Documents Emerge Vindicating Ambassador Wanta


By Preston James


Wanta 1It can now be disclosed how Lee Wanta was criminally set up and why the spurious charges based on this authorized set up are completely false and Unconstitutional.

An attempt was made by a German Intel crony of the Bush Crime Cabal (BCC) to secretly deposit $500,000 in a bank account of Wanta to entrap him in a “bribe.”

This failed because the deposit was sent to the wrong bank and Wanta had no account there.

Supporting documents show that this money was immediately returned to the depositor after a $10.00 fee was deducted for “bank return processing”.

This story of how Ambassador Lee Wanta stopped the Cold War and negotiated a win/win peace treaty with the Soviets and the newly emerging leaders of the Russia Republic has been suppressed by the Controlled Major Mass Media.

It is truly is one of the two most important stories of the last twenty-five years. Only the hidden power behind the formation of the massive Secret Shadow Government (SSG) and its huge “off the books” multi-trillion dollar Black Budget equals it.

Why is this story so important? Why should it be shared with friends and associates and widely dispersed?

If the Bush Crime Cabal (BCC) had not gained power in a secret Coup de Etat by attempting to assassinate President Reagan, and if Lee Wanta had not been falsely jailed in Switzerland with no actual charges and then brought to Wisconsin and jailed on phony non-existent income tax charges, America would not be in the major economic turmoil and ruin it is in now.

The private Federal Reserve System would have been dissolved and all Money creation would have once again been absorbed by the US Department of the Treasury and we would have real, Constitutional Money based on Gold and Silver and actual resources, not based on debt and phony promises.

American Industry would not have been exported out of America under NAFTA, CAFTA, WTO and GATT. Heavy Industry and manufacturing inside America would have grown dramatically as would the actual number of high-paying, full-benefit job opportunities. This would have been a direct result of Wanta’s financing and building a state-of-the-art transnational High Speed Maglev rail system, or as Wanta calls it, “Super Train.”

There would have been no 9/11/01 Gladio-style False-Flag attack on the World Trade center and the Pentagon, no illegal, Unconstitutional, unprovoked, undeclared foreign wars of aggression, no Renditions and Black Prison Torture Sites, No Bush, No Cheney, No Homeland Security, No TSA, no Big Bankster Bailouts (all illegal and Unconstitutional).

And there would have been no thousands of dead, horribly wounded and sick American Soldiers all used as cannon fodder fighting “other nation’s wars,” in this case Israel’s Wars.

It is important to note that President Ronald Reagan was the last duly elected President of the United States of America, the Constitutional Republic. All since are illegitimate and functional puppets and/or assets of the Bush Crime cabal (BCC).(1)

This means that all laws passed by the US Congress and signed since President Reagan are null and void and completely fraudulent.

Breaking Internet Truth is Coffin Nails to the WZs, the BCC and the International Zionist Crime Syndicate (IZCS).

When you read this article please understand that this kind of Alternative Breaking News is coffin Nails to the Ruling Crime Cabal in both of its forms. Truth spreads like lightning and once folks realize the game that most all our politicians and USG Officials are bought and owned by K-Street Lobbyists, populism will emerge in the masses and these forces of pure evil, oppression and tyranny will be reversed. This story can now be disclosed for the first time publicly because of the weakening of the Bush Crime Cabal (BCC) and World Zionism (WZ) as well as the International Zionist Crime Syndicate (IZCS).

New Evidence has emerged that completely vindicates Lee Wanta of Wisconsin State tax related charges which are now shown to have been 100% phony…a set up by the Bush Crime Cabal (BCC).

As the both the Bush Crime Cabal (BCC aka the “Fourth Reich”) and the NeoBolshevik Forces (aka the NeoCons, PNACers and Israeli-American “Israeli-First Dual Citizens) are weakening domestically and internationally, documents have now emerged completely vindicating Ambassador Lee Wanta from the State of Wisconsin’s Spurious income tax assessments, criminal charges and false allegations. Numerous consultations with Ambassador Wanta for this article and copies of source documents were obtained.

Ambassador Wanta was wrongly and criminally set up by the BCC to keep him from completing his assignments given by President Ronald Reagan.

