Uncle Gordy’s Mid-Week Reality Check, May 23, 2012


Wondering Why the End May Actually Really, Honestly “Be Near?”


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor


One problem we are all ignoring, while we are told to worry about Iranian nukes that do not now nor never will exist, is that the money in your pocket is toilet paper, your home is worth less than yesterday and probably belongs to someone who lost the paperwork and has been bankrupt themselves for 30 years.

This is the news, one bleak moment after another diffused with smut, girlie shots, fashions, Zuckerberg, hero yesterday, villain today, all of it useless, purposefully lies, a distraction and, even more correctly, carefully engineered mind control.

If only I were kidding.

I am going to make a series of disclosures today.  The reason is simple, the public has the right to know.

As a grabber, I will pick a military subject.  This one is critical and two phased.

Control of the air is the basis for American military power, without that, our aircraft carriers, our troops in the field are “sitting ducks.”

Currently, weapons systems we are supposed to have “up and working,” the basis for our last decade of development is in shambles and we are keeping this from the public.

Three primary systems are in meltdown:

  1. The F 35 Joint Strike Fighter, meant to be sold to our allies and the basis of our air power for the next 4 decades, not only has unrepairable defects in avionics but is really “4th generation,” not “5th generation.  We spent $1.3 trillion dollars for a “flying garbage truck” that is years late and highly susceptible to, not only air defense systems but can be outmaneuvered by 30 year old planes.  This is, currently, the biggest defense scam in American history.  A look at John McCain, the man responsible for leaving America open to foreign attack, not for the first time, will follow.
  2. The F 22, a real 5th generation fighter, available in minimal numbers as it was “killed” by John McCain for reasons that would make your blood boil, is poisoning its pilots.  A temporary refit, midnight “spit and glue” will take two years.  This plane was 15 years in development.
  3. Mysteriously, the Chinese have their own F 22, slightly altered but so many identical systems that it contains over $500 billion dollars of American technology, the J 20.  It is ready for production and it will work, where ours don’t.  Information on the illegal technology transfer, done through “that special country in the Middle East” is suppressed in our news.  Spying.  This represents a “clear and present danger” to the security of the United States.
  4. The Patriot 3 missile system simply doesn’t work.  The basis for our “surround Russia and pretend we are trying to scare Iran” air defense system, combined with the “Iron Dome” for Israel is a dream.  Tests of the system done a few months ago proved it incapable of shooting anything down other than, just maybe, one of our own F 35s.  The export (degraded) version of the Russian S400 system (Turkey is buying one) is superior.  Should we ask Russia if we could simply buy their system and surround them with that?  Actually, we need a joint system WITH Russia and need it today.  We should buy rights to produce, not the export version, but the advanced domestic version and sign a treaty as to how we will use it.  This is the security of the United States we are talking about.
  5. In addition, our “parts inventory” is infected with counterfeit circuit boards, not just these three systems but for everything including air to air missiles, all of which have software that can be “pulse” upgraded with worms or trojans.  The culprits?  Guess.
  6. General Dempsey has found it necessary to order retraining of Americas officer corps.  Why?  Two things were taught, it seems, hatred and how to lose.   Afghanistan is a tale of a military whose leadership spent too much time on its knees with its eyes closed.  Check out the film below:

[youtube 2swVVfZo5eM]

Less “sexy” is the diamond scandal raised by renowned expert Baron Riccardo Baretzky.  The Baron developed a technology through a company called Dialab that could detect the new and highly secret synthetic diamonds, not CZ, but clones and the newer “grown” diamonds, undetectable by any system used anywhere in the world.

Other than half the people in the world owning a diamond, investment diamonds make up a good percentage of the world’s wealth, underwrite many key investment funds and have been suggested as the backing for a series of new world currencies.

Now we have hard proof that diamonds leaving Tel Aviv and Amsterdam have been phonies, endless billions of dollars of fraudulent diamonds.  Now that Baretzky has gone public in a series of interviews, those who manage the world diamond business are in a panic.  Here is part of their “CYA” press release:


Antwerp :  May 21, 2012- World Federation of Diamond Bourses (WFDB) President Avi Paz has stressed his commitment to facilitate the full identification of synthetic diamonds and their disclosure, following a recent alert by DTC and diamond grading laboratory IGI.

