America: The Government That Fears Its Own Must Fall


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No Longer Deserving of Our Trust


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor


I can guess or give you facts.  Here is a fact.  The FBI was responsible for the Oklahoma City bombing. 

Why?  They had been turned into radical extremists when they had seen the militia movement take on two aspects:

A real potential for changing America’s poltical system

A real potential for being exploited by what we call the globalist banking conspiracy

The FBI believed what it was doing was right.  The militia leaders, some at least, had become corrupt and those in the militias were increasingly politically ignorant and dangerous.  However, what the FBI did was wrong, it demonstrated a lack of trust in history and humanity.  The militias were dying anyway and didn’t need government terror, something very real and used more than occasionally, to “move things along.”

We watched the same thing with the Klan a decade earlier, saw it with the Communist Party, infiltration, and “repackaging” as a terror organization or as a “threat” to America somehow.  Truth?  Even Ronald Reagan was a Communist Party member at one time.  Given the choice, the real Klan, an organization that withered as America grew up and the FBI version, a phony terror group built on lies and infiltration, the real Klan was preferred.

There never would have been a single church bombing without FBI help.

Then again, look at the cure.  Protecting America against traditional racial resentment, the actual basis of all conservative poltiics were we honest, is the SPLC, Southern Poverty Law Center, a partner with the ADL, the Anti-Defamation League, groups that are clearly more unAmerican and more threatening than Al Qaeda.


We invented that too.

More truth?  9/11?  We did that one too, an America fallen under the control of those who felt history needed a “push,” to help Israel control the Middle East, to help America control the world’s oil and to get rid of that nasty risk of real elections and the constitution that left so many holes in it, allowed people too much freedom.

A cabal of powerful conservatives, under the guidance of Israeli American advisors, helped along by religious extremists who had taken over key areas of the Air Force (Dominionists), working with the newly “decentralized” Mossad, planned and executed 9/11.  It was “compartmentalized.”  Phony terrorist “cover”operatioins were created to blame.  Advanced technologies, deniable and very dangerous, were used in New York.  A simple missile was used on the Pentagon.

The failures?  There really were those warned not to go to work.  It isn’t an “antisemitic rumor” but the truth.  Billions were made on insurance fraud and airline stocks.  The illegal laws that were pushed through congress had been prepared long in advance, in fact, there is so much evidence regarding 9/11, we are drowning in it.

About half the “conspiracy theories” can be proven factual in court, if we had courts.  Many other theories, the ones easily disproven, were created by the plotters themselves.  A major part of 9/11 was taking control of, not just the investigation and news reporting but a decade of managing the cover up.

We saw it all with the Kennedy assassinations.  They aren’t the only government sponsored killings in American history.  We do it all the time.  They are just the most obvious.  Oswald?  You must be kidding?

These are the few things you see.  What you don’t see is what government does “behind closed doors,” the massive theft, the tax games, the legalized robbery, the enslavement and, what has now taken hold more than ever, the creation of a police state well beyond our worst fears.


The answer is simple.  After generations of being played against each other, of seeing America humiliated around the world, seeing it impoverished, the new generations facing hopelessness and poverty, the phony political system, a congress now openly owened and operated by Israeli extremists and drug cartels, is no longer going to be allowed to stand.

What will the govenrnment do?

They have plans. They will militarize the police, use the National Guard, the military, pass new laws, kill any politician that speaks up that can’t be crushed through managed news, think “Ron Paul,” and push us back into the “dark age” that began in 1963, after two years of awakening.

One of these days, real history is going to get at World War II, all of it, including the horrible crimes Germany is said to have committed.  Increasinly, we are finding that he history of World War 2 was written, not by Winston Churchill but rather Josef Stalin, the worst mass murder and serial liar in the history of the world.

There is nothing, no aspect whatsoever of World War 2 that can’t be challenged as total fiction.  Our history is simply a lie written to control us like the children we are imagined to be.

What is behind it?  Good question.  One solid answer, everything you thought was true has been proven a lie by things you have seen in since 2008.  Fingers are pointing at Wall Street.  The “powers” are seeing them as a good “fall guy.”  Wall Street is dead anyway, just one of many tools for impoverishing the world’s middle class.  There are others.  Blaming Wall Street is just fine so long as nobody takes a real look at how deep it goes and at how long it has all gone on.

Writer Dean Andersen has some interesting history, more accurate than that your school taught you, even if it was Harvard.

I have developed my own history.  I call it the “ouverage.”  That is French for “blister.”  History, the reality behind the mask, pops out only so often.  You have to be ready to look, ready to accept that what you may have believed and certainly what everyone around you will tell you, is wrong.  In fact, the most “they ” insist, be they “progressives” or the more obvious face of the oppressor, all are, as you will eventually learn if lucky, the same face, the more “they” feel at risk.

When Julian Assange and Wikileaks was tied to Israeli intelligence and shown in partnership with the New York Times, Rupert Murdoch and others, this was a big deal.  Thus, he has disappeared from the news, a liability for the New World Order, going through a cooling off period and being repackaged to sell the next war or start telling us how looking at 9/11 is a “waste of time,” what he was originally created for.

The Arab Spring is showing us how Israel infiltrated its enemies after 1973.  The real history, the holocaust, tghe 1967 War, the USS Liberty, will be suppressed.  What we have learned is that everything we were told after 1973 was a lie and that Israel has not been at risk though millions have died to support that lie, that and a world impoverished and robbed blind.

When we discover the history before that even more false, and the facts are there, we will do nothing.

Here is something curious.  The most hated document in history is the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.  Nothing has been seen as so evil.  Of course, this document has been proven a forgery although no evidence, not a single shred, has been produced.  “Debunked” and “proven” are interesting terms.

