Fukushima: Japan Goes to WAR


Giant Nuke Weapons Aimed at the US, Switched ON


Brutally strong external "tent" skeleton for Rad spewing reactors at Fukushima
Brutally strong external "tent" skeleton for Rad spewing reactors at Fukushima. Built to withstand what? An attack?

by Bob Nichols


(San Francisco) – Japan is readying six huge, long acting nuclear weapons for immediate use against the country’s economic and military foes.  Chief among those is the United States. The weapon is radioactive poison gas from the six destroyed American reactors and old reactor cores at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant.

Fukushima Daiichi is now fully weaponized in concept and, in just days, in real life.

Long denied their own nuclear weapons by the US, their WW II wartime conqueror, re-builder, Master and Patron, the Japanese are commonly thought by insiders to be capable of building nuclear weapons easily over a weekend. This aggressive approach is even  more ingenious and imaginative.

In an instant on March 11, 2011 at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station three, possibly six, large atomic reactors were turned into armed and functioning stationary nuclear weapons, ostensibly by a very large, curious earthquake and devastating tsunami.

Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant’s six reactors transformed to possibly six huge radioactive isotope spewing nuclear weapons; potentially as much as the equivalent of about 2,000 Hiroshima Atomic Bombs over a period of months and even years. Japanese Prime Minister Kan and the Cabinet were notified immediately.

Unlike the Chernobyl nuclear disaster involving only one reactor six months out, the Fukushima smash up is no closer to being “contained,” as the government cheerfully puts it than it was on Day One – March 11, 2011

Atomic bombs, like the one that incinerated Hiroshima, create more than 1,400 radioactive and highly lethal “isotopes;” or, radioactive variations of the metal uranium. Atomic reactors do the same thing, since they are merely vastly slowed down, very large atomic bombs.

War Flag of the Imperial Japanese Army Wikipedia
War Flag of the Imperial Japanese Army Wikipedia

Now as a result of stunning Japanese ingenuity, the unparalleled nuclear fury, disease and concentrated death of the out-of-control reactors will be aimed directly at the United States. Nothing short of a full scale US invasion and bombing can turn the situation around. For more than six months Fukushima Nuclear Power Reactors have irradiated Japan and nearby countries such as Russia, China,  South Korea, and North Korea, for the most part. The “tents” turn that all around. The die is cast, the Japanese leadership has made their decision; so be it.

To date, American President Obama has done nothing that VeteransToday knows of to stem this dire, immediate and active nuclear threat to all residents of the United States.

The six Fukushima Daiichi nuclear weapons are in Northern Japan on the Pacific Coast facing the West Coast of the United States. Travel time from Fukushima to San Francisco, Seattle or Los Angeles is a few minutes by US space based weapons systems and others that are up there.

Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi poison gas nuclear fallout is deployed by steady easterly winds and is much more dependable than space based weapons. The one way trip from Fukushima’s crippled reactors to San Francisco, LA and Seattle takes 4 days by the ever present Jet Stream winds and as much as 9 days by lower level winds. This is nothing new; it has been the case since the Fukushima disaster March 11, 2011.

Overbuilt, armored and brutally strong "tent leg poles" are shown in this close up of an unfinished Fukushima radiation gas pump chimney (FRGPC) to poison millions of Americans.
Overbuilt, armored and brutally strong "tent leg poles" are shown in this close up of an unfinished Fukushima radiation gas pump chimney (FRGPC) to poison millions of Americans.

What is new is that the Japanese government, the Japanese self defense forces and their corporate favorite TEPCO, the Tokyo Electric Power Company, are encasing the semi-permanent radiation spewing Stationary Nuclear Weapons  (SNW) in giant building sized tents or weapons condoms.

Powerful fans collect and pump the highly radioactive uranium gas and aerosols through armored chimneys directly into the air far above Fukushima Daichi’s wrecked nukes. From there the Radioactive Gas (RadGas) heads East to the United States. Since poison gas is imprecise, Mexico and Canada are also at risk.  Japan’s weapons’ breakthrough was thinking of them as big nuclear weapons in the first place.

All in all, Fukushima Daiichi is a rather natural and organic weapons system with six known core devices manufactured by weapons maker GE (General Electric.) The nuke reactors’ design was first used in US fast attack nuclear submarines. The trashed nukes are now enormous nuclear weapons designed from the ground up to kill and maim American residents in large numbers.

The faithful, and dying, Japanese Kamikaze workers at Fukushima Daiichi could even hook up solar panels and tide based electrical generators for an almost limitless supply of free electricity to run the huge air pumps to push the hot radioactive gas and aerosols high into the air for decades; or, until they are destroyed, whichever comes first.

Destroy the RadGas Generators, Mr President

The building sized tents, concealed and armored chimneys and high velocity air pumps  constitute armed and firing nuclear weapons aimed at the United States.

