NEO – Ukraine Boomerang – Serious Repercussions Now for the West



Ukraine Boomerang – Serious Repercussions for the West Now

…by  Jim W. Dean, VT Editor      …with  New Eastern Outlook,  Moscow

 –  First  published  March 18,  2014  –


It looks like the EU and US want to hold the world in their hands now
It looks like the EU and US want to hold the world in their hands now

The West took a major credibility beating today, one inflicted on itself. This hit is going to be one more chapter of the US and EU foreign policy gang, who can’t shoot straight and who believe their own bull manure.

Western media had been busy trying to smear the anticipated pro-secession vote by claiming an old Soviet-style vote rigging scam was in progress with Russian troops terrifying the Crimean people into voting for them. But it turns out that the West were the scammers once gain.

The vote is a crushing defeat on a number of levels. Over 95 percent chose to separate themselves from the illegal Western coup-meisters who schemed and murdered their way into power and have already integrated their terrorist brigades into the security forces. Not a single Right Sektor thug has even been arrested. Those voting to stay with Ukraine were 3.2% with 75% of the vote counted and a turnout of over 80%.

But the American Pressitutes are still betting on their losing hand. From the Washington Post, a NeoCon paper we have:

“Crimeans have voted to leave Ukraine and join Russia, election officials in the breakaway peninsula said, with extraordinarily high figures capping a one-sided campaign of intimidation and heavy-handed tactics that blocked most voters from hearing a vision for any alternative other than unification with Moscow.”

In case the Washington Post did not know, the Crimea is not the South Pole, and they have had access to the massive news coverage since the coup, plus all of their personal contacts, so the “blocked most voters from hearing” comment is journalistic fraud.

My proof has been coming in all day from the International observers, 135 of them from 23 countries. So far their comments are unanimous in the vote being safe, quiet, enthusiastic, and without a hint of interference from any domestic or external forces.

Here are a few abridged comments from the RT report earlier today…“It’s all quiet so far,” …”Our observers have not registered any violations of voting rules.” … “I haven’t seen anything even resembling pressure,” he said. “People themselves want to have their say.” From Bulgarian parliament member, Pavel Cherny we have: “Organization and procedures are 100 percent in line with the European standards.”

Kerry represents the aggressor in Ukraine, but would have us believe it is Russia
Kerry represents the aggressor in Ukraine, but would have us believe it is Russia

The EU and US knew this was going to happen, of course. Their acting was just for the public. They have their retaliation sanctions game to continue the diplomatic fiasco, to which the Russians will respond in kind.

This will begin manufacturing random victims in the West who will be paying the price for their leadership’s aggressive foreign policies.

Sure, the NATO crowd will continue to try to blame it all on the big bad wolf of the Kremlin, Mr. Putin, but they are already wearing that message out. The polls have been devastating.

Pew Research showed only 29% wanting the U.S. “to take a firm stand” against Russia’s incursion into the Ukraine, and 56% prefer that the United States “not get too involved in the situation.”

Our mass media has kept hidden that there is little support for military intervention, or supporting such.

But the clincher came with the question whether the US should “consider military options,” where even Republicans totally rejected that with only 16% supporting. That is a good number for the Americans who are really all the support that the War Party crowd has.

When Democrats and Independents were asked about the military option, the approval numbers were in the margin of error range, usually 2 to 3%. And of course, a CNN poll appeared soon after this showing about two-thirds support for the Obama-Kerry policies. Someone is fibbing.

US claims to be spreading freedom and democracy are now shown to be a cruel hoax
US claims to be spreading freedom and democracy are now shown to be a cruel hoax

The other Trojan-horse issue for the West is that of the referendum being illegitimate, an embarrassment to all of their citizens who are, or once lived in a Democracy.

And by that I mean that in most places all you really have is at most a children’s comic book version, an empty word. Once you talk to real people, you find out quickly.

The West has a pretty solid record of utter hypocrisy in this regard. The comments today show that their double standard is well known. It is legal when they support the protestors, and illegal when they do not. They have brought Western jurisprudence to a disgraceful level.

Western media did not get off without taking some hard licks, with more than a few angry election and independent media observers pointing out how biased corporate media has been. They agree with us that they are worthless on these geopolitical issues where the political elites, banksters and military industrial complex thugs decide to use force and then snow job the rest of us on why it was necessary.

Congress has been a disgrace throughout this whole saga — Republicans and Democrats seeming to enjoy confrontation with Russian and Putin like it was some kind of sporting event. The Senate’s favorite loon, John McCain recently spilled the War Party’s true goal of wanting to replace Putin, indicating that he was next to get the “Ukraine treatment.”

We are hoping for a recall vote for McCain in Arizona where we hear more and more that his fraternizing with terrorists and Neo-Nazis wherever he can find them has become an intense embarrassment for them.

The flip side of the John McQaeda lunacy is ex-Congressman Ron Paul’s remarks.

“We loved secession when we seceded from Great Britain, and we loved secession when the Soviet Union broke up,” Paul said. “I cannot understand how we could we argue against an election. You know that to me sounds like democratic.”…“It’s such a facade and hiding the truth.”…“I think people have a right of self-determination. It’s written to the international law.”

I wish I could tell you that most of the American Congress felt like that, but don’t want to join the liars club.

Crimeans chose freedom - which was not the West
Crimeans chose freedom – which was not the West

If you are debating someone this week who parrots the whole Crimean-referendum-was-unconstitutional-and-illegal, when we just had a Western backed coup involving ultra-nationalist terrorist and NeoNazis murdering their way into power backed by Western ‘freedom’ democracies, ask them why they supported secession for Kosovo, South Sudan, the Falkand Islands, Scotland and Catalonia.

The West is acting like a dead man walking, too shocked from all the financial trauma and failed foreign policy debacles to the point of having lost their grasp on reality.

Some serious consequences are how they have put themselves on such shameless display, and what poor representatives of Western values they have become.

Do they really think we are going to buy their Eastward push program as something positive for our societies, either financially or security wise?

They are putting on a Roman circus for us, thinking we will be amused by watching them throw Putin and Russia to the lions. Little do they know what would really thrill us is to get the chance to do that to them. Let us pray for deliverance from these brigands and incompetents — pirates of democracy.

Jim W. Dean, managing editor for, producer/host of Heritage TV Atlanta, specially for “New Eastern Outlook”.

Editing:  Erica P. Wissinger



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