EU campaigners call for lasting Gaza ceasefire



EU campaigners call for lasting Gaza ceasefire

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[ Editor’s note: I don’t want to be a wishful thinker, but I do feel that we are seeing a deeper anger on the recent Gaza turkey shoot than in the past.

But I am not sure where it all is springing from. Sure, the incredible silence from EU government heads has been deafening, but that is nothing new. Any concern they showed in the past was light verbiage that their Jewish Lobby handlers pre-approved for them to say.

The usual suspects, in France especially, cranked up their reported wave of “anti-semitic” attacks on the Jewish community, leaving out the killed and wounded numbers of Palestinians in Gaza, how many houses destroyed or acknowledging poor medical care.

The anti-Semitism was mainly the usual vandalism from young hoodlums, and of course the hard core Jews defacing their own stuff, a tried-and-true tactic they never stop using for the instant media it generates. So I am wondering if deploying again this age-old tactic might have been the camel’s-back straw to put more folks over the edge to wanting to throw it back in their faces.

Another clue yesterday was a report on movement to outlaw the French Jewish Defense League (JDL) for its attacks on the pro-Gazan marchers. It was the JDL attacks that gave Paris authorities the cover they needed to ban pro-Palestinian marches, despite everyone knowing the Jewish Lobby and Israel Intel staged the whole thing, as they always do.

One does not need to be an Intel analyst to see them doing the same things over and over. One of the mistakes they make is when the Lobby folks know they have a lock on media and government, they don’t spend the effort to hide what they are doing.

On the contrary, by doing it in the open to show no one will lift a finger to stop them just puts their infiltration and subversion power on display. But any official movement to expose the Jewish Lobby tools-of-the-trade for stoking things up is a clear sign that people are losing their fear, always a very critical first step.

VT has always slammed Israel for being the best kid killers on the planet
VT has always slammed Israel for being the best kid killers on the planet

What we will look for next is to see when the usual political apologists step forward to intone their talking-points, usually to counterattack all those opposing anything put out by the Lobby organs.

If other politicians go after them for being sock-puppets for helping the crimes-against-humanity crowd, that means we will have crossed a big hurdle towards making an election campaign issue out of Jewish Lobby trolls.

The Lobby and Israeli Intel will use everything they have to stop that, as they know once the real dirty laundry that their government friends always kept under wraps gets out about how deep the corruption roots run, they know they will be toast.

That said, French Intel has a poor record on leaking any Israel-sensitive material, as has most of Europe. So having the EU groups make this move is not a minor thing. It could be a tipping point… Jim W. Dean ]


Will the EU take the lead on clipping Israel's terror wings?
Will the EU take the lead on clipping Israel’s terror wings?

–   First published August 1,  2014  –


Campaigners in the European Union call for a lasting truce in the Gaza Strip to end the Israeli bloodshed on the besieged enclave, Press TV reports.

The call for a permanent ceasefire comes as Israel has staged deadly attacks on Gaza for more than three weeks, killing hundreds of people and injuring thousands of others.

Claudia Menne, confederal secretary at European Trade Union Confederation in EU’s de facto capital, Brussels, said the union and its members are calling for an “immediate peace action.”

In addition, dozens of protests have been held across the bloc as well as in Brussels, calling for an end to the Israeli slaughter of Palestinians. There has been growing anger and frustration among Europeans and rights groups who call on the European bloc to take a tough stance against Israel.

Israel has the political and military backing of the United States and the support of the Union.

However, following a deadly attack by Israeli forces on a school run by United Nation Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), Brussels went out and condemned the shelling, which killed at least 20 people.

Meanwhile, a 72-hour humanitarian ceasefire came into effect on Friday; however, shortly afterwards, the Israeli regime called off the UN-brokered ceasefire.

Israeli tanks struck a major shopping center and residential area in southern Gaza, killing dozens of Palestinians. Some 200 others were also injured.

Over 1,500 Palestinians have been killed and upwards of 8,000 injured in 25 days of Israeli attacks on the impoverished Palestinian territory.



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