The intensely radioactive poison gas is blanketing the US with no foreseeable end in sight. The President is left with no choice but to use any means necessary to protect the United States. As a result, nothing is “off the table.”

It is your move, Mr. President.

Copyright by Bob Nichols Sept 16, 2011. All rights reserved. Distribute with credit and all Notes and Sources. Reach Bob Nichols at [email protected]

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  1. Hmm, hold on there, PW,

    Dude, you are mixing your science up with theoretical anthropology / sociology. Don’t do that.

    The only weapons grade component was Obama’s 21,000 lb or 9,545 kg, of 94.5% Plutonium 239, the bomb making man made isotope. It was “down blended” to make 6% Plutonium 239 fuel rods with non-fissile Uranium 238. That is a standard mix for fuel rods made of Uranium 235 as the fissile material.

    There is a really big problem with that, though. Uranium 235 is considered to be easy to work with to make H-Bombs and fuel rods. Plutonium 239 is a different kettle of fish altogether, though.

    Plutonium 239 has a tendency to spontaneously fission or go wild at the worst possible times and blow hell out of whatever it was in. All discussion of Obama’s Plutonium 239 stopped right after it was released, because it was as embarrassing as hell about how the 21,000 pounds of Plutonium 239 got in a Uranium 235 fuel rod reactor in the first place. Probably criminal, too. But that is Presidential politics in the New Gilded Age, eh?

    Thanks for mentioning this Pure Warrior. This is just one of many things that could have caused hell on earth at Fukushima Daiichi. And, it is spreading world wide. Good post.

    Bob Nichols

  2. Lord Rothschild Controller owner of GE corporation. Follow the money all trails lead to this one name. The trail of false debt digitized out of thin air at usury, the trail of extorted theft called tax justified by the False debt. The trail of ownership in central bank corporations, funding of wars, funding of secret societies, banker to the queen and the pope, private owner of Israel. Would like to ask the Rothschild family what they think about Fukashima. Cockroaches may survive the radiation and other insects and vegetation but the radiation may extinct most of life on this planet unless the brightest minds come up with and implement a solution. I understand this is weapons grade fission that is occuring. Sad to be the last generation.

  3. i would like to point out a few flaws with the send the plants to sea strategy…

    First off the amount of radioactive steam that would be generated is astronomical!

    Second, Water does not stop the radiation it simply prevents it from going airborne immediately. putting that huge supply of material into the ocean will just prolong the length of time we will be getting hit and the means.
    It makes for radioactive rain by way of evaporation, also pollutes the entire aquatic ecosystem and that just means we cant eat fish again EVER! it will spread through the food chain to the entire planet.
    Third, the act of bombing another country will definitely throw us into another war with a country that is keeping your economy afloat by purchasing your useless bonds. If they get pissed and cut off the money it will have dire consequences for your already crippled financial system.

    So not only will you be reacting in ignorance you will be condemning the planet to something your bombs wont ever be able to fix. No thanks come up with something else, and this time think before you speak.

  4. It all depends on how you define ‘country’. If the central governing apparatus is being run by racist foreigners with delusions of superiority, as ours is, then yes, they would want to destroy the people under their control, to make room for their own superior race and to have access to the natural resources, or just to get rid of it altogether.

  5. The Gulf Stream no longer operates the way it always has. Research on this has been done by an Italian scientist, Dr. Gianluigi Zangari. Please do a search for more info.
    I’m not sure how this affects the Pacific Ocean though, so if anyone has a clue, please post.

    If you study the history of how the zionist bolshevik jooz destroyed Russia and killed off about 50 million of the most productive, hard working honest christian people who they call ‘peasants’, and ‘bourgeoisie’, you can see that this is the same plan for the U.S. only amplified. Their goal is nothing short of death for millions of christians. If you don’t believe this then read Alexander Solzhenitzen’s translated work at wordpress dot com, type in the search box ‘jewise’ and there you will find the translated chapters of how the Russian Christians, led by the Tzar, made every effort to help out the ‘poor oppressed jews’ and how the jews took advantage of the programs and used it to rob and pillage that enormous nation and leave it an ecological and social disaster. It is the disinformation from the Jewish media that leads Americans to dislike the Russians, using the usual ‘divide and conquer’ strategy that they use here in the U.S. by pitting North against South, Black against White, Rich against Poor…beware of their divisive tactics, because it is only with Unity and Righteousness that we can prevail now at this moment.

    When they were finished dividing and destroying Russia, they insulted the Russian people, the few that were left, calling them stupid and accusing them of having a slave mentality, much the same way that you will see the paid Israeli trolls blogging about the stupidity of the American people. Time to learn your history and wake up from the slumber. This is just the tip of the iceberg. We have no military to perform defensive operations. Our government is not our government anymore than the Russian government was theirs after the death of the Tzar and his family. The enemy is inside the gates, and the military is with them, not us, except hopefully for some who are able to understand the manipulative techniques being used.

