Press TV: Israelo-US war of bluff, baloney on Iran


Israelo-US war of bluff, baloney on Iran


 … by  Press TV and Gordon Duff


[Editors Note: Dear Readers, You are about to read some 100% on the money military analysis on the potential fall out from this attack Iran silliness. This material was first published in Iran’s allegedly ‘controlled’ media, whereas Western ‘free’ media will not print a word of it. You will learn why below.

Some of this, like shutting down or destroying the Baku oil pipeline and possibly it’s production facilities, even an idiot could see is a must do response to an outside attack as the Israelis are up there. That alone would destroy even an outside chance of the worldwide recession recovery. 

Add in the nuclear contamination which will be widespread and devastating…the world will never be the same, and we might even get some new Nuremberg style trials and hangings which I dream about so much. So we all need to start thinking about who is in a position to benefit from such disaster as we need to get at them BEFORE they do it !!! … Jim Dean]


“The American people are being lied to about Iran. I could say that reliable polls show the Iranian people to be the most peaceful people in the region. Most Americans would be surprised except for those who have served in the military and are honest enough to talk about it.”

I could say Iran is a beacon of peace and freedom compared to many of America’s allies in the region. We have friends and allies that, in comparison, make Iran look like a nation of angels. Bahrain and Saudi Arabia come to mind.”

Everyone else in the region has had more than enough of Americans, American drones, American backed dictators, and our “friendly and helpful CIA.”

I could say Iran is a beacon of peace and freedom compared to many of America’s allies in the region. We have friends and allies that, in comparison, make Iran look like a nation of angels. Bahrain and Saudi Arabia come to mind.

But then, someone, we don’t exactly know who, said we are going to war with Iran. If America is a democracy and nobody attacked us or, as happens more often recently, is accused of attacking us, then going to war means America is a dictatorship.


Newspapers tell us that tens of thousands have been killed in Syria but the UN has been prevented from acting on it by Russia and China, using their veto in the Security Council.

Even the Red Cross has declared Syria as involved in a full scale civil war but, legally, any action by any outside nation against Syria is clearly prohibited by international law.

Russia is still delivering combat helicopters and tanks, their technicians are still operating air defenses and Syria is actually a far less controversial situation than Bahrain or Saudi Arabia, both of which are very much in full scale civil war as well.

When Bahrain was overrun by foreign troops in what can be easily described as a genocide or even holocaust, the silence of the media is deafening.


At the seeming command of Israel, even Russia has held up air delivery of air defense systems to Iran that were purchased and paid for long ago. Iran has actually taken Russia to international court for fraud.

Coincidentally, unless Russia authorized the sanctions, Russia would have to either deliver the systems or pay back the money.

Military reality

Iran is vulnerable to air attack. Their air defense systems, vital for the protection of their imaginary nuclear program, the one the CIA has certified was disassembled in 2003, is likely not up to America’s vast air armada in the region.

One could ask the moral question; Why is Iran subject to bombardment from the world’s only superpower? One could also ask: Why do we no longer ask moral questions?

Killing and dying

Were America to attack, only a few planes, perhaps six or as many as a few dozen might be shot down. That’s ok, we can always land our troops from Kuwait, all 1800 of them to take on their 13 million man force, some of which is, even by American standards, “good” or even “better.”

To America, losses, even in wars where America is clearly the evil aggressor, are “spun” by the controlled press into a rationale for even more death. Think “Afghanistan.”

Then, of course, we are ignoring a few facts, more than a few. We have no authorization, proof exists that Iran has no nuclear program, meaning the only proof that exists is that the US and even Russia are lying about Iran, proof certified and published by the Central Intelligence Agency in their National Intelligence Estimate, something every member of the mainstream press is aware of too.

When liars do so to promulgate wars of aggression, arrest, trial and imprisonment or execution at the hands of existing international authorities should be the result.

In truth, all international authorities are puppets and, were they to do their jobs would have to arrest themselves first.

The other game

The US military is clever. I am sure they have plans to get all ships hundreds of miles out to sea, out of range of the thousands of mobile Silkworm missile launchers that control the entire Persian Gulf, Straits of Hormuz and Northern Indian Ocean. Relabeling a “rout” or “retreat” a “strategic relocation of key assets” is military-babble for “running home to mama.”

In doing so, of course, the Persian Gulf States fall under immediate range of Iranian missiles and the billions spent on air defense systems for the region are inadequate to protect vital facilities which include several key American bases.

America has failed to include in its assessments, those given by the DOD and CIA to congress or, more importantly, Wikipedia, certain facts about the guidance systems Iran uses. A Silkworm or advanced Shahab III missile can hit a target at 3 times the maximum range we list with 3 times the accuracy.

Everything currently in print is decades old, purposefully false meant only to make sure the American people are misinformed.

You see, America has a campaign of disinformation about Iran’s military capabilities. Their missiles have a range of up to 2000 miles though most potential targets like Israel’s highly illegal nuke factory in Dimona is only a few hundred miles away.

Conventional warhead capabilities are well beyond those listed. Dimona is incapable of being effectively defended though surrounded by Patriot III batteries.