These newly disclosed documents make it quite clear that Ambassador Wanta was wrongly “set up” (framed) by the Bush Crime Cabal (BCC), wrongly thrown in jail with no charges in Switzerland and then brought to Wisconsin and jailed on phony tax-related charges. Of course Ambassador Wanta had diplomatic immunity at the time, the financial reach and power of the BCC was great enough to induce Swiss and Wisconsin judges to engage in clearly illegal acts.

This was done to prevent Lee Wanta’s efforts on behalf of President Reagan to expose their major secret role in high level drug trafficking into America and their infiltration and hijacking of major USG institutions such as the Department of Justice, the Judiciary including the Supreme Court and the Department of State.

Ronald Reagan 1President Reagan had two primary Obsessions which ruled his life as President.

He was well aware of the mass murder and torture of many millions under Russian Bolshevism and understood its origins and source:  the City of London Zionist private Central Banksters who were themselves the creation of the World Zionists (WZs). He realized that the Russian Communist System could not even exist or last as long as it did without being supported by the City of London Banksters and their Stateside franchisee the Wall Street Banksters, along with US Aid provided by Congress.

President Reagan also knew that the US Congress had approved a large Bill to finance a tractor engine factory in Russia which was being used to also manufacture engines for Russian Tanks and realized this was one example of many supports provided by the western Central Banksters and Congress at the expense of the America taxpayers.

In order to understand President Reagan’s motivation, it is important to know that he had a great love for America the Constitutional Republic and was an “America First” believer of the highest order. Lee Wanta shared with the President these same values and was also deeply committed to stop the the Criminal Cabal’s parasitical hold over America, and to break the bondage of the City of London zionist private Central Banking Cartel which produced massive debt…the kind of debt resulting in slavery  for Americans.

President Reagan was furious about the support given to the Evil Empire by Congress and Wall Street and consulted with Lee Wanta to design a plan to take down the Soviet Union. Lee Wanta devised a genius plan to achieve President Reagan’s objective, but a plan that would provide a win-win rather than a lose-lose result…a plan that would prevent another Cold War and provide a means to restructure the Russian Government in a way that would be non-aggressive.

President Reagan authorized Lee Wanta as his special Secret Agent under the Totten Doctrine to fully implement the Wanta plan and provided the temporary financing…$150 billion USD which was repaid by Wanta to Treasury within six months. For a complete description of the Plan and how it was actuated, read Wanta’s biography written by Marilyn M. Barnewall,

The latest edition of this book can be purchased at, Kindle.


President Reagan’s Second Obsession.

President Reagan had a second obsession which determined many of his actions and presidential policies. He was angry at the erosion of American industrial might and the weakening of the US Military and its use to fight other people’s wars in Korea and Vietnam. He blamed it on Globalism and the infiltration of NeoBolshevik entities through various espionage fronts into America which had hijacked much of American Intel, the Judiciary, Congress, the Public Educational System and the Major Mass Media.

President Reagan discussed this thoroughly with Wanta and a plan emerged that would completely revitalize the American Economy by eliminating the private Federal Reserve System. This action would make all US Banking and money Constitutional – a bit like what President Andrew Jackson did when he took the banking system back into the US Treasury department in the 1800s, eliminating the second central bank in America’s history (prior to the establishment of the Federal Reserve System).  It was decided that a national high-speed rail system that was state-of-the-art Maglev in design would be built. This would not only revitalize American heavy industry and manufacturing, but would also provide an immediate two million well-paid jobs (will full benefits) for American workers.

WZ’s had two main Cutouts doing their dirty work inside America (the BCC aka the Fourth Reich and the IZCS aka the NeoCons, PNACers, Isreali-first “Dual Citizens).

These two Cutouts have been working hard setting up the asset stripping and demise of America the Constitutional Republic on behalf of the WZs and the City of London Banksters, as part of their obsession with revenge for America winning the Revolutionary War and diminishing the power of the British Empire.

Of course what few realize, even those close to all this and an integral part of it, is that the Bush Crime Cabal (BCC) was the most prominent of two main Cutouts in America working for the private City of London World Zionist (WZ) Central Banksters. It is well known by American Intel insiders that the BCC was able to set up its own private CIA within the CIA and its own secret black ops, special ops, paramilitary and mercenary forces and has been functioning as its own Secret Shadow Government within the Secret Shadow Government (SSG).

