A Tin Foil Hat Day, We All Need More of These


But Is Tin Foil Enough Protection?


 … by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor


Like most Americans, I work to make a living though technically at what used to be “retirement age.”  I think retirement is overrated. 

For years my boss was a World War II vet who knew half the leaders in the world.  Without him and his patience, I would be a different person.  If you aren’t at least 60, to me you are a kid.

You see, those of us who grew up in the 50’s and 60’s weren’t like any other generation.  We stayed kids.

Our bodies aren’t the same but we still ride motorcycles, box, hike and climb, listen to rock and roll and push ourselves to limits that we hate to admit are lessening.

For those of us who are Vietnam veterans, though others since have similar experiences, we have been burying friends for 45 years.

We look back to 1963, all of us were dreamers whether in high school or college or even the military.

We were going to change the world, build a life for ourselves and family that didn’t involve stealing and cheating but doing that “ask not what your country can do for you….” thing Kennedy talked about.

Some of us that have traveled the world, perhaps blown a bit of it up, grew up kids in factory towns across America.  Our life choices were limited, or so everyone told us, go to the auto plant or phone company, do what dad did, live in the old neighborhood, keep the old friends around.

Sometimes this looks like it might have been a good life and it was for those able to “pull it off.”

Old Factories Waiting to be Recycled

The factories closed, waged plummeted, the old neighborhoods became war zones, friends moved away and the “greed is good” generation set a new standard, America became a land of hucksters and thieves, of cowards and phonies.

It wasn’t as though we were a lesser people, not hardly but we let ourselves be led by those we never would have played with as children. Then we had common sense, we knew snitches and weaklings when we saw them.  They now run our country.

It was bad enough when we, so many years ago, felt pushed down, a permanent working class that some of us escaped with luck, with talent, occasionally even with hard work and bravery.

Those concepts today are a joke.

One of my career paths is defense technologies.  I know how everything works.  In a better era I might have been a tool and die maker like Lee Wanta, former Reagan Intelligence Chief, or fixed watches.

We stopped building things that didn’t “go boom” or listen into phone calls, track submarines, track “insurgents” from 300 miles in space.  That was where the world was going, a gadget world, bullets that would shoot around corners and telephones you could watch cartoons on, usually while driving into the back of someone else.

One of the biggest advances of our era has been the collection of data.  When I fail to buy cat food at the store, a coupon remembers for me.  I kind of like that actually.

I don’t like it when the internet tracks where I go and floods me with advertising they think I need to see.  As a political type, I find myself subjected to continual propagandizing, lies and distortions.

Anyone Want to Play a New Game?

I hear the news stories we all do, how everything we do, every place we go, what we read, what we buy is tracked, what we say is written down and analyzed to see if we can be hoodwinked or even arrested, this new science of collecting “data” isn’t conducive to a free society but something unnatural.

It is a sign that we are being engineered, that the human mind is no longer respected as a divine creation but that it is something to be programmed.

Ideas are planted, watered, fed, our fears exploited, our anger channeled, our since of reality distorted for profit, for war, for profit from war, endless war it seems, so many of them.


They are looking everywhere, for everything - just in case they need it

One of the projects I am working on involves “data mining” by agencies that track terrorists.

As our mobile phone companies sell our phone numbers to politicians, our spy agencies will give at least some of their most vital data to key interested parties.  I actually understand and agree with some of this.

I worked for years in banking, high level, big numbers, worldwide, oil, gas, minerals, currencies, bonds, funding nation building.   Nearly every project ended up with a chain of characters, government officials, intermediaries, mysterious “brokers” and consulting firms.

It was my job, much because of my checkered past, to learn who was who, separate the wheat from the chaff. Boy, was there a lot of chaff.

Dozens of oil companies with huge web pages showing gleaming skyscrapers were little but nothing, less than nothing.  In fact most were a trail of stories of deceit, of “cons” to cheat everyone involved out of fees, to secure banking instruments under false pretenses.

For every honest businessman or woman, there were 20 petty crooks, exactly like Wall Street, congress, the Pentagon, the Federal Reserve, exactly like the companies that offer jobs in the newspaper or promise help with your taxes or mortgage.