    This is not to say that the situation is without hope. I would suggest at this point that we all take a good hard look ourselves in the mirror and ask ourselves why it is that we so readily believe lies and turn against our best leaders and against innocent people at the slightest provocation from the Israeli owned Media. Could it be that our vision is clouded by our own arrogance, without bothering to consider the testimony, examine the evidence. Where is Gog and Magog? It’s in the Sin-A-Gog, that’s where, and it’s upon us. What did the prophets risk their lives to tell us? Repent.

    While the jooz banded together in Russia to destroy christianity, the christians had no such cohesiveness, and thus were destroyed. When the jooz were finished destroying Russian, they left with all of it’s wealth and came here to the U.S.and Israel and Europe with the stolen treasure and invested in the stock markets. The communists were nothing more than International Bankers in disguise. But the bankers cannot function without a bunch of honest christians or muslims to leach off of, so they really cannot function as their own country which they call Israel. Thus it is necessary to continually look for more killing fields from which to reap a harvest. So now they have come up with a way to kill off millions of christians here in the U.S. without firing a shot. In fact, they plan to make lots of money off of us as we and our children die slowly of radiation poisoning, since they own all ‘health care’ facilities that are considered standard. Of course they have no intention of caring for our health. They just want to finish picking our pockets as we die. Or this is their intention anyway. I don’t believe that it will work, but there is a much better chance that it will not work if we are aware of the true intentions of these people who now totally control our nation from the smallest town to Washington D.C.

    Meanwhile, I suggest that people make use of lots of cayenne pepper, ginger, garlic, cinnamon and any other hot spices to help fight off the effects of the various and abundant poisons that are being thrown at us. Either put it in your food or make teas out of it. If you have an actual tumor, you can make a compress out of various peppers and apply it externally. Use natural healing such as acupuncture. Use a high fiber diet to make sure that the poisons move through your body as quickly as possible. If you smoke packaged cigarettes, switch to pure pipe tobacco so that you can gradually rid your body of the toxins. Packaged cigarettes and cheap beer and wine are nothing more than poisons. Roll your own, brew your own.

    And read your bible for instructions, especially the prophets, keeping in mind that the bible has been slanted toward the tribe of Judah, but there were twelve tribes in all and those other 11 tribes are us as in U.S.. The word ‘Israel’ and ‘Zion’ in the bible refers to us, not the phony Kazarian Jooz, referred to in scripture as “the jews who call themselves jews but who are lying, they are the synagog of satan.’ Turn off the TV, study and learn…not just the bible but Mr. Solzhenitzen, Vanunu, Arthur Koestler, and if you can find an early 1900’s copy of the Talmud…here are some choice quotes from that book which takes precedence over the Old Testament Torah for the people who call themselves Jews today:


    <<"All property of other nations belongs to the Jewish nation which, consequently, is entitled to seize it without scruples… A Jew may act contrary to morality if profitable to himself or to Jews in general."
    TALMUD: Schulchan Bruch, Choszen H amiszpat 348.

    "Everyone who sheds the blood of the impious [non-Jews] is as acceptable to God as he who offers a sacrifice to God."
    –Yalkut 245c

    "Jehovah created the non-Jew in human form so that the Jew would not have to be served by beasts. The non-Jew is consequently an animal in human form, and condemned to serve the Jew day and night."
    –Midrasch Talpioth, p. 225-L

    "A Jew should and must make a false oath when the Goyim (non-jew) asks if our books contain anything against them."
    –Zohar, Toldoth Noah 63b

    "The decisions of the Talmud are words of the living God. Jehovah himself asks the opinions of earthly rabbis when there are difficult affairs in heaven."
    –Rabbi Menachen, Comments for the Fifth Book

    "{Jehovah himself in heaven studies the Talmud, standing: he has such respect for that book."
    –Tractate Mechilla/Me'ilah"

    "To communicate anything to a non-jew about our religious relations would be equal to the killing of all Jews, for if the non-jew knew what we teach about them, they would kill us openly."
    –Libbre David 37

    "When the Messiah comes every Jew will have 2800 slaves."
    –Simeon Haddarsen, fol. 56-D

  6. Japan is going to have another disaster before long, several other reactors are damaged as well and dont be surprised if 2 or 3 or 4 more have FUKUSHIMA SYNDROME before long,
    I suppose then maybe JAPAN will make a big order from Caterpillar to get more machinery to dump even more heavily radioactive material into the Pacific at a faster clip.
    The Japanese goverment is about as qualified as whatever is in D.C.