Last week, IGI and DTC issued alerts to the diamond community, informing them of undisclosed submissions of colourless to near-colourless CVD synthetic diamonds with the clear aim to have these lab-grown diamonds certified as natural diamonds.

Avi Paz stressed that the WFDB specifically requires its members to identify synthetics and disclose any treatments used on diamonds: “Our affiliated bourses are making every effort to inform their membership of the latest developments in this sensitive area.”

The world diamond bourses have established clear rules regarding the trading in misrepresented or undisclosed products, whether inadvertently or not. Any violation of these rules are referred to the Bourse for disciplinary action and can be grounds for suspension, expulsion, fine or other appropriate disciplinary measure.   “Our members are fully aware of their responsibility to protect the integrity of the diamond trade. Our structure is such that we cannot tolerate any misuse of the reputation of our business. These recent events emphasize the importance of buying from sources that can be trusted.

Back in 2010, the Diamond and Jewelry Federation of South Africa knew about this and tried to silence Baretzky.  Here is the proof:

The Diamond and Jewelry Federation of South Africa (DJFSA), which represents the diamond and jewelry industries and whose members include the Diamond Dealers Club of South Africa (DDCSA), the Diamond Council of South Africa (DCSA) and the jewelry Council of South Africa (JCSA), wishes to comment on an article published on News24 on May 24, titled ‘Diamond DNA to fight fraud’, and on a subsequent article published in Mining Weekly on June 4, titled ‘Diamond fingerprinting to revolutionise the market’.

Our main concern is the comments attributed to Baron Baretzky and the effects they may have on consumer confidence, as not every consumer may be knowledgeable about the scientific processes followed in diamond evaluation and certification. The information supplied by the spokesperson of Dialab may be described as misleading spokesperson of Dialab may be described as misleading.


Note the use of “may be described as misleading” in the text.  We call such claims “weasel words.”  Describe by “whom?”  “May?”  I can describe the Diamond and Jewelry Federation and the quality of their statement as somewhat less credible than “my dog ate my homework” or “I forgot to close the barn door, blamed the wrong person and am now caught, two years later, with my pants down.”

You thought the currency problem was bad?  Only a few dozen people know how much of the world’s wealth is based on diamonds, actually much more than on gold, so much more you can’t imagine.

Now we find much of it is utterly worthless and we know exactly who is responsible, how many endless billions (or more) they have bilked the world out of and have caught them “red handed.”

So, we have another industry that fits in with “big pharma,” the peddlers of broken weapons, better known as the “military industrial complex” along with insurance, mortgage, banking and investment, the real heart of world organized crime.

We don’t even discuss the half trillion dollar narcotics business, protected by the US and military and intelligence agencies, its money laundered through top investment firms and banks and its penetration of even state and local governments as far north as the Canadian border and actually into Canada itself.

Another issue of disclosure is the mind control rhetoric being used to predispose Americans for a fraudulent election.

Let me be very clear on the issue of the world economy.  What happened in the US, deregulation of financial crimes, fantasy currencies and stocks traded as real and an end to any taxation of the powerful and influential ended with the beginning of the War on Terror.


It was a worldwide fraud that has bankrupted all but a dozen nations, all others are insolvent and all “value,” call it “collateral” or “equity” or whatever, all wealth has disappeared into a multi-national “cloud” of conspiracy.

All of the world’s material wealth has been retranslated into debt and “extrapolated” into an exponential or “derivative” encumberment, where a billion dollars of stock or bond equity soon became a trillion dollars of interest earning debt, something into, not just nothing but “negative nothing,” as though the world had gone on a massive credit card spending spree and come home only to bills but with none of the useless goods.

This is the reality of economics nobody is telling you.

Romney and “Bain” are exactly this, offshore money, invisible owners, non-existent money in pretend accounts creating massive interest debt with no equity, no reality, a dream world he and his friends hope to enjoy again unabated as when Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rove and “little Bush” were running interference.

This was never sustainable, based on the simple theories of racketeering and petty theft taken to astronomical levels, now being sold to the American people as “mom and apple pie” or the bad liberals will take your shotgun.

These key industries and their political puppets represented by, well, you saw it with the broken planes that can’t defend us, the phony diamonds underwriting hundreds of worthless investment funds, and we consider this reform.