If you didn’t know them already, chances are they were criminals, like those “Nigerians” you hear about who send you letters telling you a relative has died and that, for a small fee, you will receive millions.

That same spirit, of mischief and deceit has permeated every aspect of American life, from religion and politics, to, more than anywhere else, our news.  We have places where sports and weather can’t even be trusted. I remember joking about that once and then being proven that it was a real issue.

Guess who is paying for all of this with borrowed money?

About a week ago, I did a TV interview on a new multi-billion dollar data center being built in Utah that will stick its nose in every aspect of our lives without limit.

There are a couple of reasons the center is being built, something that should be torn down immediately.

One is Senator Oren Hatch, it is his “pork barrel” project, a way of bilking billions from the American people, putting in a secret spy center to prey on Americans from the land of Mormonism.

The other is far more sinister.

Eventually, every drive to the store, from the route you choose to what you buy to what you say in the imagined privacy of your own car will be in a federal database, subject to analysis, to engineering or even prosecution.  Every American will wear a label.


I thought the two billion dollars spent to store and collate personal data was bad enough.  Then, let’s just say by accident, I was briefed on what was behind the project.  I am used to briefing people about conspiracies.

I generally like to pride myself with knowing that when I hear it from Alex Jones or Andrew Breitbart or Jerome Corsi, I am being subjected to propagandized bull.

Part of my privileged life is that I get to see who is paid, what they are paid for.

Let’s tell a story, one some will know about and others will only  be able to imagine.  Let’s go back to the world 60 years ago.  America was never perfect, we certainly stole America from the Indians (let me use the term I grew up with), wild terrorists all wearing bomb vests and blowing up school buses, attacking hospitals.

Wait, I may have my “lie times” mixed up, as propaganda and mythology never seem to change.

White and black people in many regions of America hated and distrusted each other, most Americans distrusted Catholics, something the priesthood has proven a wise move.

Jews were excluded from participation in aspects of “middle class” society because of wild generalizations of racial inferiority.  We called that anti-semitism, which was later to become a racket.

What we did have, however, was a country of people who worked hard, who paid their bills, a few hundred thousand were in prisons, others were denied opportunities but the changes would come and all were aware of the wrongs being done.

We knew we had a government that had secrets.  We were told, or later learned, of wild stories of encounters with aliens from outer space or other dimensions, of secret technologies, of plans to breed men as animals (eugenics) or develop science to control thought or wipe out entire races.

These were “dark projects,” only rumors to some.

We invented LSD, we subjected our soldiers to nuclear radiation to see them die, we killed an entire army with poison laced defoliants and another with defective vaccines, my guess.  I could have a dozen brief you on the unimagined and impossible, how rumor and wild conspiracy are more than real. 

This is a good start and a fun video as well:

[youtube DsJDsxmzMDw]

I know we can build nuclear weapons in a golf ball, eventually even smaller than that.  This isn’t the worst of it, or even that these weapons have been used, not just at war but on ourselves.

" All Aboard! "

Intelligence workers look for patterns in things, in events, in radio signals, evidence that something is afoot as it were.  One “lone gunman” killing too many, too many coincidences, timed to elections or world events.

Long ago, the CIA began a program called MK Ultra, to train assassins, perhaps dozens, possibly thousands, who could be activated, people who would seem innocent enough, especially if the news were controlled.

Especially if the news were controlled….

I try to run a large online multimedia operation. I manage editors, writers,  and correspondents all over the planet. Herding goats at midnight in the fog is easier than controlling journalists.

Journalism majors are free thinkers, they look for conspiracy, they question everything, they live for breaking news, for finding what is hidden, or they did once. Then that all stopped.

Even the internet version became “cookie cutter” phony conspiracy bloggers, all self discrediting “robo” types, all working, or so it seems, to seem even stupider than the next.

The behaviors of the unpredictable changed, they became predictable.  News became “press releases” and no story was ever followed on, no real investigation was ever done unless it served the wealthy and powerful. 

Those, the “birthers” and their ilk, the wildest of the conspiracy freaks were always seen drowning in cash, filling the airwaves, on every TV screen while investigations like 9/11 or the flood of heroin from Afghanistan are as though they never existed.