No threat has been made against it but it would be destroyed and Israel would have to be evacuated. Some of my good friends are OK with this, they say, as long as the orthodox and all the new Russian settlers on the West Bank remain. This is Israeli humor, not mine.

Back in 2003, Israel claimed to have destroyed a similar nuclear facility in Syria. Half of Syria, Northern Lebanon and much of Israel would have had to have been evacuated if this had actually happened.

In truth, no such attack occurred, no planes entered Syria, no bombs were dropped and radiation levels one mile from “the site” maintained background level. What are we saying here? I think we are showing that inconsistencies and outright fabrication, disinformation or lying if you prefer is going on at an unprecedented level and has been for years.

Baloney war

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu gets up each morning, has his tea, picks up the newspapers and scans them for things to blame Iran for. A mother trips and falls. Iran did it. Would Israel actually engage in international terrorism and blame Iran? Many say the idea is “outlandish.” Would a nation that drops cluster bombs and white phosphorous on civilians within its own borders on an almost daily basis do such a thing? I wonder.


The start

America’s “shock and awe” blows up key government buildings all over Iran. Were America to attack real nuclear research facilities, Iraq, Afghanistan, the UAE, Qatar, Oman, Yemen, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia would require evacuation.

How would the US do that? Nobody has ever really bombed a nuclear reactor before. Chernobyl or Fukashima, disasters far beyond anything admitted to the public, would be duplicated or even superseded and the facilities, as we remind you, are, according to the CIA, peaceful and not weapons related.

Quite possibly, half of Europeans would be sterile in five years.
America’s “war plans” involve turning the entire Middle East and much of Central Asia into a nuclear wasteland. I wonder who thought that one up.

No more oil

Without getting into the illegality of such an attack, even if demanded by Netanyahu and the AIPAC lobby or the powerful Koch Brothers, who control hundreds of key politicians in America through “donations” that, were America to have just laws, would be considered bribes, America still has no financial ability to fight.

Sixty nine percent of Americans consider Afghanistan an unjust war according to recent polls. Why have there been no polls on a war with Iran?

America believes it can secure its naval forces by moving them closer to Antarctica “just in case.” What America has forgotten is that Israel has taken a key military position in both Georgia and Azerbaijan, just to the north of Iran.

This is one of the worst kept secrets in the world. Israel has combat aircraft lined up in Azerbaijan and has sold billions in weapons to that nation. Kurdistan is filled with drones and Israel is planning to take over a major fighter base there though they have failed to consult the national government in Baghdad.

Azerbaijan tales

Azerbaijan is a huge producer of oil and fuels, both crude and refined. Its capitol is Baku. What is important about this is that key oil pipelines, oil and gas, that supply much of the world begin there.

In actuality, much of the gas and oil of the world, other than that carried from the Persian Gulf, which Iran can block at will, actually travels through Iran itself or within 30 miles of its northern border through Azerbaijan, a nation whose demonstrable actions in coalition with Israel would make it a legitimate foe for Iran.

Estimates by top American military operational specialists say Iran could control Azerbaijan in less than 48 hours without air superiority and that cutting the Baku-Ceyhan pipeline, which Israel is a partner in, would crash the world economy in 48 hours.
Iran could cut the pipeline within one hour of hostilities.

When one looks at the world’s oil and gas supplies, sees the importance of their free operation and still plans an attack on a nation that has made no threats of any kind but is strategically placed to interrupt world energy markets, the idea that this most obvious impending disaster may well be intended to serve financial concerns that operate within the futures markets, comes to mind.

Those markets are controlled by the Koch brothers, whose lobbying efforts are aimed toward starting a war with Iran and “buying” political office for anyone who will do their bidding, no matter how much the United States suffers.

The Koch Brothers are the largest supporters of Mitt Romney for President.

It gets better

Israel has infiltrated both Kurdistan and Georgia and is using both as a base for potential military operations. Neither nation shares sympathies with Israel whose has set up footholds based on political maneuvering.

Thus, Kurdistan, a region of Iraq, and Georgia, would be subject to political instability, with Shia populations in much of the region, closely aligned with Iran and government officials with Swiss bank accounts closely aligned with Israel.


With Syria at the edge of collapse with Turkey, an unwanted intruder, unwelcomed because of centuries of hated Ottoman rule, a general destabilization of the region, both Middle East and Central Asia concurrent to a financial crash that will hit everywhere, North America, Europe, Russia and China as well, is inexorable.


I am certain that regional specialist, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Director of the Council on Foreign Relations has foreseen all of this. Even lifelong scoundrel, Henry Kissinger, has come to similar conclusions.

The problem, however, is that, with a world economy geared toward endless war, terrorism, real or imagined, only one path is left, following the trail to Africa, the oil, diamonds, rare earths, uranium, the teeming millions, the endless rivalries, a continent where business, that being “the business of war,” can thrive for decades unfettered.

Forewarned, every mistake, every disaster scheduled, orchestrated, planned down to the last funeral, why do we allow this to go on?


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