The BCC is actually the Scherff Crime cabal aka the Fourth Reich in America and one of the two main action agents of the WZ’s who run the City of London private Zionist Central Banking.

Also few knew that the Bush Cabal should correctly be referred to as the Scherff Crime Cabal (2) aka the Fourth Reich and is the opposite side of the same coin as the Bolsheviks and NeoBolsheviks (Current form).

These neoBolsheviks (aka IZCS, NeoCons, PNACers and Israeli-American “Isreali-First” Dual Citizens) and the BCC were both created by the World Zionists (WZs) who also created the private City of London Zionist Central Banksters and use them as action-agents and Cutouts.

The leaders that run Israel are technically NeoBolsheviks and have been used to hijack America working hand-in-hand with the Fourth Reich (Bush Crime Cabal – BCC) as partners in major RICO crime. The fact that the WZs use apparently conflicting forces makes this all very difficult to decipher, but this method of bifurcation of the same force into “opposing groups” that really cooperated

Both the Fourth Reich and the IZCS were secret creations of the World Zionists (WZs aka Old Black Nobility) who specialize in ancient Babylonian, luciferian Black Arts/Black Magick, and worship of the ancient “gods” of Greece and Rome.  The WZs covertly created the private City of London Zionist Central Banksters as well as its American Franchisee the privately owned Federal Reserve System. All these entities are still under control of the WZ’s but their strength is eroding by the day and their exposure and end is imminent due to the worldwide Populism/Truth Movements that are emerging thanks to the worldwide Internet. This also means the BCC and the Neo-Bolshevik IZCS in America are losing power by the day and their end is imminent.

It is a well known fact by high level Intel insiders that the BCC and the IZCS have been the primary traffickers of illegal narcotics all over the world, and done so to raise massive “off the books” funding for secret plausibly deniable black operations using the US Military, NATO, American, British and Israeli Intel to provide the muscle.

This was true in Viet Nam where the so-called anti-communist “police action” was really just a staged cover for massive narcotics trafficking from the Golden Triangle. And now the perpetual war in Afghanistan is merely cover to access and increase the huge opium production and make many billions of dollars profit each year, splitting the profits between the traffickers, the Banksters and the various Intel Agencies involved. The videos that follow illustrate the very thing that Ambassador Wanta worked so hard to prevent and is the main reason he was criminally blocked by the BCC.

[youtube t_r28QxXsr8]

[youtube qME6Ta9InY4&feature=player_detailpage]

[youtube cpEXtApJdak&feature=player_detailpage]

World Zionism (WZ) is now in its death throes and is cornered like a Rabid Dog and this has resulted in the significant weakening of the BCC and the IZCS.

To say that these large Cutouts of the City of London Zionist Central Banksters are in a panic and desperate would be an understatement. This can make them especially dangerous and desperate and they may be considering another major Gladio-Style False-Flag attack inside America, perhaps this time the nuking of a major American City. The good news is that we have some America-Firsters in key position in Defense who are completely briefed on all this and are now taking extensive actions to prevent this.

The huge new problem they face is the millions of truth-seekers which have emerged all over the world because of the Alternative news published on the Internet, allowing truth to spread like wildfire.  Real Truth resonates with the masses who learn of it via the Internet and cannot be suppressed no matter what the habitual USG and Controlled Major Mass Media liars say to the contrary.

The Masses all over the world are catching on the WZ’s use of staged Gladio-Style False-Flag attacks and the jig is just about up for the WZs, the BCC and the IZCS.

A significant proportion of the public now realize that 9/11/01 attack was a Gladio-Style False-Flag attack planned and deployed by the NeoCons, PNACers, Israeli-American “Israeli-first” Dual Citizens Traitors and a small faction within the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) and the USAF (3). Many also now realize that the so-called Boston Marathon Bombing and the so-called Sandy Hook shooting were staged, play-acted false-flags using highly paid “crises actors” and were virtual only.  Yes, there were no legs blown off at the Boston Marathon, puffer bombs only, no injuries at all.(3) And there were no dead kids, no dead teachers, no dead Lanzas at Sandy Hook, and no-one so far can even prove any Lanzas ever existed for real.  In fact it has been shown conclusively that the Sandy Hook School was closed down two years before the supposed shooting and was used for storage only.

