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Press TV has conducted an interview with Middle East expert Dr. Kevin Barrett to talk about ISIL militants operating in Iraq.

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What follows is a rough transcription of the interview:

Press TV: let’s start with what our guest Mr. Korb said. He says the US has not been providing any weapons to these insurgents, the assistance has been nonlethal. First of all, tell us about those comments. What you think there and basically where are these weapons coming from? Who has been pouring these weapons and funds into the region that is now, apparently in the hands of these extremist groups, especially the ISIL, which is fighting not just the Syria, but in Iraq now?

Barrett: Well, Mr. Korb is being a bit disingenuous suggesting that the Assad government in Syria is responsible for arming ISIL due to buying oil from them. I don’t know whether there is any such purchase, but the fact of the matter is that is obviously not where they are getting their arms.

They are getting their arms from the deep state network that ties together the sort of unofficial real governments, not the elected governments, but the deep states of the United States, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Israel, maybe throw in Qatar, if you want to.

There was a Safari club that united the deep state apparatuses of these countries in the past and something like it is still undoubtedly in place. So, the US has two policies. One is its official policy, which is opposed to ISIL and similar extremist Takfiri groups, which says it wants to hold Iraq together and so on.

But the real policy is being run by the unofficial deep state, the government that has nothing to do with the elected officials who are supposed to be in charge. This is a plutocracy, which intersects with organized crime. And this is the real government of the United States of America.

Unfortunately we do not have a democratically elected government here anymore. We do not have a Constitution anymore. So, this imperial deep state has been taking US taxpayer dollars and probably a lot more CIA drug-smuggling dollars. There is a massive drug smuggling operation. US military planes are flying heroin from Pakistan straight to the United States. Every day a plane full of heroin is leaving Pakistan, heading for the West. The massive profits from this are being used to arm ISIL and to do other secret errands of this deep state.

So ISIL is massively armed and funded by what we might call the real deep state of the West, which is an organized crime organization. And it would be nice if the official government would stand up against it to implement the official policy for the region, which would be better than what is being currently carried out by this organized crime effort. They have armed ISIL vastly more than they have armed the government in Iraq.

The US won’t even deliver fighter planes to Iraq that have been paid for. The US disarmed the Iraqi army years ago and never really rearmed it. And currently Nouri al-Maliki is going to have to turn to the Russians and to Iran for help, because the US is actually helping this extremist Takfiri “too extreme for al-Qaeda” ISIL establish this bogus caliphate, smear Islam, and smash the countries of the region. That is the real policy here

Press TV: First of all, do you think that a transitional government, the idea that was proposed in Geneva would have worked and was the solution? Why didn’t it work? And who was responsible there? And also how that election in Syria has changed things in your opinion? And why do you think the US is calling it a farce?

Barrett: The problem is that a transitional government, which conceivably could work if there were UN supervised elections that were honestly observed by all sides – that probably could be something that could be worked out in some time in the future – but that is not what the US is asking for in Geneva. The US is trying to push “Assad must go” as a prerequisite for anything else. In fact the Syrian people did vote for President Assad in the recent elections. In fact all of the polling data shows that he does have majority support in Syria.

I’m not a huge fan of President Assad and I am not sure I’d vote for him if I were a Syrian, but I’m not a Syrian. It’s not my business. Syrian people have the right to determine their own future and hostile foreign observers, including al-Jazeera, the state service from Qatar said at the lowest point of Assad’s popularity he was still polling 55 percent positive support. And it is much higher now that the so-called resistance has revealed itself a gang of liver-eating lunatics.

So, I think that Mr. Korb is being again very disingenuous by trying to claim that the US was supporting Syrian people against the Assad government. That is just not the case. It was basically following consciously or unconsciously the Oded Yinon Israeli plan to break up Middle Eastern countries into pieces. The US has been used by the Zionists to create these divisions: sectarian divisions, ethnic divisions in Middle Eastern countries in order to break them up.

And if you look at what the actual US policy is in the countries, you will see that it’s always officially mouthing some kind of platitude like what we are hearing from the mouth of Mr. Korb, but the reality is always working to enable these Takfiri militants and anyone else who is helping to break up these countries. For instance, the stalling that has been going on over Iraq, where the US says we won’t give the Iraqi government any arms to fight against these extremists until basically Prime Minister Maliki resigns in favor of some new so-called inclusive government.

Well, that’s actually a non-starter and the purpose of saying that isn’t to actually make it happen. The reason the United States is putting that forward is simply to stall to allow ISIL, which is funded by the American deep state, to grab more territory. And likewise in Syria, it’s the same thing. The US is putting forward proposals that are complete non-starters. Keeping Iran away from the table in Geneva, saying Assad – who clearly has majority support in Syria, anyone who says he doesn’t is a liar or a lunatic – saying he must step down. These are complete non-starters.

The whole purpose is allow extremists and sectarian secessionist forces in the Middle East to do their dirty work, to break up these countries into little pieces in line with the Oded Yinon for the balkanization of the Middle East. That is the real US policy that is being pursued by the real government of the United States, which is the organized crime deep state, drug-smuggling deep state of the United States in control of the US and US Middle East policy. The Zionists have a huge hand in that. That is the real policy and I guess Mr. Korb just hasn’t gotten the memo.

Press TV: Who do you think is responsible for the arrival of ISIL terrorists in Syria and Iraq? And we know according to one report, it is the world’s richest terror group with one and a half billion pounds in its coffers. Where is this money coming from?

Barrett: It’s coming from some of the same places that have funded various insurgencies and counter-insurgencies all over the world, which again, is this deep state that the empire uses to do its dirty work. The same places that have funded the destruction of Ukraine, the five billion dollars that Victoria Nuland said went to destroy Ukraine, the same kinds of sources are giving similar sums to the Takfiris and other groups in the Middle East who promised to destabilize the region.

This is the destabilization doctrine which is now the core of US policy. So that money is coming from US taxpayers. There is the official aid that is being sent, the nonlethal aid being sent to the so-called good terrorists, the pro-American people who have absolutely zero support in the region…but behind the scenes, the real action is where the weapons are being secretly given to ISIS. And this has been going on for quite some time. It is the same method all over the world. The US empire does this everywhere: it essentially covertly arms and funds groups in a way that is deniable.

It is done behind the scenes. So this money is coming from US taxpayers, it’s coming from masses of profits of CIA-linked drug smuggling which have been estimated more than one and a half trillion dollars a year, which gets laundered through various corrupt corporations.

So they buy arms for whoever the empire wants to destabilize, or rather for the opponents of whoever they want to destabilize. And then of course, the Saudis, Qataris and other Gulf actors, there is a lot of oil money from the Gulf that is also kicking in. So that is where the money is coming from. It is certainly not coming from oil purchases made by Assad. Talk about ridiculous conspiracy theories. I have been called a conspiracy theorist and I have never come up with anything quite that outlandish as this story that Assad wants to undermine himself by creating Takfiri terrorists to slaughter his soldiers and to dismember his country. That is completely ludicrous. Mr. Korb, you should be ashamed of yourself.


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