Sheriff “Joe” Blows It, the “Bankster Buddy”


Someone Needs to Clean Their Own House


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor


I have the privilege to work in world law enforcement.  With that, some of my friends are friends of Sheriff Joe Arpiao, of Maricopa County, let’s be honest and call it “Phoenix.”  He has made his bones by defecating on the constitution and playing “birther” politics. 

To put this in perspective, we will insert two small clips from the HBO show “Newsroom” describing the financial crimes that destroyed Arizona.  Sheriff Joe has been silent on these “national issues” choosing to go “tin foil hat” and “wingnut.”

[youtube clUpZj9GxQ0]

His most recent claim that no hospital employee would have used the term “African” before 1989 is idiotic.  They write whatever they want on birth certificates as I know very well, a father of three.  Frankly, back in the 60s, white woman, Hawaii, husband not “white,” a hated minority in Hawaii or Japanese, almost blue black with a funny accent, a nurse there would have written nothing but “African” because “Negro” does not go with the British accent.

More of what has really destroyed America with full approval from Sheriff Joe who has appointed himself overseer of American morality.  His silence means “approval.”

[youtube Dwwmz5GvGG0]

What he is doing, as “the law is the law” is finding some laws “inconvenient” because his friends and supporters have made billions bilking the people of Arizona, stealing their homes, impoverishing their cities and, yes, opening the border to the illegal aliens he pretends to be so offended by.  Joe is a phony.

This was the 60s, and “Negro,” describes an American of “Southern Speech.”  Get Dr. King’s speech.  Listen.

What “Joe” is we know.  He points his finger else where for reasons:

  • He panders to Sun City voters, white, racist, ignorant and suddenly missing their home equity and retirement funds.  They need to blame someone, why not the wrong person because “Bush worshipping Sheriff Joe” was always as he is today, part of the problem
  • Phoenix is the drug capitol of the world outside Kabul.  None of this would go on unless he was running one of the dirtiest departments in the US.  Phoenix, once on of America’s most beautiful cities, has, under his rule, turned into a cesspool of drugs and child prostitution.
  • As for child prostitution, he has tried there, having gone after “Backpage” and the Village Voice Media, which accounts for 84% of the nations child trafficking for sex.  He had their owners arrested once, they kicked back and he backed off.  Not up to the fight it seems.  Thus, America’s child sex rings are run from Phoenix, on his watch and he was unable to handle it, too ill prepared, no guts for a long fight or think of some other reason?, the “Dems” are working full time to break this ring up, operating under his nose.
  • Sheriff Joe runs a huge prison system where his wife is caterer.  She has grown wealthy feeding those locked up, usually poor, mostly drug users, a diet of baloney sandwiches and stale bread while being paid for feeding them the equivalent of a military diet.  What are the chances of her being investigated?
  • Sheriff Joe’s famous “illegal alien” roundups are nothing but “bread and circuses.”  He sits on a disaster, can’t manage a Dairy Queen and keeps getting reelected because he is an incompetent “blowhard” running a pack of “mall guards” lording over hell itself.
  • His knowledge of forensic science could be written on the head of a pin.

Arizona is America’s biggest blunder.  The border was purposefully left open by Republicans to break unions, drive down wages and Republicans like “Joe” are tasked with clownish lies to help cover for the fact they are tied to a political party under the thumb of the Mormon theocracy, an organization that parallels Capone’s, he caters to massive narcotics dealing and now has turned a blind eye to the largest child trafficking, kidnap and prostitution ring in the nation.

Other backer?

Another story from an Arizona insider.  When Janet Napolitano was US Attorney, Arpiao had a problem.  A prisoner was murdered, on video tape, deputies beating a suspect to death.  This has happened many times.  Arpiao faced prison for this.  Insiders say Maricopa County Jail is run by criminal gangs in partnership with the Sheriff’s office, preying on the innocent, sexual assaults, blackmail, starvation, civil rights violations and massive corruption.  Legal authorities tend to agree and have continually tried to reform what has become a county that is both gulag and dictatorship.

Napolitano, of “Fast and Furious” fame and “Sheriff Joe” are joined at the hip.  Why?  Do we want to know?  I am not sure any of us have a strong enough stomach but “knowing” is the price of democracy and those stupid enough to think demagogues are heroes helped us get where we are now.

This is one of many such videos, one of a murder he was responsible for, having paid out over $43 million in settlements to families.