One thing Baretzky, the “diamond guy” had told me is the efforts made by nations, by the mining industry, by every financial institution to hide the fact that diamonds, the last “real” form of “transportable wealth” are of no more value than broken bottles.

You saw the “weasel words” meant to silence the truth.

Even America’s technological wealth, our last stronghold, died during Bush.  Studies of AIPAC litigation, the “Rosen Case” and FBI records indicate that Bush mandated Israeli spying and illegal transfer of all vital American technologies, now resting in Russia, China, Israel and India, the intellectual and scientific work of a generation emailed, copied onto “thumb drives” or, in some cases, printed and delivered by boxes, weapons systems, pure science, America’s future “gone in a minute” with the approval of the “right” and the full complicity of the Israel lobby.  Ask any FBI agent.  It is why none of them sleep well anymore.

Here is a favorite of mine:

[youtube cNGPFVOYmhg]


This is a short video.  It tells of a major terror attack on 9/11, of arrests, of bombs and weapons, you see Dan Rather speaking but then 24 hours later, those arrested never existed, no one asked a question, the only real proven 9/11 terrorists, ones who were never “Arab” or described as such, obviously tied to the destruction of the World Trade Center, simply disappeared.

Before the 9/11 investigation was allowed to begin, Dan Rather had to be discredited, fed supposedly altered copies of what has no proven to have been truthful allegations about Bush misconduct while dodging the Vietnam War.

Every word said by Rather was right and the documents he was fired over had never been submitted to any real forensic authority.  Watch an episode of CSI (any).  Real document examination goes a dozen times further, not just that, the facts themselves are checked too, something those who destroyed Rather, someone who reported a “non-Arab” 9/11 attack, made sure would never be publicized.

This is like the “birther” issue.  You can’t examine an “internet document” and if you are going to prove Obama was born in Kenya, it is easy.  Find the doctor that delivered him, nurses there, real witnesses, just one, not “forensic” examination of a picture on the internet.

For my “constitutionalist” GOP “birther” friends, please watch this 2008 video that makes their legal case for Austrian born (but white) Arnold Schwarzenegger to run for president, made before his “crash and burn” for fathering a child by one of his maids.

[youtube Kjw0M9J9938]

Want more hypocrisy?  Though the above video is actually humorous, millions were spent and top Department of Justice lawyers actually prepared briefs to support a Schwarzenegger candidacy.  Republicans actually put a bill before the senate to allow foreign born presidents.  Note that this is a “bill,” not a constitutional amendment.  This means that, at least in 2003, Republicans thought they had the right to simply “outlegislate” the constitution.  I think they meant to add “whites only” but forgot:

Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, a political ally of Schwarzenegger, introduced the Equal Right to Govern Amendment in July 2003, a few weeks before the actor declared his candidacy in the recall election in which Californians ousted Democrat Gray Davis as governor.

If Hatch’s amendment is adopted, an immigrant who has been a naturalized citizen for 20 years could run for president or vice president.

The meaning of the GOP position, as interpreted by what was then the Republican majority, is that the constitution could be overruled at will.  Proof, of course, was the passing of the Patriot Acts, FISA and the 2005 suspension of habeas corpus, which also violated, not just the constitution but all basis of “common law,” which technically supercedes the contitution.  The only further move would have been a suspension of natural laws and those of us who have lived our lives in the United States know that the basis of the GOP is the denial of physical laws.

They aren’t called “flat earthers” for nothing.  Anyway, back to the Obama issue, which to me seems like an attempt to pass a law against “being president while black.”

One idiot actually claimed he could take apart “levels” of the famous document except for one thing; he had a picture, not a complex Adobe Photoshop file with layering data.

Anyone remember when Mitt Romney’s dad ran for President?  He was born in Mexico.  John McCain was born in Panama and there is NO provision in the constitution to allow for the presence of overseas military bases in presidential issues or even citizenship for that matter.

Should we retroactively revoke every Senate vote McCain ever made?  Since he is the “father of the F 35 disaster,” not to speak of known by veterans as “Hanoi John,” we might get a consensus on that.

[youtube ki9xWP1xUns]

There are 5 more parts to the Hopper testimony.  Colonel Ted Guy, McCain’s commander while a POW demanded John McCain’s arrest.  Instead, President Nixon gave McCain a Presidential Pardon, all this was shoved under the rug and McCain ended up in the Senate, though foreign born.  Yet, bad as all this is, and the documentation on McCain is endless, compared to Mitt Romney, McCain is a god.