In a world of harvested human organs from political prisons, of massive human trafficking, mass murder on an hourly basis across the world, “news” as it were, is engineered to influence human behavior, not to inform, not to stimulate but to confuse, to anger and to foster ignorance.

The term “controlled media” became an everyday term.

I get those briefings that I sometimes wonder if I belonged in at all.  Here is a supposition.  What if it were decided that the news had to be controlled and that billions were spent, not just buying networks or hiring rodeo clowns to lie day and night.

Highway to Hell

What if, just as LSD and MK Ultra were “first generation mind control,” tens of billions of dollars were spent to find ways to control the human mind.  Would it be done through food or water, through TV or perhaps those phones so many of us carry in our pockets?

This is a story I can’t tell.  I don’t have the talent, I don’t believe anyone wants to hear it.  I don’t want to believe it myself so why should I expect others to care.

I work with people who analyze data, not unlike SETI looks for signs of life in the random signals from space.  Here is the question:

Is it possible to influence and predict human behavior, to electronically engineer it, 50 years, tens of billions spent, to make mankind gullible, fearful, ignorant, prone to violence, unlikely to question authority, to move us down the evolutionary ladder?

Long ago, the science of Eugenics, the Bush family and others, worked to support selective breeding programs for humans, create “worker bees” and those meant to enjoy leisure, “think high thoughts,” as it were.

Races would be ‘phased out’ while others, ones that worked well, that took orders, would be encouraged, clean people, compliant, those who would fight and die on command and never ask why.

The question today is whether science has developed a way of controlling thought, influencing belief, through the kind of electronic signals that have driven so many to invest in the tin foil hat industry? Then it happened.

I had always felt that this was not the America I was meant to grow up in, 40,000,000 church going people, normally decent and peaceful, calling for the rapture, for Armageddon.

These are humans, mammals, those who are raised to sacrifice for their young, their very lives if needed, now fostering beliefs that were meant to see their children incinerated or killed on battlefield’s far away.

The reasons weren’t for survival of species, for human advancement, for freedom or decency but out of fear and hate, thinly veiled hokum like 9/11 and WMDs, things any small child could see through. Behind this came a renewal in race hatred and a fear of learning, of intellect and of human advancement.

Our own child labor days may be revisited on us in the future

The product of this is around us now, poverty, collapse, social melt-down, injustice, a nation all are ashamed of, a nation, were we to admit it, not worth fighting for because it is no longer ours.

If Washington is the heart of America, that heart is black, rotted from the inside out while, worse yet, the goodness and civility of Americans heartland has gone as well, now a land of guns and hate, of wild conspiracies, a race more reptilian than human.

Let me explain a game to you.  Let’s say the Department of Defense wants Americans to be healthier, stop eating fast food, cut down on butter, or perhaps walk more.  To do that, they need to implant these ideas.  Here is where things go wrong, not just in one way but several.

Decades ago, projects “went dark.”  When breakthroughs in science, field theory, cold fusion, light speed propulsion, mind control or even simply “event forecasting” became a threat to the status quo, just too much for “Joe 6 pack” to know about, the door was closed.

It opened from time to time when lone gunmen were needed, when a senator got “out of hand” or there were too many dark skinned African people living in an area where rare earth minerals were located.  The classic of our time is nuking the world trade center.

The Twin Towers Horseshoe Girder

First responders die of radiation poisoning, steel beams vaporize with no heat source, fires burn for months with no fuel.  A favorite of mine is telling folks, next time you want to cut something made of steel, head for the “fridge.”

Get out the cheese and cut a piece that looks like a knife.  It will cut re-bar, carbide, polish diamonds, if 1/8th inch of aluminum can pass through 200 inches of steel, you can cut steel with cheese.

Thus, we now have scientists who, for our own good, are using unimagined technologies to protect us from our own bad habits, living “high on the hog” on funding.

But they are  ignoring the inexorability that the same technologies can be used to induce mass psychosis to create political movements such as “neoconservatism” or make politicians like Rick Santorum or Sarah Bachmann seem like something other than whimsical at best.

