Press TV: Americans Tiring of Netanyahu’s Clownish Threats


Americans Tiring of Netanyahu’s Clownish Threats


By Press TV and Gordon Duff


We have one thing in our news every day now, secret plans Israel leaks about their upcoming “shock and awe” attack on Iran.  We don’t get it once a week, it’s a new story every 2 hours on every network, every paper.

Then come the admissions, that Israel can’t attack anyone without America doing the fighting.  We knew that all along.  What Israel also knows is that no American will fight an Israeli battle again, not after Afghanistan and Iraq.

Israel’s candidate for President, Romney, isn’t doing well in the polls.  The real polls have him up to 20% behind and Netanyahu is in a total panic.  Obama, as we remember from the comments he made “off microphone” to Sarkozy hates Netanyahu.

Then we learned in a recent poll that only 4% of American Jews feel Iran is a threat of any kind.  What that fails to mention is that the other 96% must believe something else, like Netanyahu is lying and that any additional illegal war in the Middle East will not receive support, not from them, not from other Americans.

Going even further, there are many Americans that see the idea of the US being ordered around by Wall Street and organized crime, time we admit that is who is calling for war, as treason.

To begin with, almost like we were dealing with a legal case, I will lay out a few facts.  The challenge stands, if you can prove me wrong, please do so.  Of course, I wish anyone good luck with that one.

  1. Israel’s Air Force is defense oriented no heavy bombers, minimal refueling capability and all 2nd and 3rd generation with upgrades.  What they are not capable of doing is operating in an air defense environment that is “robust.”  This is why they want US help, they can do nothing on their own but bomb defenseless Gaza, something the Egyptians will eventually demand an end to.
  2. The 2003 bombing of Syria by Israel never happened.  Neither did the 2007.  We have conclusive proof of this.  Syria has a Russian manned S300P2 air defense system, at least 10 years beyond the most advanced Patriot III variant.  They can shoot down any ICBM, Cruise type missile and any stealth aircraft, things Israel won’t have for years.  Why the lying?  Good question.
  3. Israel is telling their people that war with Iran would account for 500 dead.  That is based on a war with no fighting and assuming Iran only has old Scud missiles like those Saddam used decades ago.  Iran’s missiles are not only extremely advanced but deadly accurate and capable of overwhelming the “Iron Dome” system.
  4. The supposed “war” is based on unverified suspicions Israel has regarding Iran’s nuclear program, suspicions the CIA disagrees with.  They have no evidence and much very real evidence exists to the contrary.  However, attacks on any nuclear facility, and all will come under attack, both Israel and Iran, will have serious health consequences for everyone in the region, by region I mean 1000 miles.  Israel would suffer major damage to their Dimona weapons center and defense industries, Iran would suffer also but Jordan would become uninhabitable from Dimona radiation as would Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States.  Limited air and missile war against nuclear facilities is the equivalent of WMD attacks and is insane.

Despite the Putin visit to Israel, the UN Security Council is not going to authorize an attack on Iran.  Syria will demand Russia veto and a Chinese veto is a given.

Under those circumstances, any American president that acts without approval of the UN Security Council, as Bush did, will face impeachment.

Bush and Cheney destroyed all credibility the White House has to act unilaterally or to get blind support from congress, despite the very proven fact that AIPAC and the ADL are either paying off or blackmailing many members of the government.

The Murdoch/News of the World bribery blackmail scandal was a Mossad scandal, wiretapping and blackmail, not “hacking” and “tabloid journalism.”

When you expect newspapers, part of the problem themselves, to print accurate information about their ties to intelligence agencies, their slavishness, you have a long wait.

This leaves several real and critical issues in the Middle East that Netanyahu and his controlled press is trying to keep people from learning about:

  1. Egypt has become a “wild card.”  With their Israeli stooge, Mubarak out of power, exposing their decades of phony invasion alerts, they may well be looking at accountability.  It is our hope that Egypt will blow up their half of the Gaza Wall.  Israel has to recognize that the old settlement and the current hostility are based on two things, Israeli interference with the Egyptian Army and the recent Sinai incident which has raised suspicions.  Responsible talks, something not seen for decades, would be advisable.
  2. The move against Pakistan may well signal an attempt to neuter their ability to resist a broad move by Israel in Iraq and Afghanistan, where they have bought key government officials and hope to gain total control through any means.  Pakistan, with their air force, now 4th generation JA 17s and robust nuclear capability, stand in the way.  Israel has a choice.  Pakistan can be a reasonable intermediary or be pushed into general hostilities.  There is not widespread hostility toward Israel in Pakistan, not yet.  It is best things be kept that way for Israel’s best interests.
  3. Turkey is playing both sides against the middle, hoping to get into the EU, an organization already in self-destruction, while dancing between Israel, Russia and the US.  What Turkey has not done is meet its promised obligations as expressed by Erdogan regarding the Palestinian people and Gaza.
  4. Saudi Arabia is coming apart internally.  Despite years of extremist anti-Israel rhetoric, it is now clear that the current regime there has been working hand in hand to keep the people of the Islamic world enslaved.  Internal divisions within Saudi Arabia are more than just the demonstrations never reported in the West.  Saudi Arabia is in a crisis of leadership at the highest level, one that may lead to a divided state or an overthrow of the current government.

One of the biggest issues is Netanyahu.  He has lost the confidence of the Israeli military, has poor poll ratings but, in a political system where voting is rigged, a system flooded with Russian surrogate voters and election cheating, no other leader is capable of overcoming Netanyahu’s weaknesses.

His “hubris” has buried Israel, backed them into a corner where what was only threats of war may be the only way the extremist government can stay in power.  The more unpopular Netanyahu gets, the more extreme and irresponsible his rhetoric and the more wild and conspiratorial his manipulation of press assets within the United States becomes.

He is already counting dead from a war he is incapable of even starting.  How far can he go beyond this before totally destroying any credibility and good standing Israel may  have left, even among the allies who had previously ignored Israel’s apartheid police state they claim is the “only democracy in the Middle East.”


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