So now we have millions of Truthers all over the world just waiting for the staging of another Gladio-Style False-Flag attack and they will decipher its lies almost instantly if and when such occurs.  This is a very big worry for the WZs, the BCC and the IZCS and their only way out may be to attempt to provoke Putin into a nuclear WW3 or provoke a major Civil War inside America and start Mass-Murdering American Civilians.

The World Zionists (WZs) have used Babylonian Money-Magick to make money from nothing, steal the masses hard earn production and wealth through Unconstitutional money-fraud and illegal taxation, and use the extracted wealth to bribe, buy up or compromise most members of Congress and almost every top USG official and Federal Judge.

They have had over twenty-five years to deeply embed hundreds of BCC cronies in the USG, the Executive, the Congress, the Judiciary and the top positions of American Intel and Military, as well as the Alphabets Agencies and it is a difficult job to route these highly compromised RICO offenders out.

However that job is now well under way, albeit not yet revealed publicly.  That will be coming sooner than later, however.

How the WZs acquired so much political power.

First, the WZs infiltrated and hijacked the Central Banking of London. then they came after America. In 1913, they hijacked America’s economy by passing the Federal Reserve Act. They did this by using Luciferian Psi-power obtained through practicing Babylonian Black-Magick Arts to make “money” from nothing and massive, interest bearing phony debt owed to them by the masses. With the power to issue all the synthetic, phony simulated “money” they desire, the WZs (using the IZCS as their muscle) have been able to buy up and obtain control almost every single Member of Congress, almost every Federal Judge and most USG officials. This was all done under the brute but covertly applied force of Federal Reserve Debt notes presented as real money, but obviously the phony Federal Reserve notes we all carry in our purses and wallets does not meet the directives regarding money provided by the US Constitution.

The Fourth Reich Side of the Coin (Bush Crime Cabal – BCC) specializes in massive income from illegal narcotics trafficking, especially into American urban centers and has formed long standing partnerships with the major Drug Cartels. Using “police actions” rather than declared wars as the Constitution requires, the Cabal began in Viet Nam developing drug sources and routes to fill its pockets…and the practice continues. The poppy fields in Afghanistan offer evidence that this practice continues.

The WZ’s Secret Globalist War against “American Goyim” using neo-Bolshevik Cutouts.

The NeoBolshevik side of the coin specializes in money frauds like the Mortgage Bubble and related Fraud and is the vehicle to buy Politicians and USG officials through their IZCS espionage fronts. The NeoBolsheviks also specialize in staging terrorist acts as false flag, financing training and running terror all over the world to start wars and justify military and police state build ups. In America they have built up their own large internal army: The Department of Homeland Security (DHS). The goal of DHS is to transform America into the largest open air prison camp in the world and the eventual systematic, serial mass murder of every single “American Goyim”.

The BCC has its own CIA within the CIA and has its own private special ops and mercenaries deployed all over the world and periodically detailed to various other EU and NATO Intel Agencies.

Almost all of Congress is owned and controlled by the IZCS’s espionage fronts inside America such as AIPAC, B’nai B’rith, the ADL and the SPLC. Obviously all top individuals in these organizations and those politicians and officials they “own” should be indicted and tried for Espionage. Numerous involved Israeli-American “Israeli-First” dual Citizens who are part of these espionage fronts as well as many NeoCons and PNACers who are American Citizens should be indicted and tried for RICO, Treason and Sedition. Note that all these offenses are considered potentially capital offenses which can be punishable by Execution if immunity is not given for testifying against their “higher ups”.

Major RICO crimes, Mass-murder, Espionage, Treason and Sedition have been committed by NeoCons, PNACers, Israeli-American “Israeli-First” Dual Citizens, Top Officials of the Executive, the JCS, the USAF and NORAD regarding the 9/11/01 Gladio-Style False-Flag attack.

And importantly a significant number of NeoCons, PNACers and Israeli-American “Israeli-First” dual Citizens should be indicted for their part in staging and deploying the Gladio-style false-Flag attacks on 9/11/01. This was Treason, Sedition, Mass-murder, and REPRESENTS major crimes against humanity. These folks should also be indicted for waging Unconstitutional, undeclared, unprovoked, illegal wars of aggression which are also crimes against humanity and are just as bad as the Nazis and Bolsheviks ever were. It is important to note that Bolshevism was also a creation of the WZs and was financed by the private City of London Zionist Central Banksters at their direction just like the Fourth Reich was created by reconstituting the Third Reich under Operation Paperclip.

