Debating another Zionist: Syria unrest, Israeli plot to destabilize Mideast


Syria Turmoil Israeli Plot for Mideast

Press TV has invited Dr. Kevin Barrett, an author and political commentator from Madison, to its Debate program to shed more light on the ongoing turmoil in Syria.
Following is a rough transcription of the interview.
Press TV: Dr. Barrett, looking at this situation from the very start of this strife in Syria we have seen a couple of attacks by the Israelis and basically we have seen no condemnation or very little condemnation from the international arena of the bombing of a sovereign country.
How is it that the international front can totally ignore and not condemn this type of attack?
Barrett: That is a very good question. It seems that there are two sets of international laws out there, one set for Israel and the other set for everybody else. And the only international law that applies to Israel says that Israel can do anything Israel wants and nobody can do anything about it.
Israel has been attacking various countries and forces all over the world. They even attacked themselves; we have recently learned that it was an Israeli Mossad that blew up the Jewish Community Centers and targets in Argentina. This scandal is breaking now in Argentina. So they attack anyone they want…but what is really ironic here is that in Syria the destabilization program against the Assad government is being led by these militant Takfiri, so-called al-Qaeda fighters who are funded by Saudi Arabia and presenting themselves as extremist Islamic militants. And of course as extremist Islamic militants they have to pretend that they do not like Israel. But oddly enough it seems that they are coordinating their activities with the Israelis. And the Israelis are intervening in the war in Syria on behalf of al-Qaeda – and this, of course, raises all kinds of questions about what this Takfiri, al-Qaeda group really is all about.
Press TV: Dr. Barrett, what about what Mr. Korb has said that, basically, it is the opposite that as a matter of fact with the situation with al-Qaeda now involved it actually leads to a lack of stability and basically that this situation that he is saying, as far as a coordination before with the Assad government and also, basically that it has always been Hezbollah attacking Israel and leading to instability.
Your take on his comments?
Barrett: Right, well he is just giving us two classic Zionist big lies, which is not surprising because, of course the motto of the Israeli Mossad is: “By way of deception though shalt do war.” So they are putting out big lies all the time. It is part of their war on the world. Let’s look at these two big lies that we just heard.
The first big lie is this notion that Hezbollah has been attacking Israel in acts of aggression. That is such a joke. Israel has been attacking, bombing, destroying, massacring people in the sovereign state of Lebanon, going back for decades and Hezbollah has simply been a resistance movement that is formed in Lebanon against this Israeli aggression.
And the second big lie that we just heard is that Israel wants stability in the region. That almost have me falling off my chair here, rolling on the floor laughing, because Israel is the biggest destabilization factor in the Middle East. And the destabilization doctrine, that says that Israel, in order to survive, must destroy all of the sovereign states around it by splitting them up into ethnic and sectarian enclaves, has been Israeli strategic doctrine since the days of the Oded Yinon Plan in the 1970’s.
That is why Israel has created al-Qaeda or at least steered al-Qaeda, greatly encouraged the formation of these extremist Takfiri militant groups, and used them to destroy sovereign states throughout Middle East.
They have destroyed Sudan, they have broken it into two pieces. Southern Sudan is run by the Israelis. They have smashed Iraq into three pieces and the Israelis have a big interest in the Northern Kurdish part of Iraq. The Israelis have been part of the operation that has destroyed Libya. And the whole so-called war on terror, which is all about destabilizing the Islamic World, is the creation of the Israeli strategists who were behind the 9/11 false flag events.
So I would like to see if our friend in Washington (Lawrence Korb) can come up with any more big lies for me to debunk.
Press TV: Well, what do you think about that Dr. Kevin Barrett? With one of our viewers, basically, what he is saying is that the majority of this, what is going on in Syria is also, basically to weaken Hezbollah, to weaken the Line of Defense that is fighting against the Israelis. Your take on that comment sir?