I find the document suspicious because finding it is too “convenient.”

Let’s look at it and give it a second.  First notice that the only copy that doesn’t come surrounded by misleading “observations and analysis” is from “Jew Watch.”  If you don’t know that that name was created to discredit itself and scare away serious scholars, it is time to go back to school.

We ask two questions, assuming, as I do so often, assuming wrongly, that I am dealing with trained intelligence officers.

  • Who wrote it?  We are told the Russian Secret Police wrote it to justify attacks on Jews.  Only an idiot would believe this, it doesn’t fit and makes no sense historically.  Thus, schools teach this idiotic conspiracy theory as though it were fact.  Anyone who fails is called an “antisemite” and punished somehow, real proof of a real conspiracy.  Ah, another question.
  • If a real conspiracy is empowered to lie about the document itself, what is the likely reason.  That answer is simple.  Dangerous facts are included in the document along with obvious lies.  Telling which is which is the challenge but the threat of “charges of antisemitism” are meant to prevent that process and, thus, prevent the discover of what is a very real conspiracy.
  • Quick analysis:  As “Jews” are blamed, it is likely that Jews are involved but part of a much larger organization, which evidence has shown includes the Freemasons, the Catholic Church, the Royal Family of Britain and half of Switzerland.  Thus, the “Protocols” are very convenient.
  • Why?  The plot described in the protocols has been proven by history itself to be uncannily accurate, a very real description of the actions of a multi-generational criminal conspiracy against civilization that is hiding behind the wealth and power of groups that say they protect Jews.
  • It can also be assumed that these groups were never created to “protect” Jews but to create a feeling of victimization and exploitation as “cover” for a wider criminal conspiracy.

Why don’t we read things like this?  Intelligence officers are trained and not at colleges.  Any intelligence officer that takes on this gang is “dead meat.”  Why?

The real answer?

Intelligence organizations, the ones who use trained intelligence officers are invariably controlled by these criminal conspiracies.

Thus, when you hear the CIA is running drugs, realize they are doing it for “them.”  When you hear about the Mossad and 9/11 or the ISI and corruption, realize that every intelligence organization has been penetrated and controlled.

Intelligence organizations are, by nature, criminal enforcement agencies that assassinate, blackmail, lie and spy.  They claim they are doing it to make a better world.  How has that worked out so far?  Slam dunk on this one!

Let’s look at another document, one that isn’t as old, but one very similar.  I am not even sure I can find even a halfway decent redacted copy.  Years ago I saw a real one.  It scared the living “bejezus” out of me.

We call that document Majestic 12.

The full collection of documents will include the plots of the X-Files television show, the movie Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind and dozens of other shows and movies.  An “unredacted” verson of Majestic 12 will include treaties that allow aliens to kidnap humans for experimentation and gives evidence of centuries of alien involvement in world history and of suppressed technologies that should have changed our lives.

A light overview of some of these controversies is covered in this VT article.

The Richard Dolan video, below, is particularly important for the same reasons we desribed in the Protocols, concepts that apply to Majestic 12 and so much else:

[youtube DsJDsxmzMDw&feature=player_embedded]

Majestic 12 is, and this is pure opinion, “seeded” with total falsehoods.  What I am led to believe, however, is that the absolute worst, the most nightmarish aspects of Majestic 12 are true.

I have seen things I list as “unexplained,” and, thusly, will not explain them.  However, I have seen what would by standards of current science and technology, seen things that would be considered by most to be “UFO technology.”  I saw it in person, I saw it “up close” and it look very “man made” and not very new.

Thus, I can assume and then state that I have reason to believe or at least suspect that we have had technology beyond that we admit since what I would approximate as the end of World War II.

Other people who I list as “credible” verify some aspects of Majestic 12.  I assume some others are totally false.

I assume some aspects of Richard Dolan’s video to be totally false and others to be true.  I have absolutely no way of telling which but he appears to me, an utterly unfounded assumption, to be a government employee.

Because of the video, I also assume those parts to be true are the most threatening and the most extreme.  Assuming this is use of experience and training and is much less “unfounded.”


There is a vast conspiracy which runs most of the world’s governments.  It probably is controlled by only a handful of people.  Their actions include planning wars, staging terrorism and assassination, running drugs and profiting from human slavery.

They are evil.

We would probably consider them “old family,” and “elite” and involved in what we call “the financial sector.”

They may or may not be involved with space aliens.  They probably are and David Icke is probably partially right at least.

An examination of history, of the development of technology and the dissemination of information, when done using objective criteria, lends itself toward supporting this hypothesis.

What is also clear is that there are many groups, be they religions, financial cabals, political parties and such who are partially informed, which means that they are largely misinformed.  Special knowledge is meted out to them as a way of controlling and ultimately dehumanizing an overseer class.

One could then easily extrapolate that “reality” as we have it described to us, including conventional physics, is generally false and that within fiction all truth lies.

What is more critical is that those who get too close are convinced that the truth, whatever that truth may be, is best not known.

Many political leaders allude to this, Reagan, Gore, Carter and others.






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Gordon Duff posted articles on VT from 2008 to 2022. He is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War. A disabled veteran, he worked on veterans and POW issues for decades. Gordon is an accredited diplomat and is generally accepted as one of the top global intelligence specialists. He manages the world's largest private intelligence organization and regularly consults with governments challenged by security issues. Duff has traveled extensively, is published around the world, and is a regular guest on TV and radio in more than "several" countries. He is also a trained chef, wine enthusiast, avid motorcyclist, and gunsmith specializing in historical weapons and restoration. Business experience and interests are in energy and defense technology.