  7. thedudeabides,

    Okay , you don’t approve of the title and some of the adjectives/adverbs ,
    Part of that was to grab our attention and take a look at this ongoing Catastrophe
    since it does not EXIST ON CABLE TV OR THE NEWSPAPERS AND ONLY A FEW RADIO OUTLETS ,LIKE RENSE & RBN. We can see that Japan has had a Disaster of tremendous proportions and many Japanese Citizens are suffering with more to follow.
    The Japanese Government & TEPCO are responding to this in a manner that will eventually
    (ongoing) destroy the Pacific Ocean and poison vast portions of the Earth,
    Some localties in Japan are LITERALLY dumping the radioactive waste and contaminants DIRECTLY into the Pacific Ocean, and the intent to simply incinerate anything /everything that is radioactive
    and spread it across multiple Continents is, well , ( think of an appropriate expression yourself)

    A lot of thoughts come to mind, Japan will be importing a great deal of agro commodities/food from other Countries to have access to Foodstuffs that are not grossly contaminated, well ,their plan of action is going to contaminate the sources they will want to import.
    JAPAN is pissing in the POOL
    Their is technology that Americans ,Europeans,Canadians, etc that have been taxed for generations to provide the capital for all the off budget and “National Security” generic phrase for , We will spend tens of Billions routinely on technology that will be not available to the Public so, for example , the multi Billion Dollar Chemotherapy/Radiation Medical Inquisition can continue. This is the moment to open up all those patents and information that the Public has been deprived of.

    So we have the ongoing FUKUSHIMA Disaster and our Corporate Cartel Enforcers like the MONSANTO FDA & the EPA running around harassing farms & Ranches about .
    ………HAY……… BEING A POLLUTANT. These agencies are behaving INSANE with multiple agendas to impoverish the whole Country and oRAW MILK means you call in the 4 am heavily armed swat teams to terrorize a family dairy. BATF providing serious weapons and ammo to the Mexican/Texican Drug/Flesh/Weapons Cartels while busy arresting the good Citizenry on the basis of “policy” that changes whimsically or by referring to 500000 pages of fine print of all the millions of technacalties to mess with and degrade the American People and to disarm or incarcerate or do both
    by simply referring to any of the 10 million regulations,


    Something has to be done about the Japan Crisis especially in regards to how it is currently being handled , great , who do we call, how about waxman, schumer,rudy who did so much on 911 , like move his office out of there shortly before that day and flew around in a helicopter and oh gosh elect rudy as President ,



  8. There is so much more to this than has been uncovered thus far. I am astounded that Nichols left out the disasterous consequenses of Japanese cooperation with “American” central bankers from the turn of the 20th century onwards.

    Jacob Schiff, a filty and hateful central banker, roped the Japan into the Russo-Japanese War of 1905, at a loss of 70,000 Japanese servicemen, and thus directed Japan down the road to perdition, ending in the destruction of the defenseless city of Hiroshima, and then Nagasaki just for sport. The Japanese should have realized then that they had been checkmated.

    If only they had recognised that Schiff was a direct threat to their own existance, and killed him on the spot, the entire twentieth century would have turned out differently. Too late they have learned how deeply and malevolently they have been infiltrated.

    They have paid a high price socially, geographically, historically, militarily, and every other way for doubting their own storied history and giving heed to outsiders without really understanding them. Now the outsiders are done with them and expect them to just die off quietly like nice little debt slaves.

    Well good for them for fighting back — they should have done that from the start. I hope they win. And if they survive this round of rot from the west I hope they look to their own kind for future growth. The worst Yakuza is better that any parasite barfed up by the central bank system currently sickening this world.

    They now know it’s down to mat and even those who are dying thanks to their supposed allies will defend their beloved nation to the end, come what may. What bravery and love of country even in the face of death. They deserve to be remembered like the Spartan 300. Would that our own will do the same if and when confronted with unmitigated evil.

    And as for you Nichols — I would just love to see you get a whipping from the business end of a katuna.

  9. As a toxic waste disposal consultant for http://www.asbestosremovalsperth.net.au it is sad that the current outdated nuclear power plants are based on obsolete and dangerous technology, primarily for the sideproduct of creating nuclear materials that can be weaponized. NASA and other scientists warn about the impending dangers of solar flare activity knocking out the cooling equipment from many plants, and all plants should immediately be turned over to the much safer passive cooling technology, at a bare minimum for the survival of our species

  10. Writer’s Note from Bob Nichols, Sep 21, 195 Days out from March 11, 2011, the day the reactors exploded.

    Water is the only thing that radiation cannot escape from. We want to cover the reactors with water. That calls for “subsidence charges.”

    Here is where we called for bombing the site March 28, 2011 in “Fukushima: How Many Chernobyls Is It?”

    “Subsidence charges from multiple nuclear weapons buried by drilling rigs 500 ft (152.4 meters) below and inland of the string of six reactors must be engineered to slide the reactors into the sea. This method works best if there is igneous or volcanic rock behind the subsidence charges, to “bounce” the blast and pressure wave from and “push” the trashed reactors area of the beachfront into the sea.

