth needs to be addressed. Corruption at every level of Mexican government will need to be eliminated, or the drug cartels will be the next ruling party governing Mexico.

It is time to use the US Military for its only proper constitutionally mandated purpose, the defense of the borders and the citizens of the United States of America, instead of fighting illegal wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and now Libya.



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Mr. Harris has enjoyed 30+ yrs in the manufacturing, financial, and technology sectors. He’s been core to numerous domestic and international start-ups, acquisitions, and mergers, skyrocketing profit margins through a highly cooperative/collaborative team approach. His sharp intellect and a fluid intuition was significant boon during his 2005/6 run for the Governor of Arizona where he emphasized the need to initiate immediate, practical, working solutions to the issues at hand. From 1995 to 2000 Mr. Harris served as a technical advisor to the Committee on Science and Technology of the US Congress, as well as sitting as Chairman of various boards over the years. With an MBA in finance, from a foundation of Applied Physics and Economics, he has proven an exceptional ability to function well above and beyond “the box”. Dubbed “Iron Mike” through his many years as a martial artist, Mr. Harris has clearly demonstrated the resiliency to take blows and to come back fighting. This extraordinary skill-set he now brings to his ultimate Vision for a free, abundant, and prosperous society.