It is important to note that not all Zionists are Judaics (far from it), nor are all Judaics World Zionists or involved in the IZCS, in fact a very small number fall into this category.

It is now known that the Bush Crime Cabal (BCC) was using American Intel along with other foreign Intel to traffic massive quantities of illegal drugs into America to raise “off the books” funding for Black Ops and continuing Third Reich anti-gravity and super-weapons research. And it is now known that the BCC infiltrated and hijacked most of American Intel and used it to deploy their own secret NWO Agenda on behalf of the City of London Zionist Central Banksters and their franchisees the large Wall Street Banks.

It can now be disclosed that President Reagan mandated Lee Wanta to gather evidence on this Crime Cabal so that they could be brought to American Justice.

And just like VP Lyndon B Johnson who was facing major criminal prosecution and complete loss of any future political office, GHWB also was facing complete exposure and criminal prosecution. It became vital for the Bush Crime Cabal to “neutralize” both President Reagan and Lee Wanta, President Reagan’s personal Secret Agent under the Totten Doctrine [Pursuant to : Totten Doctrine ( 92 U.S. 105, 107 (1875)].

Unlike JFK, President Reagan survived an assassination attempt by a Secret Service Agent and (a BCC operative and Bush crony) but his power was already deeply eroded by the BCC. This was done by using its massive drug proceeds and American Intel Power to deeply infiltrate and compromise almost every area of the USG including the US Department of Justice, Treasury, Judiciary, and Congress.

Sad to say, many supporters and aides surrounding President Reagan from the Republican Party were also willing to sell him out for money and power gained from siding with the BCC. To do otherwise was perceived as a quick way to ruin their Political Career one way or another.

Completely Spurious charges were falsified and brought against Ambassador Lee Wanta who had Diplomatic Immunity and under International Law was not supposed to be arrested for any reason, even a false one.

It can now be disclosed how Lee Wanta was criminally set up and why the spurious charges based on this authorized set up are completely false and Unconstitutional. An attempt was made by a German Intel crony of the BCC to secretly deposit $500,000 in a bank account of Wanta to entrap him in a “bribe”. This failed because the deposit was sent to the wrong bank and Wanta had no account there. Supporting documents show that this money was immediately returned to the depositor after a $10.00 banking fee was deducted for “bank return processing”, per instructions of Leo Wanta.

Furthermore, Leo Wanta (S-31-IANO / Office of Internal Affairs – New Orleans, LA USA) immediately transmitted said Deposit Guaranty National bank correspondence, dated June 24, 1988, to the United States Customs Service, Resident Agent LeCates, Special Agent Don Meiger / Intelligence, FBIngram ( L.E. Wanta ) – as the Remitter is Kurt Becker, our U.S. Federal Target in his attempts to procure, smuggle, traffic and deliver USA manufactured “ Nuclear Memory Chips “ to Yongbyon, North Korea – as unlawfully organized and financed thru Viola Trading resources, as authorized by KGB Chief – Andras Szasz of Budapest, also President of Hungary Chamber of Commerce, [ Plantronik GMBH ] as documented within U.S. Custom Services Investigative Documentation [NASHVILLE, TN / AmeriChina Global Management – a Title 18 Section 6 authorized multi-jurisdictional INTEL Operation, mandated under President R. W. Reagan Executive order No. 12333 ].

Ambassador Wanta makes a surprise appearance on an International Radio Show listened to by millions around the world.

On May 3, 2014 Marilyn M. Barnewall, Lee Wanta’s biographer appeared on the International Coast To Coast Radio Program.  Ambassador Wanta made a surprise appearance and clarified Operation StillPoint, the actual Operation he deployed on behalf of President Reagan and the United States of America. This is a very informative and important program, and those who have time and are interested will likely find very revealing.

Supporting Documents:

Documents hosted at

Please click here -> ISA US DISTRICT COURT VA Case No 02 1363 A Exhibits



(2) Ibid.




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