    Specially equipped submarines can then pick up the pieces of reactor cores from under water. The surface of the ocean blocks the escape of radiation. The submarines must work fast to limit killing more of the Earth’s Oceans.

    Veterans Today calls on President Obama to authorize the disposal of the six reactors at sea and the collection of the deadly radioactive metals with submarines. We conclude there are no other options left.”

    Truly, that means drilling and that means controlling the site militarily.


    Bob Nichols

  11. It took not one, but two atom bombs before they finally gave in….

    – wrong, the Japs wanted out before the bombs but it was the US that wanted the bombs to be dropped so that they could see the effect for real…wake up Dude get into the real history.

    And whats more, it would be a very convenient result to nuke loads of americans as well, after all 911 was about killing lots of people in different parts of the world and continues.

  12. >The Japanese gov. tepco, and the yakuza are running rough shod over the people there and also with total disregard to what they are spreading all over our beautiful Earth.
    They have known from the beginning that this thing was this bad ! More interested in the stock market than human life there, and elsewhere. THey have lied to their own people, and our gov. has been complicit as Ms. Clinton promised.

    I agree with this.

    You can make a comparison with Imperial Japan, but it’s more like this: in 1945, the Japanese military/govt./emperor knew that the war was lost, but kept muddling along and concealing the truth from the public, allowing more harm to be inflicted on their nation (firebombings of Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya etc.) rather than admit they messed up and surrender. It took not one, but two atom bombs before they finally gave in. We see a similar situation now where TEPCO/METI/their media and governmental allies have been saying for years that nuke plants on fault lines are perfectly safe; now they need to admit how wrong they were to honestly deal with the crisis, but such an admission would make the future of nuclear power in Japan a non-starter. It would also cause them to lose face, and more importantly, power. So they lie, conceal the truth, and let the people of Japan feed on contaminated Fukushima produce and the children play in irradiated schoolyards rather than admit they were wrong. It will still take very consistent pressure, on the level of public resistance here, to see any real change result.

  13. A couple of points:

    1.) You really think the Japanese have a plan to attack the USA with radiation despite the fact that half their own country has been contaminated, with huge consequences for the food/water supply for years to come and also ongoing power shortages? That’s like shooting through your own stomach to hit the guy behind you.

    2.) How exactly is bombing the reactors supposed to fix anything? The bulk of the radiation that has spread so far came about due to the hydrogen explosions that occurred in mid-March and put it up in the atmosphere. Bombing the site would only put even more of the shit into the air and send it right back over the Pacific, like you are complaining about. Worst possible solution.( In fact, the possibility of nuclear reactors being hit in wartime or terrorist scenarios is another good reason why we shouldn’t be using them in the first place. A bomb hitting a fuel pool would be the equivalent of dozens of Chernobyls in terms of radiation release.)

    3.) Your conspiracy viewpoint that the Japanese are using this as an opportunity to attack the USA –which, in their business interest, is exactly not what they want to do; ditto for military, since they are shielded from China by the US presence — ignores the fact that Japan was anti-nuke after WW2, and it was the Eisenhower admin. and their “atoms for peace” plan that pretty much forced Japan into accepting nuclear energy on their shores. American policy, American reactors (constructed on sites that were known to be located on fault lines) — I won’t ignore Japanese administrative incompetence, but you can’t really blame this all on japan when America insisted they build these reactors in the first place.

    I agree with you that the reactors need to be plugged, and right away. You’re also right to be concerned about the radiation reaching US shores. I would urge you to pressure your govt. to take more rational approaches — better atmospheric testing of air and also produce / seafood testing, and intense political pressure on the Japanese government to push TEPCO into capping the leaks. The US position has been largely hands off which is a mistake IMO.

  14. zambo,You are emitting poison Co2 gas
    yes, you are so right .thankfully the reactors are emitting mostly uranium gas and hundreds of radioactive isotopes,
    far safer than CO2 , definitely,all this time I thought it was CO2, I am so relieved it is just Plutonium,Cesium , and all those other great flavors!

  15. Spreading this crap across the rest of the World by incineration & wind turbines and dumping it in the Pacific Ocean is a
    Stay tuned for the Feds and the Military Command to do nothing about it,
    Wow, how great for those who have dreamt of wiping out 6 Billion plus people, some of the sickos behind the puppets are enjoying this for sure.
    CANCEL THE 34 BILLION FOR NEW REACTORS IN THE USA. Nuclear Power is not cheap and clean, barf/puke . We have plenty of very clean coal, including the 150 square mile National Monument Clinton signed onto that has the single largest deposits of CLEAN COAL,
    Decommission the 150 square mile “”Monument”” and let us make use of the hundred year supply of Clean Coal,
    That was why it was bureaucratically made off limits by a stroke of a pen , to enforce and coerce us into being trapped by the NRC mafia Cartel.
    IT IS PAST TIME TO RELEASE ALL THE TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPED by the public expense and then given away to Corporations and other private entities who could develop it for their own profits or more often to keep it under lock and key to compel us to go along with their chosen technology corridors,
    (trapped in a maze) for CONTROL and to fulfill various agendas with differing levels of insanity

  16. Coffeecrimson,

    “we better see ”

    Ohhh, I sooo agree. why don’t you just “go for it” and let us know what you find.