Wikipedia has a site on corruption Sheriff Joe’s watch.  He is, officially, the worst law enforcement officer in American history, including Chicago under Capone:

According to the Washington Post, on 17 August 2010, the United States Department of Justice Civil Rights Division is opening an inquiry into the Sheriff’s Department in relation to alleged racism and abuse of power, as well as refusing to cooperate with a federal Justice Department investigation.[3]

On December 15, 2011 the Justice Department released its finding that the Sheriff’s department repeatedly arrested Latinos illegally, abused them in the county jails and failed to investigate hundreds of sexual assaults. The Department of Homeland Security, reacting to the Justice Department report, revoked Maricopa County jail officers’ authority to detain people on immigration charges.[4] The Justice Department report found that the Sheriff’s office carried out a blatant pattern of discrimination against Latinos and held a “systematic disregard” for the Constitution.[5] The Department’s racial profiling expert found the sheriff’s office to be the most egregious case of profiling ever seen in the U.S.[6]

Well, we could talk about casino mobsters from Vegas but calling GOP top contributor Adelman a mobster isn’t fair as I don’t want my legs blown off.  Did we mention the Koch Brothers, the leaders of the international cartel fixing gas prices at $1.50 a gallon over actual retail.  Think Arizona suffers from that?  They don’t drive there?


At one point, Joe has the county purchase 89 cars which he “lent” to his friends and supporters until local papers learned of it.  Every cent spent under his watch has drifted somewhere it never should have, perhaps because he and, very surprisingly, former US Attorney Janet Napolitano, now director of the Department of Homeland Security, were best friends?

He is the one inserting himself into national politics, and with that comes accountability.  Seems “Joe” has, not only a “blind eye” but talks “out of one side of his mouth.”

All is on his watch while he talks “birth certificate.”

Here is what CNN says about tax issues and Mitt Romney.  Every other candidate, decade after decade, has released tax forms.  Romney has held most of his back because he is hiding something and that “something” can only be crime:

Romney’s 2010 tax return, when combined with his FEC disclosure, reveals red flags that raise serious tax compliance questions with respect to his possible tax minimization strategies in earlier years. The release in October of his 2011 return will at best act as a distraction from these questions.

So, what are the issues?

The first is Romney’s Swiss bank account. Most presidential candidates don’t think it appropriate to bet that the U.S. dollar will lose value by speculating in Swiss Francs, which is basically the rationale offered by the trustee of Romney’s “blind” trust for opening this account. What’s more, if you really want just to speculate on foreign currencies, you don’t need a Swiss bank account to do so.

The Swiss bank account raises tax compliance questions, too.

News: Americans view Romney’s campaign more unfavorably than Obama’s

The account seems to have been closed early in 2010, but was the income in fact reported on earlier tax returns? Did the Romneys timely file the required disclosure forms to the Treasury Department

Hey Joe, ever hear of Mitt Romney?  You don’t think the likelihood of money laundering might effect Maricopa County, America’s drug running center?

I am going to be in Arizona, as I hope I will be backing a candidate for governor.  If plans come together though we won’t have the full access to mob money or cash from the Quayle family, we will try to “re-Americanize” Arizona.

It wasn’t illegal aliens that took Arizona away.

It wasn’t even Joe.  He is just inept and over his head.

Arizona needs to stand up to the federal government, needed to start under Bush when Joe was the definition of the problem itself.

It needs a strong drug policy, new police departments, including “Joes” has to go and it needs to be made safe, livable and the many, the hundreds of officials who work for drug cartels need to rot in prison.

They go to the highest levels.

Joe is NOT one of those.  He is just a small down bumpkin in over his head.

Professionals need to come in, recognize the real problems, push Joe aside, and start dealing with justice, with federal help and if they choose to be part of the problem, move them aside too.

That is why we have courts.

States have rights, citizens have rights and watching a moron run a circus may be one of them, electing idiots may be a right also and Joe didn’t invent the problem.

Joe is just a distraction.

I do wonder why.  Why do we have him, now, when faced with Mitt Romney, who I believe is “mobbed up” running against Obama?  Did Sheriff Joe miss the meaning of thousands of offshore bank accounts?  He doesn’t think massive financial crime shows up on the streets of Phoenix?

What is the game here?

I know this much, Romney is toast, a nightmare for America and, not just Obama but government has failed.

The biggest failure is the GOP.  It has to go.


References on Joe Arpaio Misconduct:

  • Official Bio
  • Local News Coverage of Arpaio from and CBS 5 News (KPHO-TV)
  • Local News Coverage of Arpaio from and KTVK-3TV[dead link]


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