Barrett: I think that the viewer is absolutely right. Hezbollah defeated Israel, in fact handed Israel its, really first ever military defeat in the summer of 2006. Israel has not forgotten this and they have been working and trying to figure out a way to get back at Hezbollah and to weaken it. Because not only did Hezbollah defeat Israel then, but it has been developing an even more robust capability, which will of course prevent Israel from any more occupations of Lebanon. And in the long run it will undermine Israel’s claim to be able to win any engagement in the region, which is a claim that has really been a sort of a firewall against any serious resistance to Israel.
So yes, there is this Axis of Resistance that runs through Iran, Syria and Hezbollah and Israel is doing everything it can to stop it.
Israel has been screaming from the roof tops that they want to attack Iran. And they apparently do not think that they can do that until they can completely destabilize Syria. So that is the real reason for the war on Syria. This an Israeli war on Syria, primarily, first and foremost.
And secondly I would like to address what the other guest, Mr. Korb, said. He claims that the Bush administration launched the so-called war on terror and invaded Iraq, purely to create democracy, and that this wasn’t an Israeli operation. Well, I would like to remind him of who was the Bush administration? The Bush administration policy was run by Paul Wolfowitz with Scooter Libby and a long list of other dual citizens, Israeli-American dual citizens. These are the people who created PNAC, Project for a New American Century, which called for a new Pearl Harbor in a document that they issued exactly one year before the 9/11 attacks. And those same people, these Israeli-American dual citizens, who created the war on Iraq, who helped orchestrate 9/11 to make that war possible, they are the same people who working for Netanyahu put out the Clean Break document in 1995 – which was exactly the same document, essentially, as the Project for a New American Century Rebuilding America’s defenses document that was put out in September 11th 2000, exactly one year before the 9/11 attacks.
So it is absolutely clear that these hard-line neocon Likudnic Zionist elements ran the Bush administration, blew up the Twin Towers, attacked the Pentagon in a false flag event and used that to attack and destabilize the Middle East in hopes of making it more amenable to Israel.
[In response to Mr. Korb]: Cheney and Rumsfeld are the only non-Jewish members of Project for a new American Century. They are the only two Goys in PNAC.
[Note: Actually I was wrong, there was one more – PNAC figurehead Gary Schmitt was also a token goy. -KB]
[In response to Mr. Korb]: Israel did attack Hezbollah and did not get anything. Hezbollah was not trying to steal Israeli territory. Israel is the character that steals territory and Israel was the aggressor that attacked Lebanon. Hezbollah simply defended itself and prevailed and survived as Israel attempted to destroy it and weaken it and Israel was unable to do that. It was a clear defeat and this is the first time I have ever heard anyone claim that it was not a defeat for Israel in 2006. That is very interesting.
Press TV: Dr. Barrett, I want to look at this situation as far as these countries that are supporting the Syrian insurgency, like the United States, like the UK, like Qatar, like Saudi Arabia, that right now it seems that they are more under pressure because as we have seen more and more victories by the Syrian military and interestingly enough whenever we see that happening, it appears that another Israeli attack takes place. But my question at hand, is that what happens to these countries? How important is it for these countries to make sure that the Assad government falls? What happens if that does not occur?
Barrett: Well, I think that each of these different players has their own motivations for destabilizing Syria. I think that the US is primarily doing this because US’ foreign policy, especially since the coup d’état by the Likudnic Zionists on September 11, 2001, has been completely dominated by this hard-line Zionist faction in Israel, so the US is, basically, just obeying the Israeli orders in its Middle East policy. Other countries in the region are a little bit more independent, although maybe not a whole lot.
Saudi Arabia, I think is terrified that the Arab Spring is going to bring down its regime and so Saudi Arabia has worked together with the Israelis and the Americans to steer the Arab Spring in a different direction rather than taking down these Western and Zionist-supported puppet dictators like the Dictators in the Persian Gulf and in Saudi Arabia; they want the Arab Spring to go after the few remaining independent countries in the region, which is how they went after Libya and now they are going after Syria.


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