  17. Have we done something to Japan that would make them want to attack us? If so, we better see what our government and corporate leeches are up to.

  18. Thank you, “Nobody Special,” very informative and well prepared material.

    Is his/her work released in the Public Domain? Please inquire, I would like to publish some articles based on it.

    Very well done.

    Bob Nichols

  19. I’m sorry, but the OP’s article is one of the most non-sensical things I’ve ever read in my life.

    You’re actually proposing that the Japs have ruined their own country so that they can give us 10% of what they’re giving themselves? And then your solution IS TO NUKE THE SITE?!

    Brother, just FYI; nuking an active meltdown is not a smart thing to do. Just needed to mention that. I actually got angry when I read that, the mind-numbing stupidity of it just got to me.

  20. “Overbuilt, armored and brutally strong “tent leg poles” are shown…”

    Might the construction design have more to do with the on-going threat of aftershocks and tsunami than resisting an ‘attack’?

  21. Japan is trying to funnel this radiation away from it’s country.It was General Electric a US Company that designed and built the reactors.What help is the US giving Japan in containing this disaster?

    There is enough war mongering in this blame game and countries need to act co-operatively in solving what is a world problem.Japan is not targeting the USA but trying save themselves.Bob Nichols is being very devicesive and irresponsible in this article.

  22. OH, they knew about that.. they had helicopters , they threw some on there and then washed it off with water..then, they used Sea Water.. aka Salt Water.. salt water and corium do not do well together, the salt covers the corium and then the fresh water does not do it’s job from there out. very poor attempt. The vids are on You Tube.

    They have been given so much info and help from everyone, including Russia, China, Germany, US( in the area of a couple of ships/ made the troops stay there, and a radiation cleansing barge , OH, and Hillary told them the US would NOT check imports. lol. )

    This has been a fiasco, corporate for the $ situation from day one. And people in Japan are sick , children are sick, large areas in the US are radiated and thanks to the US.gov and the controlled MSM have no idea about it.. and the beat goes on.

    Read this: This woman was a child when Chernobyl happened. Her father was a nuclear scientist, he sent his family ‘out of the zone’.. She has a few basic statements and an interview given with an interviewer in Malta about this..


    Chernobyl was ONE, this is SIX and may be more. There is another Tempco unit up the coast that is highly secretive that has no cameras, and no info about to date. It isn’t that far from fuku and is the same age and same condition.

    WE can’t do anything about the situation.. what we can do is make people around us aware, because the PTB aren’t gonna do it. Japan is an ally and we have few left.


    the last one is a ‘haven’ as the gov. of Japan is threatening to take the radiation meters from the people. They have signs everywhere saying “happy people don’t get sick”.. come on !!

    Radiation is invisible.. it is ominous… it kills slowly.. but it kills.. especially vulnerable are children and pets closer to the ground.

    Enuf said for now. I can’t fight this fight alone. I need help. I beseach you.. help me protect your families, your neighbors and yourselves. The US.gov gives a shit about us. We are on our own on this one.. they are too busy acting like ‘humanity is OIL’.

    Tempco has alot of govt. clout in Japan. They have looked at cost all the way down the line. Their workforce has been sub. sub. sub contracted. They are employing homeless people, that they made homeless , to do this work. These people are not schooled one bit about dealing with this. YES, the Russians sacrificed countless numbers of people, but they were the first to have such an event and did the best they knew how given the administration at that time.

    Japan , pretends to be a Democaracy.. like the US. ( 🙂 )

  23. Certainly the radiation flowing from Fukishima is a problem, a tragedy! And I believe that nuclear fallout is a big factor in so many gardens and field crops failing this summer, like mine did. Something must be done, but I’m not sure anyone on Earth knows what will be effective. Pandora’s box is open, and the evil is dispersed. But to suggest Japan is using the wrecked nuclear reactors as a weapon is ludicrous. A huge part of Japan is ruined.
    Suggesting America bomb the Fukishima power plant is just insane! It would only make things worse for all. You seem to be auditioning for a straitjacket!

  24. Bob Nichols is a war-monger spewing rubbish. No country blows up 6 atomic bombs in their own country to irradiate their enemy who irradiated them 66 years ago. The Japanese are being irradiated many times over. They should by now have entombed Fukushima under concrete.