People who hate Jews, many Americans never meet one until they need a psychiatrist or lawyer, swear undying loyalty to an Israeli government they know nothing about.  The bible tells them but they don’t really know much about the bible since the version they use was rewritten by a petty charlatan a century ago.

All religions have this problem, for Jews it is the “King Torah,” a book that advocates murder of children or for Muslims, the bizarre beliefs about women wearing cloaks with tiny eye holes in them.

If you don’t know this, and few do, the Prophet Mohammad (blessed be his name) would disapprove of this and much done in his name.  Oh, Islam?  Did you know that Islam is to Judaism as Protestantism is to Catholicism?  Islam is a reformed version of the Jewish religion, not separate at all.  Muslims are, technically, just another form of Jew.

Someone forget to tell you that?  Go ask the Rabbi.


Welcome to the Dark Room

Can I do a conclusion when the point itself is beyond classified.  Do I stand here and state the seemingly absurd that the America we live in isn’t just socially engineered for us all to overeat or act like idiots, but that our minds are actually programmed by electronic signals generated by things as simple as our mobile phone?

Can an electronic or sonic pattern effect judgement, plant ideas, create fears?  I know the answer is yes, I know it cost billions, took decades and has been used to create societies that have failed to advance as predicted, advance as rationality would indicate.

We are moving backwards.

To me, I remember watching the Jetsons.  We never got to work at Spacely Sprockets, driving to work in our flying car while our robot maid cared for our household needs.

Instead,  we have entire continents with single digit literacy, where common disease cured decades ago, some a century ago, still plague populations.

Instead, we have bullets that can shoot around corners.

We also seem to have the ability to control humanity, to suppress intelligence, to instill psychosis, even without Fox News and the New York Times.

We have science that we have spent billions on, science a century beyond anything we admit, suppressed like the fusion that would replace all hydrocarbons or nuclear power.

Where we stop is even scarier.  I have seen the future, been given that “glance.”  What I haven’t seen is anyone, no scientist, no politician, no journalist, no modern prophet asking why, not really asking why, not anymore.  Is the ignorance and poverty all due to overpopulation?

America has no such excuses, we have long had the ability and finance, the science and political will to build a heaven on earth.  Instead millions live outdoors, facing starvation in what I have to see as part of a plan. 

Listen to Newt Gingrich or Rick Santorum.  To them, human suffering at the hands of criminal conspiracies or worse is the will of an all powerful being.

Santorum, of course, is a moron, Newt, as anyone of sense knows, is a psychopathic liar in the employ of what seems to be organized crime.  Check where his campaign funding came from and see how close I am there?

Most recently, there are signs that President Obama has stopped playing along.  Will he be shot by a “lone gunman” or will some small time sheriff with a pocket full of drug cartel cash be able to rewrite reality, proving based on conspiracy theory and conjecture that the president we expect to be chosen again by a vast majority of Americans may have been “birthed” in some foreign land?

North Vietnamese saving John McCain for future use

Of course, those who espouse such things are, and I have no question about this, saying such things for the exact reasons given.  Bad as things are in America, they are a thousand times better than many deserve.

John McCain would have invaded Iran, 100,000 Americans could have died by now, 2 million new disabled veterans, endless trillions more in debt while America’s once “working class” were scoured from the streets and sent out as cannon fodder.

Social Security would have disappeared, all pension funds would have been seized, medical costs would have doubled, gas would even be higher, only heroin would have gone down in price.

There is little doubt of that, all know it, know McCain, “Hanoi John” as we call him, and, worst of all, he is unimaginably better than any other GOP offering this year.

What kind of person would wish this kind of disaster on their children?  Brainwashed?  Clinically insane?  Robotically controlled?

States that voted for Franklin Roosevelt for President may support Mitt Romney.  How could this be possible, how could Shockley, the pseudo-scientist who predicted African Americans would breed themselves back into the trees be so right but about that “other” race instead?

There is no Darwinian aspect to this, no hand of “natural selection,” no act of man involved.

This is why we ask why.  Who or what would wish such things, create such a race of sub-humans, feeding off their own young? Then there are theories.  Chances are, the worst of them is most likely correct.

Editing:  Jim W. Dean






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