[youtube 4Zt5S9DN3Bk]

For those who won’t take Colonel John Holland’s word on McCain or more evidence presented by VT, here is more key video evidence.  Is this a “white and black” issue, is treason and foreign birth OK to a specific group of people either ignorant of the truth or, just perhaps, American by convenience?

[youtube vFM1xqqTX_g]

 Disclosure usually means UFOs.  Most Americans believe the US government is withholding information on Roswell or secret flying saucer projects.  A surprising number even think Hitler had dealings with aliens and that Admiral Byrd sent a fleet to Antarctica to battle Nazi flying saucers.

Official records list Byrd’s expedition as scientific but the US has classified records of prisoner debriefings describing anti-gravity technology of alien origin and an odd variety of reports, myths and some reliable testimony that debunks our own story quite thoroughly.

The reason for curiosity about disclosure today isn’t so much interest in science fiction as economics.  This might sound strange to some but the behavior of governments as far as dealing with economics and, yes, with science, no longer makes any sense.

Look at Japan, bankrupt, poisoned by radiation, spreading plutonium dust over the planet for month after month, a disaster to human genetics beyond any potential admission, that and economic policies that move massive yet imaginary sums of money without reason or purpose while civilization seems to move in reverse, lowered life spans, “de-technologicalization” with the exception of computer games and mobile phones, intelligence levels of advanced peoples, Northern Europeans, Americans, Jews, those who pride themselves in their self-aggrandizement, down over 20% in 25 years.

The more we learn of DNA and genetics, the more disease we seem to be plagued by, the more incurable the diseases seem to be and the less resolved mankind’s institutions  are in dealing with global problems.

Ask folks about vaccines or global warming.  99% of the world’s scientists consider global warming a fact, a higher number than find cigarettes harmful, but university graduates in the US, those without training in scientific disciplines, express doubt or even consider the concept a government plot.

At the same time, the rich and powerful move higher and higher or buy bigger and bigger boats.

Political disclosure, from the end of World War II onward, is highly problematic.  The “good nations” of the west rigged elections to colonize and steal, ensuring dictatorship and suffering that has left the next century one of continual warfare.

The “bad nations,” the supposed communist dictatorships, as scholarship improves and propaganda and disinformation is overcome by a new analytical group willing to face the “brave new world,” now appear to be “pretend enemies,” all part of the same club, with money and power a shared value and certain mysterious “bloodlines” and secret societies ruling all.

How many knew that Israel was Stalin’s invention, not Truman’s?  Those few who challenge the holocaust might well be better off if they looked to who gained by fabricating history while formulating their theories.

They ask if the holocaust happened when the real question might better be if Nazi Germany itself existed.  While Stalin murdered 10s of millions and children were starving in America, Germany advanced and lived in circumstances that most America’s, were they told the truth, would chose for their own children.

Yet Germany went to war with Zionism, though the average German Jew was, in fact, a model citizen, many, by many I mean hundreds of thousands, were war veterans.  Hitler hated Jews but financed the Jewish military groups that fought in Palestine.

History teaches us that Hitler rambled on about Roosevelt and his Jewish masters but, in actuality, it was Stalin who was Jewish as were almost all around him and the majority of the combat in World War 2 was between those two nations who were oddly friends one day and enemies the next.

What is the point?  It is simple, there is no conforming pattern for Hitler or Stalin’s behavior, no conventional rationale for either world war, no discernible reason for the economic collapse known as “the depression,” it was and is almost as though humanity were part of a bizarre social experiment where leaders are little more than puppets.

No wonder so many think the “ruling elites” are lizard aliens as David Ickes describes them.  The history of human behavior, of economic and social development, of geopolitical organization lacks any linear aspect since the fall of the Western Roman Empire.

Americans wonder why congress passes unconstitutional laws, why government seems paralyzed yet Americans, yet humanity in general, waits and watches, hoping for a heartless institution to begin displaying the parental love so few ever knew and felt.

Every time we look away, be it the murder of JFK, the 9/11 fiasco, the double-killing of Zombie bin Laden or our international campaign of “rendition and torture for freedom,” we only open ourselves for more.

And so it goes….


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