  25. Thats the stupidest thing Ive ever read, Im an American living in Japan, Japanese have suffered much more fallout than US

  26. Well, it is a big time conspiracy theory, maybe too outrageous but we are talking about Israel. I just thought I would mention the intriguing theory. I don’t think any country should allow an Israeli company to provide security at any nuclear installation or even at haberdashery shops.

  27. Why not a borox (neutron absorber) “bomb” instead? Dump tons and tons of borox on the installation — mine all of Death Valley if you have to. Nuke a nuclear reactor in meltdown? Insane!

  28. @Brian come on, EVERYTHING annoys Isreal except money !!!!!!!

    That stuxnet thing has been out for months, and adds a bit of intrigue, and may well be true, I will give you that, I read it in April or May. I am far from a lover of Zionism. I have signed alot of Palestinian petitions and have emailed the ‘darling of the State Dept. ‘ concerning this issue.
    I would love to know what they have on the US. I would also like to know why a country that has 40% of the World’s Wealth gets 8.2 million dollars a day from the US.. Wouldn’t you ??

    Still does not change the fact that Japan, Hawaii and Most of the Northern Hemisphere is getting Radiation !! Which is the true point here.

    Politics aside for a change, please?? Let’s concentrate on the major issue which is , alot of people are going to die or get sick or have miscarriages, stillborn deaths, or deformed children.. and eventually cancer and leukemia , at the very least !

  29. @NIck and Don I am not trying to argue, but I don’t think you fully read my post. And , the information about what states we know showed the radiation the worst, basically where alot of rain fell.

    I mention a number of other places other than the West Coast. That was an unfair statement. 🙂

  30. Well, seriously, I think, looking back on it, they should have taken all the people living in the direct vacinity and moved them out or put them on ships, and YES, they should have mini-nuked it. Now, it is basically a slow burning Nuke ! It spews daily / hourly/ minute by minute, with , I might add NO END in sight !!

    What do you propose? More damn diplomacy in exchange for the health of millions ?? Or is the stock market more important??? That is what this is all about !! greed for lives !

    What does make me mad is that the Japanese and US gov.s gave no thought to the people. There are chelation drugs/herbs/foods and Potassium chloride that would have stopped the Iodine 131 contagion.

    As it was not inland, but coastal, not like Chernobyl and Chernobyl was only ONE and not SIX… they could have made some better choices. I read this stuff every day.. they do plan A , when that doesn’t work, they try Plan B, and when that doesn’t work, the sorta revise Plan A and back and forth.

    Meanwhile, small children are getting radiated, are now getting goiters, nose bleeds,diahrria, etc. , Mothers are starting to have deformed children ( 3 in the last 2 days ) and countless have had stillborn or miscarriages. The refuse to evacuate these people. And they Lie about the amount of radiation, so the people buy their own gauges and now they are threatening to take those away if they get caught outside using them !

    Can we say INSANITY !!

  31. I live in FL. I know well that early on we got alot of Iodine 131. A large cloud of it was over N. FL. where I live for 4 days.
    AND I am a frequent poster at enenews and have been for nearly 6 months.

    Thanks for your concern. We really have nothing to worry about untill winter comes and the N. winds bring down the Jet Stream to us. I just today purchased a green house and it will be delivered first of next week.
    I buy my milk out of Orlando. Cheese and cottage cheese will be an issue as I grew up in the midwest in the late 40’s-50’s-60’s ( grad 65) and am a serious dairy gal. Right now, I am getting it from Illinois, but I may have to give it up entirely or learn to make my own? arg.

    Point well taken.. But we are fairly safe now, and it has been a veritable drought here for some time, little rain.
    Thanks for the head up !
    Much appreciated !
    id @ enenews= theypoisonus

  32. Hey Don, good points you make! I am tired of people who keep saying this is the west coast’s problem. I keep telling people who are trying to make it seems like the west coast got it the worst that they’re wrong. We probably have it worse in the air but everywhere else got it in the rains

  33. Do what do you propose? Explode a nuclear device at the site and what? Blow it all up into the stratosphere where it will rain down on all the peoples of the earth for centuries? Vaporizing it with a nuke will NOT make it go away. It’s physics now and thats just too damned bad for all of us. And byt the way, ‘all of us’ would be EVERYONE on the planet.

  34. Don’t forget Florida!

    Everyone neglects to mention how bad Florida may be getting hit with radiation. On March 22-23, according to the CTBTO graphs, Florida got more radiation than anyone:


    Also, radiation dispersion maps show the radiation from Japan sitting over Florida for days:



    Plus, all 5 of the EPA’s beta graphs for Florida have been blank (showing no information) for months!

    Just wanted to point out that it’s not just the northwest!

  35. Absolutely Correct! Research and keep an eye on… Verint, Narus, and the most interesting of all Magal S3 which happens to be securing US assets they should never be allowed to! These Zionists don’t need to worry about losing control of the US, they can use our own weapons against us if they need leverage. At their current rate of infiltration, subversion, and control… America may be the New Gaza within a decade.

  36. From the article:

    The trashed nukes are now enormous nuclear weapons designed from the ground up to kill and maim American residents in large numbers.

    Brian: Well, if were going to talk about big time conspiracy theories how about one that states Israel intensionally caused the Fukushima nuclear crash.

    From an article:

    On today, the 10th anniversary of 9/11, I’d like to try to give Ian Crane’s take on the Fukishama nuclear reactor explosion – which has more or less destroyed Japan as an industrial nation. It surely behoves all of us to try and grapple with this issue. Was it an Israeli false-flag attack?

    Was it yet another manifestation of the Mossad motto, ‘By way of deception shall you wage war?’

    Let’s recall that in London on July 7th an Israeli security firm Verint Systems had been installed on the London Underground; just as on 9/11 Israeli security firms were operating at the relevant airports in Boston and New York*.

    Ian follows the staggering interpretation of the event given by Jim Stone, here.

    1. Japan annoys Israel:

    a) 11th March 2010 – exactly one year before the event – Japan deplores Israel’s expansive plans to build upon the West Bank: ‘Japan demands that the plans should not be implemented’. ‘Demands’, eh? Did they maybe need to be taught a lesson?

    b) 18 Feb 2011 Japan voted against Israel for the first time at UN

    c) Feb 2010 Japan offered to enrich uranium for Iran.

    2. Japan employs an Israeli security firm for its Fukishama nuclear reactor (Arava based firm called Magna BSP. Arava is a district around Dimona) QUOTE: “It is documented that a team from Israel, with a history consisting only of working in Israeli defense, got unlimited access to a Japanese nuclear facility, which then went boom.”

    3. The Stuxnet virus arrives in Japan only weeks before the event. This was a Mossad/CIA creation, used to wreck Iran’s nuclear reactors in 2010. It is able to undermine liquid-flow technology, while preserving the control dials so it looks as if the system is functioning normally.

    4. Israel places a rather huge ‘camera’ inside reactor number 3, over 1000 lbs in weight, but actually it was a mini-nuke.

    5. An earthquake strikes Japan Mark 6.8 on the Richter scale, not 9 (i.e. a hundred times weaker, its a log scale) with an inland epicentre. Synchronously the mini-nuke blows up, demolishing reactors 3 and 4 at Fukishama.

    Note the date numerology 11th of March: 3/11 – same as Madrid bombing in 2004, after 9/11 on 2001.


    Brian: Read the rest of the article to see how Israelis supposedly did it.

  37. Bob,
    I am so glad you picked up the ball on this again ! I wrote you about 10 days ago on this via email.
    I understand you have a heavy schedule and as I told you, are much busier than I, but you have a voice I do not have.
    I have gotten a couple of small articles written in alternate sites, but getting this exposure is crutial !

    The Japanese gov. tempco, and the yakuzi are running rough shod over the people there and also with total disregard to what they are spreading all over our beautiful Earth.
    They have known from the beginning that this thing was this bad ! More interested in the stock market than human life there, and elsewhere. THey have lied to their own people, and our gov. has been complicit as Ms. Clinton promised. The Buck needs to stop here !! and NOW !!
    Make your local ‘representatives’ , make the fed.gov. do what they should have done all along. Tell US the Truth. Do not Protect US, we can do that, just tell us the TRUTH !
    There are many, many precautiions you can take, herbs, foods, etc. you can eat to cleanse your systems. DO REASEARCH like your life depends on it, because it does for real. Low Dose accumilation is the worse, and Radiation is INVISIBLE.

    This winter will be worse for US. Snow stays on the ground with the isotopes staying above ground also.
    Anyone living in the following areas need to be especially careful and demand their local and fed. gov. to monitor the radiation levels OFTEN.
    British Columbia
    The NW Coastal areas, SF reported yesterday cesium in milk again at higher levels.
    Some states seem to be affected more than others during my almost 6 months of researching this:
    Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, N. Ark, Mass. and others. A Dr. in Philidelphia did some comparisons in Philly, as he noticed shortly after April 1 , an increase in stillborn deaths in the area. The #’s more than doubled for the month of April through early May. He reported on the local new station there than he was sure it was from the nuke plants in Japan. This , along with many other reports, have never made MSM.. lame stream news either .

    Japan seems far away, but the Jet Stream carries this over the whole Northern Hemisphere ! We are the first to get it, especially with rains and snows. Do not let children and pets out right after it rains! They are closer to the ground and much more vulnerable.

    You are a good person, and Thank You again,
    K. Rougeau

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